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Updated Privacy Policy

Strangely post on July 31st, 2014
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Privacy Policy

I’ve updated the site privacy policy here.

It now includes my attitudes to people making false claims and/or pretending they’re something they’re not.  I don’t mind nom-de-plumes, pseudonyms or even people who want to be anonymous – after all Strangely Perfect is but one of my alter-egos!  Making false claims, deception and stuff like that are the absolute pits.  These people (and other bad-uns), all are described and wrapped up under a variety of four letter epithets.

If I’m using bad language either about or at you, then that’s your fault.  Behave.  Treat people and the world around you properly and you’d be amazed at how the world changes for you.

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Angel: Iggy Pop, Video, Lyrics and Chords

Strangely post on June 12th, 2009
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C#m      D         A          E       D
E       B       D   F#m     G       D       E
                 F#m             E D
Still when I was crying
You were on my side
C#m     D               A          E
Angel, you can come and see me here tonight
C#m       D                    A                E
Angel, of course you're always more than welcome here
      D           B        F#m   E D    
Still I'm needing somebody else… again.

DD   A                           E D
               F#m     ED
Still another face,
Brightens up my place
F#m                     E       C#m
There is nothing much I want to do about it
The way I fall without you
The way I'm dull without you
D                           E
I split my skull, over your love.
C#m  D  A  E
C#m  D  A  E
E                        B   D F#m  G  D  E
Everybody want to be an angel
                  F#m        E  D
Still when I was crying
               F#m        E  D
You were on my side
C#m                D                   A       E
Ooh Angel, I never thought that I'd be free or clear
C#m                   D       A                E
Ooh Angel, except for you, I doubt that I'd be here
      D           B        F#m   E D
Still I'm needing somebody else… again.
      D           B        F#m   E D
Still I'm needing somebody else… again.

Thanks Iggy & Scott. Great song.  From the LP New Values.

Transposed by Strangely Perfect.

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Two Recent Strangely Perfects

Strangely post on June 3rd, 2009
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Strangely Perfect Red Apple

Energon Mirage was strangely perfect for the role

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Site Rework – Header Photo Gallery for the Curious,


[nggallery id=31]

I’ve been busy this weekend having a twiddle with the site appearance.  I got a bit fed up with dragons so now it’s an anachronistic mix of Edinburgh Rock shades and the Gallows!  There are a shedload of random photos sliced into the header taken by me, Strangely Perfect, using my new Panasonic TZ5.  Over time, I’ll probably add some more photos, both earlier and newer.  Each page refresh plonks up a new one.  The slices are a fairly random crop of the source pictures using Irfanview in batch mode.  This has produced some interesting effects for me – as with my music, I like the spontanaeity!

I’ve uploaded the source photos sized to a max dimension of 800 pixels to the gallery shown for those that are curious.  All photos are from Somerset and Northumberland.

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Google Treasure Chest, or Kit, and Mysterious ‘Help’ from a Stranger


Comments are now closed on this posting as Google Treasure Chest is dead.
However, the problem has not gone away – the menace continues.

For further information, all chat on this and subsequent scams is now here:
Google Revolution, Different Name, Same Scam!
and here:
More on Google Profits and Pacific Webworks/

Google Treasure Chest

The saga that is Google Treasure Chest in all it’s various incarnations took an unusual turn the other day and it’s only now I’ve got round to writing about it.  For completeness, this is part of the story documented in these three links (and the shrapnel emanating!)

Google Adsense

The unusual problem is to do with this comment on the Google Treasure Chest – it’s a scam and a half! posting.


It’s from a guy named ‘jeff’.  The IP address is put down as somewhere in Alaska and the email address is a gmail.com one.  The problem is the wordage and content of the comment, because notionally it looks okay.  It says;

Strangely Perfect has a link to this scam:

@AmazonI’ve stripped off the http’ and addded carriage returns to the query string otherwise it shoots right across the page, and even worse, it would allow the link to run.

What’s interesting is that somehow ‘jeff’ has managed (or bothered?) to add a adsense link with my google adsense reference number.  Now this isn’t hard to find.  Check the source code for any of my pages and they’ll all contain the code as a google ad is on every page as they are in the sidebar.

In other words – it’s not rocket science.

But why would someone want to do that?  The actual text is “Strangely Perfect has a link to this scam”, followed by a link.

But the comment is on the actual post where the actual Google Treasure Chest scam is dug into.

  • Q.  So where does the actual link point to?
  • A.  Not where you think – is the answer!

The end URL, http://www.trackednet.com/statistics/ngm/&nm=33 is a 404 dead end.  The front query string is also dead.  Only when the link is clicked (and I’m credited, bizarrely), does the link take you anywhere and that place is a redirect from trackednet.com via a ‘Go’ page to:


This is a California based company and is in a very nice glazed building off the San Diego Freeway.


So I’m a trifle confused.  What’s this comment doing on the post?  It’s a kind of self-referential hell.  Is it a mistake by ‘jeff’ who posted the comment on the wrong website?  Is it part of a link duffing-up process?  Is it people posting extra links back to their site on popular posts to ensure the link stands out and isn’t in with the normal bunch of links?

When ‘jeff’ said “Strangely Perfect has a link to this scam”, it’s as if he’s coppied a link from my sidebar adverts and pasted it into a comment……   I hope it’s a genuine mistake and not some new ‘thing’ that I’m at present unaware of!

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