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Internet Porn, Visible Benefits

The Rise of Internet Porn


XXX Porn?

One of the chief drivers of change in the technological arms race of the internet has been the porn industry.  Most of the ‘benefits’ that users and owners now expect e.g. interaction, user activity sensing, easy and secure anonymous on-line payments, on-line adverts and click-through promotions, on-line community spaces, forums, streamed video, etc – nearly all have been driven by the desire of the porn industry to make money.

Another benefit has been the push for the faster pipe speeds to deliver all this extra content.  Your average punter has benefited from all of this, not necessarily being a consumer of all but benefiting nevertheless.

Porn Morals


6000 years old FERTILITY GODDESS(?) from Catal Huyuk, Anatolia, in modern Turkey

Before all this, there was always porn and a satisfied demand for uncluttered sex, usually called prostitution.

In this cute article from the BBC, Indian sex workers learn karate, (for in this brave new sanitised world they are not called prostitutes any more), to protect themselves from ‘abuse’ they’re all learning karate chops and stuff.

I’m getting a bit confused here – where does the abuse begin and end?  And who abuses who?



Anyway, I digress.  There’s always been contractual sex, put it that way.  Art and sculpture can be construed in many ways.  Earth goddess – porn model?  The morals are within the hypocrisy of the particular society doing it.

Internet Porn Benefit

Apart from the technological benefits I mentioned above, I became aware of another one today while out walking the dog…

magazine rack porn

magazine rack porn

A quick perusal of this website means you’ll be aware that I’m in the UK.  20 and more years ago, men like David Sullivan and the family behind Goldstar Publications, amongst others, started publishing shelfloads of explicit porn mags, 99% of which was for men.

Discarded Porn Mag

Discarded Porn Mag

Invariably, these mags, once their purchased purpose was complete, would be chucked out of lorry windows, chucked into hedges, chucked in the road and on every footpath across the land.  You’d see them everywhere, usually at an embarrassing moment.  Seeing a wide-open beaver while out shopping with granny or dropping the kids off at school could be such a moment.

Anyway, I’ve just become aware that I haven’t seen such a thing for about five years now.  This is despite the newsagent’s shelves being packed with the stuff, more like liberal French and Dutch cafes and tobacconists.

So that’s the benefit – No porn on the street.  Literally.


Street jetsam and a Source

Of course, the streets are packed with the jetsam of society in other ways – tins of Red Bull, Macdonalds-KFC-Subway-kebab shop wrappings, 3L coke and WKD bottles, supermarket bags and crisp packets.  Most is much less bio-degradable than porn mags and thus floats in the canal for years…

But it’s not so embarrassing when out with the children.

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How to Commit Murder, Legally




  • Live in County Durham, UK
  • Don’t pass the driving test
  • Drive a car, unsupervised, with your partner and her 6-year old child as passengers!
  • Find a cyclist while driving around
  • Make sure the cyclist is not wearing a helmet
  • Knock over the cyclist with your illegally driven and thus un-insured car
  • Make sure the cyclist dies

That’s how!

Quoting from The Journal, Live, here’s what happened:

@AmazonA MOTORIST who had driven for eight years without ever passing a test escaped jail after killing a cyclist.

Denis Moore, 50, regularly drove his partner’s Hyundai Matrix mobility car despite only holding a provisional licence.   Durham Crown Court was told yesterday how he was behind the wheel when he collided with cyclist James Jorgensen at 6pm on September 24 last year.

Mr Jorgensen, 55, of East Shore Village, Seaham, County Durham, was riding round a roundabout near his home when Moore’s car hit him.   He was flung to the ground and died eight days later of severe head injuries.

But Moore, 50, of Byron Terrace, Houghton-le-Spring, near Sunderland, escaped jail after the court was told Mr Jorgensen had not been wearing a safety helmet.

That’s murder in my book.  The man Moore plainly has no consideration for the lives of others and the laws that we have to protect us.

The twat judge is no better and should be strung up or struck off.  Like our forgetful MPs and their expenses, the judge has shown a complete disregard for the law, both literally and in it’s spirit.  The judge’s tiny supposition that “helmets are safe” has completely outweighed the cascade of offences that Moore committed by actually driving on the public highway.  If Jorgenson had lived, what hope would there have been for him to get any damages from Moore?  None!  Because by driving on the road, Moore’s insurance was invalidated and any compensation would have had to be derived from Moore’s limited means.  His partner Bell was the same by allowing the offences.

In fact, it could be argued that Jorgenson, the cyclist, may have cycled differently and avoided a collision if he’d spotted some L-Plates on Moore’s car – but of course, Moore didn’t have any.

What a pair of complete and utter bastards, Moore and the Judge.

The completely un-reasoned argument the judge used could be applied to all ‘accidents’ (I hate that term – they should be called crashes, because that’s what they are, and almost all are completely avoidable).

By the same criteria;

  • Anyone knocked over on the footpath could have been saved by wearing a helmet or a suit of armour.
  • Anyone shot by a gunman could have escaped death by wearing a bullet-proof vest.
  • Anyone killed in a airplane crash should have had a parachute.

It’s the same, stupid, un-reasoned logic that shifts the onus of responsibility onto the injured person.

@AmazonBy The Way, Moore had to pay a £15 ‘victim surcharge’.  That’s the price of a life.

L-Plates are £2.99 from Amazon…

Latest News

I saw this tragic news (Pregnant woman dies in kerb crash) after writing the above today.  Both the woman and her foetus died when hit by a BMW while walking on the footpath.  It’ll be interesting to see if the stupid logic of the previous case is used when justice is finally served…  Should she have been wearing a suit of armour last night?  Can you see the rubbish logic at work now?

See local news link: Pregnant Carlisle woman dies after car mounts pavement


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Crap Cycle Lanes and Other Madness

@AmazonThis is an unashamed plug for the Warrington Cycle Campaign.

Their dedicated work over the years has now brought in the first real 20mph zone in their town (see here).  Elsewhere on the website, is an article called The Effect of Cycle Lanes on Cyclists’ Road Space. (pdf file) …

Have a look.  The photos clearly show the effect of road markings on driver behaviour.

Humber Bridge Approach

Humber Bridge Approach

As an aside, now consider these road markings on this ‘safety’ photo from the Warrington Cycle Campaign’s ‘Facility of the Month‘ feature.   Just remind yourself, that highly trained road engineers were paid a dollop of cash for designing this crap. If you were a cyclist, what would you do when confronted by this idiocy?

For myself, the A38 as it hammers down in it’s notional 30mph way through Bridgwater provides even less room than the photos in the report.  I have a few dirty marks on my right elbow from vehicles that have brushed me by….

Funnily enough, if I creep along at 12mph, drivers give me about 2m room usually.  On the other hand, if I’m cycling along at 26mph they give me about 0.5m room – work that one out!!!

The cyclists in Bridgwater don’t make it easy though.  Motorists are inured to the bizarre cycling which goes some way to  validating their behaviour.

  • Q. How so?
  • A.  Well most seem to cycle with a complete arse about tit attitude to personal and other’s safety.

In my journeys to and from the office, I’ve characterised two main types of (adult) cyclist.  Children & teens don’t count.  Adults should know better.

  1. The sort who cycle on the road with rusty bikes and no lights at night.
  2. The sort who cycle along the footpath on brand new Daewoo’s from Halfords, lights showing at night!

So the people with lights cycle on the path – and vice-versa.  Complete madness!  As bad as the road marking engineers!

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Yikes! What’s the DfT Up To?

What indeed?

Today, we’ve had two (at least these are the ones I’ve spotted) news releases from the Department for Transport (DfT) that presage some changes in the future:

Now all we have to work out is, “What are they really going to do?

It’s my five decades’ experience that when a government needs something draconian doing that will really annoy vast numbers of voters for a long, continuous period (unlike ‘bring back hanging’ which only pops up with particularly gruesome murders), what they do is release lots of unpleasant tasters to get the general public all hot and bothered.

After a suitable period, they implement something that’s only ‘half as bad’ as the leaked plans, and thus, the original proposal is passed with barely a whimper.

The trouble is, that I think the proposals are only half the solution.  My previous life as a Class One (now C+E) HGV driver is part of my observational evidence….

As an HGV driver with the wheels rolling perfectly legally for 45 hours a week,  you see all sorts of happenings on Britain’s roads, and the key factor in most smashes (I don’t call them accidents), are:

  • excessive vehicle speeds
  • excessive vehicle accelerations and decelerations
  • insufficient distance between vehicles
  • a disconnection due to the continuous high speeds, of the driver with his environment – I call this “the speed gaze”.  Mr Riverol, an army veteran, mentioned a similar phrase for soldiers on continuous alert – they call it “the thousand yard stare“.

My HGV experience lasted during the UK’s transistion from unlimited HGVs having a speed limit of 60mph (most people stuck to 100kph except at night and close to Scotland – then the Scanias would be tanking along at 90 ), then to speed-limited 60mph (most locked at 100kph), and finally to the current state of 90kph by law (usually 55-56mph).

When these limits were brought in all the excuses were rolled out; never get job done, will hurt jobs, will increase costs, will be dangerous, will cause bunching, etc.

In actual fact, I found the wagon a lot easier to drive and the MAN 17-322 2-axle unit pulling a triaxle curtainsider was a lot safer for me and others, because it had a manual speed setting as well as the default maximum.  This meant I could flip the switch entering a 30, 40 or 50mph zone and keep my foot hard down without worryiing about speeding…it just rolled along. But, it meant,

I could use my full concentration on my wagon and the environment through which I was driving.

So I never hit a car or cyclist, I never squashed a child.  In fact, I got certificates for safe, uneventful driving, which is how it should be.

It’s not a fucking race, is it?

As an HGV driver over 45, I have to take a medical every 5 years which costs about 90 quid now.  I don’t drive for a living now, but I like to keep the licence going…

The DfT plans are only what professional drivers do anyway.  With over 28million cars in the UK, it’s my opinion that it’s only right that everyone is fit to drive and is forced to drive properlyIt’s a total red-herring that a few people drive crazily.  As I’ve said before, the average UK motorway speed is 71mph, even though the limit is 70mph!  This means most people speed.  Most people break the law!

My observations,

…which I’m sure others have witnessed as well over the last few months, are that when the fuel prices shot right up, suddenly everyone slowed down – to about 70mph! Now that fuel is back below 90p, people on the M5 near Bridgwater are habitually doing 90mph again…

…that is, most people break the law!


So I say;

  • slow people down by all means possible to drive within speed limits
  • save fossil fuels by all means possible – it helps the environment and the balance of payments deficit
  • make people fit to drive both mentally and physically
  • immediately confiscate and crush cars uninsured cars that are not VOR’d within 3 days
  • ditto for cars without a valid road fund licence
  • get all cars that weigh more than a tonne off the roads now – there’s no need for them, they are an extravagent expense (for the country) that represent all that is wrong with “the consumer society”.  BTW, I don’t care how much money anyone wants to spend on a car; the costs I want reduced are environmental and resource costs.  If a two tonne car is unobtainable, people will express their kudos by other means and just as soon spend their money on gold plated Fiat 500 with knobs on…
  • crush cars that are modified to break the C&U (Construction and Use) Regulations for sound and emissions
  • crush cars for parking on a footpath

It looks like I hate cars and people from the above…? Far from it.

I just want people to treat others as they’d expect to be treated themselves – with respect, and with respect for the motoring laws which are set for the benefit of everyone, in one way or another.

For my last point above, people who park on footpaths to (helpfully) let traffic flow, by that very action force a woman and child with a pram into the traffic because the footpath is blocked, are showing the utmost disrespect for everything that a decent society values.  If that woman and her children are crushed in the traffic, my suggestion that the car should be crushed does not seem excessive, don’t you think?

I can similarly justify every remark above.  Try me.  Or try me here, previously.  This attracted a lot of hits and probably upset the relatives although none contacted me.

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Oxford Cambridge Bridgwater Cycle Race

Strangely post on October 31st, 2008
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In a new twist on the Oxford and Cambridge rivalry that spreads from the Boat Race, Varsity Rugby match etc to University Challenge and Prime Ministerial Power, the police in each town have a new take on cyclists riding without lights at night.

Cycle lights campaign launched – Oxford

In Oxford, the Plod give them a £30 fine, but they don’t have to pay if they can prove that they’ve gone out and bought some within a week!!

Night cyclists see the light

In Cambridge, they still get the £30 fine, but on the spot, and they give them a set of £22 lights and fit them there and then!!

Now compare this to Bridgwater…

There are tens of young men on BMX stunt bikes cruising up and down footpaths, across road junctions at any state of the lights, or time of day, or traffic flow priority.   When driving your car, they appear as a dark blur that flashes across your field of view..

Lights?  They haven’t even got brakes!

Meanwhile, the Plod does nowt in their cars and the cop-shop is shut anyway for half the day.

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