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Tories Reveal Authoritarian Roots While Liberals Check Their Shoelaces

None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free.Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Yet again I’m forced to side with the grinning David Davis.  This doesn’t happen often and is embarrassing to admit!.

ConDem Coalition Pledges Broken!

ConDem Coalition Pledges Broken!

It’s all about the government plans to allow full-scale unauthorised real-time monitoring of every person in the UK’s internet activity!  It’s so 1984.

“It was a bright cold day in April, and the clocks were striking thirteen” – (George Orwell: Nineteen Eighty-Four

Orwell must be turning in his grave in despair that what he predicted as a warning about what not to do, now looks like coming to fruition.

Remarkably, since wangling themselves into government, the conservative-libdem coalition government is now actually dropping a key part of their manifesto which they laboriously agreed two years ago.  This can still be found on the government website, page 11 to be exact (pdf) .  Here’s what they said:

  • The Government believes that the British state has become too authoritarian…. We need to restore the rights of individuals in the face of encroaching state power – FAIL
  • …reverse the substantial erosion of civil liberties and roll back state intrusion – FAIL
  • … introduce safeguards against the misuse of anti-terrorism legislation – FAIL
  • …end the storage of internet and email records without good reason – FAIL
  • …a British Bill of Rights that … protects and extends British liberties – FAIL

(Actually, the whole Con-Dem pledge list makes good reading to see just how far removed from it our evil diktat of quangos has become.)

So what to do – use TOR.

ID Cards

Johann Wolfgang Goethe

Johann Wolfgang Goethe (Photo credit: andreasmarx)

Not so long ago I was haranguing the former Labour government about their plans for ID Cards, their laws over CCTV and photographing in public places, the reduction  in privacy for individuals and the removal of our civil rights over detention without trial, due cause and 3rd party notification for first 90 days and them 42 days.

I left the Labour Party because of it and have not rejoined.

Huge Vocal Resentment Against UK Government Secret Citizen Monitoring Plans.

try the Tor browser bundle

The new news (I thought it was an April Fool joke initially!) is that Email and web use is ‘to be monitored’ under new laws proposed by this nasty, nasty government.  Happily, there is now a huge and vociferous resentment against this from the general public who can see this evil act for what it is.  Top among them is David Davis!  See this link and the thousands of comments for instance; Backlash over email and web monitoring plan.



Now, the tories and their liberal stooges have been shown to be both serially evil in their pronouncements and plans, and also serially incompetent of managing almost anything.

Their pathetic management of a minor industrial dispute (the fuel shortage) which did nothing except invoke almost universal resentment of the coalition and reawaken a general awareness of their ineffectiveness comes on top of stripping the very foundations away from one of UK society’s greatest inventions of the Industrial Age, our National Health Service (NHS).

United Kingdom

Top this behavioural abomination with that of the revolving door policy between banking and politics which they continue to promote with zero penalties for failure while the population-at-large have to prop up the whole system with their taxes means only two things to me.

  1. The government must do something desperate to have any hope of re-election in 3 years – this means either war (patriotism is the last refuge of a scoundrel) or economic boom-and-bust gambling.
  2. They will do something desperate to have any hope of re-election in 3 years – this means either war (patriotism is the last refuge of a scoundrel) or economic boom-and-bust gambling.

Astute folk will see this as my prediction for government actions over the next 3 years.

Tories: Keep Friends Happy

Meanwhile, hundreds of extra Tory donors will soon be available to bankroll the “all is good” story.  They will arrive as beneficiaries of the windfall provided as the “former NHS” contracts are handed out to friends, much like Michael Ashcroft benefited from the first round of NHS privatisation during the Thatcher era.  This article on Powerbase and this one (sourced from a now defunct article in The Scotsman) show quite clearly that 1/3 of cleaning contracts went to Ashcroft’s businesses during this time, saying;

MICHAEL Ashcroft, (…) bankrolled an “independent” publicity campaign that allowed his multi-million-pound contract cleaning empire to prosper and led to a change in the law. The campaign was run from the London office of the former Conservative Scottish secretary, Michael Forsyth. A spokesman for Mr Ashcroft confirmed last night that he had contributed to the Public and Local Service Efficiency Campaign (PULSE), which was set up in 1985 to persuade the public sector to contract out services such as cleaning and catering. The campaign had been disbanded by the end of the 1980s after the Conservative government passed the 1988 Local Government Act .  Mr Ashcroft’s Hawley Services Group, a contract cleaning firm later known as ADT, flourished under the new regime, with ADT, winning a third of NHS contracts between 1983 and 1988.

For further information into the depths that the Tories will go to enable all public money to be fed straight to their business friends, see this article which pulls apart the dealings of Ashcroft, discredited Dame Shirley Porter, NIMBY Nicholas Ridley, Chris Chope (the dog turd of Christchurch) and current (dodgy expenses, remember) minister Eric Pickles.


By Tony Grogan
First published by 1 IN 12 PUBLICATIONS 1989
21 – 23 Albion St. Bradford 1.
Copyright 1 IN 12 Publications 1989
ISBN 0 948994 04 5

Once read, apply the same logic to our dear NHS, and weep again.  The same modus operandi is being used;

  1. discredit the current, imply alternatives are better;
  2. farm out internal monies to external Tory benefactors.

It’s just more sleaze just like under Thatcher before, backed up with warlike rhetoric.  Remember, only 10 days ago we had the news of billionaire Tory donors at Cameron’s dinner table, and Cameron trying to defend the cash-for-access news that made Labour’s cash-for-questions scandal appear like a sweetshop-ish wheeze in comparison.  See 

Tory Party chairman Lord Feldman was one of the key figures in the ‘cash for access’ scandal which erupted after Tory party treasurer Peter Cruddas was caught offering a private dinner with David Cameron to undercover reporters who posed as wealthy party donors.  Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/debate/article-2123692/Tory-cash-access-row-David-Cameron-crony-pal-cash-questions.html

as well.

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Bush Administration,Dodgy Judges and the Land of the Free

Bush is a Fraud and Commits Fraud – shock horror!

Does the man or his family have a trace of honour?

Does Bush and his family have a concept of the word, “FREEDOM” that they bandy about in gay abandon?

I’ve just seen two recent articles that expose the United States of America, (“the land of the free”), that cherishes democracy and free speech, as a complete sham.

It’s not a new revelation. Many people, American and others have been saying the same stuff, but here are two more items to add to the catalogue of infamy that is “The Bush Family” and their various meddlings. Look and learn

The judge is a Bush stooge called Jeffrey White. The bank is called Julius Baer, a bank in the neutral country of Switzerland. They specialise in “wealth engineering” and “tax planning”. The website WikiLeaks has been pulled from the US but can be seen here in plucky Belguim. The reasons for the pull are that the foreign bank was annoyed that the website was publishing incriminating evidence against their shady dealings by a former employee in America, land of free speech – remember all those amendments to the constitution?

A good starting point for the documents is here on the WikiLeaks site. The bank is worried that information on unpaid tax and other fraudulently obtained customers’ money that’s been hidden away in Switzerland, might be discovered by their customer’s country of residence. And oh dear! They might lose their investments and have to pay the tax! Oh Dear! Apparently this is illegal under Swiss banking law. Oh Dear!

So are we all assume that it’s illegal under US law? Since when has an internal law of a foreign state taken priority over US law in the US?

So the Bush judge, White, said, “yeah okay” and shut down the site in two hours .

So what do Bush, Jeffrey White and the Baer Bank in Switzerland have in common? What is it they are trying to hide?

Perhaps we should be told…

This same or a similar leak is being used in Germany to nobble a load of European businessmen for the same thing – fraud and corruption. My former boss Mr Zumwinkel is one of them. See my thoughts here. The point is that the German and other EU governments are doing something about it.

  • A US judge blocks a case from proceeding that was trying to sue an airline for illegally transporting the plaintiffs across the globe to an illegal American prison

The judge is “The Lying Judge” James Ware, appointed by Bush senior, promoted by Clinton but kept on, bizarrely, by him anyway when it was revealed he’d appropriated the bravery and honour of another person with the same name.

It’s all about the dodgy CIA flights where the CIA think they can zip round the world at will, kidnap people and take them to foreign jails across foreign airspace, landing as necessary on foreign soils without flight plans or passenger lists, and without the intervention of any courts of law anywhere and then jail and hurt these people for years. ACLU brought the case on behalf of five men who alleged the CIA had flown them to foreign prisons, where they were interrogated and tortured.

This is what the lying judge has blocked because it might reveal “covert operations”. Well dah! They shouldn’t be doing it in the first place. All of the above activities are illegal under United Nations law, United States law and constitution, UK law, European law and the law of common sense!

Now all Americans have the right, enshrined in their constitution, to bear arms. The reason for this is not so that they can shoot each other in films or real life, or to have massacres in schools, which seems to happen a lot; but no, the reason is so that the citizens will always have the means, no matter what, to overthrow a disreputable government that seeks to remove their liberties, enslave and misrepresent them, leads them into unjust wars etc etc etc.

This was the case when the states were colonies of the repressive British Government in the 1700’s.

Perhaps now is the time to use these powers, and it’s not just me saying it. Americans, as a country, you are being taken down a very very bad path. Like sheep, the wool is being pulled over your eyes. And you don’t care. You’re pathetic. As long as you can drive a nice big car to get a nice big hamburger, you don’t care a toss for the loss of your freedoms and liberties which have been so painfully gained over the last two centuries. e.g.

War of Independence

Your Civil War

The World Wars

Your struggles for Civil Rights

Your government, in your name, is prepared to destroy the world, starve every person in the world, kill anyone or any system it disagrees with, and all in the name of democracy and free speech.

I hate to say it, but I always think that the US gun laws are stupid – but now, I can see the 18th century sense behind them that has a direct relevance in our 21st century.

I just hope our Buddhism can win through this conundrum. The peace and prosperity of every single person on the world is at stake. Everyone must recognise the devilish functions in our midst for what they are.

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Who is “[email protected]

Who is this guy who’s registered on my site, hasn’t ever posted, has been deleted by me three times and re-registers each time? !!!

This is who: Mark B Wilson

While sympathising with some of his “pledges” and stuff, (you know; Bush is a twat, war is bad, clean energy – something must be done…), I can’t help thinking it’s a bit unethical to go registering on weblogs but not saying anything. I don’t think my site has anything special for him so I can only surmise that he’s got me on an automatic robot trawl just the same as all the other twat spammers. Perhaps we’re waiting for a deluge in spam messages from him in the near future, certainly to sites that allow new users to broadcast freely unchecked. (unlike this one)

When I last checked, www.votemark.org was dead. (not surprising as it’s for the 2004 elections, FOUR YEARS AGO!)So, just in case the .gov site is taken down, this is the dude’s details from the page. Read the rest of this entry >>

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