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Bridgwater: 5-bed Edwardian Town House For Sale

For Sale: 5 Bedroom town house in Historic Bridgwater, Somerset    SOLD!!

House For Sale

House For Sale - TA6 7DN

On three floors, brick construction.  Located on the west side of Bridgwater, with easy fast access to the town centre.

  • 5 bedrooms
  • 3 reception rooms
  • Full central heating
  • Roof remade to modern standards of lining and insulation
  • Double glazed
  • Triple glazed conservatory area.


I’m looking at £164k but in the current market, who’s to say? Make an offer.


  1. Needs some renovation to the most modern standards
  2. Small garden front and rear
  3. On main road
  4. On street parking (although most people don’t use their garages for parking hereabouts anyway)


  • Almost totally complete and original Edwardian (1903) town house with nearly all fittings and fixtures, tiles, original fireplaces (some marble) in every room, inbuilt wardrobes and cupboards, servant’s bell (yes really!). c.f. point 1 above!
  • Minimal garden maintenance. c.f. point 2 above!
  • Sash windows ditched in favour of modern double glazing (visually not so good but a lot less draughty and quieter too)
  • 28kW gas-fired Central Heating (except hall for aesthetics)
  • Huge bedrooms mainly, can easily be converted en-suite with room to spare.
  • Two w.c., one with bath & shower
  • Conservatory-like covered and insulated courtyard.
  • Close to town centre shops & entertainments etc
  • NOT on the flood plain!! (on an old sandstone mound in Bridgwater on the Somerset Levels)
  • New clean & efficient bathroom
  • 2.5 miles from M5 motorway
  • 1 mile from mainline railway station with direct links to London & Edinburgh
  • 5 miles from Quantock Hills (Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty)
  • 5 miles from Bridgwater Bay (see above)
  • 15 miles from Brendon Hills & Exmoor, see above
  • Glastonbury (new age mob) is 25 mins away, Exeter 35 & Bristol is 35-60 mins away, (dependant on time of day and place!)

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I am the Dragon King – Part Two

I am the Dragon King – Part Two

Dragon King

Dragon King

In actual fact, the reason for my theme change and it’s reversion to the Dragon one is due to some inspirational hits on the website (the hits all targetted this post, Never Seek this Gohonzon Outside Yourself), where people have been looking for the phrase;

Hell is the land of tranquil light

This comes from a letter Nichiren wrote to a recently widowed woman back in medieval Japan.  It’s it’s title, you see, and like Nichiren’s interpretation of the Lotus Sutra, it’s title is almost all you need as it’s entirety is wrapped up in both it’s substance and it’s intent of the title.

So the previous theme, one I made with pastel shades reminiscent of Edinburgh Rock, is too hellish and tranquil.  We need more red.  I need more red!  We need more fire.  More like the Dragon King represented in the picture, mouth open, shouting, fangs showing, vicious moustache even!  Crikey – the hat is scary!  It’s the difference between active life and quiet retirement.

In Hell is the land of tranquil light, Nichiren actually quotes directly from the Lotus Sutra some of the words I say twice a day (when I’m well)!).  It goes;

The true entity of all phenomena can only be understood and shared between Buddhas.  This reality consists of the appearance, nature, entity, power, influence, inherent cause, relation, latent effect, manifest effect, and their consistency from beginning to end.

I say this six times a day, in all!  So what’s it mean?

A.  Well given that everyone has the Buddha nature within them at all times from the priciple of 3000 realms in a single moment, two people who are revealing their Buddhahood simultaneously will understand the full and complete nature of each other’s lives no matter what or how anything is said.  If either Buddha nature is hidden by negative forces, then there will be confusion and doubt, suspicion and fear.  This simultaneous connection will stretch backwards and forwards in time, making the various causes and effects, relations and appearances as stated, as a logical consequence, across all of space and time.

That’s what it means to me today.

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Site Rework – Header Photo Gallery for the Curious,


[nggallery id=31]

I’ve been busy this weekend having a twiddle with the site appearance.  I got a bit fed up with dragons so now it’s an anachronistic mix of Edinburgh Rock shades and the Gallows!  There are a shedload of random photos sliced into the header taken by me, Strangely Perfect, using my new Panasonic TZ5.  Over time, I’ll probably add some more photos, both earlier and newer.  Each page refresh plonks up a new one.  The slices are a fairly random crop of the source pictures using Irfanview in batch mode.  This has produced some interesting effects for me – as with my music, I like the spontanaeity!

I’ve uploaded the source photos sized to a max dimension of 800 pixels to the gallery shown for those that are curious.  All photos are from Somerset and Northumberland.

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Conversion Barn for Sale; nr Hawick, Scotland

Strangely post on January 27th, 2009
Posted in Buddhism Tags: , , , , , , , , ,

Barn Suitable for Conversion to Recording Studio, Pied a Terre…

Relaxation Point, Sanctuary, Holiday Home, etc

Isolated, & Private.   ~£50k

  • 76 miles from Newcastle
  • 89 miles from Glasgow
  • 46 miles from Edinburgh
  • 247 miles from Birmingham
  • 360 miles from London

Contact Mr Anth Chester via this website
or tel: 0191 2592313; mob: 07932440357

View Larger Map

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