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Utah – Calmer or Karma?


Last night, a washing-machine-sized  lump of rock plummeted from the depths of space right across the face of Utah, USA, and right across the news screens.  there are now quite a few videos on-line because the people of Utah are so paranoid (it appears), that the whole place, offices and homes alike, seems to be plastered with security cameras.  Here’s one:


The meteor didn’t ground but made the night sky like daylight, so much so that it tripped the street lights off!  So much for the science – these things fall all the time, usually in the ocean as it’s the biggest target.  That’s me with my science hat on!

But why Utah?  And why just now?

Out of all the places in the world, eh?

As a Buddhist, I see it as a warning for the people of Utah to wake up and throw out the bad things in that state!  It’s a warning of dire karmic retribution, with my Buddhist hat on.


Maybe some folk in the state see the same thing?  It’s a religious place where people avidly quote Bible passages and look after each other.  The Bible is full of such instances – y’know? Sodom and Gomorrah and such-like.   So I hope some people have thought something like this, because if they don’t clean up their act soon and stop ripping the whole world off with their legalised criminal schemes, some form of retribution will undoubtedly unleash itself that’ll make the few FTC arrests we’ve already seen seem like an invitation to a dinner dance.

It may be a ‘god’ thing, it may be the retribution of ‘the universe’, or ‘Gaia’, but I can feel it coming.  Maybe the Salt Lake will overflow to it’s ancient boundaries and swallow the whole place?  It’s happened many times historically, and, despite the detractors, we are in period of rapid climate change with changing rainfall patterns globally.  Last year, they had a big earthquake…?

Pillars of salt anyone?

Prime Examples of the Badness in Utah

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Taliban Torture America

Pfc. Bowe R. Bergdahl, aged 23,

Afghan Soldier Captured: Pfc. Bowe R. Bergdahl, 23, of Ketchum, Idaho

Afghan Soldier Captured: Pfc. Bowe R. Bergdahl, 23, of Ketchum, Idaho

of Ketchum, Idaho, is a member of the 1st Battalion, 501st Parachute Infantry Regiment, 4th Brigade Combat Team, 25th Infantry Division, from Fort Richardson, Alaska.  He was captured in circumstances that aren’t clear and has appeared in a Taliban video (prev at http://articles.latimes.com/2009/jul/20/world/fg-afghan-soldier20), seen world-wide.

So far, it appears he’s been well treated, although three soldiers captured in Iraq by the same mob were all killed, so this must obviously prey on people’s minds.


(see my rampant post, Americans Love to Torture – OfficialIf you’re offended by it, you’re not listening.)

What I’d like to know, given that in a recent poll, over 50% of Americans think torture is okay, is he one of the 50%?  Are his parents?  Is his battalion commander?  Is US Military spokesman, Capt Jon Stock?  Is Navy Lt. Robert Carr, a spokesman for U.S. forces in Afghanistan?

Capt Stock said this, while condemning the use of the video.   He told Reuters news agency:

“The use of the soldier for propaganda purposes we view as against international law.”

Lt Carr said:

“The Taliban are using the soldier for propaganda purposes”

Illegal Imprisonment and Adherence to International Law

Now some facts.

  • The USA continues to imprison people in Guantanamo Bay without trial or due process.
  • The site in Cuba was obtained illegally and is operated illegally even under the ‘rules’, agreed under duress, of it’s illegal occupation.
  • The USA (& UK) has recently tortured people in strict denial of the rules of the Geneva Convention, their own laws and/or constitutions, and the UN Declaration of Human Rights.

Sad Chickens Roosting

Grim Reaper

Grim Reaper

So while people wring their hands over a very short list of very likely fates for Pte Bergdahl, it’s only karmic retribution for their historical and continuing acts.  They must change, as Obama was wont to say in his electoral campaign.

I say;

  • They cannot continue to act in this way, killing people with scythe-like impunity using robotic planes in some bizarre kids computer shoot-up.
  • They cannot continue to act towards people in flagrant disregard of their own constitution and laws.
  • They cannot even think that torture, of any kind, is okay.  Not just “don’t do it” – No!  They must not even think it.

Because what happens is that it’s all thrown back, tenfold.


New York´s Liberty Island - Statue Of Liberty & Seagull

A Beacon

Like Justice, being “seen to be done”, US actions, at home and abroad must be above reproach.

They must be a beacon – a pure demonstration of good civil behaviour, in words, thoughts and deedsThe beacon light though, is very dim.

Eagle Peak

Something like this was said by Shakyamuni – the Buddha of legend.  In Chapter 16 of “The Lotus Sutra”, a compendium of his later sayings, he said, in qualifying what it takes to be a Buddha (which anyone can be, let it be known):

When living beings become truly faithful, honest and upright, gentle in intent, single-mindedly desiring to see the Buddha, not hesitating even if it costs them their own lives, then I and the assembly of monks appear together at Eagle Peak.

Eagle Peak represents a place of happiness for all sentient beings.  It means that if you behave like that, happiness will undoubtedly appear – you will be a Buddha.

If you don’t, then shit happens.

The USA & UK are most definitely NOT “honest and upright, gentle in intent”, and the shit is happening.

Of course, the Taliban and all misogynist, small-minded folk like that are the absolute pits.  And yes, shit is happening for them as well! It’s not all hunky-dory by a long chalk.

The point is, that we (meaning the USA & UK) do not have to act like them.  The surest way to prove the justness of your cause is to behave properly.  In short,

  1. Don’t bomb haphazardly killing all in sight with a lame excuse.
  2. Don’t torture
  3. Don’t disregard your own laws and international laws of behaviour

Pfc. Bowe R. Bergdahl might then have a chance.

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What Killed Flight AF 447

What Brought Down the Air France Jet over the Atlantic?

Flight AF 447 left Rio de Janeiro, bound for Paris, at 1900 local time (2200 GMT) on Sunday 31 May.  The aircraft, an Airbus A330-200 with registration F-GZCP, had been in operation since April 2005.  Shortly after the aircraft's scheduled arrival time in Paris of 1110 local time (0910 GMT), it was announced that the flight was missing.

Flight AF 447 left Rio de Janeiro, bound for Paris, at 1900 local time (2200 GMT) on Sunday 31 May. The aircraft, an Airbus A330-200 with registration F-GZCP, had been in operation since April 2005. Shortly after the aircraft's scheduled arrival time in Paris of 1110 local time (0910 GMT), it was announced that the flight was missing.

Just my tuppence worth.  The best current info on the subject is Wikipedia which has peer reviewed sifting and not a load of speculative ‘maybes’.  See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/AF_447 Also, check http://www.weathergraphics.com/tim/af447/ for good weather, navigation and aircraft info.


Aside from a bomb, which has never been mentioned because the authorities must have had a bit more information than they are letting on to disregard that option, lightning has been bandied around a bit along with big hailstones and updrafts.

A lot is being made about turbulence and thunderstorms in the Intertropical Conversion Zone (ITCZ).  As far as I can find, no wings have ever snapped on a modern airliner due to up or down drafts.  They may cause the airplane to do something else, but the wings stay on!

British Nobel Prize winning phyicist, meteorologist and Inventor, Charles Thomson Rees WilsonSo thunderstorms, especially in the tropics, happen all the time.  But aircraft can take them routinely nowadays because they are designed to.  So let’s eliminate this option.  If the airplane had stalled, at normal altitude the crew would have had plenty of time to radio mayday.  Even with electrics fused, the airplane has an automatic spinner that pops out to generate new electric for control and comms.  Lightning, similarly, because it happens all the time, is planned for and designed against, so eliminate that as well.

However, I remember everything, (on this sort of thing!!), and way back in the 90s I saw a TV show about the recently discovered phenomenon of Blue jets and Red Sprites.  There are a host of such upward moving electrical discharges from the top of thunderstorms, nearly always above the ocean.  They were postulated by Wilson in the 1920s, physicist inventor of the Cloud Chamber, which, it can easily be argued, helped to bring about the Atomic Bomb.  They were discovered in 1989.  Wilson knew his stuff.

My emphasis shows that all the factors are in place for a viable method of bringing down a large modern aircraft in open airspace.  (also, see Letter to Nature: Gigantic jets between a thundercloud and the ionosphere;  Wikipedia: Upper Atmosheric Lightning or TLE).  Because of global warming, thunderstorms will be more prevalent and more violent as the Earth seeks to equalise it’s overheated energy balance.  So I suggest that in future, it’s probably safer (but more expensive in time and fuel) to fly right round thunderstorms, not over the top or steer through.  It’s another example of Karmic Retribution or Lovelock’s Gaia effect of automatic feedback mechanisms.

Blue Jets

Enough of that.  I think Blue Jets are the most likely cause of the aircraft’s demise.  Their origin is at normal flying height.

Now watch the videos.  Imagine trying to fly an aircraft right over that lot.  The jets are remarkably reminiscent of what could be called a particle beam weapon, or a Star Trek-like phaser or photon bomb-type weapon.  The concentration of energy, in my mind, seems perfectly capable of knocking a airplane from the sky either by electrical overload, or physical damage to the structure by pressure force, or electrical corrosion due to plasma ablation.  No-one haas been able to study the effects of such a thing because they are so rare.

Although totally natural, I doubt this knowledge will bring much immediate comfort to those affected.  If the black box flight recorders are ever found (it’s gonna be tricky, two to four miles down a crack in the ocean floor), they may give some information.  They may be completely burnt out by the discharge, of course.  I know they have various structural and pressure design limits – I don’t know their electrical resistance to high intensity plasma discharges.?

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My Name is Jacqui Smith

Sex Videos

As time passes, we see the Buddhist concept of “karmic retribution” really coming into view with all the latest happenings with wacky backy Jacqui Smith, the (as I write this morning) current Home Secretary for HM Gov in the UK.  The continuing saga of her rule-bending expenses and her husband’s adult activities while she’s away have provided both titillation for the masses and fuel for the boot boys who want her gone.  It’s the adversarial nature of politics after all to make your opponent suffer.
But for Smith, and her husband, might I suggest some alternative viewing pleasure on the box of “My Name is Earl“.  Notionally an ensemble acting comedy about red-necks like American Jade Goody’s, it contains gems of real truth and substance.  A little bit of study there will improve both their lives immensely and provide a better concept of “freedom” for her – something that her ever more draconian pronouncements from her lofty position constantly chips away at.

As the characterisation for Earl J Hickey states, “he has a clouded grasp of right and wrong”.  Nothing could describe Jacqui Smith more perfectly!


Unfortunately on the radio this morning, I heard that “calls are being made” to get rid of the whole expenses thing for MPs and give them all a higher salary, something “appropriate to their status” or words to that effect.

I say unfortunately, because this is exactly the wordage that the corrupt bankers and the other large “remuneration committee” folks say when trying to justify the obscene pay ‘packages’ these people get.  They say, “we have to pay this or else we can’t get the calibre of people we require”.

This of course is tosh, for industrialists, bankers and MPs.  As representatives of the people they should be subject to the same realities that ordinary people have to endure every day of their lives, else they are as despicable as the politburo of a communist oligarchy.  The only, and I mean the only difference between “them” and “us”, is that they should have, and do have, the freedom to say quite slanderous things about fellow members, but only within “the House”.  This is to ensure proper debate and so that things can be said without fear.

Outside the House is different, and that’s why they should claim decent expenses for their work.  This shouldn’t include marble fireplaces for a house – or a house if travel is reasonable.  Neither should a £2000 per month flower bill for an office be a reasonable claim.  I can’t claim expenses for things like that, so neither should they.

To do so is theft, plain and simple.  It’s not reasonable.

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Taking liberties with Karmic retribution

Ironically, in the same week that it was announced that the Orgreave Coke Works site is to be redeveloped into a housing estate, Thatcher’s daughter, Carol, announced that her mother has dementia.  In Buddhist terms Thatcher is now in the hell of incessant suffering.

Now, who is, “taking liberties”.

Thatcher committed the sin, in 1984, of using the citizen’s police against the citizenry for purely political reasons, not crowd control and public safety.  In the ensuing melee, many people were injured and 93 men were arrested and imprisoned, some for substantial periods.

ThatcherSome were charged 13 years later, in 1987.  All charges were dropped as the show trial wimpishly collapsed.  39 miners sued the police and in 1991 won half a million quid in an out of court settlement against the police.  So the police admitted they were wrong.

ThatcherAbout this time, Thatcher’s eyes had started madly bulging as epitomised in the Spitting Image caricatures.  Then the dementia started.

Apparently, she forgets that her husband Denis is dead and thus has to suffer the anguish of finding this out, time after time after time after time.

Tony BlairTony Blair, while being fortunate to be in charge of a government that did many good things for (working) people, has also been responsible for instigating policies that have removed vast swathes of freedom under the guise of “protection”.  Most people are oblivious to this, being solely interested in their own lives and personal well-being, but one day the hour glass will run out and we will all be exposed to the full fury of draconian powers.

Some of these powers can be seen in the actions of the police in the video above towards a bus load of women protesters.  They are laughingly and wilfully trapping people in a vehicle and blocking free passage.


See the happy smiling faces of all the "free" people "enjoying" their protection

In the US southern states, that’s what they did to black men before they strung them up.

For a similar local incident where the police are getting confused about their responsibilities, I reported it here: ctc-info-sheldon-brown-and-critical-mass-monty-python-and-lupins/

Tony BlairSo Blair, like Thatcher, instead of using our police to “uphold the law”, used them as a political arm of government to enforce a policy rejected by the vast majority of the population.

Now age and guilt are catching up with Blair.  The full panoply of mistakes made and lives lost must surely haunt him.  I can see it in his eyes.

Maybe, unlike Thatcher, he knows what he’s done.

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