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Zyklon Zombies B, Life and Death Work

Crawling Chaos: Zyklon B Zombies Work

Back along, Crawling Chaos were asked by Curly Jhon and Mackie to do some background music for a performance they intended to do under their moniker Zyklon B Zombies.  The performance was called Dionysian Heights, the name appearing as a band name on the Foetus Products’ compilation Blood Samples From The Pox Clinic.

I’ve just found a tape with most of the performance on it……    So I’m digitising it for release.  And pretty cool it is too.  Watch this space!

CJ with Dionysian Heights Props

CJ with Dionysian Heights Props

The tape is the actual performance tape, I think, with the first minute or two being either my old racing car noises, some set-up test tones for, and the final major bounce track (sans vocals) of “Sex Machine”.  This latter is actually very, very good, and shows the guitar overdubs done by Jeff (Doomage Khult) very clearly and wonderfully – I may release this as it is just so folks can hear the guitar work.

The Actual Performance

Curly Jhon (CJ) has recently found a photo of one of his props.  It’s a little white bull, prior to its coat of gold paint.  I mentioned it here last month on the Crawling Chaos website…    Curly John Pops Up with Dionysian Heights Props

Other stuff I recall is heaps of ivy and copious amounts of offal.   The guys were doing some sort of Dionysian re-enactment for folks’ entertainment.  The offal stunk under the hot lights.  Bacchus was in on it as well….

Description of the Music

The two pieces Jeff & I created are called “Life” and “Death” and the boys used them as they saw fit, synchronising it with their dialogue and actions.  CJ & Mackie directed us, in a general way, as to the feel of the sounds for a given amount of time.  Hence each section is fairly drawn and thus doesn’t particularly matter too much where it’s fed in or out as the performance demanded.

Q.    Why have I called this post “Zyklon Zombies B, Life and Death Work”?

A.    Because that’s what’s written on the tape!  Jeff’s handwriting.

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Foetus Products Shop Made Simple

Foetus Products Shop Open

Foetus Products

Foetus Products

In preparation for our next release, Spookhouse, I’ve set up a proper shop to sell it!  Our intention is to sell everything ourselves via this sole outlet. (Click image for the UK shopping site.)

The announcement is on the Crawling Chaos website here.

Kicking off the shop I’ve reworked (…er…shouldn’t that be ‘am in the process of re-working?…) all tracks from the two previous CD issues.  Finally I’ve had a decent handle of the articles…

Some have been substantially changed which may upset the purists, my current modus operandi being to imagine myself back then using the current software and equipment I now have at my disposal, then to change the existing 2-track recordings to best fit this basic idea.  After all, they’re already in the digital domain – so I may as well try and make them something like how I/we wanted originally, but was thwarted by technology.

In tandem with this, I’ve whipped out some jam and hidden parts in tribute especially to Paul, Jeff & Garry, because this was the core of many creations that appear on those two releases and turned them into something dark and tragic, as that’s how I currently feel about their absence from the planet.

As Steve Jobs once said,

“Remembering that you are going to die is the best way I know to avoid the trap of thinking you have something to lose. You are already naked. There is no reason not to follow your heart.”

Close observers will spot the “new” tracks.  They are there to highlight our jollity, our bleakness, the tiny hidden gems of deftness in improvisational Jeff’s playing and Paul’s lyricism, the randomness of Gazza and the end that must come to us all.

All this stuff is competitively priced compared to the muffled output from the usual on-line stores.


The Spookhouse design is currently being set.  Downloads from the CD will be available following the CD release.

Other Items

These will be released, mainly as download, for other artists wanting to contribute to to the Foetus Products collective sound resource.  This isn’t a joke.  We really mean it folks!


I’ve set it up using open-source software on the foetusproducts.co.uk domain.  All links are secure where they need to be using a SSL Certificate I bought from GoDaddy.com, as they were had a special offer going…!  It’s security level is the highest you can get (it uses a 2048 bit key), which means folks should have no qualms about their bank getting raided or whatever if they buy from us.

Users will have a choice of two financial transaction processors – PayPal and Google Checkout for which I’ve set up merchant accounts.  They’re ubiquitous and most people are familiar with their operation nowadays.  I thought about using Amazon, but they don’t currently process for digital items.

The reason that we’ve gone this route harks back to our (i.e. Crawling Chaos’s) independence of spirit – and because our returns will be on par to going the iTunes route, say, for distribution.  We lose about 10% commission in the transaction process compared to a lot more through online download stores.

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My Wikileaks Mirror

Strangely post on December 7th, 2010
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Genuine Wikileaks Mirror © Foetus Products 1980 – 2010

http://wikileaks.foetusproducts.com/ pulled by Site5

This is a follow up to my post here.

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Sounds Waqqaz Review

Crawling Chaos Waqqaz Sounds Review

Crawling Chaos Waqqaz Sounds Review

Waqqaz…and following on from the previous post, here’s a recently provided scan from Holly of a (now defunct) Sounds magazine (four star!) review of the vinyl LP, Waqqaz, by Crawling Chaos, back in June 1986, when I was in France.

Quoting Dave Henderson;

THE CRAWLING CHAOS ‘Waqqaz’ (Foetus Products F4) ****

AND CHAOS came back again.  Former Factory workers ex-eccentrics from the wild North East, The Crawling Chaos are still alive, being driven barmy by the ineptitude of their drum machine and turning in classic songs.

It’s a bumpy unpredictable road between the simple worlds of Der Plan, Throbbing Gristle, the Dr Who theme and the primal Factory sound, but all and sundry were fed into the Chaos cut price computer.  The result coughs and splutters with a truly odd musical catarrh.

Of course, in this case, the worst possible thing for me, is being on the same page as a Genesis review…

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Spoofed Emails Make Me Look Like Dodgy Software Saleman

Less than a week ago, Virgin suffered an email outage of quite some time because of a flood of emails pouring in.  Spam causes Virgin email outage.

Just afterwards, I had some domain problems with my ISP which are now resolved. ADSL, Pipex Blocks my Web Access, Weirdly!

Now, starting about midnight last night, I had a zillion emails blocked by my Mailwasher Pro software from irate automated email servers across the globe!  They had the standard replies of “Undelivered Mail Returned to Sender” or “failure notice”, say.

Fair enough.  Except I hadn’t sent anything.  They all arrived at a little used email account I’ve set up for Foetus Products.  The trouble was, I did a little work some time ago and “temporarily” made an address “Catch All”!  Whoa!  Fatal Error.  Warning Will Robinson…

I forgot to reset it.  It was a kind of test to see what arrived.  Well nothing arrived for ages until last night!  Needless to say, I’ve closed the “Catch All” address now.

Returned Flood Details:

The first “returned” email arrived at 23:29.

Then at 23:52 and 00:18.

Then there was a flood of emails starting at 00:28.  From then until 03:30 I had 123 almost identical “returned” emails to my non-existent email address.  The timings are interesting.  The attack flood lasted almost exactly two hours!!

I say almost identical, as actually the content varied quite a bit.  Three languages were used for content; english, german and french.  Only one message had an attachment.  The content was all about flogging Quark, Photoshop, AutoCad and other high-end but popular software.  Here’s a pointer one of to the websites flogging the stuff

I leave it to you to purchase the “goods” on offer, but do you really think a copy of AutoCAD 2008 supposedly retailing at 3996 Euro is going to be genuine at the knock-down price of 149.95 Euro!

The company is called “Euro Software” on the website and lives … in New York!

Now let’s see the WHOIS..




It’s a Henry Gonzales who “owns” the domain, and 194 others and he’s supposed to live in California.  The domain is served from Seoul, South Korea, IP Address

lierkaser.com, is not really a long-standing company.  The website was ICANN registered on the 10th of October, all of six days ago!!! He’s done dozens in the last week…  A full Henry Gonzales search pulls in excess of 300 domains to that name over the last few years.   The registered address in California looks like the picture from Google Streetview, where a few Trucking-type comapnies are also registered (ah, the power of Google ;-) )  These are “R&R Carrier” and “Trux Navigators Brokering Grp”.
View Larger MapThere’s a twat pick-up in the drive.

Of course, I wouldn’t be so annoyed and wouldn’t have to post these publicly available details and pictures on my website if I hadn’t had a load of metaphorical shite dumped on my doorstep.

You buy from “Henry” if you want to.  For me, he’s a truckin’ twat.

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