WordPress: The Matrix Has You!

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Nov 282008

Last updated on November 20th, 2015

I saw this post from Donncha, one of the WordPress folks.


Strangely, The Matrix is Everywhere

WordPress has an in-built Easter Egg, of which Donncha was unaware and has recently discovered …  And it really works.  Cool. 🙂

Quoting Donncha, here’s what to do:

  • Edit a post.
  • Scroll down to the revisions section of the page and click the latest revision.
  • On the next page, scroll down again and select the same revision for comparison. (i.e. like with like)
  • The Matrix has you..

Somehow, it’s a little disturbing when the thing pops up with your own name on screen, even when you know what to expect.  Weird.

This is Donncha’s video of the full thing.

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