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Duff Google Cash Kit

Can’t Even Spell

Crap Google Cash Kit: What is Goolge?

Crap Google Cash Kit: What is Goolge?

I had to show this Google Adsense ad that appeared on my website.  I mean, the care that’s gone into it!

Get Your Goolge Cash Kit Now!!  It’s 2009’s best money maker….

It’s more of the same Google Treasure Chest stuff.  Here are the starters but really, I don’t need to delve deep now, do I?

Click it and go to:


This says you can make up to $200-$943 per day.  This is a very precise figure.  Why not $944 per day!  Click through to:

Well on hover, the site is http://nbjmp.com/click/?c=141090&s=82488

But on click you go to, http://hjlas.com/click/?c=141090&s=82488&internal=Q_3cy9d_1

…and are then instantly redirected to:

This looks a standard loadsamoney site with a happy-smiley woman holding a wodge of cash at you……  But wait!  The promise has changed!  Now the promise says you can earn up to $99-$375 per day.

There are only 59 kits left and you’ve only got 4m:59s to order.

Well I’ve seen enough for now.  I’ll drill down a bit later, but it looks like the old 3 for e exchange as an easy way to duplicate text and domains.  Just don’t go copying the website.  It has copyright: Copyright © 2009 Google Profits™

I just love the TradeMark sign.  You’ve got to laugh.

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Google Treasure Chest – and a Huge List of Scams


I’ve done a fair bit of checking around the Google Treasure Chest/Money Kit scamming systems to try and alieviate some of the pain that a lot of people have been afflicted with.

Now follows possibly the most extensive scam list and redirects that I’ve found.  I class this post from workathometruth.com as a:

Very Important Link!

http://www.workathometruth.com/blog/2009/04/17/make-money-posting-links-on-google-scam/ – Make Money Posting Links On Google Scam.

I haven’t posted the list.  It’s all you need in the link, all nearly in alphabetic order.  Pages and pages of it!

Related Links on This Site

Comments are now closed on this posting as Google Treasure Chest is dead.
However, the problem has not gone away – the menace continues.

For further information, all chat on this and subsequent scams is now here:
Google Revolution, Different Name, Same Scam!
and here:
More on Google Profits and Pacific Webworks/

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mystimulusmoney dot con

Site Statistics

@AmazonOne of the benefits of managing your own website is you can check exactly who’s been visiting your site.  There are various sorts of visit, the most common for most sites being from search engine robots.  If you include these in your statistics, it makes you look really good….


Another sort are called ‘referral visits’, the place where a visitor arrives from.  One such visit today was from:


“Hey up?”  I thought.  “What have I here?”  And what indeed.  Why would a scammy site reference me?  I think they clicked a link in their logs…

If you’ve read about my investigations into Google Treasure Chest and it’s sequels, then this will now become depressingly familiar.  MyStimulusMoney purports to make it easier for people to get Grants from Uncle Sam.  Now if you’ve read the post, Drill Down Through bsadn.pantherssl.com, you’ll recall that I stumbled on a large list of folders, some of which were campaigns for ‘Grants’ type website scams.

@AmazonAnd mystimulusmoney.com is one of them, or at least related (the later flash movie is partly served from pantherssl.com).  It’s owned by Steven Pratt of 11573 Royal Palm Blvd, Coral Springs, Florida 33065.  This in itself is a bit of a novelty in the world of shrouded identities.

Calvin Knowles is what the webpage claims to be about and written by.  The cheesy white toothed smiles from ‘Calvin’ and his wife are humorously commented upon – but of course, all is not what it seems.  Using the TinEye image search system I find that the cheesy grinned twosome are actually also shown on a more appropriate website, Ebrahimian Aesthetic Dentistry (I kid ye not!).  This is a hosted and created ‘solution’ from ihealthspot.com.  It’s a major part of their eznetpublish business.  I doubt Dr Max and ‘Calvin’ are one and the same.  All I can say is “aye up!  What’s going on ‘ere then?” and leave it at that.

It does become interesting when you follow through the two links provided by ‘Calvin Knowles’ as his ‘secrets’ to ‘almost’ guarantee success!  The first points to:


Living in the UK, I get redirected to a prize draw for Ugg boots (you can’t make this up, can you?)  However, using a program developed to help censored Chinese bypass the great firewall called UltraSurf, I get to see what the Yanks can see.  And it’s not good!  (UltraSurf works more effectively for me than all the myriad of proxy services around.  Give it a try – the BBC News website is full of adverts, I’ve just discovered, if you don’t live in the UK!)

Anyway, you go to grantnow.com, a seriously depressing place with a baldy salesman extolling the virtues of the $350 billion that the USA gives out in grants each year.  I haven’t verified the figure…  The terms and conditions, payments and payment systems are very like the Google Treasure Chest ones .  Time to leave….

Now to visit the second site recommended by ‘Calvin’.



This links takes you to yoursearchprofits.com.  I again had to use my proxy service to access the USA aimed content.  The actual landing page is,

It has a nice red Google purse and there are stacks of cash and a lot of gold letters and gold discs.  (hmmm, a bit of subtleness going on – I’d better watch out!) Privacy Policy and T&C page links are at the bottom.  To get anywhere else you have to put some (false, of course) personal details in.  I of course ticked the box labelled “Yes, I Want To Create Multiple Income Streams Free.”

At this point you need to add your credit card details and you find that the basic terms are thus:

Terms and Disclosures. By clicking “Send My Software” I am ordering the Earn Google Cash™ CD and trial membership for $2.29 S&H, after the 7-day trial I will be charged $39.95 if I do not cancel. I also agree to the 14 day and 21 day bonus trials to Grant Members Site™ and Network Agenda™ for $7.95 a month and $9.95 a month thereafter, should I choose not to cancel. I have read and agree to the Privacy Policy / Terms and Conditions. To Cancel, call 866-396-5695. Customer service hours are now available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

So there we have it – another continuous money sucking site, it’s terms somewhat at odds with it’s initial claim of “Everything you need… Your cost = $0”.

Well not quite.  While I was investigating, the website changed from ‘Earn Google Gash’ to ‘Google Pay Day’ and  a blonde called ‘Carol’ introduced it…   All else was the same.   Check out the actual Privacy Policy and Terms & Conditions links.  You’ll find they are from

JRS MEDIA SOLUTIONS, 22nd Floor Raffles Corporate Center Emerald Avenue, Ortigas Center, Pasig City, Philippines

You’ll see that all terms and disputes are subject to the Philippines’ Law.  There are cancellation phone mumbers and a customer services department.  But even so….. Philippines giving advise on US Government Central, State and County Grants?  It doesn’t quite hang together does it?

These people agree.

This last link is very interesting.  The guy has amassed a huge list of scam sites.  He has also estimated that JRS is making ~$4.5m per scammy month from this!  His whole site is a neat piece of careful detective work.  I suggest anyone thinking of ‘having a go’ at this easy money on the web takes a look at the long, long list of dodgy sites before they take that leap into the unknown.  Ha Ha.

Comments are now closed on this posting as Google Treasure Chest is dead.
However, the problem has not gone away – the menace continues.

For further information, all chat on this and subsequent scams is now here:
Google Revolution, Different Name, Same Scam!
and here:
More on Google Profits and Pacific Webworks/

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Google Treasure Chest, or Kit, and Mysterious ‘Help’ from a Stranger


Comments are now closed on this posting as Google Treasure Chest is dead.
However, the problem has not gone away – the menace continues.

For further information, all chat on this and subsequent scams is now here:
Google Revolution, Different Name, Same Scam!
and here:
More on Google Profits and Pacific Webworks/

Google Treasure Chest

The saga that is Google Treasure Chest in all it’s various incarnations took an unusual turn the other day and it’s only now I’ve got round to writing about it.  For completeness, this is part of the story documented in these three links (and the shrapnel emanating!)

Google Adsense

The unusual problem is to do with this comment on the Google Treasure Chest – it’s a scam and a half! posting.


It’s from a guy named ‘jeff’.  The IP address is put down as somewhere in Alaska and the email address is a gmail.com one.  The problem is the wordage and content of the comment, because notionally it looks okay.  It says;

Strangely Perfect has a link to this scam:

@AmazonI’ve stripped off the http’ and addded carriage returns to the query string otherwise it shoots right across the page, and even worse, it would allow the link to run.

What’s interesting is that somehow ‘jeff’ has managed (or bothered?) to add a adsense link with my google adsense reference number.  Now this isn’t hard to find.  Check the source code for any of my pages and they’ll all contain the code as a google ad is on every page as they are in the sidebar.

In other words – it’s not rocket science.

But why would someone want to do that?  The actual text is “Strangely Perfect has a link to this scam”, followed by a link.

But the comment is on the actual post where the actual Google Treasure Chest scam is dug into.

  • Q.  So where does the actual link point to?
  • A.  Not where you think – is the answer!

The end URL, http://www.trackednet.com/statistics/ngm/&nm=33 is a 404 dead end.  The front query string is also dead.  Only when the link is clicked (and I’m credited, bizarrely), does the link take you anywhere and that place is a redirect from trackednet.com via a ‘Go’ page to:


This is a California based company and is in a very nice glazed building off the San Diego Freeway.


So I’m a trifle confused.  What’s this comment doing on the post?  It’s a kind of self-referential hell.  Is it a mistake by ‘jeff’ who posted the comment on the wrong website?  Is it part of a link duffing-up process?  Is it people posting extra links back to their site on popular posts to ensure the link stands out and isn’t in with the normal bunch of links?

When ‘jeff’ said “Strangely Perfect has a link to this scam”, it’s as if he’s coppied a link from my sidebar adverts and pasted it into a comment……   I hope it’s a genuine mistake and not some new ‘thing’ that I’m at present unaware of!

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Drill Down Through bsadn.pantherssl.com


Comments are now closed on this posting as Google Treasure Chest is dead.
However, the problem has not gone away – the menace continues.

For further information, all chat on this and subsequent scams is now here:
Google Revolution, Different Name, Same Scam!
and here:
More on Google Profits and Pacific Webworks/


This is a follow up to my post the other day, google-treasure-chest-its-a-scam-and-a-half. In that post I mentioned that one of the image servers had left indexing open.  This is at The folders on my website, strangely perfect dot teevee, if I’ve done it right, cannot be viewed in the ‘explorer’ view.  It’s a simple switch in the .htaccess file and is used to stop people (easily) browsing your folder structure on the web server.

Fortunately for me, they haven’t done it, and because I now have links pointing back to that site, I thought I’d collate a list of websites and businesses that are visible there before they (probably) close this porthole.  The list is very revealing as it’s shows a commonality of source for the images used in the various scams mentioned by myself in the above post and all the other commenter’s and other sites’ work that I’ve linked back with.

It means that if you see a website here, it’s from the same scam source as GoogleMoneyTree in all it’s various incarnations.  However, and in a sentence cunningly designed to protect myself just like the GoogleTreasureChest one, I’d like to take the opportunity to say:

This list is posted to make people aware that any person or business on the list may be doing business practices similar to, but in no way necessarily connected to, those of the various operations of dubious merit mentioned in google-treasure-chest-its-a-scam-and-a-half and related comments.  To be removed from the list please use the contact form or phone 911 in the USA or 999 in the UK and say ‘Okay guv.  It’s a fair cop’,  leaving your name, address and bank account details containing customer monies to the person who answers the phone.

I’ve written it with very small font to keep in the true spirit of the Google Treasure Chest!

So here is the list of main folders with a few sub-ones included to show you the breadth of the scheme.


idWatchDogs (I kid ye not!!)
ObamaGrants  (ha ha  – nice one!!!)
PestControl  (yes really!!)
SecurityFirst   (yes really again!!!)

This is the bulk that I’ve found.  Obviously if you are decent company or person and believe in the axiom that “a man is judged by the friends he keeps” – I should pull your files out pronto.

Each folder usually contain lots of sub-businesses and extra images and sub-campaigns, either planned or defunct.  That I can’t tell.  However, most of this stuff is clearly related and in the old days I’d class them as fairground amusements.  That is, it’s almost wholly a bunch of card sharps and snake oil sellers – but under the modern guise of slimming aids, other dubious medicaments, and get-rich-quick schemes.

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