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Bridgwater: 5-bed Edwardian Town House For Sale

For Sale: 5 Bedroom town house in Historic Bridgwater, Somerset    SOLD!!

House For Sale

House For Sale - TA6 7DN

On three floors, brick construction.  Located on the west side of Bridgwater, with easy fast access to the town centre.

  • 5 bedrooms
  • 3 reception rooms
  • Full central heating
  • Roof remade to modern standards of lining and insulation
  • Double glazed
  • Triple glazed conservatory area.


I’m looking at £164k but in the current market, who’s to say? Make an offer.


  1. Needs some renovation to the most modern standards
  2. Small garden front and rear
  3. On main road
  4. On street parking (although most people don’t use their garages for parking hereabouts anyway)


  • Almost totally complete and original Edwardian (1903) town house with nearly all fittings and fixtures, tiles, original fireplaces (some marble) in every room, inbuilt wardrobes and cupboards, servant’s bell (yes really!). c.f. point 1 above!
  • Minimal garden maintenance. c.f. point 2 above!
  • Sash windows ditched in favour of modern double glazing (visually not so good but a lot less draughty and quieter too)
  • 28kW gas-fired Central Heating (except hall for aesthetics)
  • Huge bedrooms mainly, can easily be converted en-suite with room to spare.
  • Two w.c., one with bath & shower
  • Conservatory-like covered and insulated courtyard.
  • Close to town centre shops & entertainments etc
  • NOT on the flood plain!! (on an old sandstone mound in Bridgwater on the Somerset Levels)
  • New clean & efficient bathroom
  • 2.5 miles from M5 motorway
  • 1 mile from mainline railway station with direct links to London & Edinburgh
  • 5 miles from Quantock Hills (Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty)
  • 5 miles from Bridgwater Bay (see above)
  • 15 miles from Brendon Hills & Exmoor, see above
  • Glastonbury (new age mob) is 25 mins away, Exeter 35 & Bristol is 35-60 mins away, (dependant on time of day and place!)

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Free The UFO One!

Gary McKinnon, the UFO spotter cum computer hacker is still not tried for his ‘offence’.  But the ice he’s treading is getting thinner and thinner.

Recently our nice CPS deemed that there wasn’t enough UK evidence to try him – but that the USA had plenty so we’ll send him there!

WargamesHis charge, which I mentioned earlier here, Gold’en Rant : Why Did The UK Government Fail To Back Gary McKinnon?, and which I referred to this post, Gold’en Rant : Why Did The UK Government Fail To Back Gary McKinnon?, is that he cracked open lots of poorly defended USA military computers.  His defence is that he was only looking for hidden information on UFOs, which many in the USA believe to be true.

Funnily enough, even though there’s a potentially life-long sentence awaiting him and the USA has admitted recent torture and abduction of civilians (e.g. Guantanamo Bay etc), the UK has a one-way extradition treaty with the USA.  This means that nutter computer Yanks can’t be extradited here!  There are actually tens, if not hundreds of USA based spammers and trojan launchers who could fit that criteria … think of the damage and economic waste they’ve generated…   funny that, innit?

THe Bourne Identity etcPersonally, after watching him in the two videos below, he just seems a bright guy.  I’m not even certain about the Asperger’s thing – I’m exactly like him.  His real crime seems to be upsetting the GW Bush PATRIOT mob and making their billions of high tech look like kindergarten bricks.  GW Bush etc seem to have been trapped into believing that the power of IT in their hands, as depicted in films like “The Bourne Identity” etc, is true.  The reality, as we’ve all seen on our British streets, is that the intelligence services are as clueless as everyone else and will shoot a defenceless man on a tube train eight times in the head with dum-dum bullets in a blind panic.

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Gary Glitter, the New Akhenaten?

The Glitter Band

Gary Glitter, former prince of glam-rock; Paul Gadd, convicted paedophile.  They’re one and the same.

Now wait, recent events around Gadd-Glitter remind me of happenings a long time ago in Ancient Egypt….

King TutMost folk have heard of King Tutankhamun, the boy-king with the gold death mask.

AkhenatenNefertitiNot so many know that his (probable) dad was called Akhenaten whose wife was the famous Nefertiti.  Before his reign, Egypt had a religion with many gods to worship;  most people know the types: sun, moon, cats, hawks – you name it.

During his reign, Akhenaten decided that there should be one god (like, but very much pre-dating the later Jews, Christians and Muslims).  But by an amazing trickery of words, (sorry, a fine act of political skill ), he decided that this one god was embodied on Earth – by – yes, you’ve guessed it – himself!  This left loads of priests jobless and altered the whole power structure of the civilisation.

When he died, his successor, Tutankhamen didn’t last long – in fact he was probably bumped off.  You only have to look at all the unemployed and de-statused priests to look for clues….

Wall of FameMy point is that after his death, all traces of Akhenaten and his “religion” were deliberately erased from history!  His statues were smashed, his city in the desert destroyed, all mention of his name on temples, carvings, bas-reliefs and papyri was chiselled or hammered off!

And a similar thing is now happening to Mr Gadd.

There may be more – I couldn’t be bothered to hunt any more down.  But what it means is this:

  • The owner of the Cavern Club, Bill Heckle, picks and chooses which laws of the land are acceptable or not.  He’s now scribbled Glitter’s name off his wall of fame following a “media campaign”.
    • So both he and the “media” condone reckless drug taking in which many of the stars on the wall partake, (McCartney, say).
    • They imply that drugs are an excusable offence (check the law, they’re not).
    • Not only that, the celeb culture of drugs has led to a wholly un-natural demand that has ruined millions of lives and brought social deprivation to peoples across the globe.  (But amazingly, this isn’t as bad as one paedo who’s served his time….der!)  (added 28/11/2008: This page says that the brick is staying, although I think it’s outnumbered.  Also, Cavern Club website seems dead. SP)
  • The music of Glitter was once considered de-rigeur for parties, football grounds, boxing tournaments and even GCSE materiel.
    • Now it’s been scrubbed.
    • The government now decides study material based on an arbitrary value judgement of someone’s character, not their work.
    • They now decide what music is “worthy”.
      • Bizarrely, and hypocritically, the kids can study Hitler, Eichmann, William I, Henry VIII, Edward III, Gengis Khan, Stalin and loads of other odious mass-murdering real characters.
      • They can study the works and lives of Newton, Pascal, Bohr, Heisenberg and other nutters with severe personality disorders (the whole Manhattan Project was a kook’s paradise ).
      • The drug-fuelled ramblings of Victorian poets are required reading in English (the Ancient Mariner was written just up the road from me in an opium haze that lasted two years!).
  • But now, UK dot Gov has banned Glitter music study because of Gadd’s bad actions.
    • Remember, the music doesn’t promote deviant acts by word or metaphore.
    • It’s just a string of (generally uplifting) notes with a few camp words chucked on top of a beat.
    • They sold millions.
    • That is, millions thought Gadd was alright at the time.

Watch out for the thought police.

They’ll be round your house to smash your old K-Tel Records before you know it.

As an aside, but in a similar vein, “Rumble” by Link Wray, was banned over much of America because it “Glorified Juvenile Delinquency”……….And another der!….It’s got NO words.  It’s an instrumental.  Nuff said!

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Cracked Pot Bush calls Chinese Kettle Black

Some people have no shame!

Bush chides Beijing over rights

Bush, totally devoid of any self sense of irony is telling China how to do human rights.

Just yesterday, Texas executed a murderer.  Jose Medellin didn’t deny the charge.  The point is that Texas, Bush’s home state, reckons it’s above the International Court of Justice (ICJ), notionally the highest court in the world.  Basically, if you’re in the United Nations, then you are supposed to adhere to the ICJ rulings.

So Texas ignore human rights.

Don’t forget the continuing issues with Guantanamo Bay. Here, the US totally ignored the Geneva Convention, and now, while supposedly accepting it, it still has loads of folks locked up with no charges being pressed and no sign of release.

So the USA ignores human rights.

The pot calls the kettle black!  He should get his own house in order before slinging the brickbats.

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Bridgwater Brick, Sofa So Good!

Strangely post on June 24th, 2008
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Sofa Number One - and George, Bridgwater Docks


Sofa Number Two, Bridgwater Docks

Two escaped brick settees have finally been captured and put behind bars.  Their life on the run was brought to a comfy close right next to Bridgwater Docks where they are being kept under guard until morning.  George the seagull has promised to watch over them until a decision is made about their future.  George the dog has already widdled on one.

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