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Automatic Metric Solves Wireless and Ethernet Network Issues

Automatic Metric: Windows 7 Laptop Will Only Connect to Huawei E5372 on UK Three Network, OR the Wired Home Network

Windows 8 Computers Work Fine Though!

Connecting Win7 to wireless and ethernet networks simultaneously

Problem link is shown in red

Automatic Metric is the place to be!

I have two networks essentially:

  • The “normal” wired network (gigabyte ethernet) that links all computers and printers through the Cisco Router.
  • The temporary mobile network that allows the PCs to connect to the internet while we are in temporary accommodation.  It’s a Huawei E5372.

The Issue

After setting up WiFi on the PCs, access to the Ethernet network disappeared – but only for the Windows 7 computer!!!

This meant that file transfers, backup etc between the machines, ceased, as well as access to the wired printer.   The printer worked fine when connected through its USB connection.  It has no WiFi.

In the same way, disconnecting the wireless enabled connectivity to the wired home network (Ethernet).

I searched and many forums had similar “fixes”, none of which worked. e.g.

  • Remove IPv6 leaving just IPv4 on the network adapters.
  • Remove network devices completely and re-install.
  • Try new or updated drivers.
  • Reboot each time.

However, two very small items appeared and worked for me!!  They are network settings, deeply buried and that I’ve never set before.

The Fix(es)

It’s the same in both Win 7 & 8.  Maybe even Vista, but as we know, Vista Means Death.  I did two places that got the Win7 machine to connect to the web through the Mobile WiFi dongle and to the home, wired and routed, network.

  1. Adapters and Bindings
  2. Automatic Metric

So Adapters and Bindings…

Network Adapters And Bindings

Network Adapters And Bindings (as seen in Win8)

  • Network and Sharing Center
  • Change Adapter Settings
  • Advanced on the menu. (Alt+N)
  • Advanced Settings
  • Adapters and Bindings tab
  • Set WiFi at the top

Oh Woe Is Me Again!

At this point, connectivity was still not restored, but it was an interesting setting, totally hidden in Win8!

 And Automatic Metric…

This is the killer setting that worked!!!  You need to do this twice:

  1. once for the Wireless network adapter
  2. and again for the wired Ethernet adapter
Here’s how
  • Network and Sharing Center
  • Network Adapter Wireless - Automatic Metric

    Network Adapter Wireless (Win 7)

    Click the first adapter, the one I need windows to use first.  i.e. The Wireless adapter.

  • Click Properties
  • Scroll down to “Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4) and select it.
  • Click Properties
  • Click Advanced
  • Uncheck Automatic Metric and put a low number (say 1) in the “Interface Metric” box
  • Click OK to save the settings changes.

Now do the second, Ethernet adapter.  Follow the previous method.  However, this time,

  • Network Adapter Ethernet - Automatic Metric

    Network Adapter Ethernet (Win 7)

    Uncheck Automatic Metric and put a high number (say 5000) in the “Interface Metric” box

  • Click OK to save the settings changes.


One commenter on the forum I saw (link to be done) said that just setting the order to 1,2,3 etc wasn’t sufficient.  Setting a large gap between interface metrics did the trick, which is what I did.

What Is Automatic/Interface Metric?

Well, you can do this search, or probably the best answer comes from Microsoft, here.

It sets the priority of network interface access, lowest number first, on an individual machine.

In my case, weirdly, the Windows 8 machines had no difficulty.  The single Windows 7 laptop fell over and caused me immense hair loss until I stumbled across the settings which I have never, ever touched in 17 years of computing and the web!



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WordPress: The Matrix Has You!

Strangely post on November 28th, 2008
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I saw this post from Donncha, one of the WordPress folks.


Strangely, The Matrix is Everywhere

WordPress has an in-built Easter Egg, of which Donncha was unaware and has recently discovered …  And it really works.  Cool. :-)

Quoting Donncha, here’s what to do:

  • Edit a post.
  • Scroll down to the revisions section of the page and click the latest revision.
  • On the next page, scroll down again and select the same revision for comparison. (i.e. like with like)
  • The Matrix has you..

Somehow, it’s a little disturbing when the thing pops up with your own name on screen, even when you know what to expect.  Weird.

This is Donncha’s video of the full thing.

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What does the Disingenuous HMRC do all day?

Over the past year or so, the UK Parliament’s Public Accounts Select Committee has been checking on our tax collectors, HMRC.  Today’s news, Call for corporate tax clampdown, is missing the point, really.  The problem is not the companies dodging the tax – even Joe the Plumber is at it!

The problem is the incompetencies within HMRC.

The report “Management of large business Corporation Tax” from the Public Accounts Committee is the pdf download at left or HM Gov’s link here.

Have a look!  It’s not as revealing as you’d want.  In fact there is no detail at all!

The problem is supposed to be lots of companies avoiding the payment of corporation tax.  “Simple!”, you’d think!  “who are they?”

Now check Question 25 in the cross examination on page 25 of the report..

Q25 Mr Touhig: So you cannot tell us which
are using methods of tax avoidance?
Mr Hartnett: I think we can help you with some
details about this, but listing this company by
company in the sort of detail you are now asking is
very difficult indeed.


HMRC Corporation Tax Data

Q. So if this is the case, how do they manage to produce a nice graph like this?

Answer.  It’s bollocks that’s how.  They know who they are and how much they’ve dodgedThe chart and the answer to Q25 above are mutually exclusive statements from the same department!

All they have to do is compare tax against the bottom line.  It’s not rocket science…

And neither is it Latin or Roman Social History.

And within that statement lies the whole problem with government and the civil service.

Apart from a few TSOs in Environment or whatever on 25k, usually derisively called “boffins” by senior management, the whole edifice is staffed by yes-men and women with no technical knowledge whatsoever about the subject they are supposed to be managing.

The same goes for almost all ministers and all departments – I’ve mentioned several in previous postings.  In this increasingly technical and sophisticated world, the people in charge are not technical and are only sophisticated at elevating themselves into positions of power.

But being powerful does not make them good at solving problems or even organising people to solve problems.  This is because they do not understand the problem in the first place and thus are completely incapable of thinking of a suitable plan to solve the problem.

So much for our meritocracy.

Mr Hartnett CB (above), studied Latin and Roman Social History and is in charge of tax.

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Back to Doing the TanTan

I’ve gone back to enabling the TanTanNoodles Simple Spam Filter on my WordPress installation.  I didn’t realise what spam it was actually blocking until I started an experiment a few weeks ago to see how the various plugins and systems that I use interact with each other.

What happened was I started getting quite a bit extra similar looking spam, mainly from .ru (where else!) and containing zillions of good and malformed hyper-links to dodgy sites.

The TanTanNoodles Simple Spam Filter, because of it’s pattern recognition ability, is ideal for kicking these things right up the jacksi.  It’ll go through trapped comments and allow you to select keywords that you think are correct to hit on.  I don’t use (in common with the rest of my plugins) any captcha functionality.  I’ve found this slow and distracting, and increases the software conflicts between the various components.  This is on top of the latest revelation that it doesn’t work very well anyway.

The TanTanNoodles Simple Spam Filter is now doing it’s job very well, so thank you Joe.

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Email Spam Trojans Hiding on Websites as MSNBC Breaking News Items

For the past few weeks I suppose everyone has had a bit of email spam with this in the “From” and “Subject”:

msnbc.com: BREAKING NEWS:

There then follows a sucker headline which is obviously pants.  They all have a spoofed link for http://www.msnbc.com/msn which points to somewhere else, quite often a html document on the main site page for a photographer or graphics company.  There is only the one duff link.  All the rest point to Microsoft sites.

A few sites I’ve contacted to let them know that they’ve been hacked – but now I don’t bother – there are too many each day with this particular format.


Agent ETH Trogan as reported by NOD32

Here are a few I’ve had today.  The links are not live.  Firefox 3 or NOD32 trap all the Trojans but copy and paste the links into a browser at your own risk!  (Initially there is a modal dialog box that cannot be cancelled except by Task Manager.  Clicking OKAY will try to download the package to your PC.  NOD32 identifies it as “a variant of Win32/Agent.ETH trojan).

Nonsense Headline Spoofed Link Destination (manually remove spaces from links) Destination Type Holder from a WHOIS
Bush ‘Troubled’ by Gay Marriages. Declares San Francisco Part of ‘Axis of Evil’ srq.dk/ msn_video.html Hacked site full of broken php and sql Domain: srq.dk
DNS: srq.dk
Registered: 2006-08-30
Expires: 2008-08-31
Registration period: 1 year
VID: no
Status: Deactivated
John Mccain Proposes Gay Marriage thecaviarco.com/ msn_video.html Dodgy, new or completely hacked site Registrant:
Registered through: GoDaddy.com Inc.
New Evidence Suggests That The President May Be Drinking Again www.mobilzeit-daten.de/ msn_video.html Possible dodgy site or it has been hacked.  Even the contact link is an exe file! Type: ORG
Address: Poststr. 9
Pcode: 29308
City: Winsen
Country: DE
Remarks: CID: 6581951/1020
Changed: 2006-12-31T18: 02: 3101: 00
One Hot White Chick Injured in Tsunami Disaster tamarabdul hadi.com/ msn_video.html Iraqi-Canadian photograher apparently with a Jordanian site registration! The evil package is dumped straight on the homepage area. Administrative Contact:
Ali Zayni [email protected]

Fax: 962.64629597
p.o.box 940541
Amman 11194

Bush Claims He Has Supernatural Abilities eliteworkwear uk.co.uk/ msn_video.html Workwear and other clothing web shopping site.  The evil package is dumped straight on the homepage area. Registrant:
Chris Peacock
Trading as:
Bubble Design and Marketing
Registrant type:
UK Individual
Registrant’s address:
Bubble Design Hallcroft Indust
Aurillac Way
DN22 7PX

I use Mailwasher Pro from Firetrust to check through all my mail.  I’ve been using it for several years now – since version 4 I think!  It shows all mail as plain text (which I advise everyone to do anyway).  This is the substance of the last email above, viewed in plain text.

Mailwasher shows all the obfuscated links nicely.

msnbc.com: BREAKING NEWS: Bush Claims He Has Supernatural Abilities

Find out more at http://www.msnbc.com/msn [links to eliteworkwearuk.co.uk/msn_video.html]
See the top news of the day at MSNBC.com, and the latest from Today Show and NBC Nightly News.

This e-mail is never sent unsolicited. You have received this MSNBC Breaking News Newsletter
newsletter because you subscribed to it or, someone forwarded it to you.
To remove yourself from the list (or to add yourself to the list if this
message was forwarded to you) simply go to
[links to www.msnbc.msn.com/id/24472415], select unsubscribe, enter the
email address receiving this message, and click the Go button.

Microsoft Corporation – One Microsoft Way – Redmond, WA 98052
; [links to privacy.msn.com/])

Added 17/8/8

I’ve also had quite a few emails purporting to be Greetings eCards!

The pattern is the same as the above except usually they don’t even obfuscate the link!  This one below, for example, has these properties:

Good day.
You have received an eCard

To pick up your eCard, choose from any of the following options:
Click on the following link (or copy & paste it into your web browser):

Your card will be aviailable for pick-up beginning for the next 30 days.
Please be sure to view your eCard before the days are up!

We hope you enjoy you eCard.

Thank You!



NOD32 warning for Win32/TrojanDropper.Agent.NMR trojan

The payload according to NOD32 is described as “a variant of Win32/TrojanDropper.Agent.NMR trojan“.  The Belgian website looks okay with info, program of events etc.  But the exe file is dumped straight in their front door!

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