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Embarrassment or Dirty Dealing Discovery – the Real Reason for Secret Trials

Cameron, Blair, Brown and Straw – The Real Reason for Secret Trials

Embarrassing Smiles Cover Up Secrets and Lies

Tony Blair and Jack Straw

Tony Blair and Jack Straw

Jack Straw may have been “embarrassed” when he abolished his plans to abolish secret inquests which would have covered up his and Blair’s secret dealings over the euphemistically named extraordinary renditions (a.k.a. kidnappings and torture) that he initially claimed not to have done.

He may have been embarrassed about his son getting done in a tabloid sting for dope selling although his continued usage of the substance seems to have passed him by.

He may also have been embarrassed about being caught out for hiding the truth about using fake reasons to start the illegal war in Iraq.

Discovery and Personal Guilt

Embarrassment is not it though.  The real reason is our discovery of Straw & Blair’s hypocritical dealings over wars and torture, kidnap and illegal detention without trial, things that Straw’s government, and now our own coalition one, seek to hide.  That’s a deep guilt.

Was it guilt over the knowledge that as he was the head of an unaccountable web of spies, they were doing everything that any free democratic nation would naturally think abhorrent?

Or was it guilt over authorising these abhorrences to civilised behaviour?  Perhaps he knew that in 2005 the US was training already designated terrorists, in terrorism, on their own soil?

Extraordinary rendition, U.S. style

Extraordinary rendition, U.S. (and U.K!!) style

That’s the special relationship for ya!   Straw brought in the US-UK one-sided extradition agreement in 2003.  The following yearhe and Blair were found out to have started the war in Iraq on false pretences.  There then followed the endless investigations that dragged on for so long that folks forgot what they were about.

A collusion between the military, the law and politics from the establishment, designed to legally obfuscate by the dreary analysis of the minutiae of the webs of illegality they’d hatched?

We now find out, in the same year, 2004, that Straw and Blair were (supposedly) in government, Fatima Bouchar and her husband, Abdel Hakim Belhaj were captured, bound in gaffa tape (her eyelid bound open for 17 hours during this process), kidnapped and transported to a foreign power (Libya) where they were tortured and imprisoned for seven years.

Straw said he knew nothing, so what exactly was he paid for?  Was he a stooge, a calm reassuring personae, quietly acquiescing to misdeeds on the grandest of scales in exchange for lifelong protection and a nice pension?

Abdel is now in the ruling government of Libya, having fought and beaten Gaddhafi, with The West’s help, let’s not forget….

See: Special report: Rendition ordeal that raises new questions about secret trials.  This is the story of their imprisonment, and the trail of evidence that reveals the involvement of the British government.  It’s all there.  Detailed.  How Straw and Blair either instigated or permitted this to happen.

Cover Up Illegal Government Work by Invoking Secret Trials, “in the national interest”!

Killer Drone Aircraft

Killer Drone Aircraft

It’s all true.  Our own (and the US) secret services kidnapped and transported innocents from our own and foreign soils to foreign powers.  This was all done without the intervention of a judge, without court orders and in many cases (those in Guantanamo Bay for instance), without any immediate or subsequent trial.  They’re still doing it!

Bush, Cheney, Obama, Blair - their handiwork

Bush, Cheney, Obama, Blair – their handiwork – it is estimated that >3ooo civilians have been killed by drones

The only difference between the recent actions of Jack Straw, Tony Blair, Gordon Brown, David Blunket, Teresa May, Ken Clarke & David Cameron, and the historical actions of Joseph Stalin, Chairman Mao and Adolf Hitler are that in the former, there’s been no trial and the people are still alive, and in the latter there were usually show or peremptory trials usually followed by immediate execution.

Stalins Handiwork

Stalins Handiwork

Though life is precious, today’s innocents (innocent unless proven guilty, remember) may have at times wished they were dead.

One man’s been locked up since just after Jack Straw brought in the extradition deal with the US…! He’s now destined for transport to the USA and has been in solitary confinement here, without trial, for 8 years!  Murderers get less than that!  His crime was to host an anti-American website using a US-based host.

Killer Drone Pilots

Killer Drone Pilots

This is a bit like me.

  • I hate much of what the USA & UK does in the name of freedom, because plainly, it’s not.
  • I hate the undemocratic, illegal processes that the US and UK have done in the past (and now it appears are continuing to do) with a passion.
  • This website is hosted in the USA (Dallas, Texas, to be exact).

Can I expect a knock on the door and to be gaffa-taped off to solitary soon?  Probably not, because I don’t promote war, in fact, it’s an abhorrence.

Meanwhile, thousands of civilians die in US drone attacks while a lawyer for the victims is mysteriously prevented from gaining a visa because of “technical difficulties”!

Terrorist Distractions

Haditha Killings - US marines get away with murder

Haditha Killings – US marines get away with murder

Let’s not get distracted by today’s news that the European Court of Human Rights has allowed the extradition of a few “terror suspects” to be extradited to the USA though.

Killer Drone Pilot Control - the hand of death.

The targets have no chance to surrender, and the Afghan government has raised concerns. The drone strikes are dubbed ”Kill TV” or ”Taliban TV” because soldiers watch live video feeds of bombs and missiles detonating, with one source admitting it is uncomfortable viewing: ”You can see everything.”

Because the real devilish forces, whereby a supposedly civilised country like the United Kingdom can kidnap and torture with impunity, still exist.  Pregnant Fatima Bouchar was not a terrorist and nor was her husband.  Their terrifying ordeal at the hands of our secret service stands testament to that.

The Real Targets - our own freedoms

The Real Targets – our own freedoms

Even worse, our own dear whiter-than-white freedom-loving governments have now been found to have colluded in the kidnap, lied about having knowledge of the kidnap, and now seek to cover up any further public knowledge of this and other kidnaps (and worse, perhaps?) under the guise of “national security”.

These are the real devils in our midst.  They are the real terrorists.  Under false pretexts they continue to bomb civilians with drones and kidnap and torture those they can’t kill.  Though from different political persuasions, successive governments draft laws cover up the previous one’s actions.

What an evil nasty bunch they are.     Cameron and his crowing cohorts are just the latest in a long line.



  • MPs and judges can retire to fully indexed-linked pensions,   unlike the rest of the public sector workers who have been recently brutalised and scape-goated in the press for the thieving behaviour of gambling banker-politicians.
  • MPs and judges are protected from harm by the very secret services they’ve steered and governed while the rest of us are made
  •  to feel fear at home, where none exists
  • to feel loathed abroad, when we have done nothing

All due to the evil machinations of these few folk.

The Real Reason for Secret Trials and Internet Censorship

At least we can all now see the real reason for last week’s push for secret trials by Cameron and the ConDems – to cover up our government’s hypocritical, illegal, criminal, actions.

In future, all reporting of these actions will naturally be curtailed when the internet is thoroughly locked down and all we’ll be able to see will be tits, bums and football interspersed with Simon Cowell same-songs and holiday-home recipes of the day.  Everything will be like the front page of the Daily Mail website.  Some freedom, eh?

Question:  Why Pictures of Drones and Dead Innocents, Yet not many Kidnaps?

A. Simple.    It’s the same mentality of person that sends in the drones to kill innocents as kidnaps innocents.  In fact, it’s the same people.  They stand there smiling on our TVs, in suits, with the appropriate amount of gravitas dependant on the situation.

The real devils in our midst.  The real terrorists.


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I’m so tired from watching TV I have to have a nap

“I’m so tired from watching TV I have to have a nap”

Thus spake Philip Chawner, 53, in the Daily Mail inspired newspaper and TV witch-hunt which kicked off in ‘Closer’ magazine.  The ensuing rants from outraged people are predictable but it all just looks like a bit of entrepreneurship from the Chawner family to me.

In line with Goody’s expletives and the minutiae of her probably imminent death, this is just another example.  Previously they’d tried to get a daughter onto one of the odious Simon Cowell’s shows last year.

Unbelievably, Cowell’s comments were spot on – “If you’ve come in here to give me a hard time, you’ve got to look at yourselves”, he said when confronted by the irate mum and dad.  “You are the reason why this girl is going to be disappointed.  I have to blame you guys, for encouraging her to believe that she’s going to do well in something, and she’s not!  You’ve given her false hope.  She can’t sing.”

So that effort failed and this latest ‘outrage’ on top of the one where they got chucked out of their house, is just another.  Is it mind-blowing badness – I think not.

It costs the taxpayer 22k pa to keep them ticking over.  That’s about 5.5k each.  In a separate taxpayer-funded extravaganza, we find that Mandelson’s flower bill is actually 24k pa, and well below the payment for failure of Fred Goodwin which is 703k pa!

Never Mind the Bollocks, Here's the Sex PistolsIn this context, the Chawner’s should feel ‘hard done by’, but so should everyone else in the country.  And the Chawners, while being too fat to work, are not too fat to improvise, nor too fat to fuck.  But they should do a few sums before getting everyone’s ire up though.  Fifty quid a week on food comes to £2.5k pa.  This leaves £20k unaccounted for.  It can’t all be housing costs…  I smell a porkie pie about to be swallowed.

Personally, I think the fat foursome have sat around for a few weeks dreaming up wacky things to say that’ll get them in the papers.  After all, as well as fat, time is something that they have in abundance.

Their phrase which so tickled me in the title, reminds me of a SEx Pistols track from Spunk called “I’m a Lazy Sod”.  I’m so lazy I can’t even make my own bed….

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Kick Phorm to Touch! Phorm breaches RIPA!

Strangely post on December 18th, 2008
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Please fill in the form (no pun intended – well actually, it is!) at the number 10’s office.  Phorm is clearly breaching or “avoiding” compliance with a host of moral and legal charters.  It seeks to monitor all users browsing habits, store them up and then flog them on to provide you with a “targeted browsing experience”.

It means that website advertisers, who pay for the privilege, will have their adverts overwritten by whoever pays the Phorm piper!  The whole economic model of the web collapses at one fell swoop!

It means that whoever owns or runs phorm can control the purchasing powers of millions and either make or break a product or company.  A bit like the Simon Cowell of the internet.

On top of this, holding this data breaches RIPA, specifically the “interception of communications”.  So  BT, Virgin & Carphone Warehouse are all in on it.

The trouble is that because of the lack of competition in the ISP/Broadband/telecoms market, it’s very hard to pick up your bags and move to another supplier.  It’s not caveat emptor as there is hardly any choice.  As a consumer, you are forced to use these suppliers or else you don’t get access!  I currently use Pipex, which is really Tiscali who are desparately trying to flog their business to Carphone Warehouse, whose boss/founder was recently forced to resign after illegally wangling loans.

This is the kind of people, morally corrupt with a fleeting grasp of the law, who are in charge of this stuff…

So go on – keep this genie in the bottle and don’t let it out.  Once out, it’ll never go back.

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