Soka Gakkai Founder’s Day

Today is the anniversary of the founding of Soka Gakkai in 1930 and also the anniversary of the death of first president Mr Makiguchi in prison at the hands of the corrupt and fascist Japanese government during WW2, only 14 years later.

This is the front page of our newspaper, Seikyo Shimbun.  The headline reads;

Today is the founders day!!!!

Poems of joy and value creation towards the 80th anniversary of the Soka Gakkai.

Seikyo Shimbun Front Page 20081118
Picture and translation from Lesley Wheeler.

Posted on the 19th! ;-)

The 26 Admonitions explained by Richard Causton


Lotus Flower - photo by Strangely PerfectI’ve nabbed the content of this from Ted Penfold.  My wife, has told me that she heard this lecture of Dick’s and found it and him some of the most inspiring things in her life.  I came across this wonderful piece by chance, looking for some background information on Nikko, the second guy after (Nichiren) in our prayers, and repeat it here so that more people might be similarly inspired.

I’ve corrected some spellings from the original transcript here which I assume were due to OCR transcription errors, mainly.  I’ve also added a few links, where appropriate, to external sources (SP)

Quick Links: Background Discussion Preface and Conclusion The 26 Admonitions Conclusions

n.b. Admonitions = Precepts = Warnings.  The three terms appear in different places, but essentially mean the same thing (SP)


LecturnThe following lecture by SGI UK General Director, Richard Causton, based on various lectures given by him around the U.K. and overseas during late 1992 and 1993, was inspired by SGI President Ikeda’s guidance on this subject on 24th October 1992. This lecture first appeared as a series of articles in SGI-UK’s monthly magazine, the U.K. Express. (now called Art of Living – SP)

Dick Causton’s and Nikko Shonin’s words follow…

Roger, Roger. Mayday for mp3’s


I saw Roger Edwards from Purple Ear today. Roger was a major influence when I started this Buddhism lark and was one of the original SGI people in Somerset. We had a very pleasant day following an invigorating Kosen Rufu Gongyo in Taunton, today being November 18th and 77 years since the Soka Gakkai was founded by Mr Makiguchi. It’s also 63 years since he died – co-incidentally on the same day, today.

Jillian & Roger
Jillian & Roger

We went to my parents-in-law where interesting histories of Accrington were exchanged. Roger has had some compy probs and can’t access his old purple ear stuff, but fortunately (or not, I suppose it depends on your viewpoint!), in 2003 I downloaded everything he had online at the time. So Roger, just for you until you tell me to pull them, here are your tracks. I think that they are all yours as I’ve just uploaded ones with similar dates and sounds. I hear what you say about the North African feel. You should do more like these. I think a trip to Mali like we were talking today would be a great benefit to you.

[audio:Go4Goa.mp3] Go4Goa.mp3

[audio:PurpleEye.mp3] PurpleEye.mp3

[audio:santur City.mp3] santur City.mp3

[audio:That is Fun.mp3] That is Fun.mp3

[audio:Underwater.mp3] Underwater.mp3

[audio:Words without Walls.mp3] Words without Walls.mp3


Mimmo, try these or follow the links. (SP, 14 June 2009)

– comment from Mimmo below prompted this particular postscript addition!!

(Amsterdam SGI)
(includes words and translation on source page: The audio is a bit droppy.)

(full liturgy; many voices, nice steady pace and a neat video!)

(really fast, full Lotus Sutra; Gongyo is the first half roughly; many voices) (full text as well, one voice)