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How do You Keep the Gates Closed when the Gatekeeper Loses the Keys?

Despite the best made plans and intentions, no security system is perfect.

A massive recent security lapse means that (again!), the government’s continuing plans to implement ID Cards should be seriously examined.

Not only have their own credentials at data security been demonstrated by themselves to be wholly inadequate (I’m thinking of the DVLA, MOD, CSA data losses as prime examples) but now, companies at the forefront of security, the gatekeepers to all our computers, have been shown to be equally inept.

The Kaspersky (and later, BitDefender) websites have been hacked.  All data tables containing personal information have been exposed.

The hackers made their work known here and here.  The second, Portuguese attack, was against a reseller, not the main site – but even so?

Kaspersky, on the other hand, is a very major player in the anti-malware software league.  They consistently come top or thereabouts in various anti-virus and security tests by both magazines and online testers.

And this, is my point.

If a firm at the top of their game, who do virtually nothing else but live and breathe computer security – if they get it wrong, what hope is there for ID Cards and the databases supporting them?


  • usa.kaspersky.com hacked … full database acces , sql injection
  • [Hacked]Bitdefender (Portugal) exposes sensitive customer data
  • Timeline: Outbreak! – The rise of the SQL infection

Note to Self:

  1. Hacker’s Blog runs on WordPress.
  2. This website also runs on WordPress.
  3. WordPress had a SQL Injection vulnerability some time ago which was fixed.
  4. I hope it’s still fixed.

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Computer Piracy on the High Seas

In an amazingly co-incidental follow up to my earlier post, Not all Pirates Win, but Most Do!,  on the very same day news was just being released that some Royal Navy ships had their NavyStar (N*) computers compromised by a virus originating from “the former eastern bloc”.

Token News Links:

Also, it now turns out that the Windows flaw which was patched last October and to which I referred in the earlier post when there were 3 million infections, has now led to about 9 million PCs being hacked by the worm variously called Conficker, Downadup, or Kido.  This posting makes this clear:

  • Windows worm hits 8.9 million PCs in past week

What’s it all Mean?

It means that computers cannot be relied upon to protect yourself.  Nothing is really secure. This applies equally to :

  1. Honest people being attacked by criminals
  2. Honest people stealing music or software for their own gain
  3. Governments striving to protect their citizens
  4. Governments covertly trying to control their or other country’s citizens
  5. Criminals trying to hide from governments or other agencies
  6. Businesses trying to steal other company’s secrets

…and so on and so forth…   It’s a two-way process.

Those who try to circumvent systems will, by the very same methods they use, be compromised or attacked by the systems they seek to control or destroy.

It’s obvious really.  The idea that ID Cards will be immune to such failings is a pipe dream.

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So Much for Military Might!

Strangely post on September 27th, 2008
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In an interesting twist to the news today, both the UK military, the US military, the Russian military and the Ukrainian military have shown themselves to be totally useless!

The UK have had RAF personnel files stolen from a high security base in Gloucestershire!  Personnel records stolen from MoD In the current climate, this is actually worse than leaving them on a disc in the back of a taxi!

And even worse still, if that’s possible, and given all the posturing, the combined might of the US Sixth Fleet, the Russian Meditteranean Fleet,and the Ukrainian Navy cannot protect a Ukrainian export to Kenya from being hijacked by pirates in dinghies!

Here are some comparisons:

Russian ship

American Ship

Ukrainian Ships

Somali Pirate Ship

So what exactly do they do with all the money that’s given to them to "protect" us?

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Studiomaster 16-4-8 restore

paul post on September 24th, 2008
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Hi, so I’ve just picked up an old Studiomaster 16-4-8 in great condition. Its just a bit noisy, Id like to recap it and mod it.
I have some info such as:

I went through a few of these around 20 years ago. Installing local .1 uf bypass caps on the power rails does help. All feedback loops need to have a small cap across, most stages had them. Use Wima FKP-2 or MKP-2 polyprop caps in the EQ, especially the hi mid and hi shelf. Opamps can be the older OPA 2134 BurrBrown stuff, the LT1358, the OP-275, the AD 8599 (with a brown Dog adaptor) or the National LME49720/LME49860, balanced outputs can use the National LM6172 for great output drive. Also check out the new AD8510 series, a BurrBrown fet input sub for the OPA134 series. Mic pre transistors can be 2SA1316 or 2SA1083’s to lower front end noise and add some HF air. A nice big Power One HDD-15-5A will be a good power supply if you add the small 1/2 amp 48 volt supply for phantom. Then you can play with opamps all day long. The summing amps in the master should be the National LME part due to it’s large open loop gain, = a clearer mix buss.
Jim Williams


I started by the power supply caps; major improvement in noise and hum. I found out that most original caps were rated low, like 16 volts for a 15 volt power supply, so I used 25 volts throughout (except where the design called for higher voltage).


Replace with the same type of capacitor to the one you remove. So, if you remove a 10uF or 22uF tantalum capacitor, you do NOT replace it with an aluminium electrolytic!
2. Neve designers were restricted back then on the size of capacitors and, in the case of the power decoupling to the 183/283 (fitted to the frame of the module), fitted the largest value that could fit in there… usually 640uF. I personally recommend fitting the largest capacitor that you can now fit in there… like a 4,700uF which may be the same size now as the original.
There is nothing to be gained (and, indeed factors may go against you in extreme cases) by using a much higher voltage electrolytic capacitor. You should fit one as close to the operating voltage as you can. 35v is probably a good, top limit, value.
3. As for capacitors on circuit boards… remembering the warning about substituting tantalums for other types… there’s no harm in fitting bigger value capacitors if they will fit. If it’s decoupling the power rail, it will decouple slightly better. If it’s decoupling between two amp stages or an emitter bypass, it will improve the bass response marginally.
Geoff Tanner

Here are the links to pics:

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Britain Safe for Ammo, Hurrah!

Not that I’m cheering that loud, mind you, but today, the UK Gov has awarded a contract to BAe to supply guns, bullets, mortars and shells to the British Army for the next 15 years.

BAE in £2bn MoD ammunition deal

I do indeed think that there’s a direct correlation with the increasing tensions between East and West and also the continuing waste in Afghanistan (see Strangely Perfect passim).

Previously, the decision was that as well as the already closed works at Puriton (a.k.a. the local bomb factory), the only other one at Chorley was to close as well. My previous posts on the subject are here:



And yes, as I said, the MOD was planning to move explosives production to countries in the former Eastern Bloc.  These next two posts show the start of the process. The actual exact info I had was in the local Bridgwater Mercury for which I no longer have a copy.



So today’s news says the ammo will be made here but is non-specific about the actual propellants or charges in any exploding warheads….

Watch this space.  We could be defending ourselves with 2″ long bits of 7.62mm ammo fired by catapults!

The speed of the Russian advance into Georgia could easily be matched by a march into Poland.  What hope for the explosive factories there and what use would they be to us?

The point is, that the world isn’t advanced enough to be free for Buddhism.  We need to protect ourselves so that we can be heard, else, there are no words.

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