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Zyklon Zombies B, Life and Death Work

Crawling Chaos: Zyklon B Zombies Work

Back along, Crawling Chaos were asked by Curly Jhon and Mackie to do some background music for a performance they intended to do under their moniker Zyklon B Zombies.  The performance was called Dionysian Heights, the name appearing as a band name on the Foetus Products’ compilation Blood Samples From The Pox Clinic.

I’ve just found a tape with most of the performance on it……    So I’m digitising it for release.  And pretty cool it is too.  Watch this space!

CJ with Dionysian Heights Props

CJ with Dionysian Heights Props

The tape is the actual performance tape, I think, with the first minute or two being either my old racing car noises, some set-up test tones for, and the final major bounce track (sans vocals) of “Sex Machine”.  This latter is actually very, very good, and shows the guitar overdubs done by Jeff (Doomage Khult) very clearly and wonderfully – I may release this as it is just so folks can hear the guitar work.

The Actual Performance

Curly Jhon (CJ) has recently found a photo of one of his props.  It’s a little white bull, prior to its coat of gold paint.  I mentioned it here last month on the Crawling Chaos website…    Curly John Pops Up with Dionysian Heights Props

Other stuff I recall is heaps of ivy and copious amounts of offal.   The guys were doing some sort of Dionysian re-enactment for folks’ entertainment.  The offal stunk under the hot lights.  Bacchus was in on it as well….

Description of the Music

The two pieces Jeff & I created are called “Life” and “Death” and the boys used them as they saw fit, synchronising it with their dialogue and actions.  CJ & Mackie directed us, in a general way, as to the feel of the sounds for a given amount of time.  Hence each section is fairly drawn and thus doesn’t particularly matter too much where it’s fed in or out as the performance demanded.

Q.    Why have I called this post “Zyklon Zombies B, Life and Death Work”?

A.    Because that’s what’s written on the tape!  Jeff’s handwriting.

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Response to Joint statement by Gordon Brown and Kevin Rudd

I subscribe to news from No10.gov.uk to get the latest view of events and policies from the highest elected position in the land!  In this post from the PM’s office, is a joint statement from our own and the Australian Prime Minister.

My interest is piqued by the numerical incidence of the two words “peace” and “security“.

In Nichiren Daishonin’s epic treatise, On Establishing the Correct Teaching for the Peace of the Land, these are the statistical incidences of the two words:

  • Peace (or peaceful) = 7 times
  • Security = 3 times

In the statement from the two Prime Ministers we have the incidences as follows:

  • Peace (or peaceful) = 2 times
  • Security = 54 times

What this means is that the single thing that pre-occupies their minds above all else, (even more than “economic” which only occurs 6 times! ) is security.   It’s as if security is the be-all and end-all of everything.

Lotus FlowerBut that’s the wrong approach.  Peace should be at the forefront of their minds if they really care about the “security” of their citizens (or subjects in my case).  Security should be but a temporary tool in the quest for peace not a thing in itself.  That’s why, in his treatise, Nichiren stresses peace more often than security even though he recognised the need for both with the impending Mongol invasion imminent ( it was written in 1260!).

If we search and strive for peace, with peace always at the front of our thoughts, the world will surely turn that way.  If all we do is think in a paranoid manner about security, then the world will surely turn that way.

And so it has.  The UK and Australia are mired in long-term conflicts with no end unless a peaceful solution is sought. They were lured by bad words and advice from America.

But the UK has already successfully trodden the peace path with Northern Ireland on it’s doorstep.  Historically, enhanced security in Northern Ireland did nothing to improve people’s lives for 3 decades and bring them peace.  It was only the mindset of peace that brought peace by getting dialogue between the parties.

This mindset of peace should be evident in this joint Prime Minister’s statement, but sadly it’s not.  The dialog is about enhancing the warlike alliances that already exist, not about finding peaceful solutions to the world’s problems.  It’s about using “technology” and “security” as a magic pill to ease all aches, not grabbing the nettle of discourse with an enemy.   That’s why we are where we are.

Significantly, the No10 website is made with WordPress, like this one.  I use the “tag” feature as does the PM’s site.  It’s supposed to be used like a keyword sort-of-thing.  Check the tags at the bottom of the post.

Peace is not a tag.  But security is.

Say no more.

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Putin Says Checkmate

Strangely post on December 24th, 2008
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Today’s news at the Gas Exporting Countries Forum (GECF) meeting in Moscow, is the final card played in a long game of bluff and revenge started several decades ago by Vladamir Putin.

I’ve been banging on about this for over a year now in these pages. But hey!  It’s only me!

So whatever the current vagaries in the short-term fluctuations in energy prices are, and no matter which direction the scurrilous baiting of un-creative Libyan minister are directed, Putin, as leader (under one title or another) of a vast resource rich nation, regaining it’s feet and pride after two decades of over-consuming capitalist humiliation, is having the last laugh that he’s long waited for.

Patience, after all, is a virtue.

Examples of past posts:

small ramp on the upward rise of a georgian wall

georgian nutters blustering tries to drag us down again

You’ll see in most of my postings I see the future through dialogue, which probably explains the various posturings and bluster from both sides of the energy bartering table currently.  Either that, or they’re all mad and WW3 is on the way.

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George Bush Inc: Bluff Called in Nuclear Poker Game.

p_hatching_1_.jpgWell the chickens are not only coming home to roost – they’ve actually laid eggs and the chicks are starting to hatch, like a plot from a sixties spy paperback.

Today’s news, (Russia to upgrade nuclear systems), that the Russians are initiating plans for their own missile defence shield shows what happens when god-fearing idiots are put in charge of anything more complicated than a school hockey match.

The tit-for-tat arms race that I predicated would happen if steps towards peace weren’t followed, is now happening.  As I’ve said previously in various ways, most recently here, the “missile shield” concept as a way of surviving nuclear missile attacks, is like following the warblings of a mad fool in a dream.

The scope of any nuclear release makes their use far, far worse than the odd conventional bomb getting through.  And much worse than the cheery optimism in this US film from the cold war era.  Remember, all the film mentions is one carefully staged test explosion at a time.  A full nuclear exchange will involve thousands raining down, many hopelessly off course due to EMP or other damage.  The film can’t hide the effect of ruptured gas mains etc on any fires or the effect of EMP disruption on radio and civil services .

What the USA started and now Russia is completing by squaring the circle, is a means for people to believe that a nuclear exchange is not only survivable by many, but that the whole fabric of a nation state can survive an exchange of nuclear weapons.

In fact, it leaves the unfortunate impression in people’s minds that an exchange or “initial strike” is desirable and even preferable, to dialogue and agreement between sentient beings to resolve differences.

GN0307_NUCLEAR_BLAST_1_.jpgAs I tried to explain, people’s propensity for tit-for-tat action, means that a limited exchange of weapons cannot happen – it will very rapidly escalate, faster than anyone can react, so that everything that could be fired, would be fired, totally opposite to the filmed scenario of a single explosion in the YouTube clip above.

And the consequences of that are a virtually uninhabitable world and the collapse of languages, literature and creativity into an abyss of deformed, mutant, hunter gatherer tribes, living on the margins of existence.

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Russia dips it’s Toes in Venezuelan Waters, soon!

nuclear-powered Kirov-class battlecruiser Pyotr Veliky Following on from the two bombers landing in Venezuela only 11 days ago (which I reported here when talking about the decreasing effectualness of Bush and USA power in the world), they will shortly be joined by a mean and capable looking ship called Peter the Great as well as a few others. They are going to do joint manoeuvres.

It’s interesting to compare the different news reports of this event, which, after all, is only the departure – not the arrival!

The BBC is the least inflammatory with the “facts”, reporting it as a rebuff to the “United States”, but not elaborating any further on anything.

AFP seems to be a bit paranoid with their description of International and Venezuelan waters as defined by International Treaties, as “near US waters”.  And while pointing out that the US, before any of the recent Georgian crisis had started, had already activated it’s Fourth Fleet before the summer, AFP felt disinclined to wonder why even Kennedy didn’t need it during the Cuban Missile Crisis nor anyone else since 1950!

The Times, whilst being over the top in the headline, at least points out that the US sent it’s flagship on a “mercy” mission to deliver “aid” to Georgia.

No-one pointed out like I did, that a real mercy mission wouldn’t send a military flagship, but a cargo ship or two!  And thus no-one has pointed out the hypocrisy in our Western Leaders’ actions. All these ramping upwards gestures of military posturing are just that!  Posturing without a plan – it’s pathetic.

Am I scared?  Of course I am – a bit!

But the real way forward in all this is not boorish posturing.  All of the USA actions could have been done better without loss of face or esteem.

  • They could have sent a real aid ship to Georgia instead of a gunship loaded with toilet rolls and elastoplast.
  • They could have declined the actions to site missiles on foreign soils as a “shield” (for whom?)
  • They could drop the whole concept of a nuclear shield – it won’t ever work any better than having nothing as I said recently.  Now it just makes people believe a nuclear war will be limited and survivable.
  • These actions would have kept the now-defunct nuclear reprocessing treaty with Russia which would have exposed them to better energy markets
  • They could have left Chavez in Venezuela alone instead of trying to topple him like they did Allende in Chile etc – now they have a permanent enemy on their doorstep.

Dialogue and understanding is the way forward; “jaw,jaw not war,war” as Churchill said.

A serious exchange of ideas and intent is needed at this very dangerous time.

We and they know we can really destroy each other completely.   With that thought, there is obviously no need for posturing.  It serves only to bolster the self-image of the main protagonists for their people at home… Bush, Putin, Chavez etc.

Once this is understood, military actions will be seen as worthless and the preliminary posturing as even less so.  The value of the word worth has become even more important now that the world has woken up from it’s betting craze with crashed banks and financial institutions.

What is money worth?

What is war worth?

What is life worth?

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