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Assange Given Ecuadorian Asylum

Assange Given Ecuadorian Asylum – but what next?

Ecuador Assange Statement

Ecuador Assange Statement

This is the full text released by Ecuador for their reasons for Assange’s successful application.  See original text at the end.

But What is to Happen Now?

For now, Assange will have to stay in the Embassy.  Ecuador has asked for assurances about his safe passage, but as it stands, Hague and Cameron look the foolish chumps for what they are and won’t back down.

My guesses, are:

  1. That Assange will have a “mysterious” accident or similar and the nasty people in the world will breathe a sigh of relief – the embassy is no doubt bugged and all communications in and out religiously monitored.  His undetected escape looks unlikely.   Food, drink or water could be tampered with; holes could be drilled, hypodermics, germs or gas through the walls – who knows?   Like a Sherlock Holmes/locked room mystery,  try the poisoned ice dart through the keyhole?   See http://wramsite.com/forum/topics/breitbart-murder-by-heart-attack-the-cost-of-exposing-our-corrupt  and http://youtu.be/tzIw44w00ow CIA Whistleblower talks about Heart Attack gun
  2. Assange will have to wait for a change in UK government.  Even so,
    • should he get a plane to Ecuador it can be shot down (remember the start of the Rwandan genocide?).
    • Should he get a boat, it can “disappear” in a storm…
    • Should he arrive safely he can be either murdered in secret or by a public presidential decree – remember Trotsky in Mexico, Allende in Chile, Che Guevara in Bolivia, Bin Laden in Pakistan, Rudolf Diesel on the English Channel?
  3. At  low level of current probability, those in charge of the USA and UK must fundamentally change their attitude towards freedom of information and accountability in public office.
    • The emails etc. which are at the real centre of Assange’s troubles show elected and non-elected officials behaving with scant regard to either their own laws, international laws or natural law.
    • It is for them to recognise this which will allow Assange back into normal society and thus face the law courts in Sweden.
    • As I said, a very, very low probability in the current climate since those in power, those in the emails, those on the tapes, those on the videos (like the machine gunning of innocent civilians), all of those need to recognise their culpability at worse, or at least that they’ve been shown to have acted like idiots and now have egg on their face.

Reminder:  The Initial Swedish Set-up

Forgetting the secret US indictment from over a year ago revealed in the Stratfor secrecy emails,  Sweden issued an arrest warrant, then dropped it, then “sort-of” reopened the investigation before barring Assange from Sweden?  I know.  You work it out.  It’s all detailed succinctly in this Telegraph page from June 2012.

Bizarrely though, this Foxnews rant/explanation from Glenn Beck (both not noted for their liberal stance…!) is even better at describing the events for which Assange was arrest warranted with in Sweden.  Pay close attention and you’ll see how what we are now being fed by Hague and the Obama administration is seriously at odds with this very precise investigation and summary made soon after the events in question…  http://youtu.be/npBvNJl6X9w

Ecuador’s Key Points

An English translation of the eleven key points, derived from The Dissenter, is here:

  1. Julian Assange is an award-winning communications professional internationally for his struggle for freedom of expression, press freedom and human rights in general;
  2. That Mr. Assange shared with the global audience was privileged documentary information generated by various sources, and affected employees, countries and organizations;
  3. That there is strong evidence of retaliation by the country or countries that produced the information disclosed by Mr. Assange, retaliation that may endanger their safety, integrity, and even his life;
  4. That, despite diplomatic efforts by Ecuador, countries which have required adequate safeguards to protect the safety and life of Mr. Assange, have refused to facilitate them;
  5. That is certain Ecuadorian authorities that it is possible the extradition of Mr. Assange to a third country outside the European Union without proper guarantees for their safety and personal integrity;
  6. That legal evidence clearly shows that, given an extradition to the United States of America, Mr. Assange would not have a fair trial, could be tried by special courts or military, and it is unlikely that is applied to cruel and degrading , and was sentenced to life imprisonment or capital punishment, which would not respect their human rights;
  7. That while Mr. Assange must answer for the investigation in Sweden, Ecuador is aware that the Swedish prosecutor has had a contradictory attitude that prevented Mr. Assange the full exercise of the legitimate right of defence;
  8. Ecuador is convinced that they have undermined the procedural rights of Mr. Assange during the investigation;
  9. Ecuador has found that Mr. Assange is without protection and assistance to be received from the State which is a citizen;
  10. That, following several public statements and diplomatic communications by officials from Britain, Sweden and USA, it is inferred that these governments would not respect the conventions and treaties, and give priority to domestic law school hierarchy, in violation of rules express universal application and,
  11. That, if Mr. Assange is reduced to custody in Sweden (as is customary in this country), would start a chain of events that would prevent the further protective measures taken to avoid possible extradition to a third country.

What’s clear is that Ecuador is actually in a win-win situation here.

  • LONDON, ENGLAND - JUNE 22:  A protester wearin...

    LONDON, ENGLAND – JUNE 22: outside the Ecuadorian embassy.(Image credit: Getty Images via @daylife)

    They recognised the sabre rattling of William Hague and David Cameron for what it is – that the UK cannot pick and choose which international treaties to abide by without acquiring the severest opprobrium of its own people and parliament.

    •  Of course, there’s the “sticks and stones” argument which the government may ignore by barging in, armed to the teeth, anyway, but also the long-lasting risks to the whole British diplomatic force who will be placed in the severest of danger.  This latter they cannot ignore.
    • The memory of the US embassy in Iran lies still, as does the death of WPC Yvonne Fletcher outside the Libyan embassy.
    • How can the UK pontificate on others when behaving worse than a bull in a china shop?
  • Ecuador has its own internal problems and this crisis will strengthen the hand of its President Correa, but also its standing in the eyes of all the little countries of the world, especially those in South America, historically in the thrall of US might.
  • They point out that Assange is only wanted for questioning in Sweden and that Sweden has refused to question Assange on Ecuadorian “land”, the embassy.
  • They point out the red herring issue of Sweden in its entirety, in that several public and private threats have been made or allured to against Assange by the governments of Sweden, USA, UK and that his own country hasn’t offered any protection (of course, we all know that the Aussie government is following the UK & USA like sheep).
  • So Assange is in dire and immediate threat of kidnap, torture, summary trial by a military court, execution or imprisonment in inhumane conditions.  We all know the USA is guilty of this having been caught red handed several times as has the UK in its collusion.
  • So the UK & USA are not havens of justice, guardians of the rights of Man, protectors from dictatorships nor international peacemakers.
    • Their actions from Vietnam through to Chile, from Egypt through to Bahrain, from corrupt banking to multinational deforestation programs, from Stratfor and the secret surveillance society to drone bombings of civilians shows them to be pariah states on the same footing as Zimbabwe or North Korea, say.
    • Ecuador has rightly recognised all of this, and more.

As part of their statement, they stood on the following points  (derived from Google translate!):

a) The asylum, in all its forms, is a fundamental human right which creates obligations erga omnes, that is, “for all” states.

b) The diplomatic asylum, shelter (or territorial asylum), and the right not to be extradited, expelled, delivered or transferred, human rights are comparable, since they are based on the same principles of human protection: no return and no discrimination without any adverse distinction based on race, colour, sex, language, religion or belief, political or other opinion, national or social origin, property, birth or other status, or any other similar criteria.

c) All these forms of protection are governed by the principles pro person (i.e., more favourable to the individual), equality, universality, indivisibility, interrelatedness and interdependence.

d) The protection occurs when the state of asylum, refugee or required, or the protecting power, consider the risk or the fear that the protected person may be a victim of political persecution or political offences against him.

e) The State granting asylum seekers qualify causes, and in case of extradition, assess evidence.

f) No matter which of its forms or forms are present, the seeker is always the same cause and the same legal order, ie, political persecution, which causes it lawful, and safeguard the life, personal safety and freedom of protected person, which is the lawful purpose.

g) The right to asylum is a fundamental human right, therefore, belongs to jus cogens, ie the system of mandatory rules of law recognized by the international community as a whole, do not support a contrary agreement, being null treaties and provisions of international law they oppose.

h) In cases not covered by the law in force, the human person remains under the protection of the principles of humanity and the dictates of public conscience, or are under the protection and authority of the principles of international law derived from established custom, from the principles of humanity and from the dictates of public conscience.

i) Lack of international agreement or domestic legislation of States can not legitimately claim to limit, impair or deny the right to asylum.

j) The rules and principles governing the rights to asylum, extradition no, no delivery, no expulsion and transfer are not converging, as far as is necessary to improve the protection and provide it with maximum efficiency. In this sense they are complementary international law of human rights, the right to asylum and refugee law, and humanitarian law.

k) The rights of protection of the human person are based on ethical principles and values universally accepted and therefore have a humanistic, social, solidarity, welfare, peaceful and humanitarian.

l) All States have the duty to promote the progressive development of international law of human rights through effective national and international action.

  • Here they kick down the quasi-judicious use by the UK of the 1987 Act regarding Embassies and the like in the UK.
  • They state the various rights of Man as defined in the United Nations and elsewhere (in case the UK has forgotten them!!!)
  • They point out the various ethical issues.

Ecuador has produced a clear and unambiguous statement, totally unlike the shadowy cloak and daggers stuff from Sweden, the United Kingdom and the United States of America.

United pops up a lot in the state’s names.  They’re united, but only united in shame and devilishness corruption.  This is the reason for their stance – it’s nothing to do with national security and everything to do with covering their own backs.

The truth is really out now.  Notably, bonkers Boris has been quiet on the issue so far – he never thought much of Cameron and I guess it’s even less now!


Ecuador Statement

Declaración del Gobierno de la República del Ecuador sobre la solicitud de asilo de Julian Assange

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Watch Out for the Scam Double-Bluff!


Comments are now closed on this posting as Google Treasure Chest is dead.
However, the problem has not gone away – the menace continues.

For further information, all chat on this and subsequent scams is now here:
Google Revolution, Different Name, Same Scam!
and here:
More on Google Profits and Pacific Webworks/

@AmazonHow Internet Scammers Get Attention

As you will know, websites LOVE to be seen.  We LOVE lots of hits!  It’s a kind of fame thing if all you want to do is shout and be heard;  it’s a life or death business thing if you need to make money from your visibility.

This much is obvious.  But as I’ve trawled the dark side, looking for more filth like:

  • Google Treasure Chest
  • Google Money Kit
  • etc

…it’s become obvious that fifth columnists are at work!  How?

Try these google searches:

Okay.  You’ll see that I’ve done two similar searches for each of the three operations:

  • Google Treasure Chest (GTC)
  • Success University
  • CarbonCopyPro

Google Treasure Chest

If you examine the search results (first page only!) you’ll see that GTC returns a load of obviously bad things about them, including my post, google-treasure-chest-its-a-scam-and-a-half/, which set the ball rolling for me all of er.. 19 days ago!

Success University and CarbonCopyPro

Success University and CarbonCopyPro have a lot of results that purport to be investigations and ‘the truth’ about the organistions.  There are a lot of actual ‘truth revealed’ about the ‘scam’ going on these websites.  You think “oh great, now I can really find out what’s going on..”

Now check the videos!!!

You’ll discover that these are shameless plugs to continue the pyramidal building of these MLMs

It’s staggeringly successful when you consider it!. Like a spy in the camp, what they’ve done is squeezed themselves to the top of the Google rankings in both good and bad terminology searches!  So if you want to find the dirt on CarbonCopyPro, add it to the words ‘scam’, ‘ripoff’, ‘fraud’ or suchlike – and there they are!  Go in and check the link, and it’s a plug!  If you want to find good things about CarbonCopyPro, do the same but mix it with ‘success’, ‘wealth’ or ‘professional’ or ‘winner’ – and there you go!  It’s another plug!

This is the proof of the Scam Double-Bluff

Like in a game of poker, the many faces of the schemer wins each time.

Google Treasure Chest Scamming Plug

Of course, our old GTC friend isn’t without some similar scheming….  Pay a visit to,


‘Mike Taylor’ in this beautifully worded webpage says,

WARNING: If You Do Not Read This Webpage You May Get Scammed!

‘Mike’ recommends two ‘schemes’ with his ‘brutally honest opinion’, as he calls it, from all the horrible scam schemes out there.  These are,

  • Google Money System (warning bells going yet?  SP!)
  • Process Rebates

Google Money System takes you to


…which is our old friends at securecartcenter.com again.  So the number one recommendation is the number one scammer.  Can you spot a connection?

Process Rebates

This second ‘recommendation’ needs special mention and is a firm warning to the gullible. You are redirected (naturally) to,


A WHOIS reveals that they are ‘protected’ by Whois Privacy Protection Service, Inc.  From spammers, they claim, although it’s an ideal way for spivs to cover their tracks.  You’ll also see that 97% of site vistors are from the USA….  more of that later.

At the website you’ll find a nice little lady yabbering away in the bottom right corner of the screen called Diana DeAngelo.  Fill in the boxes with some garbage and you’ll be taken to an even bigger spiel and even more wordy words.  Be careful.  She’s seriously got ‘the voice’ – like Saint Bob from BandAid.  It’s a nice homely American accent….  I could feel my pockets automatically emptying themselves under some strange volition.

But before you plough ahead and hand over your $157, check down at the bottom at the various disclaimers etc.  Try processaffiliaterebates.com/disclaimer.htm

You’ll discover that the business is based in Nicosia, Cyprus and all your dealings with the company will be governed by Cyprus laws.

They mention this elsewhere in the reams and reams of clauses on this and the ‘Terms of Use’ page also.  They don’t say whether it’s the North or the South…   Now I’m not against Cyprus or anything, but would the spiel look as convincing coming from a natural Cypriot called Stavros?   Here I’m reminded that one of the biggest business scandals of the last 20 years was Polly Peck and it’s Cypriot owner Asil Nadir.  He even owned Del Monte at one point!  (he say yes!)  Since his prosecution, Nadir has fucked off to Northern Cyprus (Turkish) from where he cannot be extradited.  The border between the North and South of Cyprus runs right through the middle of… yes you’ve guessed it… Nicosia!

So you have to ask yourself,

…in which part of Nicosia is processaffiliaterebates.com registered?

Because if it’s the north, which it most probably is, the laws there are considerably different to the rest of the world, no matter how much Turkey wants to be part of the European Union!  And remember, 97% of  processaffiliaterebates.com’s hits come from the USA, not Northern Cyprus.


Hopefully you’ve spotted the shit flying by now, or have at least smelt the aroma.  As you attempt to close the processaffiliaterebates.com webpage, a message from an attractive young lady pops up.  It looks like you can chat to a real person….

No you can’t.  Type in ‘hi’ as prompted and you’ll get some automated sales pitch.  You can type various things in and a few sensible sounding answers pop back.  But the clue is in the link to the people who’ve made this javascripted tool, http://www.intellichat.com/

Like in Terminator, the robots are taking over the world.

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Old Turk hits an Old Problem

Ahmet Turk was addressing his party in parliament when he suddenly switched language from Turkish to KurdishThe problem, in fact, is older than Turkey, older than the 20th century creations of Iraq, Iran, Saudi Arabia etc.  The problem is the continual denial of the Kurds, and ancient people with their own language.  They’ve survived in the same area despite the incursions and massacres of Alexander the Great, The Mongols, The Murghals, The British, The Ottomans, The Turks and The Iraquis under Saddam Hussein.  An almost endless list.

Kurdish inhabited area by CIA

Kurdish inhabited area by CIA

And yet to speak their language is banned even though 20% of Turkish nationals are Kurdish speakers!

Recently, the wholesale language ban was lifted, but not in parliament.  Parliament is a place where you go to speak and be heard.  Turkey continues to strive for entry into the European Union.  They should try the British model…

Kurdish Speaking Areas in RedFor centuries a similar state of affairs existed between the native Welsh and foreign English upstarts who first invaded and then took over the Island.  Nowadays Welsh in Wales is everywhere.  Welsh MPs are allowed and do speak Welsh in the Houses of Parliament.  However, to make their point, they always speak in English because the whole point of their existence is to be heard and understood.  If the majority of your listeners cannot understand you, you’ve failed to communicate?

Things are slightly different in Turkey, but not greatly.  Turkey should allow Kurdish speech;  Mr Turk and others can make a symbolic speech or two;  and afterwards they can all get down to the real business of communication and solving their common problems.  It’s happened here in the UK with Wales, Scotland and even Northern Ireland.  There have been enough major wars on this small island over the last few centuries to put any doubts over our capacity to kill ourselves aside.



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Continuing the Correct Chronology in the Recent Georgian Saga

It’s important that in these times of tit-for-tat diplomacy which have replaced common sense and dialogue, that the correct order of statements and actions is recorded. Otherwise, in a short time, a different history will be seen as people’s views and memories get clouded in the mists of time.  Eventually, a whole new history appears that people act and react to, certain that the train of events that they think happened, really did happen. My last post on the subject was only a couple of days ago, if-you-are-not-for-us-then-you-are-against-us on the 27th August 2008.  Since then we’ve had:

28th Aug 2008: EU considers sanctions on Russia – French Foreign Minister, Bernard Kouchner, came out with the gormless suggestion that the EU (and others) should implement trade sanctions against Russia.  Noticing the fact that this was like cutting off your nose to spite your face, Russian Foreign minister Sergei Lavrov said it was the product of a “sick imaginatiion” – and I agree.  In an article from the 29th Aug 2008, previously at , Russia’s EU envoy Vladimir Chizhov said;

“The European Union’s creative mentality has never gone that far, (…) is not prepared to send peacekeepers yet, (…) if relations sour between Russia and the European union over disagreements on South Ossetia and Abkhazia, Europe will suffer worse from that, (…) at the end of the day, there is very little Russia wants from the European Union”

Currently 40% of EU Gas is sourced from Russia!   If sanctions were implemented, Russia would lose pots of dosh as it supplies oodles of gas and fuel to the West nowadays.  This isn’t really what they want, but is something they could live with, and yes, I think the West would lose out more than Russia from such a scenario.  We only have to look at the recent history when energy supplies were slightly constrained.  Governments nearly changed and would’ve, if they hadn’t relaxed taxation policies. This is a link describing Russian energy control over Europe.  It’s something I’ve pointed out many times.

29th Aug 2008: Georgia breaks ties with Russia – an obvious result.  The Georgian diplomats have been pulled from Moscow. However, the key bit is at the bottom in the sub-text:

The Russian Interfax news agency reported that Moscow would sign an agreement next week allowing it to set up military bases in the region.

South Ossetia’s parliamentary speaker Znaur Gassiyev said Russia would absorb the region within “several years”, according to a report by the Associated Press

He said the move had been agreed at high-level talks in Moscow earlier this week.

And Interfax also quoted Abkhazia’s foreign minister, Sergei Shamba, as saying his province “may become part of the Union State of Russia and Belarus“.

This information directly contradicts the statement by Medvedev when he said on the 15th Aug 2008, “…would support independence bids by Georgia’s separatist provinces of Abkhazia and South Ossetia“.  But this is to be expected really. Further Medvedev statements sticking the “blame” onto Georgia should be set against the fact that Russia, since 1991, has issued unprecedented passports to Georgia and elsewhere, as part of a very long game plan.  The fruits of this plan can be seen in the statements that Russia issued as a pretence for entering Georgia about “protecting Russian citizens”.  Well they would be.  That was the plan. But as a counter, Russia is absolutely correct that the whole Georgian military was financed and armed by the USA under George Bush’s instructions.  The fact that the USA did nothing when Mikhail Saakashvili launched his assault on South Ossetia should have been expected by Saakashvili.  This was exactly what happened to the Marsh Arabs in Iraq at the end of Gulf War I when Bush Snr did nothing. And in that respect, German Chancellor Angela Merkel was right when she called Saakashvili “a hothead” and “not to be trusted” as he would bring trouble to the EU and NATO, which is why she originally vetoed the Georgian application for NATO. Now, things have changed. And this is bad because it plays right into the hands of Putin and the American right who both would like nothing more than a return to the USA/Russia standoff that existed in the old Cold War days.  There is so much hypocracy floating around this small issue of peoples, living in an area, speaking their own languages and striving to determine their own futures as in this comment herepdf of Cached Google Page It should be simple.  And the reason it isn’t is because they are being manipulated by forces outside their control for those forces’ motives.

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Thoughts on a 64 year old Massacre

France 24 item in English

64 years after massacre, villagers of Maillé may get some answers at last The Guardian

The forgotten French village massacre BBC News

The Nazis’ final atrocity: why, as they were surrendering, did one unit wipe out an entire village? Mail Online

Orphans of forgotten Nazi massacre hope for justice Daily Telegraph

25th August 1944 – Maillé, the martyred village. small page of A.C. Roy, descendant of the village of Maille

What most impressed me about all this was the German, Ulrich Mass, who has taken the task upon himself to try and discover some sense to everything, assign some justice and bring some form of closure to a bunch of people who are clearly severely traumatised, and remain so despite the passage of time.  The trauma has passed to their descendants and newcomers to the village as it’s clear from all the variations of the story above, that no-one says very much.

Mr Mass says:

…it was German injury, and I think, it’s my duty, AND it’s my moral duty to say that; and it’s my feeling.

A lady waters her pansies on the exact spot of her ancestor’s death.

The Mail article contains a wealth of personal testimony, mostly in list form which makes this moment in history much more real as the pictures are formed in one’s mind one, bang, after, bang, another, bang.  Relentlessly.

124 unarmed people died that day in France.

France2002_222.jpg France2002_223.jpg France2002_224.jpg

624 were similarly killed in Oradour-sur-Glane.  These are three pictures of a visit.  I couldn’t wait to leave.  The birds don’t sing much.

France2002_206.jpg In the same year as that visit I stopped next to a plaque on a monument in the fork of a road at Betete in the Creuse, France, near Genouillac.  Two people, GA Aubrey and GM Esmoing were killed by the Nazis and are remembered here.

Above a little alley in Gueret, the Department capital, was another little plaque to a young man shot on that spot.  50m down the road but a year apart in time was another.  Unfortunately I didn’t have my camera with me that day.

There are over 90 departments in France.    There are now a host of websites with information and pictures on individual and group histories of massacres and executions which puts paid to the commonly held idea in the UK that the French don’t talk or think about the war like the British.  See this website from Reims and this Wikipedia entry for instance. (paragraph amended 6 Sep 2009)


Mr Ulrich Mass greets Mr Bernard Eliaume

All this stuff represents man’s inhumanity to man.  Mr Ulrich Mass is getting along perfectly well with Mr Bernard Eliaume whereas 60-64 years ago would have been different.  As Nichiren said:

There are not two lands, pure or impure in themselves. The difference lies solely in the good or evil of our minds. – Nichiren Daishonin / On Attaining Buddhahood in This Lifetime – The Writings of Nichiren Daishonin, Volume 1, page 4

I’m in two minds about all this.

I can see the point of tracking people down across all of space and time for their crimes.  I feel for the people still suffering in Maille and I think they deserve to be happy, just like anyone else, and to be relieved of their continual trauma.

But on the other hand I can see virtue in letting the past lie.  The South African idea of the “Truth & Reconciliation” committee and hearings has a lot of merit.  It made people acknowledge that bad things were done by all parties but that the only way to move forward was to acknowledge all these errors, not to forget and to try to ensure that shit didn’t happen again.

This has already happened in Europe just after the war under the inspiration of Robert Schuman and Konrad Adenhaur.  In 1948 Schuman made a speech at the UN proposing a European Assembly and by 1951 with the Treaty of Paris there was the European Coal and Steel Community.

Schuman proposed this;

…as a way to prevent further war between France and Germany. He declared his aim was to ‘make war not only unthinkable but materially impossible.’

And so it’s remained.

People who wish to split the European Union apart, should consider the tales at the beginning of this piece before spouting their divisive rubbish.  The next time there’s an industrial scale war in Europe will be the last and no-one will be left to read any tales.

For the people of Maille however, they’ve been forgotten, and this is perhaps the real tragedy and the reason for their torment.  They need to be reconciled like the rest of Europe.

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