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Google Gagarin

It Was 50 Years Ago, Today

…when mankind left the gravitational confines of our Earth.

Google Gagarin

Google Gagarin

Yuri Gagarin

Yuri Gagarin

A poor boy from the steppes, Yuri Gagarin, simultaneously became the first man in space and the first man to leave Earth and orbit it completely.  (This is something that took NASA several steps before John Glenn finally emulated the feat).

While of humble background (like Jesus), his father was a carpenter (like Jesus) and his mother read voraciously (as Jesus knew the scriptures).  Obviously, Gagarin wasn’t Jesus, but he did die in his mid-thirties which parallels Jesus’s early death.

Gagarin Launch

Gagarin Launch

I was alive when Gagarin stunned the world by being shot into space.  I remember very few photos of the man or the event.  The West was naturally very embarrassed by being overshadowed by a dictator-led communist state.  Most scientists were just astonished.  Most politicians and the mainstream media were extremely alarmist in public (and fully actioned in private) because the inter-continental aspect of chucking a nuclear weapon sized piece of machinery aloft at the height of the cold war was paramount in their minds.

What struck me then and since was the fact that Gagarin always seemed to have a happy cheeriness about him.  When we now see his pre-flight pictures, his confidence is astounding, because remember, before the voyage, mankind had conflicting ideas about the very survivability for a man in the entirely hostile and unforgiving environment of space.  Some said that a man would die within half and hour from radiation….

Of course, the Soviet scientists had tested these theories with mammals (dogs & ape) and knew that even though the animals died on their space-flights (and were destined to die, by design), they knew that a man could survive the flight and if a return to Earth could be made, he’d live to see another day.  They’d also done a small step-by-step approach to their rocketry so even though the rocket was made primarily as an ICBM, its designer was actually more interested in getting men into space and had designed accordingly.  (see this article on Sergei Korolev and his space-flight dreams).

This, Gagarin duly did, by re-entering the atmosphere in his capsule and then, when the speed had sufficiently reduced, by opening his capsule and leaping from it to then descend on a conventional parachute.

Amazingly, this all worked, perfectly.

International Space Station

International Space Station

We now see the benefits of this early Soviet work because for the next few years, transport of people to the International Space Station (ISS) will be done by the Russian Soyuz spacecraft alone now that the NASA Space Shuttle is grounded for good.

The Soyuz is a direct descendant of Gagarin’s early capsule and the subsequent work and deaths of Soviet cosmonauts.  Later joint work with NASA and their own accidents and astronaut deaths have made the Soyuz platform very reliable, in space flight terms.  See this Wikipedia article for a full introduction to space-flight of all kinds.

Google Celebration

Google, characteristically, have celebrated Gagarin’s achievement (and that it was, make no mistake, he was a very, very, brave man), with a decorated main page which I’ve copied for posterity above.

Hooray For Gagarin.

So it was 50 years ago today.  An event that changed the world and our perception of it and ourselves  in the universe.

It’s only people some years older than myself who actually remember the previous world where people remained fixed to the planet and could only dream and wonder about the reality beyond.  For myself and folks younger than me, we can only to imagine what that world was like because we are part of the world that Gagarin’s bravery opened up for us..

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Weird Pravda

Strangely post on November 4th, 2009
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What IS Going On?

USS Eisenhower

USS Eisenhower

I’ve just come across an old post of mine in which I referred, briefly, to the Russian Pravda website, presumably a modern-day version of it’s communist paper past.  I say presumably because, as I already said, it’s more like National Enquirer…!

On top of weird births and alien spaceships in the sky, it’s got macho-macho shots of big tanks, guns, aircraft and ships.  They even have a praiseworthy shot of the USS Eisenhower and jokey posts about bad parking!

Russian Fashion

Russian Fashion



There is mild porn dressed up as fashion (see right – a bit like the knicker’s pages in the old Littlewoods catalogue), and tales of giant Russian babies and massive sea monsters .

A post warning of the dangers of wearing g-strings is naturally another excuse for a crotch shot.

Big Ship

Big Ship

Here’s the world’s biggest cruise liner and a link to a very phallic rocket to finish off.

Conclusion = weird.

Big Rocket

Big Rocket

Other conclusion = everything we have is bigger than yours, except we like your big things as well if they’re butch enough.

Other, other conclusion = we can be just as sexy as The West and our women are really sexy, apart from the Western ones which we also like if they’re not wearing much…

It’s all so very weird once you get past the news front page – give it a go!  You’re left thinking what’s the point of it all…

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My Name is Jacqui Smith

Sex Videos

As time passes, we see the Buddhist concept of “karmic retribution” really coming into view with all the latest happenings with wacky backy Jacqui Smith, the (as I write this morning) current Home Secretary for HM Gov in the UK.  The continuing saga of her rule-bending expenses and her husband’s adult activities while she’s away have provided both titillation for the masses and fuel for the boot boys who want her gone.  It’s the adversarial nature of politics after all to make your opponent suffer.
But for Smith, and her husband, might I suggest some alternative viewing pleasure on the box of “My Name is Earl“.  Notionally an ensemble acting comedy about red-necks like American Jade Goody’s, it contains gems of real truth and substance.  A little bit of study there will improve both their lives immensely and provide a better concept of “freedom” for her – something that her ever more draconian pronouncements from her lofty position constantly chips away at.

As the characterisation for Earl J Hickey states, “he has a clouded grasp of right and wrong”.  Nothing could describe Jacqui Smith more perfectly!


Unfortunately on the radio this morning, I heard that “calls are being made” to get rid of the whole expenses thing for MPs and give them all a higher salary, something “appropriate to their status” or words to that effect.

I say unfortunately, because this is exactly the wordage that the corrupt bankers and the other large “remuneration committee” folks say when trying to justify the obscene pay ‘packages’ these people get.  They say, “we have to pay this or else we can’t get the calibre of people we require”.

This of course is tosh, for industrialists, bankers and MPs.  As representatives of the people they should be subject to the same realities that ordinary people have to endure every day of their lives, else they are as despicable as the politburo of a communist oligarchy.  The only, and I mean the only difference between “them” and “us”, is that they should have, and do have, the freedom to say quite slanderous things about fellow members, but only within “the House”.  This is to ensure proper debate and so that things can be said without fear.

Outside the House is different, and that’s why they should claim decent expenses for their work.  This shouldn’t include marble fireplaces for a house – or a house if travel is reasonable.  Neither should a £2000 per month flower bill for an office be a reasonable claim.  I can’t claim expenses for things like that, so neither should they.

To do so is theft, plain and simple.  It’s not reasonable.

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Meet the United Kingdom’s Stasi

Public Trained in Anti-terrorism

@AmazonNot content with charging us for our ‘freedom’ to have ID Cards and CCTV on every corner, not content from stopping us take photographs in public, our UK Government in the shape of Home Secretary wacky baccy Jacqui Smith now wants everyone to spy on everyone else ‘in case they’re a terrorist’!

See the news here: UK plans comprehensive terror law

Apparently, 60,000 (non-governmental) people are already ‘trained’ to deal with terrorist incidents and how to spot one…


The last time something like this happened (communism, cronyism, secret police, informers) was just before WW2 and it took until 1989 until the iron curtain collapsed.

During those years we saw;

  • a successive ramping up of hysterical xenophobia by the various leaders and power brokers,
  • an instigation of a secret police with draconian powers of arrest
    • and where people were routinely tortured
    • and could dissappear for years
    • or even be executed,
  • neighbourhoods where people spied on each other ‘in the name of the state’ but were quite often just used to settle petty grievances or steal lovers and spouses
  • a political class that set their own priviliges, rights and payments which were extravagently different to ‘the workers’ they supposedly represented.

Now tell me if these four points haven’t happened here?  We have, in order;

  1. a United Kingdom that’s socially divisive with a rampant xenophobic right-wing press and a government that year-on-year imposes more and more restrictions on freedom, rights and mobility.
  2. we have two secret police organistions, an armed police force that can arrest anyone with ‘due cause’ and use ‘reasonable force’ to do so – whatever all those weasely words mean.
    1. @AmazonWe’ve had UK citizens kidnapped and whisked off to a foreign land (Guantanamo Bay) for torture all with the express approval of our dear UK government.
    2. In Guantanamo our people have been held without trial; for years and years.
    3. IRA people were executed -same now, who knows?
  3. We’ve now got an expanded ‘Neighbourhood Watch’ of 60,000 who spy and are trained to do so by our UK Government (see today’s news link above)
  4. We’ve continuing disingenuous abuses of privilige by our elected folk particulary in the field of expenses and other, highly paid,  ‘conflict of interest’ type work.  The latest scandal is actually today, where Employment minister Tony McNulty has said he did nothing wrong by claiming second-home expenses on a London house where his parents live.

In this last one, McNulty has two homes only 8 miles apart and both in the Greater London area.  He says he needs them even though London has fantastic transport links.  Basically he’s getting us all to pay for a second London (high property prices!) home which is actually just round the corner to his other one.

@AmazonThe scummy corruptive inadequacies of this government, and the opposition it must be said, are that none of them, McNulty, Jacqui Smith, Derek Conway,and all the pseudo-nanny-keeping lot of them – none of them ever seem to think there’s anything wrong with any of it! In fact, they all collectively strived to keep their expenses, paid by you and me, from public scrutiny last January.

@AmazonI’ve no doubt at all that like all corrupt, secretive, authoritarian regimes of the past they’ll try and get everything hidden again.  Just like the Stasi.  Last night a show on TV revealed the excesses of communist history in Czechoslovakia.  It’s Bulgaria next week.  Another chance to compare and contrast to the world we have here in the UK.  This is the schedule – it’s on BBC2!  http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b00jcgzt/episodes/2009 .  Try and watch.  A world where everyone is frightened to speak up in case they lose their livelihood and where the people in work do the absolute minimum, jealously plotting a route to join the elite.

It’s not for me.  I’m out of this world where taxpayers subsidise corrupt banker’s pensions and WW2 veteran’s last  expenses are paid for with a lottery!

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Colin Stagg:This is Why we Don’t Kill Murderers in Britain

….at least, it’s one reason why we don’t have capital punishment.

The Colin Stagg Story

Man admits Rachel Nickell killing

The Rachell Nickell murder was a terrible thing, whipped up into a media frenzy like the IRA-bombers-that-weren’t such as the Guildford Four, Birmingham Six and a host of other miscarriages of justice.

Because of blinkered police work or corrupt police work or even the desire of police to please and “get things done”, many people over the years are now alive who would have otherwise been dead if capital punishment were still extant in the UK.

What this means is that we now know about the failings and can strive to make sure they “never happen again”.  If the police earnestly do this, then at least they’ll have “done their best”.

In contrast, America, “land of the free” should really be called “land of the wrongly executed” because their laws and police are fundamentally based on those here in the UK and thus will tend to make the same mistakes.  But they kill people with an abandon that rivals the closed communist societies that they so despise.

So Colin Stagg has suffered, but at least he’s alive to tell his tale and life, really is, the most precious thing.

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