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UK’s Sensible Energy Chief tells it Like it Is – Like Me!!!

Subway sentinel

Blow my own trumpet

The statements this week, by the UK government’s chief energy scientist, are right up my street.  See Britons creating ‘more emissions’ on the BBC.

It’s obvious really.

  • Over the last few decades our (meaning the UK and all western nations’) manufacturing industries have collapsed.
  • Yet we can still buy stuff, more and more stuff actually.
  • By making stuff, we, as humans invariably use energy and create pollution as either a by-product of energy consumption and/or the manufacturing process itself.
  • Where is the pollution if we don’t make it here?
  • Overseas obviously, where the factories are….
  • Where are the factories?
  • In China, mainly.

This much we all know, but we choose to forget it.  We want a DVD, we buy it.  We don’t care where it was made or how it got here.  All we want is it to be cheaper than yesterday.

Beautiful or not - you decide!!


And the same goes for everything.  Even plastic bags….


And so to my trumpet-blowing.

Back in May 2008 I posted exactly the same as Prof MacKay has so eloquently said.  He said that all our supposed anti-pollution efforts ……….

are an illusion.

And he’s also recognised the duplicitous facts of our behaviour in making China et al the arch-culprits of pollution —  because they are not.

They behave that way because they are copying us and our actions since the dawn of the Industrial Revolution.

Back in May 2008 I said,

China is the great factory for the world. While the rest of the world struggled, China just got on and made stuff and did stuff. The result is lots of pollution. Basically, it’s exported pollution from all the global companies that moved their production to China over the last few decades. In other words – it’s our pollution, but in China!

Industrial Revolution

Ironbridge: 1779. Dawn of the Industrial Revolution?

Now finally, someone at the top is saying the same and we might finally get some positive action to reverse our spiralling energy consumption and physical debt to the planet that we live on and from which there is no escape.


The Professor said this,

“Back in 1910 we were burning per capita the same amount as Americans do today so that’s an argument for saying we really have an ethical duty to take a lead and show the way and show that it is possible for a developed country to seriously de-carbonise its economy.

“By historical emissions per capita the top three are America, Germany and Britain so we are right up there on the winners podium for carbon dioxide emissions per person over the last 125 years. “

….which is a firm statement, putting the guilt and the ownership of affirmative action soundly onto our shoulders, specifically the UK, Germany and the USA.  He’s saying ‘we’re the ones wot done it – we should fix it’!!

Cause and effect?

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Bebside-Bedlington-Iron-First Public Railway-“The Modern World”

Bebside Hall (where Crawling Chaos had their studio) has had some “alterations” recently (it’s been flattened and replaced by flats). I’m waiting for some info from Holly, on the subject of the flattening but my daughter is the current custodian of it. The Hall shows at the bottom left of this map (near the 39m spot height) and the old Bedlington Iron Works are marked by the “X”. What’s so odd?

Bedlington Ironworks

Bedlington Ironworks

Well, the works produced 1200 tons of malleable iron for the rails of the Stockton & Darlington Railway, the world’s first public railway and a prime mover in the expansion of industry and power across the globe from which all modern civilisations derive their wealth. This is what’s become known as “The Industrial Revolution”. I often wondered why the soil was so black and not much vegetation grew! Furnace Bank was a bastard to cycle up and the name kind of gives away it’s history!

Anyway, I’m just amazed that I used to live so close to such an important site and that there was (and is) so little publicity about it. If it was Quebec or San Francisco there’d be a heritage park or something. In Northumberland, because it isn’t a castle then it’s just a really run-down area and covered in scrap and needles from the druggies. They didn’t even get round to turning it into a park for a hundred years!

Try here for castles





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