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Foetus Products Shop Made Simple

Foetus Products Shop Open

Foetus Products

Foetus Products

In preparation for our next release, Spookhouse, I’ve set up a proper shop to sell it!  Our intention is to sell everything ourselves via this sole outlet. (Click image for the UK shopping site.)

The announcement is on the Crawling Chaos website here.

Kicking off the shop I’ve reworked (…er…shouldn’t that be ‘am in the process of re-working?…) all tracks from the two previous CD issues.  Finally I’ve had a decent handle of the articles…

Some have been substantially changed which may upset the purists, my current modus operandi being to imagine myself back then using the current software and equipment I now have at my disposal, then to change the existing 2-track recordings to best fit this basic idea.  After all, they’re already in the digital domain – so I may as well try and make them something like how I/we wanted originally, but was thwarted by technology.

In tandem with this, I’ve whipped out some jam and hidden parts in tribute especially to Paul, Jeff & Garry, because this was the core of many creations that appear on those two releases and turned them into something dark and tragic, as that’s how I currently feel about their absence from the planet.

As Steve Jobs once said,

“Remembering that you are going to die is the best way I know to avoid the trap of thinking you have something to lose. You are already naked. There is no reason not to follow your heart.”

Close observers will spot the “new” tracks.  They are there to highlight our jollity, our bleakness, the tiny hidden gems of deftness in improvisational Jeff’s playing and Paul’s lyricism, the randomness of Gazza and the end that must come to us all.

All this stuff is competitively priced compared to the muffled output from the usual on-line stores.


The Spookhouse design is currently being set.  Downloads from the CD will be available following the CD release.

Other Items

These will be released, mainly as download, for other artists wanting to contribute to to the Foetus Products collective sound resource.  This isn’t a joke.  We really mean it folks!


I’ve set it up using open-source software on the foetusproducts.co.uk domain.  All links are secure where they need to be using a SSL Certificate I bought from GoDaddy.com, as they were had a special offer going…!  It’s security level is the highest you can get (it uses a 2048 bit key), which means folks should have no qualms about their bank getting raided or whatever if they buy from us.

Users will have a choice of two financial transaction processors – PayPal and Google Checkout for which I’ve set up merchant accounts.  They’re ubiquitous and most people are familiar with their operation nowadays.  I thought about using Amazon, but they don’t currently process for digital items.

The reason that we’ve gone this route harks back to our (i.e. Crawling Chaos’s) independence of spirit – and because our returns will be on par to going the iTunes route, say, for distribution.  We lose about 10% commission in the transaction process compared to a lot more through online download stores.

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From Slimeballs to Horoscopes

A Possible Start to Personal Details Theft?

Here’s how it works…

Some time ago I made a posting on the odiously chubby internet bankrupteer and millionaire self-publicist Robert Allen (see link here).  As part of this investigation I used the name “Morton” coupled to my spam magnet email address in order to see what would happen.

Sure enough, ‘Morton’ appeared in heaps of spam I started receiving.  Another example is in this comment to another investigation, here

Of course, the beauty of this system, is that you get all manner of spams to check out!!!  Their prevalence allows you to spot trends in the spam and the latest “marketing opportunities” in the get-rich-quick world of the internet.  You are privy to all the darkest goings-on in the seamy side of business…ha ha!

Horoscope Oddness

One spam today was this:

Return-Path: [email protected]
Received: from external.boatprepare.com ([]:1102)
Message-Id: [email protected]
Reply-To: [email protected]
From: Bethea ([email protected])
Subject: =?ISO-8859-1?Q?Morton, Complimentary Horoscope for 2009=A0 =A0=A0=A0=A0 =A0 ?=

This e-mail broadcast is for a complimentary Tarot, Biorhythm, and Astrological reading!

  • “A Grand Total of $8,934.00” –J. F.
  • “Tarot Reading Predicted… My Soul Mate.” –K. S.
  • “The Magic of Biorhythms.” –B. J.

I’ve met many people who don’t believe in astrology and the Tarot, even though they have never experienced their own personal forecast or had their own Tarot reading.

But I’ve helped so many people who have used the predictions of the Tarot,astrology, and biorhythms, to earn more money, become healthier, and improve their lives in ways they never dared dream possible. I know these things could help you.

So, I’ve decided to create a complimentary Weekly Forecast, a complimentary Tarot reading and a complimentary biorhythm for you. See how these predictions can improve your life.

To receive your three life-changing gifts, please accept my invitation and contact me now. My mission is to help people discover a better life. And it will cost you absolutely nothing, ever.

Visit here to receive your complimentary Forecasts:

Bethea Jenner
[email protected]
Astrologer + Psychic + Tarot Expert + Numerologist + Teacher + Author +
Columnist + Lecturer

There then followed another list of testimonial phrases.

Horoscope Badness

This is all very laughable or laudable, depending on your view of horoscopes and free speech in a spam-laden commercial world.  The bad bit is the questionnaire…

The email link ends up after the usual whirring and clunking of redirecting gears at….

joypeaceandhappiness in IE

joypeaceandhappiness in IE

this website if you use Internet Explorer and come from California:


joypeaceandhappiness in Firefox

joypeaceandhappiness in Firefox

…and this site if you use Firefox, and just paste the web address into the browser:


Notice any similarity? !!

Dodgy Questionaire

The problem is with the questions…

In these days of phishing and social engineering, the questionsespecially, (as many people do), if you use an email address based on your real name, are a fraudster’s paradise!

‘She’ asks for:

  • Two email addresses
  • Your sex (from your title)
  • Your first name (can guess the last from your email addresses)
  • Your date of birth
  • Your time of birth
  • Your place of birth

In the UK, there’s almost enough information there to get a false passport, duplicate birth certificate or driving licence!!!  With a bit of studious Googling you could get addresses and then bank accounts…..


Be very, very careful if you get any of this horoscope rubbish in your mailbox.  It may be genuine carelessness or a deliberate phishing policy – who can tell?  The results are the same.

Or look at it this way – I’ve never, ever, bought anything by unsolicited mail.  It’s the desperation and lack of trust, see?

Furthermore, I know that the code word I set up, “Morton“, was planted by myself into a big vipers nest of spamophilia.  I’m hardly likely to trust anyone who sleeps with those bedfellows, am I?

Extra Information on the Websites

schoolcalculate.com & boatprepare.com

Run by FlintMediaEnterprises.com of California.  The contact is Barney Rockle!  (you haff to laff).  It’s in the ubiquitous mall, and handily has a UPS store nearby along with mailboxes and a bail bond service…


Owned by Carol Brown (or [email protected] or P P E-commerce) from a PO Box in New York


This simple emailing address comes from Fibertech Networks, a big cable company.

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Yikes! What’s the DfT Up To?

What indeed?

Today, we’ve had two (at least these are the ones I’ve spotted) news releases from the Department for Transport (DfT) that presage some changes in the future:

Now all we have to work out is, “What are they really going to do?

It’s my five decades’ experience that when a government needs something draconian doing that will really annoy vast numbers of voters for a long, continuous period (unlike ‘bring back hanging’ which only pops up with particularly gruesome murders), what they do is release lots of unpleasant tasters to get the general public all hot and bothered.

After a suitable period, they implement something that’s only ‘half as bad’ as the leaked plans, and thus, the original proposal is passed with barely a whimper.

The trouble is, that I think the proposals are only half the solution.  My previous life as a Class One (now C+E) HGV driver is part of my observational evidence….

As an HGV driver with the wheels rolling perfectly legally for 45 hours a week,  you see all sorts of happenings on Britain’s roads, and the key factor in most smashes (I don’t call them accidents), are:

  • excessive vehicle speeds
  • excessive vehicle accelerations and decelerations
  • insufficient distance between vehicles
  • a disconnection due to the continuous high speeds, of the driver with his environment – I call this “the speed gaze”.  Mr Riverol, an army veteran, mentioned a similar phrase for soldiers on continuous alert – they call it “the thousand yard stare“.

My HGV experience lasted during the UK’s transistion from unlimited HGVs having a speed limit of 60mph (most people stuck to 100kph except at night and close to Scotland – then the Scanias would be tanking along at 90 ), then to speed-limited 60mph (most locked at 100kph), and finally to the current state of 90kph by law (usually 55-56mph).

When these limits were brought in all the excuses were rolled out; never get job done, will hurt jobs, will increase costs, will be dangerous, will cause bunching, etc.

In actual fact, I found the wagon a lot easier to drive and the MAN 17-322 2-axle unit pulling a triaxle curtainsider was a lot safer for me and others, because it had a manual speed setting as well as the default maximum.  This meant I could flip the switch entering a 30, 40 or 50mph zone and keep my foot hard down without worryiing about speeding…it just rolled along. But, it meant,

I could use my full concentration on my wagon and the environment through which I was driving.

So I never hit a car or cyclist, I never squashed a child.  In fact, I got certificates for safe, uneventful driving, which is how it should be.

It’s not a fucking race, is it?

As an HGV driver over 45, I have to take a medical every 5 years which costs about 90 quid now.  I don’t drive for a living now, but I like to keep the licence going…

The DfT plans are only what professional drivers do anyway.  With over 28million cars in the UK, it’s my opinion that it’s only right that everyone is fit to drive and is forced to drive properlyIt’s a total red-herring that a few people drive crazily.  As I’ve said before, the average UK motorway speed is 71mph, even though the limit is 70mph!  This means most people speed.  Most people break the law!

My observations,

…which I’m sure others have witnessed as well over the last few months, are that when the fuel prices shot right up, suddenly everyone slowed down – to about 70mph! Now that fuel is back below 90p, people on the M5 near Bridgwater are habitually doing 90mph again…

…that is, most people break the law!


So I say;

  • slow people down by all means possible to drive within speed limits
  • save fossil fuels by all means possible – it helps the environment and the balance of payments deficit
  • make people fit to drive both mentally and physically
  • immediately confiscate and crush cars uninsured cars that are not VOR’d within 3 days
  • ditto for cars without a valid road fund licence
  • get all cars that weigh more than a tonne off the roads now – there’s no need for them, they are an extravagent expense (for the country) that represent all that is wrong with “the consumer society”.  BTW, I don’t care how much money anyone wants to spend on a car; the costs I want reduced are environmental and resource costs.  If a two tonne car is unobtainable, people will express their kudos by other means and just as soon spend their money on gold plated Fiat 500 with knobs on…
  • crush cars that are modified to break the C&U (Construction and Use) Regulations for sound and emissions
  • crush cars for parking on a footpath

It looks like I hate cars and people from the above…? Far from it.

I just want people to treat others as they’d expect to be treated themselves – with respect, and with respect for the motoring laws which are set for the benefit of everyone, in one way or another.

For my last point above, people who park on footpaths to (helpfully) let traffic flow, by that very action force a woman and child with a pram into the traffic because the footpath is blocked, are showing the utmost disrespect for everything that a decent society values.  If that woman and her children are crushed in the traffic, my suggestion that the car should be crushed does not seem excessive, don’t you think?

I can similarly justify every remark above.  Try me.  Or try me here, previously.  This attracted a lot of hits and probably upset the relatives although none contacted me.

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More Info on Eurosoftware (EuroSoftMarket dot con)

Last month, I made a posting called Spoofed Emails Make Me Look Like Dodgy Software Saleman …. I’m now beginning to see the bigger picture after I followed through the initial investigation after receiving another email spam today.  My interest was piqued because the spam was very different but the final web page destination was not!

It pointed to http://formarnione.com/ which, if it’s still going, is the same as http://lierkaser.com/ from last month.  The website is registered like so:

Reseller…………..: PlanetDomain
Created on…………: 8 Nov 2008 07:02:16 EST
Expires on…………: 8 Nov 2009 07:02:16 EST
Record last updated on: 8 Nov 2008 07:02:16 EST
Status…………….: ACTIVE
Owner, Administrative Contact, Technical Contact, Billing Contact:
Joan Vairo (ID00391833)
11 Bay Point Drive
Toms River, NJ 08753
United States
Phone: +1.2127734859

You can find it on google maps here:
View Larger Map

Further fishing, took me to this forum post on FraudWatchers, say, and to this very informative website which everyone should bookmark immediately! http://spamtrackers.eu/wiki/index.php?title=Main_Page

A host of highly informative stuff is in the root http://spamtrackers.eu but for now, let’s go here to:


…. which is all about the very problem I’m poking with my metaphorical stick.

Today’s site, formarnione, isn’t listed, which is hardly surprising when you read all the information.  A key bit is the link to Leo Kuvayev who has been responsible for a shed-load of nasties for years.

Leo_Kuvayev_1_.jpgWhack his name into Google.  Bizarrely, for someone so nefarious, he has less online pictures than a mafioso!  There are 4 identical ones, all on spock.com, but whether that’s him or not – he just looks too nice and smiley for words!

Anyway, I’ve done a few spamtracker suggestions, including using the wacky little tool called “The Complainerator”   :-D    It’s quirky, but works!  Now let’s see if our friends in the Far East at actually do anything.


EuroMarketSoftware security details! n.b. Firefox address bar NOT green!

The forged software website, http://eurosoftmarket.com/  stays mostly constant because the “secure” purchase area is sub-domained off like https://secure.eurosoftmarket.com/!  What you make of the security is your business.  I just know that Firefox doesn’t go green, even though there is some sort of certificate…  Check the (wide, I know) picture.

But I tell you, the funniest thing about the whole shebang, is right at the very bottom, next to the “money back policy” and “terms and conditions”, they have the audacity to put the following phrase:

© Euro Software LCC`2005-2008

Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha

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The 26 Admonitions explained by Richard Causton

Strangely post on September 13th, 2008
Posted in Buddhism Tags: , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,


Lotus Flower - photo by Strangely PerfectI’ve nabbed the content of this from Ted Penfold.  My wife, has told me that she heard this lecture of Dick’s and found it and him some of the most inspiring things in her life.  I came across this wonderful piece by chance, looking for some background information on Nikko, the second guy after (Nichiren) in our prayers, and repeat it here so that more people might be similarly inspired.

I’ve corrected some spellings from the original transcript here which I assume were due to OCR transcription errors, mainly.  I’ve also added a few links, where appropriate, to external sources (SP)

Quick Links: Background Discussion Preface and Conclusion The 26 Admonitions Conclusions

n.b. Admonitions = Precepts = Warnings.  The three terms appear in different places, but essentially mean the same thing (SP)


LecturnThe following lecture by SGI UK General Director, Richard Causton, based on various lectures given by him around the U.K. and overseas during late 1992 and 1993, was inspired by SGI President Ikeda’s guidance on this subject on 24th October 1992. This lecture first appeared as a series of articles in SGI-UK’s monthly magazine, the U.K. Express. (now called Art of Living – SP)

Dick Causton’s and Nikko Shonin’s words follow…

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