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Iain Duncan Smith Google Search – The Truth!

Iain Duncan Smith?  Is he…?

  1. Young?
  2. Angry?
  3. Evil?
  4. Wanker?
  5. DWP?
  6. Eating?


All of them!

A simple image search on Google for Iain Duncan Smith produces these results? (Click image for more clarity).

Iain Duncan Smith Google Search

Iain Duncan Smith Google Search

(Is Google hinting at something?)

A.  Actually, yes.      These results are effectively word association popularity stakes!!

n.b. Notice how “a quiet honourable man” doesn’t figure anywhere here…?  See this link for those that have forgotten his own self-assessment.

Instead of “quiet, resolute and honourable” (his MP title), the public think of “Young, Angry, Evil, Wanker” when they think of Iain Duncan Smith.

Google and Microsoft agree measures to block abuse images

Child Abusers

Child Abusers

I didn’t think of these two blokes on the left first.

The first thing I thought of when seeing this headline in the news, was that the major search engines would block all tory mp and supporter images, since, in my mind, there’s nothing more abusive on the planet, having ruined the lived of millions both historically and in the present.  “Lower than vermin” said Bevan, and he was right.

The real child abuse is to the vast hordes of little ones right here now, their parents paralysed with the real fear of poverty, homelessness and starvation.  Zero hours contracts.  No unemployment benefit if you’re deemed to be sick by some unqualified dork in an office.  Working for Peackocks for nothing.  IDS is one of the key foci and instigators of this terror.

Anyway, Google search has thrown up, in no uncertain terms, what are the most popular searches that include the lying bastard‘s name.  That’s them above, repeated here again….  Young, Angry, Evil, Wanker

I’ve since redone the exercise for a few familiar names. The first few returns for each are shown:

Nick Clegg: David Cameron, wife, sad
David Cameron: young, Nick Clegg, wife, smiling
Dennis Skinner: young, angry, 1970, quotes
Margaret Thatcher: Evil, 2012, Margaret Thatcher fun…, 2013
Neil Kinnock: Glenys Kinnock, Tony Benn, Michael Foot, Spitting Image
Tony Benn: 2013, Quotes, Beard
Tony Blair: 1997, Bush, 2013, Black and White
Winston Churchill: WW2, Cigar, Quotes, A Child
Ed Miliband: Wallace, Young, Wallace Gromit, Jogging
Gordon Brown: Smiling, young, Obama, Face

Interesting, huh?

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Daily Mail Headline Change After Vile Benefits Murder Comments Backlash

Lynch Mob Witch-hunt in Britain

Deeply Disturbing Daily Mail Changes Headline After Vile Benefits Murder Comments Backlash

Deeply Disturbing

The lowest common denominator mentality is alive and well in Glorious Britain.  “Most people” (according to a man-in-the-street soundbite on the BBC News yesterday, so it must be true) now think benefit scroungers are the ruin of the nation and treated like dogs.  Truly – the news article used this man to justify the April 1st cuts.

Also, at the last count, over 58,000 would be quite happy for the couple in this screenshot to be strung up, bashed to death in prison, hung drawn and quartered, dumped in the streets of Derby – you get the idea.

Deeply Disturbing Doubts

But this looks really bad to me.

Q. Oh!  How so?  You saw the telly last night, didn’t you?

Well actually, that’s part of the point.

  • How is it that just a few hours after the three convictions for parents Mick and Mairead Philpott, and their friend Paul Mosley, how is it that three main TV channels are running in-depth full length investigations into the three and the deaths?
  • How is it they all have recorded interviews with witnesses and others that knew the threesome?
  • How is it that the police, weeks ago, released secretly recorded audio of the threesome while the trial was in progress?
  • How is it that the Daily Mail ties the child deaths and lifestyles of the threesome to the benefit scrounging ethos of the recently introduced welfare cuts?

I’ve Seen It All Before

The media hysteria and manipulation of facts we’ve all seen before.  How do the 58k Facebook lynch mob so easily forget this?

Daily Mail Headline Change After Vile Benefits Murder Comments Backlash

Like the cowards that the Daily Mail is, it punches up nasty headlines to get the sales, gets a backlash, then can’t stand by its own words – so changes them.  Here’s how:

Initial Headline and URL
Deeply disturbing Daily Mail Changes Headline After Vile Benefits Murder Comments Backlash

DM Initial Welfare Headline

The URL for this page is http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2303120/Mick-Philpott-vile-product-Welfare-UK-Derby-man-bred-17-babies-milk-benefits-GUILTY-killing-six.html- but just try clicking it!

You’ll find that you are redirected to a wholly different page, similarly designed but with a different headline.  Click Here to try.  The original page that you should go to is on the right.

Redirected page with New Headline
DM Redirected Welfare Headline - Deeply Disturbing

DM Redirected Welfare Headline

If you clicked the link you’ll be taken here, http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2303120/Mick-Philpott-Judge-hears-good-father-awaits-sentencing-killing-SIX-children-house-blaze.html which looks like this image on the left.

But check it through – most images are intact, their comments and much of the text.  Key to the change is the removal of the “Vile” headline.  However, a Google search on the headline still pulls the original page from the vaults – and this is when the redirect takes effect.

Daily Mail Sales

Still, it must’ve had an effect on sales, else why else would the two journos and their odious editor do it?  The Daily Mail is not without “form” in this respect.

JIll Dando and Barry George

DM Barry George Conviction

DM Barry George Conviction

The conviction and media witch-hunt on the run-in to George’s conviction is artfully recorded here on the Daily Mail website (image on left).  Complete with hysterical quotes from the judge over the killing of the nation’s favourite TV gal,

Mr Justice Gage told George, 41, that he was ‘unpredictable and dangerous’ – and said that there was no doubt that the murder was ‘premeditated’. But he added: ‘Why you did it will never be known.’

…the Mail continued in a salubrious investigation into George’s past.

Barry George On DM Website

Barry George On DM Website

Now Barry George is a troubled man, having several personality disorders and being of limited intelligence, but, as was proved eight years later, Judge Gage was seriously wrong when he said that there was no doubt that George committed premeditated murder.

In fact, the whole conviction and the media stories around it were completely wrong.

Indeed the Daily Mail has now just reported that Dando’s murder is unlikely to be solved and that George spent 8 years banged up for it.  But compare and contrast the imagery of Barry George used in the two articles and the text to tell the tales….   so very different, are they not?

Michelle Keegan Cunt Comment

Michelle Keegan Cunt Comment

But let’s thank goodness that Facebook wasn’t around in 2002 so that dishy doll psychos like Michelle Keegan couldn’t spill their vile venom under the disguise of public comment.  She now has a more recent one saying “This cunt needs hanging share if you agree”

I Disagree

Obviously.  I’m a Buddhist.

Also obviously, the man as presented and as I see him, and the others likewise, are the pits.  But this does not deserve a witch hunt with thousands up and down the country baying for their private parts to be burnt in oil.  Those doing so should better beware.

Faulty Convictions Abound

Because British justice has a long running habit of throwing curved balls.  For the last few decades we’ve seen a continuous stream of high profile murders and atrocities, where;

  • culprits are found,
  • the media has it hysterical bitch fit,
  • hanging is called for and worse,
  • and then amazingly,
    • everyone was wrong,
    • apologies are made
    • and lessons must be learned.

A few are listed here, Long-standing miscarriages of justice in the UK 

But at least most of these people didn’t die for the alleged crime.  Some, appallingly, never really recovered from their time in jail and died early, sad deaths.  For not doing something.  Take Sean Hodgson for instance.  27 years inside for doing nothing, then dies three years later.

Prior to this, folks really did die for things they didn’t do – Timothy Evans had the ignominy and anguish of knowing that Christie killed his wife & daughter, yet was hanged for their murders.  (The story is curious and involved yet it’s plain, especially following the posthumous pardon, that Evans was disturbed and probably simple.)

Philpott et al certainly appear as scum, guilty of the deaths of their children.

But give it time.  The spotlight glare into which the case has been placed coupled to the hysterical benefit-loaded media commentary give good grounds for a flawed judicial process.

  • At the time of Timothy Evans conviction, a similar media frenzy was in place.
  • Similarly for the Birmingham Pub (not) Bombers
  • and Judith Ward the M62 (not) bomber

All of these (and more) have had long drawn out media frenzies where the hang ’em and flog ’em brigade appeared, just as now, like a syphilis from the sewers of unclean thoughts.  They should be better than that, better than a killer.

Folks should learn from history.   Getting hot and bothered now will not resurrect the dead children.



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Americans Love to Torture – Official

Honi soit qui mal y pense“Evil be to him who evil thinks”

While fishing around the exploded stomach contents purporting to be news, FoxNews.com, on a totally different topic I might add, I came across this headline, part of a poll for AP.

Poll: More Than Half of Americans Say Torture OK (Fox Link)

This is abso-fucking-lutely the very worst fucking news to come from that spawn of the fucking devil country masquerading as a God-fearing and upright place that I’ve heard for fucking bastard ages.

They’re scum, absolute scum.  52% of you –  I wouldn’t pull you from a car crash.

Iraq Torture

Iraq Torture

They’ve no conscience and even less cognisance of any of their supposed constitution that millions fought over.  They don’t fucking deserve it and when their country ends up like that depicted in Kevin Costner‘s “The Postman“, some of them are gonna fucking wonder where they fucking went fucking wrong.

What happened to freedom?




It’s D-Day “celebrations” in 2 days.  My dad was there and so were some of your fathers.  I’ve seen the 9,387 graves at Omaha Beach.   I bet they wished they’d never fucking bothered..  You’re absolute shite.  I mean really, you’re the pits.

Absolute bastards.  Sold your souls to the devil, you have.  Cunts.

I feel so sorry for the 48% who know that torture, under any circumstances, is a terrible thing.

Basically, you’re fucked, mates.

Unbelievably, over a third of Americans, most probably these barbed wire toting wankers,  still tremble in their beds a-feared for a terrorist airliner crashing through the window.

What a bunch of simpering loud-mouthed cowards.

Now what was the name of that arrogant cunt-faced so-called shock-jock that our Home Secretary banned as an un-desirable and is now sueing her?

Perhaps we should block 52% of the US Nation eh?  I certainly don’t want any of that twisted 52% here.

Honi soit qui mal y pense

Now fuck off.

Shamed be he who thinks ill of it (shamed be [he who] ill [of it] thinks)


The AP-GfK Poll was conducted May 28 to June 1 by GfK Roper Public Affairs & Media. It involved landline and cell phone interviews with 1,000 adults nationwide and has a margin of sampling error of plus or minus 3.1 percentage points.  This is a pdf of the poll, questions and all. (Link removed for some reason!  Try this one.)


See this link from a follow up comment where nearly two thirds of “Evangelicals” think torture is all fine and dandy.

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A Few Photos from Northumberland Trip, return today.

https:[email protected],-2.06543,7z?dg=dbrw&newdg=1

The pictures show Budle Bay, Bamburgh Castle, George the dog (mine!), Stublick Moor (bog & hill), Pennines with some vestiges of winter snow on the way from Alston to Hartside Pass, views from Hartside on the way down to Melmerby looking west towards the Lake District.

Bamburgh was on Saturday and the weather was good with no wind. It’s awful when the wind blows.

On a day like today, it really was a good day to be alive in that place right then. On Stublick Moor, one of my favourite places, and dropping down Hartside with the Lake District chiselled black above the white fog.

Budle Bay is full of birds and bird-watchers

Budle Bay is full of birds and bird-watchers

Budle Bay is full of birds and bird-watchers. The tide goes in. The tide goes out. Budle Bay is full of birds and bird-watchers.

Viewpoint of Bamburgh Castle

Viewpoint of Bamburgh Castle

Bamburgh church contains the burial place of Grace Darling with the RNLI museum over the road.

Inside the church, the very spot where St Aidan died, in 651 AD is marked with a candle thingy.

The church is visible in front of the castle to the right, with a square tower. The wooden buttress that Aidan was leaning on when he died is stuck up in the roof so people can’t chip religious relics away!

It’s actually a wonderful place to be, even if you’re not a christian, like me, but especially if you have a liking for history and how events from the distant past affect our lives even now.

If Aidan hadn’t have done his stuff, then the Archbishop wouldn’t be pontificating and making a furore this weekend – as there wouldn’t have been English Christianity, or Bishops etc, and thus possibly no North American Christian fundamentalists. Funny how it works, init? Apparently, when the Vikings invaded 140 years later, Aidan’s bones were picked up and eventually found their way to Glastonbury, down here in Somerset.I wasn’t alive then so I can’t vouch for it though. ;-)

If Grace Darling hadn’t have done her stuff, then Sir William Hillary would have found it harder to build the RNLI into the organisation it is today. Her example was (and still is) used as an example of selfless courage.


George, the Bearded Collie

George, the Bearded Collie

George is a Bearded Collie with more pedigree than the old queen. They are also called beardies, and the dogs are too.


Stublick Moor

Stublick Moor

Stublick Moor.

The chimney was at the end of a mile-long flue!

The chimney was at the end of a mile-long flue!

The chimney was at the top of a mile long flue to suck lead fumes out of a smelter.

This was 150 years ago. Or so. No industry now. It’s really peaceful.

Stublick Moor

Stublick Moor

Stublick Moor.

One of my favourite places in the world.

Calming George

Calming George

George, the dog, was good and didn’t worry the sheep as they were all in a nice tidy group.


Tidy George

He gets worried when they are all spread out.

200802024His natural inclination is to herd them up.

200802030He goes for the stragglers to get them in line.

I’ve seen him do it. With cows as well.

200802028Down the hill past the old mines. Left at the T junction then on to Whitfield and then up and down to Alston.
200802034200802031On the way up to Hartside heading west.Snow still on the Pennines (well, it is the beginning of February but with global warming, it just feels wrong now to see ANY snow!)

200802037Looking and going down Hartside, west.

200802036The snow poles are visible! You know when you’re in a dodgy place when you see the snow poles.

This road was made by John Macadam and he graded it so that a donkey could safely pull a half ton cart up the hill over 200 years ago.

Macadam’s name continues in the word “Tarmac” i.e. tar-macadam

200802039At the weekends in good weather, Hartside resembles a motorcycle race track except they all stop and get off at the cafe at the top.

200802038Fortunately, they keep killing themselves, so it’s Darwinian natural selection in action.There really should be more evolutionary biologists up here.

It’s like a field trip.

200802040Unfortunately, lots of twat Subaru fart cars are making an appearance now.

One nearly made a major smash right in front of me in Bearsbridge, Whitfield (30mph zone!)

The person entering the road near the shop coming from Vindolanda just saw the twat in time so didn’t pull out. Else they’d be dead. The twat was on the wrong side of the road overtaking a whole two cars! Gosh. On a blind left hander with a road entering from the right.

In a car, their stupidity will take someone else with them.

What a fucking cunt.

Like I said; just before the blind left-hander.

Like I say. What a fucking cunt.

200802044M5 Avonmouth at sunset. Nearly home!

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