Clark Ashton Smith, The Crawling Chaos, Artistry

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Nov 212015
Clark Ashton Smith, The Crawling Chaos, Artistry

Artistry my pre-ramble… 🙂 While doing some link rot checking using the Broken Link Checker plugin I came across this old post which is about an old edited letter from Clark Ashton Smith (CAS) to August Derluth. A screenshot is at left – click to enlarge or see the original here.  CAS tells about the […]

Jun 042009
Colony Holidays and Tubby the Tuba

Colony Holidays  I’ve just had a hit from someone looking for Colony Holidays…  Sooo I’d better write this down fast!  I’ve been meaning to do it for a while. A few years back I fished around on the web to find out what had happened to the CCHS, Council of Colony Holidays for Schoolchildren.  I […]

Crime – (“Friends” connection)

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Oct 022007
Crime - ("Friends" connection)

“Baby You’re So Repulsive” Of course, it’s about ghouls (link from the wayback machine) I just found this shot of Crime playing the song “Baby You’re So Repulsive” in 1976 or summick. This tune was the inspiration for me inventing the basic structure of the Crawling Chaos tune “Friends”. It’s cracked me up after I […]

Holocaust Shooters

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Apr 132018
Holocaust Shooters

What a Difference a Day, or 74 Years Makes Holocaust Remembrance Day In Israel yesterday, they celebrated/remembered the millions killed in the holocaust. Events The holocaust is mainly (but not exclusively, of course) remembered for the death camps, as in this visualisation in the film Schindler’s List. In this scene from the film, we see […]

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