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Freak Electric – Advance

Freak Electric – Advance Reworked

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For Moyly, Ian, Lorna and George….

Freak Electric Demo Sleeve

Freak Electric Demo Sleeve

Freak Electric Folks

Freak Electric Folks

I have an old demo cassette of yours.  Now I have remarkable computer power (8 cores at 4Ghz+), Reaper is becoming one hell of a tool.  Here I’ve had a 1 hour session at cleaning up what is a really rubbish quality cassette recording, all hiss and sweeping mushiness….   I think it’s better than my earlier effort with different software.  Even so, the source tape has no audio over 8kHz so it’ll be dull whatever I do.

Update 8/9/14:  I’ve since found two better quality versions of my aged cassette tape.  This is one below, starting with one of my favourite tracks.  Arseholes to the ambiguously sounding WIND, west wall…?  Either way. Crank it up, especially at 11:45.  [If done now, I’d thin out the long intro sound and add maximum punch for the loud bit – that’s technical folks…  ]

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Testing Windows 8 Developer Preview Version

Windows 8 Developer Preview

Win8 Dev Logon Screen

Win8 Dev Logon Screen

I’ve finally decided to test the next Windows edition, probably to be called Windows 8, although things like that are never certain in Microsoft-land.

Virtual Box

Win8 Dev VirtualBox Installation

Win8 Dev VirtualBox Installation

I did a Virtual Box install, which is fairly straightforward.  There are many tutorials on-line now which show how to do this, so I won’t do a walk-through. I installed the 64-bit version which I downloaded from MSDN using my licence.  You can get the installs from the Microsoft Website here, which come in ISO format.  You can also find out more from the horse’s mouth here.

You can also set aside a partition on your hard-drive and install to that.  However, Virtual Box is the safe way to go should the partition install fail and corrupt your current installation somehow.

What I will say, is to use more memory allocation to the virtual installation than recommended elsewhere or as the default,  and to use as many virtual processors as your host machine has.….. My machine is an AMD 955BE, which is quad-core running at around 3GHz.  In other words, if you don’t want it to run like treacle, give it plenty processor and memory room;  at least the recommended values for Windows 7.  You can see all of this in the VirtualBox settings screenshot above.

Fast Install (added 24/11/11))

Windows 7 vs. Windows 8 time to upgrade

Windows 7 vs. Windows 8 time to upgrade

Microsoft, on their MSDN blog, have made a big thing about the rapid installation for Windows 8, particularly for the upgrade route.  See Improving the setup experience.  I can say now that the clean install into the VirtualBox environment was very fast….


  1. You make a virtual machine in Virtual Box
  2. You set it’s parameters – processors, memory size, footprint size, IDE/SATA storage etc
  3. You set the downloaded ISO image to boot from in the settings.
  4. You boot by “Starting” the virtual machine.
  5. You install Windows into the filespace that you’ve previously set aside for it – I gave it a dynamic sized 50Gb.
  6. After that, let windows do it’s thing.  It took 10 minutes or so.
  7. Let it reboot.
Win8 Dev Loggged On Screen

Win8 Dev Loggged On Screen

Following this, you get a green screen from which country specifics are added, a username and finally, you enter your Live.com identity, if you have one, and if you want to!


It’s a big green screen.  I don’t have a touchscreen, but it’s obviously designed for one.  It has massive buttons to a host of online services like weather & stocks, plus a few to your computer’s functions.

Win8 Dev Logon Screen

Win8 Dev Logon Screen

If you log off, you get presented with an American Rockies vista of a lonely winding road.  Essentially, the entry into Windows 8 is like a smartphone.  But what’s it like beneath the surface?

Windows 7 Legacy, and Vista Too!

Win8 Dev Double Click Control Panel Screen

Win8 Dev Double Click Control Panel Screen

Obviously, this is a development preview release, and we can expect more of the same to come.

Win8 Dev Double Click Explorer Screen

Win8 Dev Double Click Explorer Screen

But most work has gone onto the main intro screen because beneath the surface, all the various apps and settings controls are the old (current) Windows 7 interface.

Bizarrely, some screens even have vestiges of the green Vista, notably the main screen itself.

Personally, I think it’s very, very dour.  I can’t believe that two years of effort has gone into doing something that Android does on a more than twice-annual cycle….

Win8 Dev Left Corner Hover Screen

Win8 Dev Left Corner Hover Screen

Accessing the menus is the most unintuitive thing I’ve seen for ages!  Following on from the impressive Windows 7, it’s truly not just a user let-down, but somewhat infuriating as well…….    Whereas previously I just typed into the run bar to do almost anything, now I can’t even find programs or files!   No doubt there’s a way – but after Win7, it’s not intuitive and not helpful either.

I hope that’s not the end of the run box, because that feature in Windows 7 is awesome.

Control Panel

Win8 Dev Double Click Control Panel Screen

Win8 Dev Double Click Control Panel Screen

I haven’t checked through many apps (except a few desktop ones like the weird child-like paint thing and the weather which won’t do anywhere except California) but this is the control panel.

Win8 Dev Control Panel More Settings Screen

Win8 Dev Control Panel More Settings Screen

You then drill-down to get the old Win7 control panel on “More Settings”.

Initial Investigation Ends

Well that’s it for now.   To say I’m un-impressed by the big green monstrous front doesn’t give my opinion justice.  There doesn’t appear to be an easy way out of the front-screen apps and to have an app made for a  3-inch screen sat on a 23 inch desktop monitor really demonstrates the infantile  apps for what they are.

Way back in the nineties Microsoft tried their in-house Microsoft Network (MSN) which was a disc install that gave you a black desktop that gave dial-up access to features giving almost the same as this big green toy-town monster.

Not happy.

Watch this space as I delve more….

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The Flashing Blade

Strangely post on July 6th, 2009
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As a follow up to the recent Buddhist course I went on, this is the intro music to  The Flashing Blade, with below, a spoof of the show made in 1990.

The Flashing Blade was french TV show dubbed into English, shown on UK TV in my formative years.  Me and my school mates used to hoot with laughter about every aspect of the show – but we still watched it!  The YouTube comments are generally in line with our sentiments.

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Spam Pings from American University

It’s happened again!

Actually, it’s happened several times but this is the first post on it…

While looking at my stats logs for this website, strangelyperfect.tv, I’ve had some incongruous hits from US universities, some of whom should have better I.T. departments, IMHO.

Example One

Here are four from yesterday – I had two hits from each address.

  • http://dhibwiki.buffalo.edu/index.php/Buy_Levitra_Online_Order Levitra_Online_Purchase_Levitra_Online_Cheap
  • http://dhibwiki.buffalo.edu/index.php/Buy_Viagra_Online_Order Viagra_Online_Purchase_Viagra_Online_Cheap
  • http://dhibwiki.buffalo.edu/index.php/Buy_Cialis_Soft_Tabs_Online_Order_Cialis Soft_Tabs_Online_Purchase_Cialis_Soft_Tabs_Online_Cheap
  • http://dhibwiki.buffalo.edu/index.php/Buy_Cialis_Online_Order_Cialis_Online Purchase_Cialis_Online_Cheap

You get the drift?  The main index folder is left open and someone has written to the space with four crap spam things.  The main index page is normal with an intro to the ‘Digital Humanities’ dept of the yooni.  Most of the 4 dodgy pages have been accessed >600 times.  Being a Wiki, you can check the history… … …

It was put there yesterday and the referring URL is calling itself Lilurl.  This is something new for me so I need a bit more poking around.  However, it’s a kind of dashboard, splattered with ads and a text box for url entry…

Example Two

  • http://www.umbc.edu/ddm/wiki/Buy_Cialis_Online_Order_Cialis_Online_Purchase_Cialis_Online_Cheap  – this morning!!

This is called the Distributed and Ubiquitous Data Mining (DDM) encyclopedia that anyone can edit from the University of Maryland Baltimore County (UMBC)….  I call it referral spam!

Example Three

  • http://www.stanford.edu/group/htgg/cgi-bin/mediawiki/index.php?title=Levitra_professional_overnight_delivery  –  you read it right!

Yes.  Stanford University.  A list of their alumni is here, but suffice to say that most of the modern IT & communications world is derived from Stanford folk…

The Problem

The problem for me, not being an IT genius, is how these sites find and then ping my website?  What do they hope to achieve?

Another issue is the ease with which these websites are cracked using this Wiki software and the apparent ease with which extra processes can run, even in a knowledgeable place like Stanford.

All the above links were working as of early A.M., 14 May 2009. I haven’t added actual hyperlinks, but a copy & paste will do it for you if you wish to check.

Update 21 May 2009

I got pinged again last night from the Buffalo links which are still there!

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How to Stay Safe on Facebook.

FacebookThe news that not only have Facebook users suffered another viral surge (previous virus report on koobface here) but also, that their data might be used forever in howsoever the sweet faced bloke in the photie wants should scare them all a bit, I’d have thought.

The fact that he’s said that the data is safe and users will have control and the data will be erased if a user wants to drop out should be taken in the context of the average user’s IT & database knowledge and their will-power at using legal process and demanding to see all data to ensure these erasing acts are in fact carried out.  After all, how can you check?  Mark Zuckerberg has only said that this is going to happen.  If I say,

My father is a hamster and my mother smells of elderberries…

…who’s to say it’s false or not?

Also, despite the surge in malware, the sweet faced blokie doesn’t want to lock down his big application to save it’s and his customers’ hurt from the little (possibly dodgy) apps!  See here; Facebook boss rejects app controls

Well at least the boss is consistent with his customers….

Check out this post, Didn’t you know? Facebook is forever, on MSNBC.

The story is, and I’ll quote as it’s the best way to tell the intro;

I know a computer science professor who runs the same Facebook experiment every semester. He invites his students to stand up in front of the room and show everyone their Facebook page on the big screen. No one has ever taken him up on the offer.

Why? They’re embarrassed, of course.

Close that Door!

Close that Door!

Moments later, the irony sinks in. Every one of them seems happy to share all those funny photographs, witty Wall postings and status updates with everyone on the world. They just don’t want to do it in public, in person.

Ha Ha!  So the only way to really protect yourself from yourself and others is to live in an empty barn and keep the barn door shut!!!

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