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All Healthcare is Temporary in America

Healthcare Woes

NHS LogoLying sick in bed this morning listening to a Radio 5 phone-in about the “state” of our Accident & Emergency (A&E) healthcare system here in the UK, I was struck by the failure of the radio show’s producers to engender the expected flurry of tales of woe and poor service.

Happy and Immaculate Professionalism

Far from the engineered curses that the show had hoped to produce – instead, a host of people took the time to phone in and praise the excellent service, waiting times, courtesy and professionalism that they had witnessed, sometimes under conditions of the utmost duress (e.g. during the accident black-spot due to falls on the winter ice).

Proposed Cutbacks

We are now all primed for cutbacks in services in the UK to pay for the banks’ greed.  However, all parties promise to protect the NHS’s frontline services.

The UK spends less on healthcare per capita than the USA.  This is not in doubt.  In fact, the USA spends more per person than any other country.

But now, consider this news article from Philadelphia in Pennsylvania.  See how front-line healthcare staff are treated in the USA and consider the service you are likely to receive from such a system?

Link: Temple hospital, striking workers reach accord

Obama’s Broken Temple Problem

Philadelphia Nurses Strike

Philadelphia Nurses Strike

The nurses at the Temple Hospital in Philadelphia have been on strike since March 31st.  This much is clear.

However, in contrast to the UK (and most of Europe), all the staff appear to be on fixed term contracts which had expired last SeptemberIn the UK, if you are good enough and pass all the tests, you get a job and keep your job (unless you need to move or progress in your career, say), to serve your local community.  As new techniques arrive, you pass more tests etc.  You build up your skills as part of a team.

In the USA, they appear to sack all staff from nurses downwards when their contracts are up, then replace all the staff with temporary staff!  This means that,

Most healthcare USA Workers are temporary…

The trouble is that all the right-wing forces at work there seem to believe that this is a good system and actually mock our NHS with comments like, “have you seen their teeth?”.  This is Obama’s problem with his efforts at healthcare reform.  The real truth is shielded from those in work and with private healthcare insurance, and they are a vociferous lot!


The real truth is a warning:   Do Not Fall Sick Near Temple Hospital…. After all, what sort of care could one expect from a hospital staffed like that?  No matter how personally caring the staff are, there is no communication, no camraderie, no continuity, no honour.

In the dog eat dog world of America, it’s the last man standing who wins;  but what’s the point of being in a club of one?

Patriotic Battle

In fact, I have to question the sanity of anyone who would fight to defend a country (or it’s overseas interests) that treats it’s own citizens in pain with contempt and it’s caring profession with worthless indifference.

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Tough Old Geordie

Strangely post on October 6th, 2009
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Gordon Moore's Bonk

Gordon Moore's Bonk

Like a metal mickey, old Geordie Gordon Moore (no, not him of Intel and his ‘law’) has astounded the medical profession with the recent discovery that a big hole in his head has grown back under the protective metal plate that was inserted to fill the gap.  (see the story here: Man grows new skull after horror car crash from the Newcastle Chronicle)

The thing that got me though, is that Gordon seems to be a bit of a disaster merchant, seeking thrills and escaping continuously….

  • He went to Iraq as a tourist when the war was still on!
  • He ran an offy, in Gateshead!
  • He ran a post office, in North Shields!

As if these aren’t dangerous enough, in his early life he crashed his car and got the metal plate in his head for his trouble.

A short while after, he crashed his car again and bent the metal plate in his head!!!

The question that’s bothering me and is the one you should be asking yourself is,

Would I get in a Car with Gordon Moore driving?

After all, he’s alright – but what about if you’re standing next to him?  I tell you, Ozzy Osbourne’s boy, Jack, has got nowt on this guy Gordon Moore.

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Let’s all say Sorry

  • The pope says sorry for getting it wrong over the holocaust and the nutty bishop
  • The bankers say sorry for getting it wrong with their greedy decisions that lead to the current economic crisis
  • Cricket captains say sorry for losing some games
  • US car maker bosses say sorry for being crap
  • UK Politicians say sorry for being greedy and setting up an expenses system that allows them to be greedy
  • US presidents say sorry for accidentally bombing civilians
  • IRA says sorry for past bombings of civilians

How long should I make this list?

Q.  Does it make it alright if you do great hurt and harm – and then say sorry?

A.  The answer, I think, depends on your future actions from this moment forward.

If we apologise for a past mistake (and everyone makes mistakes – we are all human), the believability of our statement of sorrow will probably be judged on the likelihood of a repeat ‘mistake’.  That is the power of ‘Reason’ and the only reasonable criterion on which to judge someone’s contriteness.  In other words, is my ‘Cause’ believable?  What ‘Effect’ do I want and is it honourable? … … … it’s a trust thing.

PopeSo do I believe the Pope?  Yes I do, actually, although I can see there’s an agenda at work.  Same for the IRA.

RBSBankers – no.  Car makers – no, they’ve had plenty warnings from intelligent people like myself that their business models were un-sustainable.  There’s the proof.  It’s in the phrase.

UK Politicians on expenses – no, probably.  It’ll take a generation to clear this mess up.

Cricketers and other sportsmen – they shouldn’t need to apologise – it’s only a game mate.

DroneUS Presidents (inc Obama) and any other person who thinks it’s okay to bomb civilians as acceptable ‘collateral damage’ – no way.  This is a continuing abomination against mankind.  Anyone who does this does not have a just cause in the slightest.

suicide car bombSo this includes Obama and Bush, Blair and Brown, all the mad Muslims and their sacrificial bombers and all the mad Jews with their denial of a right to life for an indigenous population.  The continuing excesses and excuses for the deaths, maimings and oppressions of ordinary people in the pursuit of ‘the enemy’ or ‘freedom for…’ or for any ’cause’, is in no way justifiable.  To apologise after each event is pathetic and just proves the inherent weakness of the cause.

There really has to be a better way.

Here’s what Nichiren Daishonin said, many years ago:

nichiren…if the minds of living beings are impure, their land is also impure, but if their minds are pure, so is their land. There are not two lands, pure or impure in themselves. The difference lies solely in the good or evil of our minds. – On Attaining Buddhahood in This Lifetime – The Writings of Nichiren Daishonin, Volume 1, page 4

Israel Phosphorus BombIn this context Nichiren is saying that the law of Cause and Effect works at a personal level which spreads out to encompass the whole environment in which we dwell. He’s saying that the hellish circumstances in the Middle East, Palestine, Egypt, Iran, Iraq, Pakistan, the US, the UK, Afghanistan, Israel and everywhere blighted by devilment, are all derived from the actions of people.  Without people there would be just earth.

It’s the actions which are derived from the causes that people make that bring the hell to these lands.

Israel Phosphorus BombThis means that the causes that bring the bombs to Baghdad are the same as those that bring sleaze to Britain.  In the former, morally bankrupt US & UK politicians and morally bankrupt Muslim leaders using their religion as a shield for oppression, battle it out in the streets of Iraq, Pakistan and elsewhere.  In the UK, the actions of the same morally bankrupt politicians are entwined with their brothers in business, like ivy sucking the juice from the tree of state, and are now both exposed for what they are – greedy children caught with too many sweets in the playground.

They should all, as Nichiren implies, “think pure”, and the country and all we interact with, will be pure.

It’s the only way.

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Admirable Courage by Our Young Folk

@AmazonWatch the above video of part of the G20 protests.  At around 1:30, green jacketed police attack the crowd in a phalanx formation – a bit like an open-topped Roman testudo.  Flailing their batons, they press on down their own  protected right flank (by some container-type hoardings) into the crowd of protesters.

Amazingly, our young people:

  • shout “this is not a riot”
  • bravely stand unmoving against the onslaught
  • raise their hands clearly into the air
  • still stay rooted to the spot

Several stay like this while batons and Spartan-like shields are menacingly wafted right in their faces.  Around 3:30, a guy in a red pullover has a really hard time maintaining his posture against all this.  He’s knocked down (like Tomlinson was), but gets up again, hands in the air.  Unmoving.

A French Hairy OneThey’ve been told to move.  Why should they move?  Where should they go?  They’ve been ‘kettled’ here in this ‘demonstration zone’ by the police under orders from their masters anyway.

So here they stay.

I’m really pleased to see them stand their ground.  This is what the French hairy ones did at Verdun in WW1.  They said “they shall not pass“.  I’m so glad to see people still do it.

At last, after my initial complaining, I’m seeing some footage of the G20 event that hasn’t been cleansed and doctored by the media.  It’s just so sad that it took the death of one man, Tomlinson, to get this process going.   Truth will out.

And finally, I’ll repeat Ikeda’s words that I wrote first thing this morning:

Great individuals fight abuses of authority. The truly strong do not lord it over the weak. People of genuine strength and courage battle against the powerful, the arrogant, the authoritarian, the evil and corrupt – all who look down on people with contempt

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Finally a Bit of Truth from the G20 Protests

Initial Story

First Part

Initial reports from the demos were that a middle-aged man had died.  “Aha!” I thought.  “Heart attack”.  Just like the Great North Run.

Second Part

Then it turned out that he’d been hit by a bottle and died as police medics were protecting him from the crowd.

Third Part

Later news says that he’s died from a heart attack.  I thought that was it.  I also thought, see posts here and here, that decent photographic documentation of the G20 protest was seriously lacking…

Crucial Evidence

Now some photographic evidence (as a video, no less) has appeared which show a middle aged newsagent walking home round the edge of the crowds.  (“he shouldn’t be there”, I hear the Daily Mailers crying).     So?  He’s still got his job and he’s still got to go home.  That’s his route, apparently.

@ amazonTomlinson, with his hands in his pockets, is then attacked from behind with a 2 foot baton by an armoured and riot-helmeted policeman who seems totally out of control given the lack of riot.  The policeman then wallops Tomlinson in the small of the back, who then falls forward.

Tomlinson manages to get his hands out of his pockets but even so, his face hits the ground.

Difference in Reporting between Guardian and BBC

The Guardian has the video, which is here:

G20 police assault revealed in video

Footage shows Ian Tomlinson, the man who died during G20 protests in London, being attacked from behind

A BBC report is here, using the same Guardian video:

Footage shows G20 death man push

However, the BBC’s verbal overlay is extremely defensive of the police and their actions.  Not so The Guardian.  The Guardian is quite open and factual.

The video is lacking in that there are many cuts (probably because it’s intermittent filming – but I’m guessing), that omit some extra corroborative information from a pair of law students who witnessed everything.  This is the YouTube clip below.  In it, they say that First Aid for Tomlinson was delivered by protesters until they were pushed away by police.  This isn’t shown in the video.  They describe the way that people were barged & pushed “as is their way” – as they describe it, by the police.  This is clear from this video and others.


  • This is the very same police who can have you arrested for 42 days without having to inform anyone you know.
  • These are the same police who shot an innocent man on a tube train at point blank range with seven dum dum bullets.
  • These police are employed by us to protect us and uphold the law.
  • Most laws are made in parliament.
  • We can vote out parliamentary people we don’t like.
  • In “the old days” there were also riots and protests.  Some protests were to get the vote for women.  They were treated horribly by the police, much like many people were the other day.  They were treated as pariahs of society, much like the popular press described the protesters.
  • In “the old days” protesters had a protest to try and make change in society by adequately making the lawmakers understand that something was wrong.
  • Spartan Shield

    Spartan Shield

    Now, protesters are herded and penned into a “demonstration area”, well out of sight of anyone of influence.  They are looked on as “oddities” and beaten just because of that.

  • Rats when cornered will fight.  It’s the fear reflex that we all have.  That’s why cornered people very rarely are peaceful, especially when antagonised by hooded and armed men in black.
  • In “the old days”, police just used their normal uniforms.  Protesters wore normal clothes.
  • At the G20 protest, police wore armoured clothing and were armed to the teeth, protected with Spartan shields.  Protesters wore normal cloths.

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