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Methinks the ISP doth Protest Too Much

Pricewert Whinges

Over the past week, behind the scenes, the US Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has been progressively locking down an ISP, until finally on the 6th of June, it got the plug pulled.  See news item here: US cuts off ‘criminal’ net firm

Pricewert, the umbrella for firms such as 3FN.net & APS Telecom is charged with running and/or turning a blind eye to botnets, child porn, bestiality, spam rings and all the other shite that sticks to the sole of your shoe.

Amazingly, a ‘representative’, Max Christopher, thinks that he’s being victimised because he’s Ukrainian! (ees eet cos ahz black?)  Er, no.  He’s being victimised because of a long history of shite.

The FTC charge sheets are extremely interesting, although lengthy, reading.  Someone from Max’s office was caught arranging a botnet in an ICQ channel over an extended period. “No problem”  was his words, although “it may take some time” were some others.

Webhosting Clowns

An intesting take, for me, is to found when checking up on Webhosting performance.  The Webhosting review sites are a notorious haven of self-promotion and fibs which has made it very difficult for me to decide on a decent webhost – my current one has too many dropouts for my liking.  Check this review of 3FN.net. There are two extremely positive reviews from somone called Yanski at [email protected] and another from [email protected] One from [email protected] gives a more realistic review especuially after reading about attacks and portscans on other sites!  Like I’m going to believe someone with a .ru email address?  Do you know how much .ru spam and comment spam shite I get?

As an example of a naff fibby review, try this one from top10dedicatedhosting.com for example.  When talking about 3FN in this over-the-top puff, they say, “10 year of flawless reputation and excellent web hosting services makes the company the most reliable and respectful web hosting provider.”

Then compare and contrast to the various unpaid-for and unsolicited comments above.  Need I say more?

Free Software Magazine Whinges

One final thing on this topic.  There’s a post here by the big-girl’s-blouse of a website called Free Software Magazine.  Apparently, they got taken offline by the FTC because their host was 3FN and they’re stamp-their-feet really annoyed.  They see it as a freedom thing and there’s no court case thing…

I see it differently.  I see SpamHaus, a reputable organisation helping the FTC clear the sewers.  I use the Spamhaus SBL.  Spamhaus’s information which they laboriously collate for anyone to use, was a key ingredient in the top judge closing the company down.  The nature of botnets and elctronic information in general, is that they travel at just below the speed of light.  24 hours as FSM claim would be okay is just far too long.  Spamhaus has a book on these scum.  I myself, with a 15min purge in Google have found copius evidence that they’re a bag of shite.  So FSM, grow up.  The internet isn’t broken, just a node went down.  There is no god-given right that all nodes should stay up at all times.  It’s the nature of the beast, so plan for it.

I also see cheapskate FSM writing about FREE software and whingeing  about not making money.  The irony probably hasn’t hit them just yet..  Speaking of which, it’s just inspired my next posting called “The World’s Worst Oxymorons”!



Added 8 June 2009:  As of 8 June, they’re still carrying the 3FN advert…  You know, sometimes you just have to be more pro-active, spot a lemon for what it is and move on.

FTC Documents

Now check out the full FTC file on 3FN and their compatriots.  The pdfs are the actual court documents.

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Drill Down Through bsadn.pantherssl.com


Comments are now closed on this posting as Google Treasure Chest is dead.
However, the problem has not gone away – the menace continues.

For further information, all chat on this and subsequent scams is now here:
Google Revolution, Different Name, Same Scam!
and here:
More on Google Profits and Pacific Webworks/


This is a follow up to my post the other day, google-treasure-chest-its-a-scam-and-a-half. In that post I mentioned that one of the image servers had left indexing open.  This is at The folders on my website, strangely perfect dot teevee, if I’ve done it right, cannot be viewed in the ‘explorer’ view.  It’s a simple switch in the .htaccess file and is used to stop people (easily) browsing your folder structure on the web server.

Fortunately for me, they haven’t done it, and because I now have links pointing back to that site, I thought I’d collate a list of websites and businesses that are visible there before they (probably) close this porthole.  The list is very revealing as it’s shows a commonality of source for the images used in the various scams mentioned by myself in the above post and all the other commenter’s and other sites’ work that I’ve linked back with.

It means that if you see a website here, it’s from the same scam source as GoogleMoneyTree in all it’s various incarnations.  However, and in a sentence cunningly designed to protect myself just like the GoogleTreasureChest one, I’d like to take the opportunity to say:

This list is posted to make people aware that any person or business on the list may be doing business practices similar to, but in no way necessarily connected to, those of the various operations of dubious merit mentioned in google-treasure-chest-its-a-scam-and-a-half and related comments.  To be removed from the list please use the contact form or phone 911 in the USA or 999 in the UK and say ‘Okay guv.  It’s a fair cop’,  leaving your name, address and bank account details containing customer monies to the person who answers the phone.

I’ve written it with very small font to keep in the true spirit of the Google Treasure Chest!

So here is the list of main folders with a few sub-ones included to show you the breadth of the scheme.


idWatchDogs (I kid ye not!!)
ObamaGrants  (ha ha  – nice one!!!)
PestControl  (yes really!!)
SecurityFirst   (yes really again!!!)

This is the bulk that I’ve found.  Obviously if you are decent company or person and believe in the axiom that “a man is judged by the friends he keeps” – I should pull your files out pronto.

Each folder usually contain lots of sub-businesses and extra images and sub-campaigns, either planned or defunct.  That I can’t tell.  However, most of this stuff is clearly related and in the old days I’d class them as fairground amusements.  That is, it’s almost wholly a bunch of card sharps and snake oil sellers – but under the modern guise of slimming aids, other dubious medicaments, and get-rich-quick schemes.

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Google Treasure Chest – it’s a scam and a half!


While fishing around for some chords I came across azchords.com – as you do.  They’ve a shedload of Google ads and I accidentally hit the banner ad while trying to get rid of pesky popups (why do sites still do this now?)  I was taken to the website of someone called Kevin Hoeffer and an honestly dismal automatic sales pitch.  http://www.kevinlifeblog.com is the address.


@AmazonKevin, of course is anonymous because his website uses WhoisGuard.  This “protects” the domain holder from spam, they say.  Well that’s one thing it does – another is that it make it hard to trace spivs. Anyway, he links to EarnFastCashwithGoogle.  This is the link:


You are then redirected to this page where you have to enter various address details:

I did so using the address of an electricity sub station. (yes, I know).  Once all the boxes are ticked and the funny little easily resettable timer is ignored (but noted as a clue to a very good social engineering type scam), you are taken to this website:

In here, the warnings should really be going off in your head by now! They ask for your credit card number, expiry date and CVV number!  And all to get $1 from you!


securecartcenter.com has another hidden domain registration like WhoisGuard but this time with domainsbyproxy.com Surely I can find a real name behind all this?  And don’t call me Shirley. Well right down at the bottom of the credit card screen are some words, well out of normal view.  The whole thing is a signup for Google Treasure Chest who are in no way connected to Google, they hastily point out.  There’s an address in Cheyenne, a house on the corner with about 20 businesses registered there according to Google Maps.  SecureCartCentre isn’t one of them!

Source Code

In the source code for SecureCartCentre we find that images are served from bsadn.pantherssl.com Click that and you’ll get the folder structure for bloosky.com who serve advertising campaigns.  Fish through the folder structure and examine various files.  Google Treasure Chest is there.  Check out some css files and you’ll find that some are loaded from discovertotal.com , which has a contact of bloosky.com So far so good.  If they’d have stuck an htaccess file in there I wouldn’t have seen that, ho hum.

Instant Google Kit

Lots of stuff points to this.  http://googletreasurechest.com/index.php/home.html   It’s the homepage for this ferago.  Interestingly, down at the bottom all the links are to this site except for one, the signup link which goes to: http://web.archive.org/web/20090330184905/http://www.redtomorrowfield.com:80/z/gtc2/?cy=10&pr=19&af=16&ad=19


These are also shrouded from enquiry by DomainsByProxy.com  The site actually looks like the treasure chest one – weird.  The form at the bottom is similar to the previous address form but the email address is validated by ebizsuite.com, an eCommerce company.

So Where’s The Problem?

The problem lies in this selection of links below.  There are hundreds on the web.  No-one has anything good to say.

At the bottom of the signup page, is the text:
By submitting this form I authorize Google Treasure Chest to immediately charge my credit card for instant access to the Instant Google kit. I hereby request that Google Treasure Chest activate my account and authorize them to advance funds as indicated. Monthly Service fees will commence seven days from the date of this purchase, and will be billed monthly thereafter. After the seven day trial you will be billed seventy one dollars and twenty one cents USD monthly for the continued access to the software. No refunds will be given for failure to use the requested and provided services. You may cancel at anytime by writing to 2510 Warren Ave Ste. 3363, Cheyenne, WY 82001 or calling 866.951.1406. Google Treasure Chest is not affiliated with, endorsed by or in any way associated with Google. Results vary. Individuals have been remunerated. All Content Copyright © 2005-2009, Google Treasure Chest. All Rights Reserved Worldwide.

That’s the problem you see.  It’s almost unreadable.  As everyone found out, instead of a dollar, they all had $71.21 taken away – monthly.


When I started this little investigation, I thought it was a straight phishing expedition to get credit card details.  Instead, it’s a curious grey fuzz of almost legal chicanery. Watch out!

Addendum Posted 7 April 2009

The original popup ad was for a ‘person’ called Kevin Hoeffer with his honestly dismal automatic sales pitch. Today I came across another who mysteriously, used to work for a pipe company! This is on this website http://web.archive.org/web/20110208043425/http://joshmadecash.com/ The actual text goes like this (one paragraph only shown):

A year ago I was an account manager for a (drum roll) a pipe manufacturing company. Not exactly what I dreamed of when I was growing up. The job I had before that, I used to work in at a mortgage company. That job I did like. Initially I was one of the processors and then started working in the sales department. That was really exciting 5-6 years ago. I was trying to learn the ropes as a salesperson and then eventually I really did start to make some money. I was doing well 3-4 years ago. Then as you know the mortgage industry just took a huge down turn. Along with every other industry and jobs available.

Naturally I wondered how many sites there are with this former pipe company (drum roll) bit of spiel going on. Try this Google search on this string “A year ago I was an account manager for a (drum roll) a pipe manufacturing company. Not exactly what I dreamed of when I was growing up.” to see how many. Actually Google says over 100! (202 on 8 May 2009!!)(268 on 29 May 2009!!)

Addendum 10 April 2009

Useful Links

I’ll continue to post extra info here, instead of in the threads below in order to make it more accessible. I seem to be finding stuff out here on an hourly basis, and most of it is depressing as it reveals the vulnerability of the human condition. So please folks, always remember,

“If it looks too good to be true – it is”

Latest News: 27 April 2009

From this article, we see that the ‘company’ behind Google Money Bollox is “Infusion Media Inc”. Try a Google search on the name here. For a company that’s been behind sooooo many different scammy websites, there are only 173 results. Nearly all relate to their dodgy dealings.

We also find that this guy, Philip Danielson, since Dec 2008, seems to have been handed the poisoned chalice that is some form of legal representation for Infusion Media Inc!!

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Addendum 2 May 2009

  • Please check this post Google Treasure Chest – Phone and Address List for a collated list of addresses and phone numbers mostly derived from the comments below.  For Google Treasure Chest/Kit/Money Maker type things, the later phone numbers have been found to be effective at getting refunds.
  • I can’t vouch for any scam that’s Cyprus based – that’s a different kettle of fish.
  • According to one commenter to this website, the charges in the Texas Court Summons brought by the Texas AG against some people have been dropped.  I must say that I’ve found no corroboratory evidence for this of either a name, company or actual reporting….  Jameson Johnson decided not to tell.  Maybe he can update us.  However, in light of comments made, I decided that the tone of some commentary was getting like a lynch mob and have edited accordingly.  This does not mean I’ve gone soft – I’ll still call a pig-in-a-poke what it is.

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Fuji FinePix F30, RIP. What now?

productDefaultMainImage_1_.jpgMy camera has bit the dust – literally and metaphorically.  Unfortunately, it’s had too many falls from a height onto a hard tiled floor which has bent the external case a bit and made picture taking inoperative.  Picture viewing is okay but everything connected with the “Go” button and the option mode selector on top is defunct.

So if anyone wants an old camera to pull apart, maybe for spares, then let me know! You can have it for the postage.

You’ll need a teeny-weeny tricorn type of screwdriver as well – some screws are posidrive, but others are this three-pronged affair.  I thought I’d check if something was fixable, like a circuit board coming adrift, say – but the weird screws have put me off.

I can’t give you a picture – but there’s a definite gap and looseness on the case edge.

As an afterthought, during WW2, my dad got a Bausch and Lomb pair of naval binoculars (7 x 50), which still work even now.  The naval test was that the binoculars had to survive a drop from 6 feet onto a hard steel deck!

Well the Fuji FinePix F30 optics seem to have survived the physical fall, but the electronics or switches controlling them haven’t!  The lens still expands, the autofocus still clicks and whirrs, and the motorised zoom still works.

But now point and click – I’m bereft!  I always seem to take what I treasure for granted and hoard the rubbish.  It’s a failing, I know.

stockItemMainImage1_1_.jpgNext camera: maybe the Fuji FinePix F100fd?  Any ideas anyone…

Badger closeup

Badger closeup

I really liked the F30.  If I hadn’t had that camera there is no way I’d have got the picture of the local badger.

In my view, it’s (paradoxically) single failing was that the battery lasted for too long before recharge.  When the time came, I’d usually have forgotten where I’d left the charger, and it was so long in the past when I’d last done it that I’d blow a gasket looking for it!

Points to make:

  • The F100fd has a bit more zoom and a bit more low-light level capability.
  • But it’s a few mm bigger all round which makes it harder to squeeze into my pocket.
  • And it’s battery only lasts half the time of the F30.
  • It’s got less functionality over shutter and aperture choice and control – although to be fair, I never used the options that much on the F30 – but it was fun to experiment.

What I want is a neat, fast, intensely portable camera to trap any moment as accurately as possible.  These things are all mutually exclusive compromises – hence my next purchase dilemma.

I need:

  • A camera that is always available – hence the need for long battery life and plenty of storage space.
  • A camera that takes shots in great detail, so that the subject doesn’t necessarily need proper centring, as cropping can be used afterwards.
  • A camera that is fast, to trap rapidly occurring events and capable of getting reasonable results whatever the lighting – the F30 was really good at this.

The F100fd is there;  but it’s a lot of dosh to waste on a lemon if I’m wrong.  Some good comparative reviews by Jeff Keller are here for the F30 and here for the F100fd.  I’m tempted to hunt down another F30/F31fd!  The barrel distortion is a lot worse I think with the F100fd looking at the reviews, plus the other cons I mentioned above..

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It’s a Sad State of Affairs when You Make George W Bush Look Like an Informed Progressive!

Strangely post on September 12th, 2008
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It’s a Sad State of Affairs when You Make George W Bush Look Like an Informed Progressive! – Andy Parsons

I watched “Mock the Week” (a satirical comedy show), on BBC2 last night and the Andy Parsons quote shows just how much the rest of the world suspects the true nature of Sarah Palin.  The dismay that will exist in the world if Republican dreams come true will be great, the ramifications possibly lasting for decades.

America.  Do the right thing.  Surely you can tell that a lemon disguised as a peach is still a lemon.

The whole show is visible for about a week here, “http://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/b00dhl9f/” (UK only)

The Andy Parsons quote is from about 4:14 onwards for about half a minute.  He starts off by using the Frank Muir quote about Joan Bakewell, “the thinking man’s crumpet” and calling Sarah Palin “the stupid man’s doughnut”.  After that, it’s uphill all the way.  Ha Ha.

But it’s true.  Even George W Bush now admits that there’s a human element to the rapid climate change we are now experiencing.

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