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Synology – Better Than Most Backup Solutions for Me!

What is the Best Backup for Windows in a Small Home or Office?  (SOHO)

This is the question I asked myself over two years ago.  At the time I recommended the SynologyDS210j and I still would if they made it!

It’s now been replaced by the DS212j, that’s it on the left.

This though, is essentially the same as my old one and in fact, in appearance it’s the same.  My DS210j has functioned perfectly for well over two years.  It just sits there, quietly doing its own thing and has never let me down.

I’ve uprated the internal operating system (called DSM) several times and it now stands as version DSM 4.2-3202.  Synology have said that this will be the last incarnation of this software and that there’ll be no further versions for me on this hardware beyond version 4.

If I was buying now, I’d just buy the latest version.  It does everything anyone would want, is quiet and reliable.

New Kid? The D-Link ShareCenter 2 Bay….

Well nearly, but it’s not for me.

My friend has just bought a D-Link ShareCenter 2 Bay Cloud Network Storage Enclosure since they didn’t want to spend so much…

It’s less than half the price of the Synology and tomorrow evening, I get to set it up!

The specifications, included software, and operating system functionality are almost identical to my Synology.  You know, stuff like media server, web server, iTunes server, backup drive, security camera monitoring, the list goes on..!

  • The reviews, however, say that it is noisy, though my friend says this isn’t an issue since it’s going in a cupboard with the router and internet gateway. It does seem to have a smaller fan than my little white cutie, so that could be it.
  • Some reviewers had difficulty setting it or its software up.  Well actually, I’ve had a few difficulties myself with the DSM software from Synology – if you’ve not done things like this before, it can be difficult and confusing.  It’s not Windows after all!

So, watch this space.  I’ll get back later when it’s all done.

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America Then and Now

I’ve been thinking about the perilous mentality of the 52% of Americans who think torture is all fine and dandy.  And then I saw a neat little video piece on the BBC this morning which casts a few French people in the exact same spots in June 1944 and now.  It’s here:

D-Day in France: ‘It was a time of hope’

The fades from then to now are brilliantly done, actually.  The words that emanate from the people’s mouths, even more meaningful.  The hardware, somewhat aged, remains, much of it.  Along with 9367 dead in Omaha beach Cemetry and hundreds of thousands elsewhere…

Daisaku Ikeda, 3rd president of the SGI, a lay Buddhist organisation, has remarked many times that when his brother, a Japanese soldier, was captured at the end of WW2, he fully expected to be treated the same way that the Japanese had treated their captives, (i.e. dreadfully).  To his surprise, he was fed, clothed, given medical treatment and finally sent home to a land with a huge economic package in place (The Marshall Plan).  He wasn’t tortured and imprisoned for the best part of a decade.

The people that looked after Daisaku’s brother were Americans – some of whom had been tortured and degraded horribly when captured.  But as I said in this post, We Don’t Have to Behave Badly Just Because Others Do!

And that is the difference between Americans then, and Americans now.

  • Obama thinks that the torture pictures are too terrible to release.  The torture, apparently, is okay.
  • 52% of Americans agree.  What a horrible, fucked up place it is.

And that is the difference between Americans then, and Americans now.

  • In WW2 blacks were treated pretty badly by their white comrades
  • Now, blacks vote and there’s a black President
  • But 52% of Americans think it’s okay to torture

And that is the difference between Americans then, and Americans now.

Some Past Posts

Bye Now!  Buy Now!

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Real World Computing Experience

The Triumph of Wishful Thinking over Common Sense

The recent previews of the Microsoft Vista replacement with it’s unreliable “hands on” dragging experience (http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/technology/7695933.stm) are another reminder that desires aren’t always satisfied and that designers don’t always design what people actually want for their daily work.

PCPro Magazine have duplicated the recently banned Apple iPhone advert to show the machine working in the real world – not some advertising paradise.  See here:  http://www.alphr.com/news/239556

The real world video shows the “amazing” window dragging and resizing to be crap. (the slow download speed is another issue for which they’ve rightly been slammed ). In a real office, be it graphics, CAD, code or clerical, no-one will ever get anything done on a system like that.  Apart from the obvious “un-stickiness”, there is no fine control over graphical elements.  To replicate what’s possible using a mouse or pen-tablet we’ll need fingers like a butterfly’s proboscis, not the current appendages we have!

So recent remarks about the imminent death of the mouse I see as very wide of the mark..  Fortunately, I’m not in a club of one; say here and here for instance!

Truly, it’s style and marketing before substance, a solution looking for a problem.

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Standard Operational Amplifier (op-amp) Circuits


ETI Standard OpAmp Circuits

ETI Standard OpAmp Circuits

This scan is from my old ETI Circuits #2 from the 70’s.  It’s about the best op-amp info you are likely to find.  With a bit of knowledge, these six circuits are an instant ready-reckoner and allow you to do almost anything!

If you’ve no knowledge, they’re just squiggles on paper.  But then so is any language on paper…


Studiomaster Mixdown 16-4-8, 16-8-16: Channel Schematic

If you want to learn then they are ideal to have sat next to a larger circuit to help with the comprehension process.  Like your mixer project!  BTW, how’s it going with that?

Because of some recent site activity, I’ve checked and realised a picture was missing from a previous post here: http://strangelyperfect.tv/79/headphone-amp-circuit/ so I’ve updated that and added a bit of info from the same mag above.  There’s shedloads in it.  I can see why I never chucked it out now!  I’ve found someone here in Australia with the same disposition as me – check the circuits!  Nice and simple, and you’ll get that authentic analogue sound, as well as getting some understanding along the way.

Most of this sort of information I vigorously used and modified (along with other stuff, of course), to make our Crawling Chaos hardware.  So it does work!  :-D

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Power Outages and Surges Cured!

Strangely post on February 7th, 2008
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Ebuyer APC Purchase

Ebuyer APC Purchase

After a few prods from the universe that the electricity system is man-made and thus prone to failure :), I’ve taken the steps to buy and install a backup supply and surge limiter thingy from http://www.EBuyer.com

It’s called an “APC Back-UPS RS 800VA USB/SER 6 Outlets With AVR & Surge Protection” and seems to work fine for 2 PCs and all the add-ons for over five minutes, which is good enough to give me time to save stuff etc.

It’s gone up in price since I got it. It cost me £89.85 in the middle of January and included everything. It’s back over £90 now, which is still cheaper than most vendors.

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