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Germanium Pre-amp

paul post on February 26th, 2009
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Hey man,
hope all is well with you and your family.  Have you checked out my website videos yet?

Well the mixer is on hold indefinitely
Picked up a Soundcraft Folio for now

Germanium Preamp

Germanium Preamp

The studio is but a few weeks away from semi completion. Just painting(not sure what color)and sound proofing I’ve added a pic of a Chandler Germanium Pre amp Wondered if you could theorize what’s going on inside

Thanks Paul

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Standard Operational Amplifier (op-amp) Circuits


ETI Standard OpAmp Circuits

ETI Standard OpAmp Circuits

This scan is from my old ETI Circuits #2 from the 70’s.  It’s about the best op-amp info you are likely to find.  With a bit of knowledge, these six circuits are an instant ready-reckoner and allow you to do almost anything!

If you’ve no knowledge, they’re just squiggles on paper.  But then so is any language on paper…


Studiomaster Mixdown 16-4-8, 16-8-16: Channel Schematic

If you want to learn then they are ideal to have sat next to a larger circuit to help with the comprehension process.  Like your mixer project!  BTW, how’s it going with that?

Because of some recent site activity, I’ve checked and realised a picture was missing from a previous post here: http://strangelyperfect.tv/79/headphone-amp-circuit/ so I’ve updated that and added a bit of info from the same mag above.  There’s shedloads in it.  I can see why I never chucked it out now!  I’ve found someone here in Australia with the same disposition as me – check the circuits!  Nice and simple, and you’ll get that authentic analogue sound, as well as getting some understanding along the way.

Most of this sort of information I vigorously used and modified (along with other stuff, of course), to make our Crawling Chaos hardware.  So it does work!  :-D

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Studiomaster 16-4-8 latest on 14 October 2008

paul post on October 14th, 2008
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Gonna get on with the mixer tomorrow
Im just gonna plug in one channel to stip, but do i still need to connect the monitor channel also which has a ground strip to earth?  (this would usually be the last channel in the chain of multiple strip)

thanks paul

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Studiomaster 16-4-8 latest on 13 October 2008

paul post on October 13th, 2008
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Hey man, hope you had a great weekend
did you see the weston beach race?
or did you stay at home and enjoy the weather?
ive taken on the job of Mixerlock Homes and trying to disyfer/dysifer(check spelling on that ONE) the mixer schematic and pcb trace on the PSU schematic it reads +15vB? what does that correlate to?
Now on the schematic for the bussing for power/auxes it reads 0VIN, 0VA, 0VF? what does that correlate to I know they are all earth(correct?), and on the picture of bus strip wire they are all green. Does that mean all of these would go to earth strap(ground)?
Ive figured out from the PSU scematic and my picture of PSU the color code as follows: Pink = +48v, Red = +15vB & +15v, Green = 0v thats enough for this email
thanks paul

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Studiomaster 16-4-8 latest on 6 October 2008

paul post on October 6th, 2008
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Hey man hope all is well
Used that RTA software today to check out mixer, here are the results For each channel i used the line and then out of direct out I sent various signals through from a 20HZ – 20000HZ sweep to a 500HZ square wave Channel 1 & 7 were dead Channel 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 11, 14, 15 & 16 were intermittent on gain pot Channel 10 & 12 seem like they have capacitor problems Apart from 9 & 13 all have noise(20HZ – 20000HZ) when channel is engaged(switched on) Channel 9 & 13 were silent(Great) Noise floor was -35dB on all channels

Left monitor out silent when no signal is routed to it, but 50HZ hum when channel 13 is routed to it Right monitor out 50hz hum when no signal added to it and when channel 13 is routed to it

Headphone left channel out, slight 50HZ when at full gfain Headphone right channel out, considerable 50HZ hum and noise 20HZ-20000HZ

Left 2trk out, seeks to have a high shelf dip from about 450HZ up to 20000HZ Right 2trk out, fine

What do you think?
Thanks as always

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