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The End of British Law – They’re All In It Together.

UK Legalises Retrospective Law Enforcement

UK leaders

UK leaders – No wonder they’re all smiling

No wonder they’re all smiling

In an astonishing move, HM Government has now enacted a law that allows any government (because it’s now part of case law) to sentence someone for breaking a law that didn’t exist at the time they “committed” an “offence“.

Worst of all, our dear labour Party let HM Gov do it!


Yes. You heard right.    (On the other hand, that’s consistent with my leaving the party some time ago.)

Just suppose that ten years ago, as part of your employment expenses, you were allowed to “flip” your expenses onto your work “home” and back again, yet a few years later this became illegal and you could be imprisoned.   I’m talking about the MP’s Expenses scandal of course, famous for its duck island, moat and second homes a mere hoppity-skip from the main home.   See MPs’ expenses: How Cabinet ministers have made tens of thousands ‘flipping’ their homes.

So what was “allowed” (as they thinly described it) is now “not allowed”.  Legality curiously disappears in this “allowing” farrago, yet some things were and are illegal yet hardly anyone was sent to the clink.  Just a few token stooges.


So much for our privileged elite.

Not so good if you’re struggling in this artificially enforced time of economic restraint, wholly created by a roulette-based banking and investment class that shares the revolving door world with our politicians.

Because Iain Duncan Smith’s retrospective workfare legislation has just changed centuries of British law by making a law retrospective.

Now set in case law, the precedent has now been set for any law to be so applied.  You can now be penalised for something that was legal when you did it, but isn’t legal now.  That’s what it means.  Forget (for the moment) the injustice done to thousands of poor folks, fooled and misled into being stripped of their benefits.

The bigger picture is far worse and will have far reaching consequences.

This is really the ghastliest abomination from a whole series of actions where the freedom of the individual has been sequentially stripped over the past  decade or so.  No wonder they’re all smiling.  On top of this they’ve now gagged the press with whom they previously had such a nice cosy relationship.   They’ve made it so that if someone wins a libel case, they still have to pay all legal expenses!


Of course, terrorism (or the perception of terrorism through the western filter screen) is at the route of it.  The silent majority have let leaders do and say anything for so long that they’ve become accustomed to being scared and placid for so long that they can’t tell right from wrong anymore.   But consider this:

It’s always been illegal to trade with certain proscribed countries, organisations or individuals, (call them COI) at a given moment.  But it wasn’t always so.  At another moment, the list is different.

The precedent now makes it illegal for anyone to have traded with certain proscribed COI in the past even though they weren’t on the proscribed list years ago!  This is the bonkers conclusion to this daft legislation.  You can dream up any amount of scenarios.  All bonkers but now, apparently, all legal.

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Duck Island Repairs Humiliation – a Huge Bill!

Greater Embarrassing-Viggers Duck

View Duck Island in a larger map

MP of Duck IslandThe Greater Embarrassing-Viggers Duck, has returned from it’s summer feeding grounds of America with it’s close relatives, the Greater and Lesser Failure-Bankers Ducks to it’s spiritual home,  Duck Island. Duck Island, close to the expensive monogrammed well cover in Cloud Cuckoo Land, now has a huge bill repairing the confidence of the people of Hampshire.  In fact,

Duck Island is to be sold!

It’s not often that a Duck Island comes to auction. Bill Hook, the auctioneer said,

“Viggers has everything well-covered.  This sale should more than cover the £30,000 costs of gardening on Duck Isand and I’m sure that public confidence will be restored.”

Cloud Cuckoo Land residents made no comment.


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Where is Duck Island?

Duck Island Found!

View Duck Island in a larger map

MP of Duck Island Duck Island, a stopover residence of the Greater Embarrassing-Viggers Duck, currently in it’s summer feeding grounds of America with it’s close relatives, the Greater and Lesser Failure-Bankers Ducks, has been found.

After a thorough search, our intrepid reporters have found Duck Island close to an expensive monogrammed well cover in Cloud Cuckoo Land! The people of Hampshire can now rest easy. It’s not often that they lose a Duck Island. Viggers has everything well-covered.


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Checking my Duck Island

Yup!  Still not got one.

MP of Duck Island

MP of Duck Island

Sir Peter Viggers, MP for Duck Island, has announced that he’s retiring because of his enormously embarrassing expense claim for the town of Gosport, Hampshire.

Gosport is worth 4 hides, a pig and a duck, complete with a pond.  There was some mention of manure.

Duck Island currently costs £2585 (inc VAT)  which is a bargain if you ask me.

Prince Charles is the current Lord of the Isles and should be told, as it looks like he might have lost one.

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