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Zyklon B Zombies – Never Too Leyte

A performance piece for Dionysian Heights. Part Two: Death

Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it – George Santayana

This is a revision of the earlier video with something that I consider more appropriate both to us at the time, the feel of the piece, and how I feel right now.  The music is the same and I’ve edited lots of WW2 video archive material to fit, where possible, to the sounds.
Recorded circa 1980-81
The music was created by Crawling Chaos as accompaniment to a performance piece by Zyclon B Zombies called Dionysian Heights, a morbid and gory on-stage blood fest with real offal and copious quantities of ketchup.
See http://crawlingchaos.co.uk/1145/zyklon-b-zombies-death/

All music copyright Crawling Chaos
All video and images are in the public domain, free of copyright or under creative commons’ licences.  They’re all available here on the wayback machine.  These are what I used:


n.b. My dad missed The Battle of Leyte Gulf (some of the footage here) though he was at D-Day and then was part of the British Task Force  57 at Okinawa on his ship, HMS Slinger.  See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/British_Pacific_Fleet
This piece is dedicated to my dad and folks like him

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BBC Discovers Nuclear Bomb on it’s Website

Strangely post on November 10th, 2008
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The United States abandoned a nuclear weapon beneath the ice in northern Greenland following a crash in 1968, a BBC investigation has found.

This banner paragraph to the article succinctly explains the inane reporting going on at the BBC under the disguise of “News”.  Far from being an “expose” it’s just a hash – and the evidence is on the screen – and you don’t even need to scroll down!

First go to the website: Mystery of lost US nuclear bomb

Then have a read.  Pay particular attention to the headline phrase again;

The United States abandoned a nuclear weapon beneath the ice in northern Greenland following a crash in 1968, a BBC investigation has found.


BBC Claims "recent" discovery; self- incriminating link is highlighted!

Now check in the top right of the screen.  This is a screen-dump in case they spot the error of their stupid ways.

The “new” article says that the bomb had a serial number of 78252.  Now go and check the “old” BBC article from 2000 here which says exactly the same thing.

Nuclear bomb ‘lost near Greenland’

In this “old” article, the BBC admit ownership of the original report to a Danish newspaper, Jyllands-Posten.  In fact the stories from 8 years apart are the same apart from the newer one has some interviews with people in the area mentioned.  So that’s alright then.

Except it isn’t.  Some of the information in the “old” story could only have been obtained by the Danish paper interviewing people on the spot!

So what are the BBC up to?  The “old” article, by it’s date of August 13th, is obviously entwined with the Hiroshima themed events that happen annually at that time.

The “new” article is just a quick word sort to keep the constant fear and worry factor in the country up, that’s all.

Trinity goes upAs an aside, assuming the Trinity bomb at Almagordo was Number One, then the notion that a bomb lost in 1968 was number 78252 is an intensely sobering thought, especially in this week of enforced Remembrance for the nearly 2 million UK people lost in warfare during the last century.

Poppies en Masse

Poppies en Masse

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Shadows from Nuclear Explosions

Strangely post on February 13th, 2008
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Here are two pictures, both of which are of shadows of posts on bridges, created by the effects of nuclear explosions. One is “natural”, the other was triggered by human intervention.

Can you spot the difference? Answers at the bottom of the page. See if you agree with me.

Frost shadow on Victoria Road Bridge, BridgwaterHiroshimaShadow1.jpg

There are several differences. Here’s how I see them ..

  1. One is colour, the other is black and white
  2. They are different sorts of posts
  3. One is in the UK in winter, the other is Japan in the summer
  4. One is a distant explosion where four hydrogen atoms are ultimately squeezed together to make a helium atom converting 4 millions tonnes a second into energy, the other is from a nearby explosion that lasted a split second and split the atoms in a few kilos of uranium metal into two or more different atoms releasing a bit of energy in the process
  5. One set of posts escaped being bombed in WW2, the other didn’t
  6. Oh yes. How could I forget. One keeps everyone and everything on the world alive all the time, the other killed most of the people and things in a city

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