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Small Justice Against Solicitor Jim Beresford

Jim Beresford (slime of the earth)

Jim Beresford (slime of the earth)

Solicitors James Beresford and Douglas Smith – who took millions from Miners –  lose their appeal

Finally, after yet another year of time has passed, the crooked and not very appealing (they called themselves ‘entrepreneurial’)  James Beresford and Douglas Smith, formerly of Doncaster-based Beresfords Solicitors, have had their case against being struck off the solicitors’ roll quashed.

Unbelievably, Beresford and Smith deemed themselves fit to practice after ripping off taxpayers and widows.  See this BBC story

Doubtless, all the poor widow women who got a few hundred quid compensation for watching their husbands cough themselves to death because of industrial injury while the solicitors ran off with millions of taxpayers’ and their money will be gladdened by this…


What should have happened is that all their ill-gotten gains should be taken back.  It’s not enough to stop them practising.  They deliberately set out to double-charge both victims and the taxpayer.  In many cases, these charges were wholly excessive anyway – and then they doubled them!

What actually happened  is that the grinning Beresford is now set up in another profitable business, living the life of Riley while the widows continue to suffer.   The slow drip of employee dissatisfaction shows the bloke to be as odious as before and karmic retribution is getting closer and closer for Beresford, at least.  (added on information received in later comments below)



The reality is that Beresford and Smith don’t just need their names striking off some paper roll.  They haven’t suffered in any way.

They need their balls striking off for having the balls to take money from those that could least afford it and who put their trust into their professional expertise where they promised to do the best for their clients.

As it is now, the interest on their ill-gotten gains is more than a banker’s pension.   I truly believe that Karmic Retribution will hurt these people very badly indeed.  It’s up to them to set right their wrongs or else they will suffer terribly.  I don’t have to do a thing.  I just know it.

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Another One Bites the (Coal) Dust

Third Solicitor Barred from Practice

Andrew NultyAndrew Nulty from Warrington is the third solicitor to get barred from the profession for stealing from clients.  He was fined £60k and barred and another lawyer, Malcolm Trotter was fined £15k.  (See full story)

Complete and Utter Thieving Twat lawyer Jim BeresfordThis follows on from the barring of Slytherin  lawyer, Jim Beresford last December, which I wrote about here.

As usual, the fines are in no way related to the magnitude of the offence.  For instance, Nulty made £13m in a single year, much of it by ripping off sick and dying coal miners, yet his fine was only £60k and loss of his job.

@AmazonCompare this to someone who doesn’t pay their TV Licence (~£130p.a.).

For this heinous crime against the TV program makers’ budget, you can be fined £1000 and/or imprisoned!  This story is a case in point.

@AmazonAnd this is the trouble with our society.

Slime ball professional lawyers get off scot-free and slime ball gambling bankers get bailed out and extravagantly pensioned-off.  Meanwhile, the poor and the sick suffer because of their corrupt actions.

I really hope that some form of asset recovery process (like the failed one, designed to target drug dealers and organised crime, and successfully discussed here in conjunction with the draconian chops taken with our liberties and freedoms), is applied to these scamming scum.  If 90% of their wealth was confiscated they’d still have plenty left and be able to live a much more comfortable life than the thousands of miners they ripped off.

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Red Ken Supports Big Brother Death on Streets

Jean Charles de MenezesOne of the features of a transition to a police state is that those who should defend our liberties transfer their allegiance to the executive of the state. – quoting Craig Murray here.

Following the disgraceful result in the de Menezes “inquest”, if that’s what the most recent government whitewash can be called (see Hutton inquiry etc), Ken Livingstone, a man whose transport policies are geared towards making life better for everyone, said that he hoped the policewoman Cressida Dick’s career would not be interrupted by the events!

…er… Jean Charles de Menezes’ career was severely interrupted by the policeman who held him down while two others shot him in the head!  Seven Times.

Livingstone said this at about 5:38 in today’s audio clip on the Today programme on Radio Four here: http://news.bbc.co.uk/today/hi/today/newsid_7781000/7781131.stm

The inquest result says that the coppers have carte-blanche to shoot anyone, lie about it, try to cover it up, lock anyone up on their own say-so, for ever if necessary without recourse to law, not that the law matters anyway as an “inquest” will paint everything nice and white.



It’s a terrible indictment against our country.  The sad thing is that most people don’t care as long as they can drive to work and have enough money for cheap package holidays on Ryan Air.  For ever.

Complete and Utter Thieving Twat lawyer Jim BeresfordThe fact that Menezes’ papers weren’t legal is beside the point.  He wasn’t an evil man doing something illegal.  As his life was going, it’s likely that he would have made a good and valuable contribution to our country and his own.

Unlike the grinning twat miner’s solicitor, Jim Beresford (right).

In yet another Slytherin twat lawyer story, Jim and his mate stole (sorry, overcharged) money by getting the “fees” from both the claimants and the government!  These “fees” amounted to ~£23m.  One widow who had the privilege of their services got £217 in the end for watching her husband cough himself to death.

Beresford has been struck-orf.  Hopefully he’ll be struck by someone or more likely, struck down by his copious bad karma.  There’s no word if any money will be recovered for the public or other purses yet…

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People Are Mad, Not Cyclists; Extra Information #2

Following on from these two previous posts where I mentioned the laughable penalties for killing someone who happens to be riding a bike and the weasely excuses, I hate to say that it’s another case of

I told you so…

£500 fine and 6 month ban for killing someone…

Family attacks cyclist crash fine

@AmazonThis was the BBC headline covering the fact that van driver Robert McTaggart, 36,managed to persuade the court that he “didn’t see” the cyclist.

This was no ordinary cyclist either.  This was a record holder with a very good chance of winning a medal at the Olympic games starting today…  He was Jason MacIntyre.

  • Now Jason, being a professional cyclist, would have had a lot of experience falling off and being hurt in his highly competitive sport, and also, would be used to avoiding collisions.
  • To do his sport at that level he would have to do a horrendous amount of training, much of it on public roads.

This is what was said in the van driver McTaggart’s defence;

The cyclist collided with the truck as it turned in to a junction across the carriageway, the court heard.

Defence solicitor Craig Wood said McTaggart had considered himself a “competent, prudent and careful driver” and added:

“My client simply did not see Mr MacIntyre coming. As a result, the cycle went into the rear of the vehicle and he was tragically killed.”

Now I’m trying to work that one out and the only conclusion I can reach, as it’s happened to me countless times, is that McTaggart overtook MacIntyre on his bike, slammed the brakes on and tried to do a left turn directly in front of the bike, totally misjudging the bike’s speed..

That’s the only way the bike could hit the rear of a moving vehicle.

Weasely McTaggart (“competent, prudent and careful driver” claimed his solicitor), said he “thought” that MacIntyre was “probably” on the cycle path..  These are not the words of someone who is competent, careful or prudent.  These are the weasel words of someone in a hurry who misjudged everything.


  • A following witness (driver), said the bike was doing about 30mph (MacIntyre was a record holder you know), and another witness said that they’d slowed down as had McTaggart, having seen the cyclist for a full 16 seconds! Even the police said this…
  • So a witness saw McTaggart slow down for the bike and therefore, McTaggart did see the bicycle.
  • Also, I’ve tried to cycle at 30mph on our local cycle paths – it’s worse than dangerous; see my past postings.  I seriously doubt an athlete in training would use cycle paths because of the danger, inconvenience at maintaining a good pace, roughness, glass and obstacles.

So I’m in total agreement with the obviously upset family of MacIntyre who quite naturally, and accurately in my opinion, wanted Robert McTaggart prosecuted on charges of culpable homicide, or causing death by dangerous driving.  Despite being upset, MacIntyre’s dad, David said,

“We are of the view that McTaggart should have been facing charges of culpable homicide or causing death by dangerous driving.”

He claimed that the local procurator-fiscal recommended dangerous driving charges but that the Crown Office downgraded the charge to careless driving, despite an appeal from the family.

“The Crown Office view is that this standard of driving falls below normal standards. We are of the view that this standard of driving falls far below normal standards and is deserving of a more serious charge.”

He refused to accept that to drive along a road unaware of oncoming traffic for 16 seconds, to cross in front of oncoming traffic thereby causing death, amounted only to careless driving. That the Crown Office did, he said, “was a terrifying indictment on our society”. – quoted from The Herald.

500 quid….  And on the same day, is another.

Quoting directly from The Herald again, here,

41-year-old firefighter Garry Trotter, who was “solely to blame” for a crash which killed 51-year-old deaf driver John McIntosh, was allowed to keep his licence by a sheriff.

Trotter, who had been driving a fire tender to an emergency call in Bo’ness, West Lothian, was originally charged with causing death by dangerous driving. However, he was convicted of a reduced charge of driving carelessly, over the speed limit, failing to give way and driving through a red light. He was fined £750 and had his licence endorsed with six penalty points.

It was apparently an emergency, but you know, now there’s another.  Suppose the ambulance speeding to help Mr McIntosh knocked someone else over….

….and so it goes on.  Someone must take responsibility for this shit instead of continually looking for get-outs.









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Crawling Chaos History Update

After having a bit more chat with Holly, I’ve put together (in my own mind at least) a few extra Crawling Chaos happenings after my self-imposed exile from music, drink and psychedelics … I’ve updated the Crawling Chaos site in a concise way.

Doubtless Harry felt a bit peeved about being left on his own to do everything. His (music) style is substantially different to Holly’s although closer to mine. So I can sympathise with his being aggrieved. I can also sympathise with his wishes to leave the past behind and progress with new adventures once he closed the door on the Crawling Chaos – writing a book or screenplay perhaps. I can also understand him getting pissed off with Baldy Chester banging on his door all the time, and thus everyone else… It was Chester who raked up the past under the disguise of “it’s all about the music; it is only ever was about the music, man”. Since he said that to me I’ve heard fuck all – and still no money!

After my departure, the band had a shed load of different members, some only for a single gig. One was a wizard saxophone player who was a solicitor and did it for fun. He was really hard to play live with as he played with his eyes shut (like the Muppet’s sax player) and consequently missed the nod for all the changes!

Another was a guy who does sculpture now. I met him last Friday at the White Elephant in Ashington. He lived in King Olaf’s bungalow next door to Bebside Studios.

Output was entirely on limited issue cassette although a video was mooted. Newer keyboards came with another keyboard player and there was even a poetry reading session.

Jeff did more vocals, although the ghost of Lou Reed continued to haunt him. I’ve got some audio and photos of some live shows with this.

If I get time, I’ll get Holly to write this lot down properly, unless anyone else has their three farthings worth to add. I’d like it done properly rather than my limited information.

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