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What’s So Special About July 16th?

Crikey! I Never Realised!

Maybe certain days have relevance above their station and mere numerical nomenclature?  Who knows.  So read on.  See what happened today!

622 AD  – The Hijra of Muhammad

The Name Muhammad written in Classic Calligraphy

The Name Muhammad written in Classic Calligraphy

Muhammad runs away from Mecca to escape persecution.  From this point forward, huge swathes of the globe took up Islam, Islamic empires spread across, Africa, Asia and half of Europe; the legacy of which self-evidently exists today.  Okay, there’s huge argument about this, but some people take this as the day.  Personally, I don’t know enough about it, but I need something to match the post’s title, and other writers do take this as the day.  Wikipedia says this, and who am I to argue?

The Muslim dates are in the Islamic calendar extended back in time. The Western dates are in the Julian calendar. The lunar year is about 300/309 solar year. The Hijra is celebrated annually on 8 Rabi’ I, about 66 days after 1 Muharram, the first day of the Muslim year. Many writers confuse the first day of the year of the Hijra with the Hijra itself, erroneously stating that the Hijra occurred on 1 Muharram AH 1 or 16 July 622.

All dates given above may have occurred about 89 days (three lunar months) earlier. The Muslim dates may be those recorded in the original Arabic calendar and their month names may not have been changed to account for the (probably three) intercalary months inserted during the next nine years until intercalary months were prohibited during the year of Muhammad’s last Hajj (AH 10).

1260 AD – Nichiren Expounds “On Establishing the Correct Teaching for the Peace of the Land”

Nichiren statue in Japan

Nichiren statue in Japan

Speaking to 13th century feudal Japan, Nichiren the monk said that the calamities and disasters befalling the people were all due to incorrect lifestyles.  He insisted that all people were equal and free, that they should pay heed to people who were obviously skilled in their chosen field, and that they should do their best in the limited lifetime available.

Largely, he was ignored, and so half the country starved because of self-interest and malice.

And this is exactly the place where we find ourselves now across the globe.  We live on a world of limited resource, where many people choose to live their life by stealing from others, either as individuals or nations.  Nichiren’s words have as much relevance now as they ever did.  Here’s part of the writing:

I have pondered the matter carefully with what limited resources I possess, and have looked a little at the scriptures for an answer. The people of today all turn their backs upon what is right; to a person, they give their allegiance to evil. This is the reason that the benevolent deities have abandoned the nation and departed together, that sages leave and do not return. And in their stead devils and demons come, and disasters and calamities occur. I cannot keep silent on this matter. I cannot suppress my fears. – WND, page 7, “On Establishing the Correct Teaching for the Peace of the Land”

Daisaku Ikeda has some similar words about today;  he says:

The powerful may appear great, but in reality they are not.  Greatest of all are the ordinary people.  If those in power lead lives of idle luxury it is because the people are silent.  We have to speak out.  With impassioned words, we need to resolutely attack abuses of power that cause people suffering.  This is fighting on the side of justice.  It is wrong to remain silent when  confronting injustice.  Doing so is tantamount to supporting and condoning evil.

I’ve quoted the above as a direct statement to those companies like Pacific Webworks, people like Jesse Willms and the misguided people of Utah who have misinterpreted their US constitution of freedom and capitalism as a freedom to steal from the needy as a means of amassing capital, all hiding under the umbrella “that it’s god’s work”.  If capitalism doesn’t serve the people, then it has no purpose.

Nichiren’s Buddhism is now growing at a phenomenal rate.  The time of change is now.

1918 AD –  Tzar Nicholas II of Russia and his family are killed by a Bolshevik firing squad at Ekaterinburg, Siberia.

Tsar Nicholas II and Family

Tsar Nicholas II and Family

One of the final acts of the Russian revolution occurred with the attempted elimination of all of the monarchy and any aspirants thereto.  This act changed history for the 20th century, it’s consequences evident even now by a powerful Russian people, proud of their history, somewhat ambivalent about the exact direction that leadership and authority should take.

On the night of 16/17 July 1918, the royal family was awakened around 2:00 am, told to dress, and led down into a half-basement room at the back of the Ipatiev house; the pretext for this move was the family’s safety – that anti-Bolshevik forces were approaching Ekaterinberg, and the house might be fired upon.

The executioners drew revolvers and the shooting began. Nicholas was the first to die; Yurovsky shot him multiple times in the head and chest. Anastasia, Tatiana, Olga, and Maria survived the first hail of bullets; the sisters were wearing over 1.3 kilograms of diamonds and precious gems sewn into their clothing, which provided some initial protection from the bullets and bayonets. They were stabbed with bayonets and then shot at close range in the head.

1945 AD – The world’s first atomic weapon is Exploded

Trinity Goes Boom

Trinity Goes Boom

Trinity, the first bomb is tested by the US at Alamogordo Air Base in Los Alamos, New Mexico.  Within a month, two more bombs had been dropped on Japan, effectively ending World War 2.  We, especially in the West, are living this legacy still.  It can be argued that the threat of total devastation (the theory of MAD) has made nations with the bomb more proactive in reasoned discussion and less likely to take arms against each other.  The converse is that the weapons will one day be used again and it’ll be the end of the world as we know it…

Tyger, tyger, burning bright

Tyger, tyger, burning bright

Unlike Oppenheimer, who had his own bit of Indian prose in mind, whenever I see the Trinity picture I hear William Blake.  It’s a beautiful picture, just as the bomb goes off.  What fearful symmetry?  In that split second, we see all that was and all that will be.

Tyger, tyger, burning bright
In the forests of the night,
What immortal hand or eye
Could frame thy fearful symmetry?

1969 AD – Man on The Moon

Apollo11 Launch

Apollo11 Launch

On this day, mankind set off to stand on a different celestial body.  Four days later, we’d done it.

Less than four centuries earlier, over much of our planet, you could be burned or stoned to death for even suggesting that the possibility existed that a “creation of god” could be imperfect or blemished, like the moon is.

Such is the progress we’ve made, yet even now, such events are like a dream within a dream.   The misogynist, nationalist, creationist forces are at work, attempting to roll back the clock to a time when they ruled the roost, and their hypocritical word was god .

But for now, we can say that men bravely stood on the Moon.

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How High Can You Go?

Belle and Sebastien (Belle et Sebastien)

This is the signature tune of a French show which appeared on UK TV in the late 60s.  For some interconnected reason, I stumbled on it and realised that I still whistle it now and again when it pops in my head.  I have to whistle it as there’s no possible way until the next life that I can hit the notes.

However, I used to be able to sing along with it, and even get the high note, before my voice broke… ;-)  I sang it in tune, with the correct expression and the appropriate feeling.  Because, as Nichiren said, several times,

“It is the heart that is important”

– Nichiren Daishonin, WND1 p949: “The Drum at the Gate of Thunder

The way of attaining Buddhahood is just like this. Though we live in the impure land, our hearts reside in the pure land of Eagle Peak. Merely seeing each other’s face would in itself be insignificant. It is the heart that is important. Someday let us meet at Eagle Peak, where Shakyamuni Buddha dwells.

– Nichiren Daishonin, WND1 p1000: “The Strategy of the Lotus Sutra

Masakado was renowned as a brave general who had mastered the art of war, yet he was defeated by the armies under the emperor’s command. Even Fan K’uai and Chang Liang had their failures. It is the heart that is important. No matter how earnestly Nichiren prays for you, if you lack faith, it will be like trying to set fire to wet tinder. Spur yourself to muster the power of faith. Regard your survival as wondrous. Employ the strategy of the Lotus Sutra before any other. “All others who bear you enmity or malice will likewise be wiped out.” These golden words will never prove false. The heart of strategy and swordsmanship derives from the Mystic Law. Have profound faith. A coward cannot have any of his prayers answered.

It’s important to realise that these blue words were written in feudal Japan to a nun, and to a samurai warrior.  Nichiren wrote them directly to these people, to encourage them in words most appropriate to them.  He did not write them to me.  But the core of the meaning is just as important now in the 21st century industrialised West as it was then and I can use them just the same….

“It is the heart that is important” – it really is.

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Western Hypocrisy over Iran Elections

President Ahmadinejad

President Ahmadinejad

Everyone, it seems, both in the East and West, even China, is now aware of the huge forgery that gave last week’s Iranian election result to the cross-eyed one.

Tehran Election Results Demo 2009

Tehran Election Results Demo 2009

However, when talking about the brave people marching through Tehran’s streets, saying “everyone deserves freedom” etc etc, we should cast our minds back only a few months in the UK, when the G20 protests were initially derided until that man Tomlinson died after being whacked by the police.

Cast our minds a little further back to the massive con over the American electorate that was the election of George Bush via his nepotic brother and the hanging chads fiasco.  Yet still, even now, recall that USA elections are not fair because of the electronic voting system in place which can be manipulated to put anyone in power that controls the vote …

In light of this, President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s re-election does not look so extra-ordinary.

It now appears that they are going to have a recount.

I ask, a recount of what? – Forged and corrupted ballot papers that’s what.

Iraq War Demo 2003

Iraq War Demo 2003

No doubt the Western powers are secretly gleeful about all these events.  It’s only for the oil though!  Forget all thoughts of people’s right to demonstrate for freedom….     The USA and UK in particular, have a horrible history in Iran that people in that country have never forgotten.  For instance, the CIA ran round dishing out money for voters to secure an election, and when he wasn’t suitable, the UK under nice Mr Churchill and the USA conspired to impose the Shah of Iran in his place – which is what happened.

Meanwhile, yesterday in the UK, Prime Minister Gordon Brown announced a secret investigation  into the Iraq war (Iran’s neighbour), one founded on false ‘facts’ about weapons of mass destruction.  A million people demonstrated in the UK against this war (similar to those on the streets in Tehran yesterday – compare and contrast the two photos) – and yet the war in Iraq still went ahead!

So much for people power…

What chance for a real vote recount in Tehran then?

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Hacking Attempt Today via FoxReality

Multiple Attempts to Drop Trojan on This Website Failed

These are the Wassup details of the attack 2009-06-13 10:48:00

  • User Agent: Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 7.0b; Windows NT 6.0)
  • OS: WinVista

As you can see SERVER[DOCUMENT ROOT]= is a part of php code and they’ve attempted to change my domain root to that of http://web.archive.org/web/20130611185214/http://www.foxreality.com/ which is part of Rupert Murdoch’s empire.

NOD32 NAC Trojan

NOD32 NAC Trojan

The hyperlinks above don’t work as the code failed. However, if you are brave, strip out the first bit and just go to as I did, and hopefully, your anti-virus or browser will kick in with a malware warning like mine did!   The malware is identified as a Trojan by my NOD32 anti-virus software as;  PHP/Small.NAC trojan


Someone has dumped a piece of malware on the Fox network and is now going round blogs and other websites to get them to point to the trojan and thus spread the nefarious package. It just needs one click!

As I type this, at 2009-06-13 10:51:43 I had two more attacks!!! That’s nine in the last few minutes.
Checking the web for references, I’ve found this Russian webpage where the trojan has been tested against various antivirus programs – about half don’t detect it and it’s from the end of May this year! See link, translated into English.

This is their test:

Файл test.txt получен 2009.05.27 20:52:02 (UTC)
Текущий статус: закончено Current status: finished
Результат: 16/40 (40%) Result: 16/40 (40%)
Цитата: Quote:
Антивирус.ерсия Обновление Результат Antivirus Version Update Result
a-squared 2009.05.27 Backdoor.PHP.Small.o!IK
AhnLab-V3 2009.05.27 HTML/Xema
AntiVir 2009.05.27 BDS/PHP.ali.1
Antiy-AVL 2009.05.27 –
Authentium 2009.05.27 –
Avast 4.8.1335.0 2009.05.27 –
AVG 2009.05.27 BackDoor.Generic_c.BTI
BitDefender 7.2 2009.05.27 Backdoor.PHP.ALI
CAT-QuickHeal 10.00 2009.05.27 –
ClamAV 0.94.1 2009.05.27 PHP.Shell-23
Comodo 1207 2009.05.27 Unclassified Malware
DrWeb 2009.05.27 –
eSafe 2009.05.27 –
eTrust-Vet 31.6.6524 2009.05.27 –
F-Prot 2009.05.27 –
F-Secure 8.0.14470.0 2009.05.27 Exploit:PHP/Preamble.A
Fortinet 2009.05.27 –
GData 19 2009.05.27 Backdoor.PHP.ALI
Ikarus T3. 2009.05.27 –
K7AntiVirus 7.10.746 2009.05.27 –
Kaspersky 2009.05.27 –
McAfee 5628 2009.05.27 –
McAfee+Artemis 5628 2009.05.27 –
McAfee-GW-Edition 6.7.6 2009.05.27 Trojan.Backdoor.PHP.ali.1
Microsoft 1.4701 2009.05.27 –
NOD32 4109 2009.05.27 PHP/Small.NAC
Norman 6.01.05 2009.05.27 –
nProtect 2009.1.8.0 2009.05.27 Backdoor.PHP.ALI
Panda 2009.05.27 –
PCTools 2009.05.21 PHP.ShellBot.M
Prevx 3.0 2009.05.27 –
Rising 2009.05.27 –
Sophos 4.42.0 2009.05.27 Troj/PHPBdoor-A
Sunbelt 3.2.1858.2 2009.05.27 –
Symantec 2009.05.27 –
TheHacker 2009.05.26 –
TrendMicro 8.950.0.1092 2009.05.27 –
VBA32 2009.05.27 Backdoor.PHP.Small.o
ViRobot 2009.5.27.1757 2009.05.27 –
VirusBuster 2009.05.27 PHP.ShellBot.M
Дополнительная информация Additional Information
File size: 1165 bytes
MD5…: f1a9b4e4b207cd38641061e1b72d4775
SHA1..: 33c02179e53c19e00897fb0c63501acc0a2233e8
SHA256: 0b3eef46d7111939962db133d2e75530fbb7946d92a33195ca 6b7f2e1affe43a
ssdeep: 24:kwauoGPmXvuH6dcFTGPmXvuH6dc4H6dcZ1Mpn6+YvKsLKPX VwuHENNTh:bBoC
PEiD..: – PEiD ..: —
TrID..: File type identification TrID ..: File type identification
HyperText Markup Language (100.0%) HyperText Markup Language (100.0%)
PEInfo: – PEInfo: —
PDFiD.: – PDFiD.: —
RDS…: NSRL Reference Data Set RDS …: NSRL Reference Data Set

Needless to say I’ve blocked the source IP address now.  It was from GigeNET in Illinois, and they’ve been told!

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Internet Porn, Visible Benefits

The Rise of Internet Porn


XXX Porn?

One of the chief drivers of change in the technological arms race of the internet has been the porn industry.  Most of the ‘benefits’ that users and owners now expect e.g. interaction, user activity sensing, easy and secure anonymous on-line payments, on-line adverts and click-through promotions, on-line community spaces, forums, streamed video, etc – nearly all have been driven by the desire of the porn industry to make money.

Another benefit has been the push for the faster pipe speeds to deliver all this extra content.  Your average punter has benefited from all of this, not necessarily being a consumer of all but benefiting nevertheless.

Porn Morals


6000 years old FERTILITY GODDESS(?) from Catal Huyuk, Anatolia, in modern Turkey

Before all this, there was always porn and a satisfied demand for uncluttered sex, usually called prostitution.

In this cute article from the BBC, Indian sex workers learn karate, (for in this brave new sanitised world they are not called prostitutes any more), to protect themselves from ‘abuse’ they’re all learning karate chops and stuff.

I’m getting a bit confused here – where does the abuse begin and end?  And who abuses who?



Anyway, I digress.  There’s always been contractual sex, put it that way.  Art and sculpture can be construed in many ways.  Earth goddess – porn model?  The morals are within the hypocrisy of the particular society doing it.

Internet Porn Benefit

Apart from the technological benefits I mentioned above, I became aware of another one today while out walking the dog…

magazine rack porn

magazine rack porn

A quick perusal of this website means you’ll be aware that I’m in the UK.  20 and more years ago, men like David Sullivan and the family behind Goldstar Publications, amongst others, started publishing shelfloads of explicit porn mags, 99% of which was for men.

Discarded Porn Mag

Discarded Porn Mag

Invariably, these mags, once their purchased purpose was complete, would be chucked out of lorry windows, chucked into hedges, chucked in the road and on every footpath across the land.  You’d see them everywhere, usually at an embarrassing moment.  Seeing a wide-open beaver while out shopping with granny or dropping the kids off at school could be such a moment.

Anyway, I’ve just become aware that I haven’t seen such a thing for about five years now.  This is despite the newsagent’s shelves being packed with the stuff, more like liberal French and Dutch cafes and tobacconists.

So that’s the benefit – No porn on the street.  Literally.


Street jetsam and a Source

Of course, the streets are packed with the jetsam of society in other ways – tins of Red Bull, Macdonalds-KFC-Subway-kebab shop wrappings, 3L coke and WKD bottles, supermarket bags and crisp packets.  Most is much less bio-degradable than porn mags and thus floats in the canal for years…

But it’s not so embarrassing when out with the children.

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