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Facts and Lies: UKIP Checking

Nobody can be bothered to check facts.

UKIP, the Lernaean Hydra of British politics

UKIP Hydra
[credit: Jon Worth, please click image ]

For months I have endured a deluge of facts and lies, all leading up to yesterday’s election. (I voted Green – there were only European elections in my area, so no local stuff).  Mostly, it’s all been around UKIP.  They really have stoked the fires, first lit by this government that wasn’t elected and that has done a raft of nasty things never included in their 2010 manifestos.  But the fires against the disadvantaged are really aflame now.

It’s UKIP wot done it guv.  It’s Suzanne Evans talking – click here to pause her waffle.


The Chubby Elite

UKIP’s backers are some of the sharpest, wealthiest people in the land.

UKIP’s tactics however, have been to take on all crackpots of all kinds, then, when the fuckwit says something beyond the pale, they evict them.

This has the effect of being news-worthy, and as we in entertainment know, all news is good news.  The normal triumvirate of red, blue and orange have had a few gobshite moments, but UKIP beats them hands down.

The litany of UKIP’s tactics is strewn across the web, but a fairly recent summary and discourse on them can be found on Another Angry Voice (AAV).

Fact Checks #1

As Tom at AAV noted in the link above, UKIP-ers are not fond of reading anything beyond the first few lines of anything and have a raft of weird ideas all   the stuff headed up and analysed with examples, summarised neatly here:

General abuse Confirmation Bias Denial of reality Just making stuff up
Conspiracies Meta-slander Persecution complexes Marxist fearmongering
Talking in absolutes This is a “Hate group” The Censorship fallacy Fascist sentiments
Straw-manning You called us racist Humourlessness Right, I’m definitely voting UKIP now!

It’s all very “lowest common denominator” (LCD) stuff.  Confirmation Bias rules, okay!

 Fact Checks #2

Though I despise UKIP and parties like them, I do try to check facts, from all over and presented by anyone.  Even those that I support get it wrong sometimes.  Question everything!

UKIP’s Suzanne Evans on Radio 4

I heard that Evans had been quoted as saying that UKIP ” had difficulty appealing to the educated, cultured and young” with regard to the voting in London.  It was on the BBC Radio 4 “Today” programme.  You can listen to the whole thing here for the next few days.  If you do a Google search for the phrase, “difficulty appealing to the “educated, cultured and young”” a whole raft of websites, news organisations, social media and news agregation websites are all reporting this very same thing.  The search produced >1000 – here are 3.

This Reddit chat is a notable exception to the broadcast-info-with-impunity-or-checks brigade and also has a link to the interview.  They say she never said it and provide a textual view of the interview.

She Never Said It!

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Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

The trouble is, she never actually said it!  This is my recording of the show, editted down to Suzanne Evans’ interview and compressed for audio clarity before MP3-ing it.

 It’s True – She Never Said It!

Ukip members wait for results of local election in Croydon

So why are all the news sites and almost every Google search result saying that she did?  ( Well almost all – a Reddit chat also says that she never said it. )  The Independent report even has a nicely forlorn UKIP blokey.

In the interview, then interviewer actually says that it was a colleague in London  (not known, not named) who, she said, UKIP “had difficulty appealing to the educated, cultured and young”




  1. The truth of the matter is that people hardly ever check anything nowadays.
    • The deluge of information is too great.
    • Everyone expects reputable news providers to do properly journalistic background checks.
    • The BBC interviewer never checked.
  2. The truth of the matter is that all news providers are in collusion with the establishment to maintain the neoliberal status quo.
    • The UKIP freaks who commented on AAV are correct in that it is a conspiracy.
    • UKIP freaks are right in that the BBC shows anti-UKIP left-wing bias.

The trouble with #2 is that UKIP contains part of the powerful establishment elite.

  • Farage is a former banker and apart from a host of wealthy backers, the normal tory paper (Daily Telegraph – torygraph in common parlance) is now swapping sides since the tories are not right-wing enough for it’s wealthy  owners, the reclusive, island-owning, tax-avoiding, feudalistic, Sark-criticising (because it won’t allow them to set up a tax haven),  Barclay Brothers.
  • Many other establishment papers likewise share a divisive, right wing, xenophobic stance.
  • The BBC has had rafts of governement enforced right wing management changes (government plants is the phrase).
  • The BBC has given more airtime to Farage than any other panellist on “Question Time” except for Dimbleby.

This leaves #1.


Nobody can be bothered to check facts.

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BBC Science Disguised as Validation for 911, Bush Continues to Lose Influence

In this piece, Fusion power seeks super steels, and trying to use some of the news spill from the LHC, Jennifer Carpenter says;

Scientists say an understanding of how the Twin Towers collapsed will help them develop the materials needed to build fusion reactors.

Er, No.  It’ll teach them to stay on the right side of government. :-?

She continues;

The New York buildings fell when their steel backbones lost strength in the fires that followed the airplane impacts.

Before everyone says “of course” and “oh no, another conspiracy bloke..” check out this page for instance, that details large skyscrapers on fire for protracted periods, one of which even partly collapsed!  There are copious properly referenced links.  Same as here, here and here.

garibaldi_5_e__1_.jpgSo only the bits that get hot lose strength.  Remember, only a very small part of the twin towers were on fire; the whole core of the building was seriously intact (or should have been because as everyone knows, heat goes up).  Like this volcano core.

Skyscrapers have survived pancaking of the floors that burned without total collapse.  Indeed, one of the photos in the links above has a fire with more floors above it (and thus more weight) than either of the twin towers’.   Buildings that have completely collapsed don’t look like a nice pile of rubble unless it’s they’ve been brought down with a controlled explosion.

180px_Robert_Ballard_at_TED_2008_1_.jpgThe twin towers should actually have looked a bit like the Titanic on the bottom of the ocean.  The “core” of the ship was intact and all the decking bent downward by it’s high speed splat onto the ocean floor.

It’s a good example of the effect of large forces as applied to large steel structures, usually made as a rectangular network of girders with extra triangulation for rigidity.

madridspain_1_.jpgCompare it to the Madrid building fire which lasted a whole day and a had some floor collapse.  The core remained.

The floors collapsed but eventually they reach a level where the steel is stronger and also the material is compacting and making it’s own self-re-inforced blockage to collapse, like hair down a plughole…

Any excess falling material cascades over the sides, much like the material that makes a volcano.

US marks seventh 9/11 anniversary

This was said about George Bush;

“The president thinks about 9/11 every single day when he wakes up and before he goes to bed,” White House press secretary Dana Perino said on Wednesday.

I imagine that initially he was thinking “Job Done” as he’s so fond of saying.  Nowadays, if it’s at all possible, I imagine he’s thinking his whole world is one of Rumsfeld’s “unknown knowns” or something.

Every possible plot that they’ve started with him at the helm has backfired and weakened America in the eyes of everyone in the whole world except for a large segment of the USA population who are insular, inward looking, poorly educated god-fearing types who blame all failure on someone else, preferably with swarthy skin.  They fail to acknowledge that it’s their conspicuous consumption that has left little in the US “pot” of natural resources, so much so that now they’re planning to dig up Alaska!  And what then afterwards?

It’s slowly dawned on George Bush though.  His spectacular showing of ineffectual diplomacy in Georgia has made all nations wake up and bristle with natural pride instead of cow-towing to his ecomomic might….

Today, (9/11 day, ha ha!),  to add more fuel to the world’s instability, we have:

Russian bombers land in Venezuela

Freely-elected Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez has developed close relations with Russia on arms and oil, announced that two Tu-160 bombers would carry out manoeuvres, saying that it was part of a move towards a “multi-polar world”. “I’m going to fly one of those beasts,” he joked. “The Yankee hegemony is finished,” he said.

N Korea ‘builds new missile site’

Latest in a long line of twitchings and prods at the outside world by the North Koreans

And for the final dig at an outgoing oil-financed regime and a shot across the bows to an incoming one, we have;

US oil officials in sex scandal

Large US oil companies have been ripping off Uncle Sam’s taxes.

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UK Economics – how optimism can be made to sound like pessimism

This is the continuing story of pointing out media “information” that is made into political “comment” fuelling whatever trend is needed at a moment in time.

This article, UK economic growth slows sharply, in tandem with this story and this story reporting the same fact, show that the UK economy grew 0.2% in the last quarter.  This is being reported as bad!  Apparently this is the lowest growth since the dark, dark days of……wait for it……2005!

If I recall, in 2005, house prices were still booming, people were spending and going on holiday just the same.  The TV was flooded with programs about getting second homes or new lives using inflated property prices as the source, makeover shows – and big brother.  Things were never so good then, in 2005!

Now with the same growth, things are being made to appear really, really bad.

But wait, this summer, a record amount of people are going on foreign holidays (although it’s hard to find reported evidence)!  And a record number are staying to holiday in the UK!  So if they are both right then a record number of people will be holidaying..   Things must be really, really bad.


It’s the continual talking down by people with an axe to grind.  Why and who are they?  What can they possibly gain by making the country look bad and by making people feel sad?

Power.  That’s what.

Who wants the power?   It’s pretty obvious really.  See a previous post, the-grand-conspiracy-over-government-incompetance

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The Grand Conspiracy over Government Incompetance

Yesterday’s revelation that some more files marked “secret” or something have gone missing puts me at odds with the statements emanating from the Tories. The tories are saying the government is presiding over a “culture of carelessness”. Well they have a lot to gain from a government that looks incompetent.

However, it’s strikes me as strange that it’s only in the last two years that all this data has apparently gone missing – or more importantly, is actually being reported upon in the media. I think something far more sinister and worrying is happening than a simple culture of carelessness.

What I believe we are witnessing is the fall-out from a concerted plan to progressively undermine the authority of government. A conspiracy; and conspiracy comes under the terms of the recent fear and loathing in Westminster terror laws.

To find out who is doing this, all we have to do is sit back and consider who has most to gain. The labour party would certainly not gain from these events – and aren’t. The tories would certainly gain – and are. A hidden security service would certainly gain – and are. Basically, anyone who isn’t connected to the labour party in government – gains.

It seems to me to be a conspiracy within the ranks of the old-style establishment. They certainly have the motive and means to do lots of little bits of mischief. Harold Wilson had his fears and beliefs along these lines over 30 years ago and I’ve no reason to doubt that it’s any different now. The old-boys network and public schools system is as strong as ever, despite all the stuff about a meritocratic society. As financial systems, businesses and foreign countries collapse, the same bunch of folks keep on coming up smelling of roses, their lives un-interrupted while all around them chaos reigns.

Now that’s REAL terrorism.

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