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WordPress Permalinks Generated But Not Redirected




I’ve had a few site problems whereby my host Site 5, said I was using too many resources and crashing their systems.  Naturally, I was appalled.  I traced this to a variety of plugins plus some errors in php files which must have arrived either during the periodic updates or during editing.  These were errors whereby extra text (either blank space or a carriage return to be precise) were added to the end of the php file, which usually makes it fail.  This a is a Google search on the main error I received,

Warning: Cannot modify header information – headers already sent …  (  This is then followed by error details; usually error on line xx, repeated several times for a variety of xx)

After battling for some time, I just gave up, exported my database key tables (things like posts, comments, etc but omitting plugin inserted tables and the very large options table which I deemed to be very bloated after over five years of continuous WordPress operation…!) and re-installed WordPress as a fresh installation on my server.

Weird Permalink Problem Following Clean Install of WordPress

This is where the weird problem arose….

SP Permalink Settings

SP Permalink Settings

When one installs WordPress for the first time, permalinks are set to the default – so this current post would be:


For SEO reasons and for many years I’ve used the format shown in the screenshot from my site shown left.  This current post will thus appear as:


It’s a “Custom Structure” and the .htaccess file is updated automatically by WordPress when you set it.  You’ll see it’s set to:


Now, on firing up a post, say this one,

http://strangelyperfect.tv/11428/victory-or-is-it-victory-jesse-willms-surrenders-all-to-ftc-onslaught/ ,

the actual web address I was taken to was:

http://strangelyperfect.tv/%post_id%/victory-or-is-it-victory-jesse-willms-surrenders-all-to-ftc-onslaught/  (error shown in bold)

…which redirected to the homepage of the site, http://strangelyperfect.tv/   This was not what I was expecting!  So I played with the slashes, went back to original simple permalink structure, tried some of the suggested structures – and they all worked!

A custom structure of /%postname%/ worked as well, but not the one I wanted and have used for years.

Weird.   So naturally, I tried Google.

Permalink Redirection Problem Solved.

There’s a lot on the web about this.  Most is about getting .htaccess right with permissions and the code.  But mine was okay, as were all the other suggestions to try.

A real key to resolving my problem was here, Custom Permalinks Generated But Not Redirected in the WordPress forums.  Specifically, it comes from the user, James, a Happiness Engineer!

He suggested adding index.php between the domain name and permalink structure.  So my custom structure changed to:


WordPress added a leading slash on the save and the website worked!  WAHAY!

However, the best is yet to come….

I thought that the URL was now not pretty, in fact, it was pretty ugly.  The URLs were now being shown like:


So I removed the index.php and reset the custom structure to what I wanted – /%post_id%/%postname%/

It worked!  WAHAY!  All posts’ URLs redirecting  how I wanted!


I’ve no idea, actually.  I’m suspecting some caching, somewhere down the great inter-tubes in the sky, but apart from that…………..?

  • Was it my server?  Dunno.
  • Was it DNS caching?  Dunno.
  • Was it ISP caching? Dunno

All I know is that it’s working now, and the Happiness Engineer’s suggestion sent me on my way, happy.

Postscript – added 22/11/2015

My permalinks in 2015

My permalinks in 2015

Since this time, I have not had to use the index.php fix, and the permalinks are all working correctly.  The flip-flip of adding and removing the fix….just seemed to work!



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666 and Spookhouse

There are no co-incidences in Buddhism…

Dust Mites

Dust Mites

I’ve just been adding a few scheduled postings into the Crawling Chaos website.  For those of a mysterious bent, I initially forgot to give a title to the post.  Now because of the way I’ve got permalinks set up on that site and because of the way that WordPress works with its defaults and because the post was the 666th made, the post got called:


Crawling Chaos: Homunculus Equinox

Crawling Chaos: Homunculus Equinox

I’ve left the page-slug at that but slightly renamed the actual posting to 666 – Spookhouse.  This seems strangely appropriate given the early marketing we used around the time of the original Homunculus Equinox release, don’t you think?

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DB Cache Replaces WP Super Cache

Strangely post on March 18th, 2009
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Following on from my previous little post about DB Cache, I’ve been using it since that time and it seems to be faster to me from little old Blighty.  I use a USA based host so anything I see has to cross the pond anyway, but in a non-logged-in state, page loading is definitely faster than it was.  WP Super Cache is now consigned to the test bed of history.  Long live DB Cache, ha, ha.

Seriously, DB Cache is faster than no caching and Super Cache from my viewpoint, and in the end, that’s what counts.  And BTW, my permalinks work fine now, Hurrah!

Paradoxically, since this time, my host has had quite a few drop-outs and the web access has been lost intermittently.  One time was due to the database server falling over but the rest have been web server issues as far as I can tell.  The mail server has worked okay even when the web server has been off, as has the customer service system server!  I can’t see how the DB Cache plugin is doing this – it’s just co-incidence, I’m 99% sure.  Anyway, I’ve politely told iXWebhosting that their chances are running out and they’ve been very apologetic etc etc.

Watch this space!


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Whew! WordPress 2.7 – point one

Strangely post on February 11th, 2009
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All sites upgraded with the new installation.

The mysterious ‘feature’ with the WordPress Stats plugin is still here and some posts I rejigged earlier have returned to their ‘duff-links’ status I mentioned in an earlier post.

Ho Hum.

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WordPress Permalinks and Blog Stats Problem

Strangely post on February 9th, 2009
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Permalinks or Stats Problem?

This may or may not be tied up with an earlier WordPress problem I had, wordpress-27-mysterious-permalinks-problem, but here’s how it manifests itself.


I use a popular WordPress plugin called WordPress.com Stats which does what it says, most of the time – i.e. keeps a history of page views and the like, displaying summary and detailed information as required.

  • On the main stats screen, is a large chart with two collimated sets of entries below.
  • Each column has three main bits; a URL link, a count, and a little graph-like icon that is another URL link, this time to the wordpress.com system.
  • All links on the left work fine.
  • Those on the right…  the graphical link is consistently okay;  the URL link for “Top Posts and Pages” is either correctly pointing to a post on my website, or has the same URL as the graph-like icon. !!

Current Status

An old WordPress.org support page, http://wordpress.org/support/topic/132159, mentions this problem and a work-around.  The plugin designer, Andy Skelton, also acknowledged it and said it would be fixed.  However, on this site, the problem is as I’ve said above.  I’ll have to check my other sites to see if it’s the same across all of them, but I wonder how many other people have noticed this effect?

The workaround below needs to be repeated at each WordPress upgrade/install…


This comment on the above support posting shows the work-around.  Doing this procedure makes the correct URLs show in the browser status bar on mouse hover.

  • First find your offending post
  • Second, open the post
  • Third, save (update) it

Link Fixed!

As I mentioned above, I know for a fact that I’ve revisited some posts for spell-checks etc and then saved them.  Some of these posts still appear incorrectly in the Stats. So as this commenter points out, it’s the upgrade doing it and it’s a bit of a pain to do this process after each WordPress upgrade.

There may be some extra support posts on this, but I haven’t found any yet.  The mention of permalinks makes me wonder if there’s a connection here…

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