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Antimatter: The Real Giant Leap

One Small Step for Man, one Giant Leap For Mankind

When Armstrong said those words (except I missed out the ‘a’), it looked like men & women would be walking tall on all sorts of astronomical bodies in a continuation of the Apollo programme.  As we no know, things didn’t quite work out like that though, and the Moon is still the only place we’ve been except our dear Earth – although unmanned and earth-based exploration continues in great leaps and bounds.

CERN Makes Antimatter Last

But although announced with a small fanfare, the news that CERN has made antimatter atoms in the form of anti-hydrogen last for getting on for half a second made me blink twice.  See BBC News item here.

It’s my guess that this is the real “small leap for mankind” that will eventually lead to the real “giant leap”.

We are now talking the Star Trek language that everyone understands;  antimatter, containment fields, annihilation.  Soon we’ll have dilithium crystals and the stock market to sell them in!

Consequences of Antimatter Creation

But seriously, it’s one hell of a leap.  The big puzzle is why matter (and thus ourselves because we are made of it), is here.

Why is there any of it, anyway?

… …  because in every experiment that we’ve done, matter and antimatter cancel each other out!    Exactly!

So the physical laws that we’ve invented or discovered, right back to the Big Bang, all say that we should not be here.  Any of us.

Current physics says that our universe  should only contain the energy from the mutual annihilation of matter & antimatter.  But there is also matter, which is tightly rolled up bits of energy….

Self-evidently, we are here, which means that matter had a slight excess over anti-matter just after the Big Bang.

So I think that somewhere within the physics of our creation of antimatter, lies the answer to the matter/antimatter conundrum, of that I’m sure.

We’ve made a few atoms so far and watched them annihilate with matter on contact.  The next steps will be to make and keep zillions indefinitely until they are needed.  What for?

Starships perhaps?


Now suppose we make these starships.  Our current selves are very destructive, both towards our environment and ourselves.

  • We live on our Earth, us in the West consuming like locusts while those less well off try a rapid catch-up.
  • We have never had a year without a major loss of life through conflict, disease or other disaster.

In short, though we may well have the technology and explorative urge for interstellar travel in the future, our present state of intense animality leaves us unsuited to such endeavours.  It’s unlikely that any expedition would arrive at its destination intact.  They’d self-destruct.  It’s what people do.

We must change ourselves before we can aspire change our location in the universe, or else our present location (the Earth), will be a blackened desert.  Un-departable.

Soka Gakkai

Today is exactly  the 80th anniversary of the Soka Gakkai.

It’s a Buddhist organisation with its philosophy wrapped up in its name of  “Value Creation Society“.

Let us all use three words as tenets, a true mantra for a civilised survival on Earth for generations to come.

When the time arrives for the Earth’s ultimate destruction, if we haven’t made a “Value Creation Society” that would allow our escape, then we are quite simply, stuffed.

So join the millions of Soka Gakkai Buddhists today as they celebrate their inheritance from one man, then another and another.

Makiguchi was his name and he died for his principles in a Japanese gaol in 1944.  He and his disciple Toda were hounded by the animality of the times and only Toda was left at the end of WW2.

From him, and then Ikeda, the Soka Gakkai  owes its existence, and we all need such principles if the magic of antimatter creation and containment is to mean anything in the future.  It’s a truly wonderful thing.

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Peace, Culture, Education


“Of course, you’re free to live your lives how you like, but don’t forget the fundamental path of life.

“The Soka Gakkai teaches us this fundamental path–a path for accumulating good fortune, helping others, and working for peace. That’s why we now have so many members around the world, and why our numbers continue to grow steadily. Support and praise for our movement promoting peace, culture, and education is spreading across the globe, transcending all boundaries and divisions.

“Nichiren Daishonin expounded his teaching for the eternal future. There’s no need for us to rush or hurry. All the pieces are in place. The tide of history is moving in the direction of humanism. With profound conviction in this truth, please advance with a calm, relaxed, and broad-minded attitude.”

These are Daisaku Ikeda’s words of encouragement for today, Monday, March 1st, 2010.  Fantastic!

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Two BBC Articles on Nichiren Buddhism

FYI: Two Things About Nichiren



Lotus Flower

Lotus Flower

While fishing around back-links to this website, I came across two pages on the BBC website that explain Nichiren’s Buddhism and the Soka Gakkai International (SGI) quite well.  Go for it Robert!!




I’ve just seen this ridiculous rat with a Nichiren t-Shirt on the Amazon website. I’m left thinking, “whatever next?”

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Pertinent Encouragement for Today

@ amazon Jillian has made an excellent post yesterday that marvellously ties in with the heavy-handed police tactics in London at the weekend G20 protests – whose chickens are now coming home to roost; and also, it ties in with our (the West’s) recent (and continuing) history, AND a bit of encouragement, calendared for today, by Daisaku Ikeda.

Ikeda is a Buddhist, one of the last from the original group that started the Soka Gakkai (SGI) around WW2.  Soka Gakkai means ‘Value Creation Society’.   He has written many books, working tirelessly all his life for Global Peace.  One of his books is called “For Today & Tomorrow” and is a collection of his quotations and encouragements to members over many years.  Whittled down by the editors, there is one quotation for each day of the year.  It’s said, that in Buddhism, there are no co-incidences.  It’s all to do with the “inter-connectedness of all things”.

This is today’s April 8:

Great individuals fight abuses of authority.  The truly strong do not lord it over the weak.  People of genuine strength and courage battle against the powerful, the arrogant, the authoritarian, the evil and corrupt – all who look down on people with contempt


For today and tomorrow: Daily encouragement

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Encountering Hungarian and British Dharma

I’ve just been reading this fascinating book, Encountering the Dharma: Daisaku Ikeda, Soka Gakkai, and the Globalization of Buddhist Humanism
by a non-Buddhist, Richard Seager, who gives a really good, well-balanced investigation into Buddhism, the Soka Gakkai (SGI) and it’s meteoric rise in popularity under the inspirational personas of Makiguchi, Toda and Ikeda.
Well you’d expect it to be so as the author is a distinguished professor of religion.
Basically, he describes all of our quests for meaning during his own investigation into self and meaning following the death of his wife.

And now to the guts of it.

I’ve done the bulk of this reading on a few KLM flights to Austria and back. While in Austria, I hopped on a train to Hungary. Until this point my knowledge of Hungary was carped up with a vague unease of a police state, trains rattling across the night with spies and passport checks at every turn and labour camps for undesirables.
Not so.
What a jolly lot!  Don’t let the gloomy picture confuse you – the camera lies all the time and the cakes were delicious!

Hungarian Cake Shop in Spron

Hungarian Cake Shop in Sopron

In fact by the time I returned to snowed-up, icy England, I was full of the warmth of humanity, their helpfulness and willingness to share.

Volte Face!

Welcome to England.

Oh how the tables have turned, the twists and turns of circumstance and fate – or more likely the rampant paranoia that exists in the UK.

The UK is now like my previous vision of Hungary and the Iron Curtain. Now, I enter Britain, with my British passport, issued by British passport control (now an “agency”). It’s all so high-tech, it’s all so cute and efficient.

Is it fuck!

I’m now going to write to wacky backy jacky, asking her why anyone in the state needs to know what I’ve been doing in Europe. Because that’s what they asked me on my return, with my British passport as I entered Britain. Despite cross-border harmonisation and absolute, 100% signed-up freedom of movement, working and habitation since 1992, UK passport control wanted to know where and why I’d been – in EU Europe!

Funnily enough, no-one at Schipol, or Vienna or in Hungary asked that. When they saw my passport and that my astonishingly attractive visage matched that within the passport they let me through.

Not so in Britain. The fact that the passport that they issued isn’t good enough to let me in without asking for my previous life history beggars belief in a free state.

All the trans-national I.T. checks, up and down your journey – don’t count…

But there’s worse. Everyone with a UK passport check page 1. Inside the cover. There, plain as day, it says that THE QUEEN, her Brittannic Majesty, requests free passage on production of the passport to the holder…

without let or hindrance

– but we are let and we get hindered and treated as criminals for freely moving across borders that should have been accessible for 17 years now!

Eisenstadt Jewish Cemetery

Eisenstadt Jewish Cemetery

I’m not on about airplane bomb checks and the searches which are almost universally as smooth and as dignified as possible now. I’m on about entering my country of birth with a valid passport.

Will it get better with ID Cards? – will it fuck!

So, to repeat the words of Sir Ken Macdonald, former DPP;

“The tendency of the state to seek ever more powers of surveillance over its citizens may be driven by protective zeal. But the notion of total security is a paranoid fantasy which would destroy everything that makes living worthwhile. We must avoid surrendering our freedom as autonomous human beings to such an ugly future. We should make judgments that are compatible with our status as free people.”

And now to get back to little Eisenstadt in the Bergenland in Austria where I stayed. As a direct link to history, the above phrase is extremely pertinent.
Eisenstadt has two Jewish cemeteries, but no Jews.

Under the paranoid laws of 71 years ago, 466 civilians were carted off to the gas chambers. It’s their ancestors in the graves in Eisenstadt. They have no descendants.
Normal everyday people sent them on their way. I’ve met their descendants.

My point is that it’s the chip, chip, chipping away at common sense and sensibilities that’s the danger to us all.

  • I want to be able to enter my country with my passport produced by my government without further interrogation. They have no right to know anything about my travels in this or any other EU state. It’s absolutely none of their business.
  • I think people should read Seagar’s book and many others like it
  • I think people should visit Jewish cemeteries in ordinary Austrian towns – Eisenstadt isn’t special, that’s the horror
  • And I think people should closely question the things done by our government in our name. Our freedom is at stake.

See also jacqui-smith-paranoid-fantasist

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