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Thatcher’s Recession, and Now?

How Bad was Thatcher’s Recession compared to the Current Economic Slump?

Q. Well, how would you find out, exactly?

Slump's Progress

Slump's Progress

A. Surprisingly easily.  This graph here compares historical economic slumps with the current one, on a month by month basis.  It’s taken from the “National Institute of Economic and Social Research” (NIESR) website here.  Notionally, it’s an academic institution, but on examining it’s staff and management you’ll see that it’s a collection of vested interest groups, supplying a “knowledge base”.

But There’s No Denying their Facts!

Rig IIThe current slump is in black and the fall seems to have plateaued out a bit.  It’s tracking something like the red line and the green line.  So what you see is the Green Line, which is Thatcher’s Slump, being nearly as bad as the depression in the 1930s (the red line)!

However, in Thatcher’s time, Britain was awash with North Sea oil wealth!  Coal mines were still producing horrendous quantities of fuel and North Sea Gas had been on-stream for years.

In short, the country was sound with it’s own supplies of energy, dependant on no-one.  And yet, it had the worst economic state since the great depression!

So much for Thatcher’s miracle!

The current labour government has not been blessed with such good fortune during the current slump.  Britain is now a huge energy importer and is vulnerable to the vagaries of the market in oil as we saw last year.

Where Did the Money Go in Thatcher’s Time?

Thatcher Explains All

Thatcher Explains All

The legacy of Thatcher’s time in office was leaking schools everywhere, a crumbling rail network, hived off bus services that redefined “service”, a crumbling road system, paid-for medical treatment…. an almost endless list!

  • So where did the money go?
  • Where did the strategic national energy reserves of oil, coal and gas go?
  • Where did Britain’s manufacturing industry go?
  • Well the energy was burnt to get money to pay people on the dole.
  • Britain’s manufacturing (and most of the Western world’s) went to China and would have happened anyway

That leaves the money.  Where did the money go?

A. Tax havens, that’s where.

Thatcher and all conservatives of that ilk whine on about making a country fit for the entrepreneurial spirit.  But their actions, both now and historically, for the most part, go soundly against that spirit. (I’m thinking particularly of Ashcroft here who may be entrepreneurial but whose contributions to UK PLC as opposed to Tory Ltd have been minimal…)

It’s in their name – conservative.

Their gut reaction is to hoard wealth, and if they can’t do it at home, they’ll do it abroad (like Shirley Porter).  Remember, the wealth of “The City” is not derived from the re-invested wealth of landowning Tories suddenly looking for a home for their money once local industries had gone.  It comes from abroad.  There’s no way they’d invest their own money in infrastructure or development.  Sheesh!

Their other modus operandi is to do as little as possible for the country while maintaining the status quo.  Hence, this is why all large companies and financial institutions are full of the same old people, having the same background and speaking the same language.  The banks and other institutions behind the economic collapse are headed by these people, who flit from government to the military, to law, ‘business’ and finance with impunity.  Anywhere that’ll keep them busy, keep them wealthy and keep them pulling strings.

True, many do ‘charitable’ activities and are on the controlling side of many charities.  But that’s purely dressage.  Being involved with charity does not make you a good person.  You just look good.  In a truly civilised society there should be no need whatsoever for charity.  It’s a definition of civilised, or being civil, in my book.

Worms from Woodwork

Now, with the piss-poor Labour government and their own side’s resurgence all the old tories are all coming out of the woodwork again.  The odious slimery is oozing forth like the dark stain from history that it is.  The Centre for Policy Studies (CPS) is one such place.



The CPS, created by… Thatcher!… in 1974, proclaims it’s freedom credentials from it’s lofty privileged position.  Among it’s luminaries is Thatcher’s advertiser (Saatchi) and the European gaffer of Goldmann Sachs, one of the companies internationally bailed out with public funds and one of those businesses at the forefront of the whole current economic mess!  Most of the rest seem to have had various Tory positions over the last two decades.  So much for independent think tank!  (By the way, the CPS is a pseudo-charity – a non-profit-making organisation which relies on the donations of individuals and companies to carry out its work!!)

Part of the CPS’s ‘current thinking’ is to roll back the surveillance culture that has developed under Labour.  Personally, I can’t see it happening…

The trouble is, as has just been revealed in a book supposedly derived from recently released archive material from MI5, (The Defence of the Realm: The Authorized History of MI5), like all power-grabbers, Thatcher used MI5 for her own ends.  She used MI5 to discredit Red Robbo the Trades Union Leader and had tabs on Scargill.  Prime Minister Wilson even had the tabs on him and ordered tabs on others….  and so it goes. (see Book tells of MI5’s secret pastthe fact is that Margaret Thatcher demanded action from MI5 to deal with “wreckers” in British industry and yet it was herself that wrecked that same industry!.)

That’s why I see it as highly unlikely that Cameron, if the Tories get in, will roll back the shutters on our increasingly closeted and shuttered state apparatus.  He’s there purely to re-instate the old status quo….

  • To keep jobs for the boys
  • Re-exert the dominant power structures of the state and the wealthy, bolstering their unhealthy connections to their former pre-eminence
  • Say that all the new hospitals and schools which have replaced all the leaking and collapsing ones, would have happened anyway…
  • Say that the new fast rail links would have happened anyway without government sponsorship
  • Ensure that money stashed abroad by the wealthy remains unreachable by the state
  • Bring back smoking in pubs
  • Tax the poor to pay for the rich’s mistakes
  • Kill foxes ritually
  • Say that they’d have fixed the credit-crunch anyway..

All these and more will come under the banner of “freedom” and I’m quite sure that MI5 will be used to ensure they happen.  The media will naturally be roped in to lend a publicity hand to smooth the waters and ensure that the status quo has safe passage;  A media governed by;

  • a non-tax paying, non-resident Australian-American,
  • a non-resident Briton who prefers to pay French tax
  • and a brotherly twosome who threaten locals who don’t vote for “their man”.

Great?  Britain.

Thatcher’s Economic Legacy

  • Greed
  • Selfishness
  • The Channel Tunnel (economic disaster, multiple bankrupt)
  • M25, world’s biggest car park and fume cupboard
  • …er.  That’s it.

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Spiv Britain

You’ve Got to Laugh

Following the biggest financial meltdown in history over the last 2 years, the optimists are vociferously making themselves known and talking the economies of the world, up.

Money, it´s a crimeHowever, the United Kingdom is not doing as well as Germany (and France), apparently.  The reason for this is that Germany’s profits have mainly come from manufacturing exports and their trading is done mainly in the Euro which makes their transactions and agreements easier.  Also, in Europe they are not so het up about house ownership and thus didn’t have the collateral to increase the levels of personal debt that has been seen in Britain.  This was the news this morning.

Meanwhile, UK house prices are sliding up again….


  • Q.  So is it back to normal?
  • A.  I think attitudes are back to normal.

White van man and the manic BMW & Audi drivers are hammering down the motorways again, so they can obviously afford it.

In the same news programme this morning it was stated that Britain’s recent prosperity is based on…  the financial markets.

So Germany makes, while Britain gambles…

wall of banksAnd as optimism returns, all the platitudes about financial controls are being quietly swept aside.  Instead of controls, HM Gov is going to increase the tax on the gamblers!!!  (see “Call for bank tax to curb bonuses” )

These are all clever people apparently, and they’ve all done their economics homework.

But they fail to correlate the fact that the gambling spiv country has done badly in the recession and that the prime reason for the recession was people acting like gambling spivs.

So while they’ve made “agreements” for tax-havens like Bermuda & Liechtenstein to behave better, Britain, in actual fact, has not altered it’s behaviour.    It’s whole raison d’etre and source of wealth is gambling and spiv cons.

Britain is like a Las Vegas in the ocean.   Only bigger.

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Hey Google Treasure – The Jig is Up!

Just like Professor Fate in The Great Race – the Jig is Up!

This video is from an Utah TV News station reporting on the recent FTC clampdown on Google Treasure Chest.  Apart from the collapse of the call centre which gave refunds to unhappy people (200 employees is stated, which gives an idea of the scale of the operation), a very interesting thing is to read the comments on the article lower down…

Many are from the call centre operatives who are peeved at losing their jobs.  In fact, they can’t see anything beyond the fact that they’ve lost their jobs.  One, “Laura“, a “single mom with two kids”, says it’s terrible she’s lost her job and she thought everything was leagul (sic). This stands as stark contrast to other former employees who readily admit they knew what was going on and are still laughing at the people who got suckered.
There’s also the tale of “Brandi“, another “single mom of 3 children” without a job who’s had shedloads of cash whipped from her. Bizarrely, Brandi lives in Utah.

Perhaps Brandi andLaura should meet and discuss the pros and cons of greed?

What I see here in those comments is the Nazi camp guard syndrome of people just following orders.  Everyone is blaming everyone else without accepting any personal responsibility and having very low personal morals towards the well-being of their fellow humanity.  This is both the scammers, the scammers’ employees and the scammed.  Those Utahians criticising the FTC should try and remember that the FTC are just applying the law, decided and voted upon by “THE PEOPLE”.  (i.e. “that government of the people, by the people,  for the people, shall not perish from the earth”).

Utah really is a shite place.  A bit like Consett.

My Comment

This is the bit I added to the Utah stuff on Fox13Now:

Pros and Cons – but mainly cons! I first reported on these scammers back in early April – see http://strangelyperfect.tv/3099/google-treasu…
Since then, the scammers have rapidly been modifying their T&Cs, which I’ve dutifully been reporting in later pieces. So @thisisBS is showing a new version of the redtommorrow page – and he knows it, as @Chuck Turner has pointed out!
AS for the call centre lay-offs. Is this true? Will people be able to get refunds? I think people’s best bet is to be lodged into a class action against the scum and to register their names with the FTC to get a share of the $300m that is being claimed back as their “ill-gotten gains” as it says in the charge sheets.

A bigger problem has now been unleashed on the world of course. The google scammers have extensive contacts and shell companies set up in County Durham, UK as well as Gibralter, Phillipines and Cyprus. Although it looks like the heart of the initial explosion of scam filth has been quenched, the shockwave of secondary businesses continues unabated. For evidence of this, just check the junk spam emails in your inboxes….
I get a daily deluge that points back to scam sites with far worse T&Cs than the current redtommorow one in the link above. In fact, they are exactly the same as the Google Treasure Bollox from 3 months ago!


Hey Professor!  The Jig is Up!

The pie fight from The Great Race, the film with everything.

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Spiralling Pensions Scandal

It Goes From Bad to Worse!


In a completely passive demonstration of non-government and how toothless our government’s words are, it’s now been shown that not only does former RBS gaffer, Fred Goodwin get a massive pension of ~£33k monthly take-home, but the pot from which it’s being taken is already £2 billion under-funded!!

The staggering gauze of deceit that’s been drifted across all our eyes for the last decade is now settling like the odious juices emanating from a rotting corpse.

Not content with bringing his company down by his gambling habit, Goodwin has emptied the pension pot to boot!  Funnily enough, he omitted to mention any of this when he was recently questioned …  And No.  The bank he was boss of was not one of the world’s top five banks – it only seemed that way for a few years and was actually completely bankrupt because the continual fraudulent gambling activities at his instigation.  And he doesn’t deserve any of his pay because of these actions. (e.g. profit one year, ~£20bn; profit next year, -£27bn and a reduction in assets of £325bn.  If a chip shop was run like this it’s comparable to selling one portion and then losing the shop.  Idiot!).  He in fact deserves a big kick up the arse and chucking in the River Tyne with the tide going out.  Certainly, a minimal pension is the most he should get as none of his actions from sacking staff (Fred the Shred indeed!) to bankrupting secure businesses are worthy of any recognition apart from sanction.

Royal(!) Mail & Government

In a similar process of subterfuge, the Royal Mail workers have been told that the only way to save the company (because it’s short of cash), is by ditching their pensions, flogging their cream business to leeches and flogging the rest of themselves off, making the “service” even less relevant and thus slowly to die …

The reasons for the Royal Mail money shortage are not rooted in today’s events.  They are because of the actions, starting with the 90s Tory government, of having a “pensions holiday”.  Because Royal Mail didn’t contribute for years at this time, the pot got smaller.

  • Q.  So what happened to the “spare” money?
  • A.  It was used to stoke up the general finances of the country because we were in a … ahem … recession, housing slump, deja vu …

Check out This Google Search for the term “pensions holiday”.  There are >4600 results!  This action is used (legally, but not morally) to allow companies to excuse themselves from their financial obligations.

Suggestions for H.M. Government:

  • DON’T ask Fred Goodwin for the money back.  Take it! He has absolutely no right to it.  If the company had collapsed as it should’ve done because of his gambling fits, he’d be entitled to a pension of ~£20k
  • STRIP Fred Goodwin of his knighthood.  The honoured term does not apply to him.  Dunce’s cap, more like.
  • Put the money owed to the Royal Mail Pension Fund back and then redo the calculations to see if it’s a profitable business.
  • Demand Royal Mail competitors charge fairly for a demonstrably comparable service to Royal Mail i.e. door-to-door, last mile, a proper network of easily accessible offices country-wide all within walking distance of 90% of the UK population.  Then redo the sums as above…
  • Retrospectively apply all new charges and limitations to action for the financial institutions that have brought the country to it’s knees.  Sanctions to be applied similarly.  (e.g. Consider what the Chinese, our great business partners now, would do?)
  • Get anyone who was in charge during the recent meltdown and fraud debacle out.  Make them sweep streets if necessary but in no way let them anywhere near a bank! (see Chinese comment above)
  • And now, MOST IMPORTANTLY, get all the stolen, fraudulent, sequestered, scammed money from offshore banking and put it into general circulation where it came from in the first place!  As I’ve said previously, USE our military strength, VISIT Jersey, The Caymans, Bermuda, Lichtenstein, Luxembourg, Belize etc and GET OUR MONEY BACK!
    • If anyone complains – tough.  Try and be a government for once.  We don’t need toothless whitewashing inquiries.  We don’t need words.  We need action.  They took it all from us – so take it back!
  • Don’t make Goodwin the only scapegoat.  There are plenty more like him, all cosily keeping quiet until the storm blows over..
  • Finally, don’t expect us taxpayers, the public,  to pick up the tab without a decent amount of heads on the chopping block.  In the same way that Goodwin refuses to hand over his ill-gotten dosh, don’t expect me to pay for his pension and his failures.  You can only push the public so far.  Eventually, right will out, no matter how many weasely words and pledges for fairness are made.  The people aren’t blind and they’re not as stupid as they sometimes appear.  This week we’ve seen mutiny and deaths against unfairness and corruption in Pakistan.  In 1979 the Shah of Iran was overthrown in a popular uprising.   In 1789, the people had had enough in France.  To think that in 2009 this society is in some way sacred and immune to internal strife is ignorant in the extreme.

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How Rowland Hill Turns in His Grave


Following up an earlier post of mine “Use the Green Stick, Mr Postman!” and how unfriendly competition in the delivery market actually is from the point of view of the environment and the actual service to the customer (us!), the recent news of a  Delivery firm’s 686 jobs at risk should be taken with a pinch of salt and examined closely.

Home Delivery Network (HDN), an amalgam of catalogue, pools and white van delivery folk pipes up today that jobs will have to go.  This is part of the “solution” to the “Post Office crisis” that various governments have sought to rid themselves.  Others are Citylink, DHL, Amtrack etc.  They are all posturing to grab the best bits of the Post Office’s business while leaving the donkey work to the taxpayer’s employees, the postmen.

However, it’s not the first time that HDN have said this.  Way back in the middle of the boom, ages before the Credit Crunch and recession, they whipped out a similar story;  Job cut concerns at delivery firm. This was for 600+ jobs in 2005!

Call me cynical, but if they can’t make money just competing for the cream of the work, how will they manage in future?

History Lesson


Rowland Hill

Way back in the early 1800’s, the “post” as it was called was a competetive business.  Official government stuff went by couriers called “The Royal Mail” and everyone else paid a hefty premium to go the same route or paid huge amounts dependant on distance, weight and size.  People paid pounds! This was at a time when bread cost a penny and 10 shillings was a good wage.  There was much corruption, mail went missing for various reasons and it took ages to get anywhere.

Rowland Hill is credited with reforming all of that to end up with the modern fast postal system that people could rely on and for which people were proud to work.  This lasted from 1840 until the 1980’s.  When Thatcher got in of course, she and her ilk poisoned everyone’s minds with ideas of competition and the free market, a legacy that Blair et al have expanded upon.

When the post-as-we-know-it started, it cost a penny (The Penny Post) to send a letter any distance in the UK.  This was radical and it was cheap, if you were middle class.  In real terms for the bulk of the population, it was the same as a loaf of bread.

But the service boomed and like Rowland Hill imagined, it soon paid for itself.

A decent loaf today costs about a pound, whereas to post a letter is less than half that.   But now, somehow people whinge and think it’s too much! Yet the same people will happily hop in a car, spend 50p on petrol, and all for a £5 jumbo kebab.

Priorities are definately wrong.

The Delivery Market

What successive governments have done in the pursuit of making a stamp even cheaper, is make the actual service, you know, the service that you and me get when stuff (possibly) comes through the letterbox,… worse.

This makes it less likely that people will use the service and instead, they turn to the cowboys like HDN and Amtrack, Citylink and TNT, who cream off the business mail (aka junk mail), removing a huge revenue stream from our valuable normal postal service.  They in turn have to reduce costs, close offices, reduce staff, reduce deliveries and increase charges.

It’s a vicious downward spiral and the eventual losers are us, the customers; and us, the employees; and us, the taxpayers.

For parcels, the companies compete against Parcel Force, who used to have a network of wonderfully handy offices, open till late, where undelivered items could be easily collected.  This is seriously undermined nowadays.

  • For a company like Dabs or M&S, the costs are about 50p less for a small parcel.
  • For us customers, we have to travel 70 miles (in Citylink’s case) to collect undeliverable items!

This is 2 gallons of fuel – about a tenner.

So for Dabs or M&S to save 50p, we have to pay £10.  And remember, when we buy something online, we are paying the delivery cost.  If we have to collect it, we have to pay again!


I hope HDN and everyone like it all go bust as soon as possible – or at least stop their operations in the area of postal deliveries.  Union people like;

  • Bob Shaw, national secretary for transport at the T&G;
  • Unite national officer Julia Long;
  • and Usdaw national officer, Irene Radigan;

–  they’ve got it all wrong.  Instead of weaselly worrying about a few local workers, they should instead look at the broader picture of a diminished and collapsing postal delivery service that does no-one any good, not least their members and not least the nation …

  • The postal service has an already existing network of handy local offices, ideally placed to pick up the ever burgeoning business from internet buying.
  • The postal service is efficiently set up to minimise environmental damage from the excess travel required when using independant carriers.  These costs are never factored into the big picture.  Like air transport, it should be the total costs that count.
  • The lost jobs (if it actually happens) at HDN should be easily taken up by a proper national postal delivery service.  After all, the parcels that HDN delivers will still need delivering by someone!

In short, don’t carve up the service – make it bigger and better!

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