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Small Justice Against Solicitor Jim Beresford

Jim Beresford (slime of the earth)

Jim Beresford (slime of the earth)

Solicitors James Beresford and Douglas Smith – who took millions from Miners –  lose their appeal

Finally, after yet another year of time has passed, the crooked and not very appealing (they called themselves ‘entrepreneurial’)  James Beresford and Douglas Smith, formerly of Doncaster-based Beresfords Solicitors, have had their case against being struck off the solicitors’ roll quashed.

Unbelievably, Beresford and Smith deemed themselves fit to practice after ripping off taxpayers and widows.  See this BBC story

Doubtless, all the poor widow women who got a few hundred quid compensation for watching their husbands cough themselves to death because of industrial injury while the solicitors ran off with millions of taxpayers’ and their money will be gladdened by this…


What should have happened is that all their ill-gotten gains should be taken back.  It’s not enough to stop them practising.  They deliberately set out to double-charge both victims and the taxpayer.  In many cases, these charges were wholly excessive anyway – and then they doubled them!

What actually happened  is that the grinning Beresford is now set up in another profitable business, living the life of Riley while the widows continue to suffer.   The slow drip of employee dissatisfaction shows the bloke to be as odious as before and karmic retribution is getting closer and closer for Beresford, at least.  (added on information received in later comments below)



The reality is that Beresford and Smith don’t just need their names striking off some paper roll.  They haven’t suffered in any way.

They need their balls striking off for having the balls to take money from those that could least afford it and who put their trust into their professional expertise where they promised to do the best for their clients.

As it is now, the interest on their ill-gotten gains is more than a banker’s pension.   I truly believe that Karmic Retribution will hurt these people very badly indeed.  It’s up to them to set right their wrongs or else they will suffer terribly.  I don’t have to do a thing.  I just know it.

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How to Commit Murder, Legally




  • Live in County Durham, UK
  • Don’t pass the driving test
  • Drive a car, unsupervised, with your partner and her 6-year old child as passengers!
  • Find a cyclist while driving around
  • Make sure the cyclist is not wearing a helmet
  • Knock over the cyclist with your illegally driven and thus un-insured car
  • Make sure the cyclist dies

That’s how!

Quoting from The Journal, Live, here’s what happened:

@AmazonA MOTORIST who had driven for eight years without ever passing a test escaped jail after killing a cyclist.

Denis Moore, 50, regularly drove his partner’s Hyundai Matrix mobility car despite only holding a provisional licence.   Durham Crown Court was told yesterday how he was behind the wheel when he collided with cyclist James Jorgensen at 6pm on September 24 last year.

Mr Jorgensen, 55, of East Shore Village, Seaham, County Durham, was riding round a roundabout near his home when Moore’s car hit him.   He was flung to the ground and died eight days later of severe head injuries.

But Moore, 50, of Byron Terrace, Houghton-le-Spring, near Sunderland, escaped jail after the court was told Mr Jorgensen had not been wearing a safety helmet.

That’s murder in my book.  The man Moore plainly has no consideration for the lives of others and the laws that we have to protect us.

The twat judge is no better and should be strung up or struck off.  Like our forgetful MPs and their expenses, the judge has shown a complete disregard for the law, both literally and in it’s spirit.  The judge’s tiny supposition that “helmets are safe” has completely outweighed the cascade of offences that Moore committed by actually driving on the public highway.  If Jorgenson had lived, what hope would there have been for him to get any damages from Moore?  None!  Because by driving on the road, Moore’s insurance was invalidated and any compensation would have had to be derived from Moore’s limited means.  His partner Bell was the same by allowing the offences.

In fact, it could be argued that Jorgenson, the cyclist, may have cycled differently and avoided a collision if he’d spotted some L-Plates on Moore’s car – but of course, Moore didn’t have any.

What a pair of complete and utter bastards, Moore and the Judge.

The completely un-reasoned argument the judge used could be applied to all ‘accidents’ (I hate that term – they should be called crashes, because that’s what they are, and almost all are completely avoidable).

By the same criteria;

  • Anyone knocked over on the footpath could have been saved by wearing a helmet or a suit of armour.
  • Anyone shot by a gunman could have escaped death by wearing a bullet-proof vest.
  • Anyone killed in a airplane crash should have had a parachute.

It’s the same, stupid, un-reasoned logic that shifts the onus of responsibility onto the injured person.

@AmazonBy The Way, Moore had to pay a £15 ‘victim surcharge’.  That’s the price of a life.

L-Plates are £2.99 from Amazon…

Latest News

I saw this tragic news (Pregnant woman dies in kerb crash) after writing the above today.  Both the woman and her foetus died when hit by a BMW while walking on the footpath.  It’ll be interesting to see if the stupid logic of the previous case is used when justice is finally served…  Should she have been wearing a suit of armour last night?  Can you see the rubbish logic at work now?

See local news link: Pregnant Carlisle woman dies after car mounts pavement


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London and Victoria Insurance and Bad Statistics

CTC & Guardian

[amazon-product align=”left” alink=”0000FF” bordercolor=”FFFFFF” height=”240″ region=”uk”]000728487X[/amazon-product]I’m indebted to this week’s CTC newsletter for pointing out an article by Ben Goldacre in the Guardian last Saturday (a week ago).   I’ve used one of Mr Goldacre’s articles before in some presentations I’ve done at work when pointing out the poor and devious ways that good statistics can be presented and the poor data collection and usages that follow.

LV (formerly London & Victoria amongst other  in/ass-urance names), did a survey, badly, and then got a plug on TV to talk about it.

They said it’s got really bad being a cyclist because the accident statistics have gone up.

Now read this link (Perils on the road to PR-reviewed data) and see Mr Goldacre pull the rubbish apart.

Of course, the trouble is that the damage is done.  Comparing the demographics and sheer numerical difference between Saturday Guardian readers and GMTV viewers (lots of children there..) makes the impact of the crap so much worse.  Even the words of the world’s oldest and largest cycling organisation were no avail.

British Judge & Bike Hat Stats

In another nutty bit of legal weaselling,  a case where a cyclist and motorcyclist collided (Smith v Finch 2009), the judge, Mr Justice Griffith Williams, ruled that the cyclist could have been found partly liable if wearing a helmet would have prevented or reduced his or her injuries

On the face of it, this appears sound.  However, the statistics from long-term data collection disprove the efficacy of cycle helmets except for very young children who have large heads relative to their thin, weak necks.

There are a host of reasons why.

But as an example of how statistics could be used in future.

Suppose I crashed in my car and damaged my head.  Using statistics, it can be proven that if I was wearing a helmet in my car, that would have reduced my risk of brain damage and the very same logic of the judge could be applied to me.

It sounds daft, but if everyone in the UK was forced to wear helmets when driving, at least 300 deaths a year would be saved.

But wait!  Many deaths “on the roads” aren’t in cars – they’re pedestrians!!! So really, when you leave the house to pop to the shop, you should wear a crash helmet because another 500 people a year will be saved!  When a car hits a person, the pedestrian’s head nearly always hits the top edge of the windscreen.  Ouch.

Now that’s the power of stupidly using statistics.

And using the judge’s logic, everyone killed walking down the street or mown down at a bus-stop by a car – it’s your fault!!!  (Only 0.7% of hospital admissions for head injury are cyclists involved in road traffic accidents)

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Blair gets US Medal of Fawning Intransigence

tony_blair_24_350x470_1_.jpgTony Blair to get US Medal of Freedom

..is one of today’s news items.

This is given personally by the US President and is supposed to be the highest civilian award in that country.  One would expect it to be for people that work towards freedom as it’s a kind-of in the name sort-of-a-thing…

So I’ve checked the list of past recipients, and you can too by going here:


US Medal of FreedomDepending on your age and knowledge, you may recognise some of the names.  There are hundreds.  And after a while, it dawns on you that they are not about freedom.

Paralleling the UK system of knighthoods and peerages, the list is mainly former (male) politicians, (Vance, Bush, Reagan etc), bankers and businessmen like the boss of Citicorp (one of the collapsing companies that we all have to rescue..) with the odd pope, nun and occasional honourable person of courage chucked in.

It’s honours for the old boys network.

Now if you think I’m being disrespectful to any of these people, please take a close look at the Medal of Freedom dedicated website.  It’s a monkey of a site.  It loads with some pious gibberish from the stumbling George W Bush.  But worse, much worse, is that the site is loaded with adverts from Google!

Surely, as a mark of the most deepest respect, a website could be funded by the US Government or the Oval Office without recourse to obtrusive targeted adverts selling medals?

All this shows to me is the deep cynical contempt with which the honour is really held by Americans.  Which is sad, as it debases the very word,


Freedom does not mean the freedom to advertise willy-nilly and the freedom to corrupt the highest office in the land.  That is free-will, not freedom, something that Bush has trouble understanding or if he understands, he chooses to ignore.

Thieves and robbers have free-will.  They choose to steal. But one doesn’t need freedom to steal.

So if Blair had true courage, he would have said he was catholic straight off because, yes, he was right, we would have thought him a nutter or something.

If Blair had true courage he would have argued courageously against the erosion of all our rights and freedoms under the disguise of Bush’s “war on terror”.

But he didn’t.  He fawned to the aggressive negative tendencies inherent in all beings, making a virtue from an intransigent stand against “terror”, whatever that means.

He got nice pats on the back from everyone (in the visible West that is, dissent being suppressed), for a while.  But now, in his capacity of “Special Envoy” he has notably said and done nothing about the rising tide of death and injury in the Middle East , because he was on holiday.

If he had any honour he’d hand in his notice and pay back his salary to his employer (us) as obviously, he did nothing.  In the end, he has a job and he’s failed.  He should be sacked not honoured.

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Thoughts on a 64 year old Massacre

France 24 item in English

64 years after massacre, villagers of Maillé may get some answers at last The Guardian

The forgotten French village massacre BBC News

The Nazis’ final atrocity: why, as they were surrendering, did one unit wipe out an entire village? Mail Online

Orphans of forgotten Nazi massacre hope for justice Daily Telegraph

25th August 1944 – Maillé, the martyred village. small page of A.C. Roy, descendant of the village of Maille

What most impressed me about all this was the German, Ulrich Mass, who has taken the task upon himself to try and discover some sense to everything, assign some justice and bring some form of closure to a bunch of people who are clearly severely traumatised, and remain so despite the passage of time.  The trauma has passed to their descendants and newcomers to the village as it’s clear from all the variations of the story above, that no-one says very much.

Mr Mass says:

…it was German injury, and I think, it’s my duty, AND it’s my moral duty to say that; and it’s my feeling.

A lady waters her pansies on the exact spot of her ancestor’s death.

The Mail article contains a wealth of personal testimony, mostly in list form which makes this moment in history much more real as the pictures are formed in one’s mind one, bang, after, bang, another, bang.  Relentlessly.

124 unarmed people died that day in France.

France2002_222.jpg France2002_223.jpg France2002_224.jpg

624 were similarly killed in Oradour-sur-Glane.  These are three pictures of a visit.  I couldn’t wait to leave.  The birds don’t sing much.

France2002_206.jpg In the same year as that visit I stopped next to a plaque on a monument in the fork of a road at Betete in the Creuse, France, near Genouillac.  Two people, GA Aubrey and GM Esmoing were killed by the Nazis and are remembered here.

Above a little alley in Gueret, the Department capital, was another little plaque to a young man shot on that spot.  50m down the road but a year apart in time was another.  Unfortunately I didn’t have my camera with me that day.

There are over 90 departments in France.    There are now a host of websites with information and pictures on individual and group histories of massacres and executions which puts paid to the commonly held idea in the UK that the French don’t talk or think about the war like the British.  See this website from Reims and this Wikipedia entry for instance. (paragraph amended 6 Sep 2009)


Mr Ulrich Mass greets Mr Bernard Eliaume

All this stuff represents man’s inhumanity to man.  Mr Ulrich Mass is getting along perfectly well with Mr Bernard Eliaume whereas 60-64 years ago would have been different.  As Nichiren said:

There are not two lands, pure or impure in themselves. The difference lies solely in the good or evil of our minds. – Nichiren Daishonin / On Attaining Buddhahood in This Lifetime – The Writings of Nichiren Daishonin, Volume 1, page 4

I’m in two minds about all this.

I can see the point of tracking people down across all of space and time for their crimes.  I feel for the people still suffering in Maille and I think they deserve to be happy, just like anyone else, and to be relieved of their continual trauma.

But on the other hand I can see virtue in letting the past lie.  The South African idea of the “Truth & Reconciliation” committee and hearings has a lot of merit.  It made people acknowledge that bad things were done by all parties but that the only way to move forward was to acknowledge all these errors, not to forget and to try to ensure that shit didn’t happen again.

This has already happened in Europe just after the war under the inspiration of Robert Schuman and Konrad Adenhaur.  In 1948 Schuman made a speech at the UN proposing a European Assembly and by 1951 with the Treaty of Paris there was the European Coal and Steel Community.

Schuman proposed this;

…as a way to prevent further war between France and Germany. He declared his aim was to ‘make war not only unthinkable but materially impossible.’

And so it’s remained.

People who wish to split the European Union apart, should consider the tales at the beginning of this piece before spouting their divisive rubbish.  The next time there’s an industrial scale war in Europe will be the last and no-one will be left to read any tales.

For the people of Maille however, they’ve been forgotten, and this is perhaps the real tragedy and the reason for their torment.  They need to be reconciled like the rest of Europe.

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