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Google Gagarin

It Was 50 Years Ago, Today

…when mankind left the gravitational confines of our Earth.

Google Gagarin

Google Gagarin

Yuri Gagarin

Yuri Gagarin

A poor boy from the steppes, Yuri Gagarin, simultaneously became the first man in space and the first man to leave Earth and orbit it completely.  (This is something that took NASA several steps before John Glenn finally emulated the feat).

While of humble background (like Jesus), his father was a carpenter (like Jesus) and his mother read voraciously (as Jesus knew the scriptures).  Obviously, Gagarin wasn’t Jesus, but he did die in his mid-thirties which parallels Jesus’s early death.

Gagarin Launch

Gagarin Launch

I was alive when Gagarin stunned the world by being shot into space.  I remember very few photos of the man or the event.  The West was naturally very embarrassed by being overshadowed by a dictator-led communist state.  Most scientists were just astonished.  Most politicians and the mainstream media were extremely alarmist in public (and fully actioned in private) because the inter-continental aspect of chucking a nuclear weapon sized piece of machinery aloft at the height of the cold war was paramount in their minds.

What struck me then and since was the fact that Gagarin always seemed to have a happy cheeriness about him.  When we now see his pre-flight pictures, his confidence is astounding, because remember, before the voyage, mankind had conflicting ideas about the very survivability for a man in the entirely hostile and unforgiving environment of space.  Some said that a man would die within half and hour from radiation….

Of course, the Soviet scientists had tested these theories with mammals (dogs & ape) and knew that even though the animals died on their space-flights (and were destined to die, by design), they knew that a man could survive the flight and if a return to Earth could be made, he’d live to see another day.  They’d also done a small step-by-step approach to their rocketry so even though the rocket was made primarily as an ICBM, its designer was actually more interested in getting men into space and had designed accordingly.  (see this article on Sergei Korolev and his space-flight dreams).

This, Gagarin duly did, by re-entering the atmosphere in his capsule and then, when the speed had sufficiently reduced, by opening his capsule and leaping from it to then descend on a conventional parachute.

Amazingly, this all worked, perfectly.

International Space Station

International Space Station

We now see the benefits of this early Soviet work because for the next few years, transport of people to the International Space Station (ISS) will be done by the Russian Soyuz spacecraft alone now that the NASA Space Shuttle is grounded for good.

The Soyuz is a direct descendant of Gagarin’s early capsule and the subsequent work and deaths of Soviet cosmonauts.  Later joint work with NASA and their own accidents and astronaut deaths have made the Soyuz platform very reliable, in space flight terms.  See this Wikipedia article for a full introduction to space-flight of all kinds.

Google Celebration

Google, characteristically, have celebrated Gagarin’s achievement (and that it was, make no mistake, he was a very, very, brave man), with a decorated main page which I’ve copied for posterity above.

Hooray For Gagarin.

So it was 50 years ago today.  An event that changed the world and our perception of it and ourselves  in the universe.

It’s only people some years older than myself who actually remember the previous world where people remained fixed to the planet and could only dream and wonder about the reality beyond.  For myself and folks younger than me, we can only to imagine what that world was like because we are part of the world that Gagarin’s bravery opened up for us..

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Space Shuttle to Stay Gassed Up?

I said in a post 5 days ago, that because the Space Shuttle is old and due to be retired, the USA was intending the Russians to take up the slack for 5 years of maintaining flights to the ISS (International Space Station) until the new rocket is ready.

I also said that in light of the currently worsening situation with Russia, Bush would have to do something or pass the buck.

Well it looks like I’m right.  The latest news on this front is Nasa ‘reviews shuttle shelf-life’ where a NASA chief is reconsidering his previous wish to cancel the Shuttle as planned.

None of this is at Bush’s instigation though.  (I bet he thought he could get away with it, if he thought that at all…)

Both US Presidential candidates were thinking of it and it was McCain (and other senators) who wrote a letter to Bush warning about the dangers of being trapped in the lurch by current events.

Personally I don’t give a toss about the ISS.  It’s a political gesture of unity (which is good) dressed up as scientific endeavour.  The science, ultimately, is about living in space for protracted periods with the ultimate goal of whizzing around and colonising the universe like Star Trek.

This is a complete abortion of an idea!  The plan is that if we fuck up the Earth too much – then we can always go somewhere else – and fuck that up too!  This is the logic of the mad house.  If we can’t look after one tiny world, then how are we going to manage on Mars or even more distant places?

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Antivirus Software – It’s Not Rocket Science you know!

NASA Discovers Computer Virus Aboard the International Space Station

SpaceRef, the space news website has revealed that a laptop on the ISS has a worm!  It’s called – W32.Gammima.AG worm, and it sucks up logon and other typed details before sending the info on to base.

I find it bizarre that with all the computing power available they even feel the need to take laptops into space.  All the connectivity they’ll ever need should be there.

And don’t mention the fact that they didn’t use any anti-virus software!

This is further proof that lax data security is endemic in all people.  Another tick against ID Cards and centralised database storage of OUR information.

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Bush Huffs and Puffs with Feigned Anger

US anger at Russian Georgia vote

The only thing going on here is that the Bush administration are still being outplayed, double footed and body swerved out of the game.  See my earlier post on the USS McFaul.

The lack of coherence in policy and the willingness for confrontation as an alternative to dialog as a means of shoring up their power base is the core of their problem.  This is all fuelled by their loathsome self-interest which transcends party, national and international boundaries.

They’re all going to end up like Thatcher.

As an aside, the International Space Station and all the American astronauts aboard will all have to be sent aloft and brought down by the Russians or Chinese because of the imminent retirement of the Space Shuttle and the hiatus with it’s replacement.

Q. I wonder how this fits in with Bush’s pose?

A. It doesn’t.  He’ll be well gone and it’ll be someone else who has to carry the can.

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