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How to Commit Murder, Legally




  • Live in County Durham, UK
  • Don’t pass the driving test
  • Drive a car, unsupervised, with your partner and her 6-year old child as passengers!
  • Find a cyclist while driving around
  • Make sure the cyclist is not wearing a helmet
  • Knock over the cyclist with your illegally driven and thus un-insured car
  • Make sure the cyclist dies

That’s how!

Quoting from The Journal, Live, here’s what happened:

@AmazonA MOTORIST who had driven for eight years without ever passing a test escaped jail after killing a cyclist.

Denis Moore, 50, regularly drove his partner’s Hyundai Matrix mobility car despite only holding a provisional licence.   Durham Crown Court was told yesterday how he was behind the wheel when he collided with cyclist James Jorgensen at 6pm on September 24 last year.

Mr Jorgensen, 55, of East Shore Village, Seaham, County Durham, was riding round a roundabout near his home when Moore’s car hit him.   He was flung to the ground and died eight days later of severe head injuries.

But Moore, 50, of Byron Terrace, Houghton-le-Spring, near Sunderland, escaped jail after the court was told Mr Jorgensen had not been wearing a safety helmet.

That’s murder in my book.  The man Moore plainly has no consideration for the lives of others and the laws that we have to protect us.

The twat judge is no better and should be strung up or struck off.  Like our forgetful MPs and their expenses, the judge has shown a complete disregard for the law, both literally and in it’s spirit.  The judge’s tiny supposition that “helmets are safe” has completely outweighed the cascade of offences that Moore committed by actually driving on the public highway.  If Jorgenson had lived, what hope would there have been for him to get any damages from Moore?  None!  Because by driving on the road, Moore’s insurance was invalidated and any compensation would have had to be derived from Moore’s limited means.  His partner Bell was the same by allowing the offences.

In fact, it could be argued that Jorgenson, the cyclist, may have cycled differently and avoided a collision if he’d spotted some L-Plates on Moore’s car – but of course, Moore didn’t have any.

What a pair of complete and utter bastards, Moore and the Judge.

The completely un-reasoned argument the judge used could be applied to all ‘accidents’ (I hate that term – they should be called crashes, because that’s what they are, and almost all are completely avoidable).

By the same criteria;

  • Anyone knocked over on the footpath could have been saved by wearing a helmet or a suit of armour.
  • Anyone shot by a gunman could have escaped death by wearing a bullet-proof vest.
  • Anyone killed in a airplane crash should have had a parachute.

It’s the same, stupid, un-reasoned logic that shifts the onus of responsibility onto the injured person.

@AmazonBy The Way, Moore had to pay a £15 ‘victim surcharge’.  That’s the price of a life.

L-Plates are £2.99 from Amazon…

Latest News

I saw this tragic news (Pregnant woman dies in kerb crash) after writing the above today.  Both the woman and her foetus died when hit by a BMW while walking on the footpath.  It’ll be interesting to see if the stupid logic of the previous case is used when justice is finally served…  Should she have been wearing a suit of armour last night?  Can you see the rubbish logic at work now?

See local news link: Pregnant Carlisle woman dies after car mounts pavement


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Strangely No Fear, Perfect Balance

Strangely post on April 25th, 2009
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I didn’t think it was possible to cycle along the top of iron railings.  Now I know it’s possible.  I love the perseverance he shows.

If he doesn’t do any major damage to himself I see a long career in advertising and films, don’t you?

@AmazonThe music is singularily inappropriate. The link comes from someone at the CTC who’s spotted it.  This guide to family cycling is singularily inappropriate as well!  Ho Hum.

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London and Victoria Insurance and Bad Statistics

CTC & Guardian

[amazon-product align=”left” alink=”0000FF” bordercolor=”FFFFFF” height=”240″ region=”uk”]000728487X[/amazon-product]I’m indebted to this week’s CTC newsletter for pointing out an article by Ben Goldacre in the Guardian last Saturday (a week ago).   I’ve used one of Mr Goldacre’s articles before in some presentations I’ve done at work when pointing out the poor and devious ways that good statistics can be presented and the poor data collection and usages that follow.

LV (formerly London & Victoria amongst other  in/ass-urance names), did a survey, badly, and then got a plug on TV to talk about it.

They said it’s got really bad being a cyclist because the accident statistics have gone up.

Now read this link (Perils on the road to PR-reviewed data) and see Mr Goldacre pull the rubbish apart.

Of course, the trouble is that the damage is done.  Comparing the demographics and sheer numerical difference between Saturday Guardian readers and GMTV viewers (lots of children there..) makes the impact of the crap so much worse.  Even the words of the world’s oldest and largest cycling organisation were no avail.

British Judge & Bike Hat Stats

In another nutty bit of legal weaselling,  a case where a cyclist and motorcyclist collided (Smith v Finch 2009), the judge, Mr Justice Griffith Williams, ruled that the cyclist could have been found partly liable if wearing a helmet would have prevented or reduced his or her injuries

On the face of it, this appears sound.  However, the statistics from long-term data collection disprove the efficacy of cycle helmets except for very young children who have large heads relative to their thin, weak necks.

There are a host of reasons why.

But as an example of how statistics could be used in future.

Suppose I crashed in my car and damaged my head.  Using statistics, it can be proven that if I was wearing a helmet in my car, that would have reduced my risk of brain damage and the very same logic of the judge could be applied to me.

It sounds daft, but if everyone in the UK was forced to wear helmets when driving, at least 300 deaths a year would be saved.

But wait!  Many deaths “on the roads” aren’t in cars – they’re pedestrians!!! So really, when you leave the house to pop to the shop, you should wear a crash helmet because another 500 people a year will be saved!  When a car hits a person, the pedestrian’s head nearly always hits the top edge of the windscreen.  Ouch.

Now that’s the power of stupidly using statistics.

And using the judge’s logic, everyone killed walking down the street or mown down at a bus-stop by a car – it’s your fault!!!  (Only 0.7% of hospital admissions for head injury are cyclists involved in road traffic accidents)

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Weird Chrome Tarnishes World’s Oldest Cycle Organisation

Following on from my trial with Opera after my trying times with Firefox and Pipex, I’ve given the new Google browser, Chrome a go.

So far it’s worked well, even as a beta.  It loads this website faster for me, as well as nearly everything else wonderfully, except…

Steep HillReally old Road Sign - pre 1893!This morning my regular CTC newsletter arrived by email. The CTC (Cyclists Touring Club) is the world’s oldest cycling organisation.  It campaigns vigorously for people’s rights and has been responsible, over the years, for many things we now take for granted – like road signs warning of a steep hill ahead!

Following the internal links, I was not amused to find that NONE of the CTC pages rendered properly with Chrome.  I thought the website was serving incorrectly, or the links or somthing, so I tested using IE7, Firefox & Opera, and refreshed all browsers and caches as necessary….

Nope!  Chrome doesn’t work on the CTC website!

All the pages are readable lower down, but all the menu systems are reading list-like from the top.  A bit like a WordPress install with no theme!

All the other browsers render it fine and all link functionality is there.  Oh dear!  BTW, I’m typing this using Chrome as it makes all the Java stuff a lot better.  There’s a lot of that on my website…

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Taking liberties with Karmic retribution

Ironically, in the same week that it was announced that the Orgreave Coke Works site is to be redeveloped into a housing estate, Thatcher’s daughter, Carol, announced that her mother has dementia.  In Buddhist terms Thatcher is now in the hell of incessant suffering.

Now, who is, “taking liberties”.

Thatcher committed the sin, in 1984, of using the citizen’s police against the citizenry for purely political reasons, not crowd control and public safety.  In the ensuing melee, many people were injured and 93 men were arrested and imprisoned, some for substantial periods.

ThatcherSome were charged 13 years later, in 1987.  All charges were dropped as the show trial wimpishly collapsed.  39 miners sued the police and in 1991 won half a million quid in an out of court settlement against the police.  So the police admitted they were wrong.

ThatcherAbout this time, Thatcher’s eyes had started madly bulging as epitomised in the Spitting Image caricatures.  Then the dementia started.

Apparently, she forgets that her husband Denis is dead and thus has to suffer the anguish of finding this out, time after time after time after time.

Tony BlairTony Blair, while being fortunate to be in charge of a government that did many good things for (working) people, has also been responsible for instigating policies that have removed vast swathes of freedom under the guise of “protection”.  Most people are oblivious to this, being solely interested in their own lives and personal well-being, but one day the hour glass will run out and we will all be exposed to the full fury of draconian powers.

Some of these powers can be seen in the actions of the police in the video above towards a bus load of women protesters.  They are laughingly and wilfully trapping people in a vehicle and blocking free passage.


See the happy smiling faces of all the "free" people "enjoying" their protection

In the US southern states, that’s what they did to black men before they strung them up.

For a similar local incident where the police are getting confused about their responsibilities, I reported it here: ctc-info-sheldon-brown-and-critical-mass-monty-python-and-lupins/

Tony BlairSo Blair, like Thatcher, instead of using our police to “uphold the law”, used them as a political arm of government to enforce a policy rejected by the vast majority of the population.

Now age and guilt are catching up with Blair.  The full panoply of mistakes made and lives lost must surely haunt him.  I can see it in his eyes.

Maybe, unlike Thatcher, he knows what he’s done.

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