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Internet Businesses, Court?


roostersThe 9/11 period, (or 11th September in some places), has been interesting of late with regard to internet marketing and litigation as it applies to certain entities not unfamiliar to these pages.

Pacific WebWorks (PWW)

A Randy Guffey is named as the class action plaintiff against the “business” of PWW.  The nature of the suit?

Torts – Property – Truth in Lending

See this link, and more to follow when news filters out.

Jesse Willms

A few quick things around good ol’ lovable Jesse Willms have come out in the last few days.

  1. He’s been feverishly tanking up a blog on “internet ethics”.  See and the daily list of patronising postings from his holier-than-thou-ness.
  2. He’s plopping out yet more feeds about his “business”.  See http://www.prweb.com/releases/2010/09/prweb4486904.htm for instance which starts off with the classic line from Jesse,  “Bad customer service can destroy your business”. Well either that or getting caught for thieving by the copyright owners such as Microsoft and having to fork out millions in damages! That’ll also do it!
  3. He’s now taken to threatening legal action against anyone telling the truth about his activities….  Just small fry mind you.  Not the major TV companies who’ve exposed him, say.  Take Michael Larson of http://www.pyxisstudios.us/public/about-us.html, say.  In this document (link to pdf) from the lawyers Kronenburger, they conveniently provide a list to a host of complaints about SwipeBids (not SwipeActions mind you!).  Well it’s nice to have everything in one place for easy referral isn’t it?

In (3) above, most of Larson’s words are prior comment.  They’re just scare tactics.

Larson has taken this on board.  Cunningly, , has quite a few things to say about all this.  He’s now reminding everyone about the US RICO act.  This means the:

Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act

In light of these facts, we see Jesse Willms actions with more clarity.


Willms is presenting a cleaner and cleaner image of himself to the world, like his charitable donations and continuing deluge of helpful moralising.

Unfortunately for him, the web has a memory, easily called up.  It’s not like having a playground argument where the winner walks away and all is forgotten, because all his weasely ways, frauds and deceptions are there in black and white for all to see with a quick Google search!

He knows what he’s done.  His current disguising actions are just fluff and bluster, because his past is there all the time.

Maybe the RICO act will get him?  Maybe a host of class actions?  He thinks his current penny auction site is an auction, the Government thinks it’s a lottery and should be governed by gaming laws (see RICO act for some of this).  He thinks  he’s being charitable with his money and helpful with his current blogging, we see it as self-serving deviousness.

Pacific WebWorks are being hit by another class action and legal case.  This is another reason why the share price hasn’t risen following the Google cop-out (sorry, agreement).  I wonder how many more are in the pipeline?

Long Lists from These Pages of Willms and PWW Comments




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Boom Boom South Hook

Strangely post on March 20th, 2009
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Boom Boom South Hook

Coast Path: Pembroke To Amroth

Welcome to South Hook LNG Terminal Company Ltd. (South Hook LNG)
LNG Ship

Boom Boom John Lee Hook  …er

Boom Boom Port Accident

The gas will be pumped from the terminals into the UK network along a specially constructed pipeline running from Milford to Gloucestershire….. what price safety?

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Ukraine’s Gas and Bizarre Physics

Strangely post on January 2nd, 2009
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Following on from Ukraine getting it’s gas shut off  (which I mentioned in passing as BBC and Weird Pravda Report on Gas), I thought I’d pedantically point out a small error in a statement from Ukraine.

It’s meaningless as a point, but does emphasise the tit-for-tat nature of the current impasse with Russia (GazProm).  Specifically, Russia is claiming that the Ukraine is stealing gas from the (common) pipeline to Europe.  See

Ukraine accused of stealing gas

Here’s What was said:

  • Russia says Ukraine steals gas
  • Ukraine says it’s only taking gas to “ensure the supply” to Europe…
  • The EU customers say they’ve had no reduction in supply

Here’s How it works:

  • GazProm stuffs gas in one end of a pipe in Russia with a big pump
  • GazProm know how much they’ve sent – with a big meter!
  • Europe takes out the gas at the other end
  • Europe knows how much they get – with a big meter!
  • The two meters agree!

So What’s Going On?

Naftogaz, the Ukraine’s company, says it’s “removing gas for technical purposes, in order to ensure the transit of Russian exports”…

Now here’s the physics.  All gases obey “The Gas Laws” which are an amalgamation of various people’s work over the years into one, nice, easy-to-remember, formula which is

Pee times Vee over Tee is a constant

Tee is temperature, on the absolute temperature scale.  So 20degC is not twice as hot as 10degC.  In fact, it’s only a percent or so, and this is important.

Now use the Gas Laws to check the sums…

Because if Naftogaz are removing gas (i.e. increasing the Vee, Volume on top) to “keep the pressure up” as they say, it implies that the temperature in Europe is a lot colder than in Russia (that would lower the pressure at constant V), or the pipeline in Europe is a lot fatter than the pipeline in Russia (larger volume would lower pressure at constant T).

Or look at it like this:  what happens to the tyre pressure when you let air out of a bicycle tyre – it goes down!

This is all plainly bunkum.  Someone, somewhere is telling porkie-pies.  We know that the Ukraine admit to taking gas out – they’ve actually said so!

So now we have to decide which of the other two parties, Russia or Europe, has the duff meter, or if they’re not duff, what’s going on.?

We have to look to Europe to see why they would say they are getting all the gas they expect to get, when plainly, they’re not!  This because both Russia and Ukraine say that gas is being removed from the pipe by Ukraine.

Why would Western Europe say this?

A. Because they don’t want to upset Russia, especially in the depths of winter.  Even though, we pay nearly twice the price for it as Ukraine!

Simple really.  It’s nothing to do with gas pressure and everything to do with political pressure.

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BBC and Weird Pravda Report on Gas

In the news today, although you’d hardly think so because of the Israeli / Palestinian conflict, is the story that the Ukraine can’t pay their gas bills.  I apologise for it being a bit buried amongst the profits’ statements etc, but hey!, I didn’t write it.

However, please read the links.  Within the blurb is the crushing realisation, like a deja vu, that the events in Georgia this last year, along with all the dire dependency that the West (especially Europe) has on Russian energy, still have not gone away.  I’ve banged on about this for over a year now…  It’s a sleeping, really obvious, giant, that we choose to ignore at our peril.

Today, only the four links above mention this news.  The rest of the world is asleep, mesmerised by the Israeli weaponry.  So lets look at it logically.

  • Western European gets 45% (and rising) of it’s gas from Russia.
  • My house is heated by gas and I live in Western Europe.
  • Russian gas is managed by a “company” called GazProm.
  • GazProm is very similar to US “companies” (especially now :-?) in that the political leaders (Putin, Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Paulson) control the companies.
  • Putin controls GazProm.
  • GazProm can charge what they like for their gas – it’s a free market and the country (Russia) is well capable of looking after it’s interests defensively, and offensively.
  • Ukraine can’t pay – they’ve run out of cash.
  • The Ukraine will get cut off (again!!) in 2009.
  • The gas for Western Europe goes through a pipeline – across the Ukraine.

And there we have it.  And I did tell you so.  In this post, Georgia, USA Trade & the Gas Bills, Repeating History & The Destroyer of Worlds , for instance!  At the beginning of this year,  Ukraine refused to pay thinking “The West” would back them up.  Within a fortnight, the gas was cut off, Ukraine paid up, then the gas was back on!

Now we are back to square one except GazProm is richer, Putin has more power, the US is bankrupt and a new, unique, US President, has been served a dog’s dinner of an economic and political legacy and been asked to turn it into a banquet to satisfy all tastes.

As an aside, in the research for this article, I came across Pravda again.  Each time I go there it gets more and more bizarre…. and I mean, bizarre.

It still has the constant haranguing of capitalism etc from it’s old paper output during the cold war.  Some articles are pretty good, almost as good as mine ;-) ,…

But what is odd is two things;

etc, etc, etc.

Funnily enough, just as I was copying the link for the Ukraine news from Pravda, a ticker header flashed across the top of the screen;

Ukraine mourns victims of gas explosion

You can’t make it up, can you?

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God’s Will has to be Done in Unifying People and Companies to Get that Gas Pipeline Built so says Palin.

I’ll repeat that:

“[…]and pray about that also,…I think,…God’s Will has to be Done in Unifying People and Companies to Get that Gas Pipeline Built” – Sarah Palin, potential Vice President of America.

This is astounding and a most bizarre speech of encouragement to make to educated people in a modern Western Democracy.

No it isn’t!  She’s a nutter!  It’s what nutters do!

While fishing around the web I spotted a post by the entertainingly toxic Postman Patel’s blog here, http://postmanpatel.blogspot.com/2008/09/ms-sarah-palin-good-ol-hooker-hockey.html

The Postman posted a YouTube link about Sarah Palin, the devil, which has not surprisingly been pulled because of some “breaches” (read as embarrassing).  So I started to track it down.  I think this is it here.

A short clip from it is here below, which is what I’ve quoted as this post’s title. https://youtu.be/LS_VduCWhzM

I do believe that it’s possible to strip out virtually any sentence of the homey vitriolic stupidity that emerges from Palin’s gob, write it down, and stare at the words, endlessly marvelling at the stultifying inanity of it all, and that millions of supposedly educated Americans think it’s “a good thing”.

This post http://www.salon.com/opinion/feature/2008/09/09/palin_fundamentalist/ from Juan Cole is a most elevating and well-researched piece, far better than my initial diatribe here, and pointed me to the YouTube clip above.  I urge people to read it and follow the links through.

Not only does he run through all her nasty ideas; anti-abortion, censorship, removal of rights, creationism, pro-exploitation of countries and peoples etc, he also gives references for every statement so that the devil condemns herself from her very mouth – except, perhaps, if you’re a nutter like her and agree with her folksy jingoism. (“pray for our boys in Iraq doing god’s work for America in the pursuit of freedom” – you can’t make it up, can you.)

p.s. The Postman has another adjacent post which included something on the Devil’s Spectacle Frame here, http://postmanpatel.blogspot.com/2008/09/salvia-divinorum-opens-another-door-of.html Yes, you’ve guessed it, Palin wants to ban Sage or something.  Of all the problems with the world, this has to be ant-sized – it’s really just a staggering sleight of hand designed to distract attention from her main sewage-like pronouncements.

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