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Notice: E.Y.E.S.

Strangely post on March 25th, 2010
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No fuss.

My old friend Jeff recently died.



The track now playing was one of the last pieces we did together.  It’s Jeff’s creation  and is one of my favourite Crawling Chaos tracks.  This is a pre-Waqqaz version from a cassette that has travelled round France, been in various glove compartments and cupboard floors.

I’ve taken it straight from cassette and it’s encoded at the maximum bitrate for MP3 files in Reaper for your enjoyment.  I’ve just used a noise gate set at -20dB and a bit of compression to follow in this extract.   For me, the mix is better than the final vinyl one despite the 12kHz frequency cut-off.

It’s Jeff at his finest.

Jeff Rees

Jeff(R), Rees(L)

I remember him sitting cross-legged on the floor at Bebside for about a fortnight getting the various harmonies planned out.  My input was minimal and I just did a few block keyboard chords as instructed, to bulk out the end as well as the mixing on the guitars and the drums set-up.

The real work was within the complex interlocking guitar parts, of which there are at least six, all played by Jeff.  The only words I could think of came to me in a dream.

E.ver Y.oung, E.ver S.pecial

Purple Flower

Purple Flower

I ensured that they were on the penultimate bounce so that they couldn’t be removed.  I didn’t know why, at the time, I thought of them (apart from the corniness) or why I strove to ensure their longevity.  I instantly knew though, that this was Jeff’s finest work, for me, and I’ve listened many times to it since, mainly this cassette tape version.

But now, I know that one’s karma transcends space and time and that one can affect one’s karma in the distant past.

E.Y.E.S.Currently, I am heavily affected by EYES, believe it or not.  I have chanted to change my karma both now, in the future, and in the past, and the benefits are immense.

So now I know why I woke up with those words in my head 25 springs ago.

It was so that I could write this piece about my old friend Jeff, and remember him and all the joint experiences that we had together  since we were 14.

Goodbye Doomage.  Till next time.

This is a copy of the page here: http://crawlingchaos.co.uk/e-y-e-s/ (any comments to there, please)

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Crawling Chaos Myths on the Wayback Machine

This link to the wayback machine shows one of the inaccuracies that the Crawling Chaos website was created to correct. I’ve posted it here as the blog bloke (Jo Kyle) can’t be bothered to keep things on track, organised or reply to my posts …

Compare and contrast to the Crawling Chaos – Myths page

Letters to the Editor


Crawling Chaos–A Reader’s Memory

Hi Joe,

Hope you don’t mind me writing but I have a little more information on Crawling Chaos. What I know I know to be true because they went to my school and a saw quite a few gigs including their first and last.

They were from the villages of Seghill and Seaton Delaval in Northumberland, England. The first gig was during morning break at Astley High School, Seaton Delaval, in the main hall circa 1978. Every kid in school (600+) was allowed to attend. Although it was a very embryonic group they did sing “Throwing Pins”. The singer was Paul Shields. The last gig took place at a Miners Welfare Hall in Bebside, Blyth, Northumberland in 1990 when they done a few songs, announced it was the end and walked off.

In the meantime they used to preview new material at the Working Mens Club In New Hartley, Northumberland, to a frankly astounded audience. They used the name Blonde Ethiopean Dance Troupe to do even odder numbers, as their own support band. Paul Shields would come on stage in skimpy shorts and body paintings that made him look like he was covered in ivy.

It has to be said that their live performances differed a lot from the recorded ones. They were a bit more audience friendly with some pretty sonic out and out punk songs. For instance, “sex machine” sounded like something from the first Clash LP.

They weren’t particularly odd people though I recall the bassist lived in a disused church or something. I am sure that for a time, the drummer was Paul Gough (?) who also played for Marc Riley and the Creepers.

The last time I saw Paul Shields was about two years ago when The Fall played locally. He walked onto the stage and tried to take the mic from Mark E. Smith, who just had time to half smile before security removed Paul Shields from the stage fairly brutishly.

I hope this gives you a better idea about Crawling Chaos. I have to say I was staggered when Factory signed them. And guess what? They never recorded there best song – “Merry Christmas Prince Charles” which was a very punk, angry snarl.

It’s good that they are getting some recognition.

Ken Sproat

Hi Ken–

That’s fascinating! It’s amazing, in the indie-friendly environment that we live in, to forget exactly how hard things were twenty years ago–and we forget the weirdness was not treated with the same amount of artistic respect that is so common these days.Their music really was some of the weirdest of their day; indeed, there are very few bands today that can even live up to such a standard. Such bands seem so calculated, whereas Crawling Chaos are simply…beyond the scope of time. About the only thing that I’ve heard recently that could compare would be the solo debut album of Matt Elliott, The Mess We Made. Thanks for writing; historical perspective is always welcome!

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Crawling Chaos details on website Updated

Strangely post on February 24th, 2008
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I’ve updated the pictures page and a few other pictures have been replaced to fix some missing entries on a few posts. I’ve also amended some of my commentary (but I do this all the time anyway) to make a bit more sense.

For history buffs, I’ve photo’d a poster for the last ever Crawling Chaos gig.  This is the one where Harry was given a tape of it by Holly and it never saw the light of day again because it was so crap.  After that, the two of them called it a day.

“Right then”

Quite sad really.  I’ve already made my opinions known on the potential lost here. We really were ahead of our time.

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Crawling Chaos History Update

After having a bit more chat with Holly, I’ve put together (in my own mind at least) a few extra Crawling Chaos happenings after my self-imposed exile from music, drink and psychedelics … I’ve updated the Crawling Chaos site in a concise way.

Doubtless Harry felt a bit peeved about being left on his own to do everything. His (music) style is substantially different to Holly’s although closer to mine. So I can sympathise with his being aggrieved. I can also sympathise with his wishes to leave the past behind and progress with new adventures once he closed the door on the Crawling Chaos – writing a book or screenplay perhaps. I can also understand him getting pissed off with Baldy Chester banging on his door all the time, and thus everyone else… It was Chester who raked up the past under the disguise of “it’s all about the music; it is only ever was about the music, man”. Since he said that to me I’ve heard fuck all – and still no money!

After my departure, the band had a shed load of different members, some only for a single gig. One was a wizard saxophone player who was a solicitor and did it for fun. He was really hard to play live with as he played with his eyes shut (like the Muppet’s sax player) and consequently missed the nod for all the changes!

Another was a guy who does sculpture now. I met him last Friday at the White Elephant in Ashington. He lived in King Olaf’s bungalow next door to Bebside Studios.

Output was entirely on limited issue cassette although a video was mooted. Newer keyboards came with another keyboard player and there was even a poetry reading session.

Jeff did more vocals, although the ghost of Lou Reed continued to haunt him. I’ve got some audio and photos of some live shows with this.

If I get time, I’ll get Holly to write this lot down properly, unless anyone else has their three farthings worth to add. I’d like it done properly rather than my limited information.

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Voyage to Sunderland

I learnt a lot on a very recent trip up north (where it’s grim) for prezzies, and to see Holly and The Symptoms. Holly updated me with lots of details my piss-poor memory fucked up and has provided me with some shavings of archive Crawling Chaos materiel I can use to further a clear history etc.

Jeff from Crawling Chaos refuses to speak to me, which is sad. Unfortunately I needed to speak about impending events so him putting the phone down on me (again) does no-one any good. (I’ve since had two messages)

One of the things is that in a clear out I (we) found his birth certificate so I’ll return it recorded delivery. It’ll be interesting to see if he refuses it. (still to be done)

I’m reminded by these happenings of how “me and Jeff” started out..It all started in class 3 South at Ashington Grammar School. There was an annoying, opinionated, loud mouthed boy in my (maths) class (we were streamed and separated in various combinations in those days). I never spoke to him as I thought him was so arrogant and childish. One day, (he sat behind me in class), he pulled my chair from under me just as I was sitting down. Ho Ho. Everyone knows the gag and everyone’s tried it.

The whole class saw this and were goading me on to wallop him one – and I was seeing a bit of red mist at the time, I can tell you. But I desisted, thinking I was “above all that sort of thing”. (I’ve a natural tendency to do exactly the opposite of crowd behaviour, whatever it is, and it’s generally seen me in good stead). After this, we got talking, I can’t remember how, and we became best friends and finally started The Crawling Chaos, maybe five years later.

During Chaos, we pulled together on the same oar enduring many hardships (and fun, it must be said), and disagreed about bog all really.

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