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What is Nam Myoho Renge Kyo?

What is Nam Myoho Renge Kyo?

Lotus Flower

Lotus Flower

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  • Just gaze at the Gohonzon.
  • Merge yourself with it, without seeking anything, without thinking anything.
  • Thoughts flow but you don’t seek them, you don’t follow them.
  • If they come that’s fine, if they don’t that’s equally fine.
  • If you become attuned to this way of practising, thoughts will no longer disturb you and you will become completely concentrated.
  • If many thoughts come to you as you practice don’t get annoyed with them, simply the idea that you want to be free from them will start a battle.
  • Instead it is a natural process. Just as the leaves unfurl on the trees, thoughts unfurl from your mind, there’s nothing bad about this.
  • Just remain an impartial observer and they won’t disturb your concentration any longer.
  • The less your thoughts irritate you, the more you will become one with the Gohonzon and you will find yourself in the state of Buddhahood.

And what will you gain by attaining Buddhahood, nothing?

  • On the contrary, a lot of other things are lost; anxiety, ambition, hatred, violence, possessiveness.
  • Each of the ten worlds are illuminated.
  • Greed, anger and stupidity vanish and all that remains is that which was always there, the Buddha inherent in ourselves.


Daisaku Ikeda. Tokyo. 20th April 1974

Lotus Blossom in McClelland Art Gallery - contrasts to the large sculptures...

Lotus Blossom in McClelland Art Gallery – contrasts to the large sculptures…

My Thoughts

I bullet-pointed out President Ikeda’s words to make them clearer for me, to make them stand out, individually, as thoughts.  If you do it right, as Daisaku said,

All that remains is that which was always there, the Buddha inherent in ourselves.

It’s the universal truth. Just as heaven and hell are within each of us, so is the Buddha nature.


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Trafigura, BBC and the Stink from Two Views on Damages.


Back in 2009, Trafigura nearly put the blockers on free speech and the reporting of parliament.  Twitter claimed to be part of this unlocking process…  whatever.  It was all to block the publication of the Minton Report.  A long BBC Newsnight video report was also blocked with the article mysteriously vanishing from the BBC website.

But Now?

Now the BBC article is found here, along with the banned video!  The video is below in two parts.  It was uploaded after its removal from the BBC website.

In the second part video, Trafigura boss Erich de Turckheim fatuously states that nothing untoward happened with the poisoning vessel, the Probo Koala whereas last year the company was fined (only sadly…) €1m for the very same poisoning.

Trafigura also state that the emails are selective and biaised.  Well I’ve read them and they totally back up the BBC story.  Here they are.

Alastair Mullis – his view of damages.

In this video, Mullis, a professor of law, states that because the BBC paid damages to Trafigura over their story, this implied guilt.  It took WikileaksJulian Assange to point out thje fallacy in this argument. See video below:

Trafigura’s View of Damages

Back in 2009, the BBC here told the Trafigura story which also includes a link to a statement from Trafigura here.  This Trafigura statement shows their view on the money that they had already paid to the Ivory Coast, prior to their EU fine.  It’s point 13:

The settlement involved no admission of liability. Trafigura believed that the settlement was the best way for the people of Abidjan, the Ivorian government and Trafigura to move forward.

The People’s View on Trafigura and Damages


Well Mullis & Trafigura are seriously at odds on their view of damages, aren’t they?  One says if you pay up then you are obviously guilty – the other says the opposite.  (Remarkably, this is very consistent with the damages paid out by Jesse Willms in his dodgy dealings, but that’s another story.  Willms of course chooses his own philanthropic view of customer service which is at odds with the thousands of complainees…)

The thousands of people affected by this corporate profiteering nonsense are of course left with bog-all except sores, child defects and an everlasting hatred for all things western.

This site has an even more enlightened view from the west about Trafigura.  Quoting the final piece:

The Trafigura case, like the financial crisis, suggests that in business there are people ruthless enough to shut their eyes to almost anything if they think they can make money.

Business without regulation is scarcely distinguishable from organised crime.

Regulation without strict enforcement is an open invitation to mess with people’s lives.

Tedious directives, state power and bureaucratic snooping – the interference that everyone professes to hate – are all that stand between civilisation and corporate hell.

Well said.  Jesse Willms take note!

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Don’t Ask Me What I Think of You

Strangely post on November 4th, 2009
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Man With Black Hat and the Iranian Bombing

Man with Black Hat Blames Everyone Else!

Investigation into Scottish WitchcraftAhmad Khatami, a member of the Assembly of Experts in Iran who has a black hat, has said that the fingertips of the West are definitely on the ghastly bombing in the south-east Iranian city of Zahedan on Thursday.  So it’s all my fault then…?

Three Hang in Edam Zahedan

Three Hang in Edam Zahedan

Interestingly, within two days of the blast, three previously arrested blokes were publicly hanged.  They were members of (yet another) Muslim group called Jundallah, the Soldiers of God.  They were executed for the crime of being Mohareb, which means Enemies of God, I’m told.

Surely even the dimmest of intelligences cannot miss the irony in this dichotomy?

I think, within that small statement lies the problem.  Until the two phrases are removed from the language and people’s minds, the Muslim peoples will continue to blow each other up into eternity.  How many more Mosques and Zahedans will that be?

The fact that there may be fifth columnists and agent provocateurs involved as Khatami claims is irrelevant.

The evil already exists in their minds and it’s this and their attitudes which must change.  It’s been like this for 1400 years!   It’s not a new thing!   This is neatly summarised by Daisaku Ikeda when he says:

It is the function of evil to divide; to alienate people from each other and divide one country from another. The universe, this world and our own lives, are the stage for a ceaseless struggle between hatred and compassion, the destructive and constructive aspects of life. In the end, the evil over which we must triumph is the impulse toward hatred and destruction that resides in us all.

In a related quote from the 13th century, Nichiren, the great Japanese monk , says:

“There are not two lands, pure or impure in themselves. The difference lies solely in the good or evil of our minds.” – On Attaining Buddhahood in This Lifetime – WND1, page 4

Much of Islam is now exactly where Scotland was 500 years ago in politics and religion.  Women were feared and any that weren’t subservient enough or found to be “too clever” were named as witches in summary trials dressed up with God and the Devil, and killed.  Thousands of them…   Men, fearful of a loss of status and the strange power of “the womb man”, would do anything to maintain it. ( Those with most to lose will do anything to keep what they have).  English society still has many vestiges of this chauvanism.

In Iran, the three men were executed following overwhelming evidence (he said) with the same evidence pointing to Western involvement.  Ahmad Khatami said so, and yet mysteriously, none was offerred in his highly public news conference or has been offered since.  Like the Bush & Blair ‘weapons of mass destruction’ lie, no evidence exists.

Of that we can be sure.

So the story continues, more people will die and the rabble-rousing man with a black hat still has power.

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BBC Website has Advertising

BBC No Ads

BBC No Ads



There’s a lot of hatred in the UK that we all have to pay a ‘licence’ fee to watch TV.

  • Some people say that it gives quality and independence to the Corporation.
  • Others have commented on the corridors full of empty champagne bottles…
  • Recent scandals like the Jonathan Ross affair have seen the BBC ‘fined’ for improper output and the bad behaviour of their ‘staff’ like Ross.
  • But the fine is ultimately paid by the licence payer!

Well nearly all.  The BBC has other income.  Some of it from advertising.

Channel ‘Dave’ for instance, a BBC related project carries adverts.   So does the BBC website, including the much trumpeted News website…..

If you don’t live in the UK, that is  !!!

Check the two screen-shots I’ve taken.   Both are of the ‘Entertainment’ page this morning taken at the same moment.

  • The left one is without ads as seen in the UK.  It’s taken using a clean internet feed and viewed with Firefox 3.
  • The right one has ads.  It’s taken using a proxy feed and viewed in Internet Explorer 8 for convenience.

The browser choice isn’t important.  It’s for the convenience of using a proxy anonymizer tool called UltraSurf on one browser, not both, to get exactly concurrent screen-shots in time.  Note how much screen real-estate is taken up with the adverts…

Interesting, huh?

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