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Automatic Metric Solves Wireless and Ethernet Network Issues

Automatic Metric: Windows 7 Laptop Will Only Connect to Huawei E5372 on UK Three Network, OR the Wired Home Network

Windows 8 Computers Work Fine Though!

Connecting Win7 to wireless and ethernet networks simultaneously

Problem link is shown in red

Automatic Metric is the place to be!

I have two networks essentially:

  • The “normal” wired network (gigabyte ethernet) that links all computers and printers through the Cisco Router.
  • The temporary mobile network that allows the PCs to connect to the internet while we are in temporary accommodation.  It’s a Huawei E5372.

The Issue

After setting up WiFi on the PCs, access to the Ethernet network disappeared – but only for the Windows 7 computer!!!

This meant that file transfers, backup etc between the machines, ceased, as well as access to the wired printer.   The printer worked fine when connected through its USB connection.  It has no WiFi.

In the same way, disconnecting the wireless enabled connectivity to the wired home network (Ethernet).

I searched and many forums had similar “fixes”, none of which worked. e.g.

  • Remove IPv6 leaving just IPv4 on the network adapters.
  • Remove network devices completely and re-install.
  • Try new or updated drivers.
  • Reboot each time.

However, two very small items appeared and worked for me!!  They are network settings, deeply buried and that I’ve never set before.

The Fix(es)

It’s the same in both Win 7 & 8.  Maybe even Vista, but as we know, Vista Means Death.  I did two places that got the Win7 machine to connect to the web through the Mobile WiFi dongle and to the home, wired and routed, network.

  1. Adapters and Bindings
  2. Automatic Metric

So Adapters and Bindings…

Network Adapters And Bindings

Network Adapters And Bindings (as seen in Win8)

  • Network and Sharing Center
  • Change Adapter Settings
  • Advanced on the menu. (Alt+N)
  • Advanced Settings
  • Adapters and Bindings tab
  • Set WiFi at the top

Oh Woe Is Me Again!

At this point, connectivity was still not restored, but it was an interesting setting, totally hidden in Win8!

 And Automatic Metric…

This is the killer setting that worked!!!  You need to do this twice:

  1. once for the Wireless network adapter
  2. and again for the wired Ethernet adapter
Here’s how
  • Network and Sharing Center
  • Network Adapter Wireless - Automatic Metric

    Network Adapter Wireless (Win 7)

    Click the first adapter, the one I need windows to use first.  i.e. The Wireless adapter.

  • Click Properties
  • Scroll down to “Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4) and select it.
  • Click Properties
  • Click Advanced
  • Uncheck Automatic Metric and put a low number (say 1) in the “Interface Metric” box
  • Click OK to save the settings changes.

Now do the second, Ethernet adapter.  Follow the previous method.  However, this time,

  • Network Adapter Ethernet - Automatic Metric

    Network Adapter Ethernet (Win 7)

    Uncheck Automatic Metric and put a high number (say 5000) in the “Interface Metric” box

  • Click OK to save the settings changes.


One commenter on the forum I saw (link to be done) said that just setting the order to 1,2,3 etc wasn’t sufficient.  Setting a large gap between interface metrics did the trick, which is what I did.

What Is Automatic/Interface Metric?

Well, you can do this search, or probably the best answer comes from Microsoft, here.

It sets the priority of network interface access, lowest number first, on an individual machine.

In my case, weirdly, the Windows 8 machines had no difficulty.  The single Windows 7 laptop fell over and caused me immense hair loss until I stumbled across the settings which I have never, ever touched in 17 years of computing and the web!



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Massive Spam Hit for Centurion Wealth Circle Pyramid Scheme

Massive Spam Hit

Willie R

Centurion Wealth Circle Spam Deluge

Centurion Wealth Circle Spam Deluge

Over the weekend, I received over 600 spams from someone called Willie R (with a number appended to the name) to my gmail account which I now use for my spam-trapping on an old email address that I use for registrations and the like…  See the screenshot of one page above!

Centurion Wealth Circle

On checking out a sample I found that most point back to Centurion Wealth Circle with a small array of other dubious links included.  The spams I got had almost identical formats (except for differing ‘from’ addresses).  The differences were in a couple of links.  These are the two spam  types:

Type 1: Includes Link to AutoXten.com

CWC Spam Type 1

CWC Spam Type 1

Type 2: Includes Link to TextAdBrokers.com

CWC Spam Type 2

CWC Spam Type 2

The amazing thing taken straight from http://textadbrokers.com/?premier1 is the spelling mistake for their prime selling point!  Under the headline “What is TextAdBrokers?” we see:

TAB was created as the premier Partner for marketing and distribution For the newly created contextual advertising Platform hitcralwer.com

hitcralwer.com (or HitCrawler.com) has already spawned a long chain on Scam.com that starts with a scam warning, then features server outages, lawyer warnings, lawyer bebunkings and various personal threats and revelations about the contributors.  For me, this is all very entertaining stuff, but the key facts for me are that;

  1. I have been heavily spammed, all links tending to the same source and all pointers pointing to the same destination(s).
  2. TAB’s own blurb can’t even spell correctly!

From that, you’ll gather which side of the honesty fence I think this lot come from…!

Willie R Burke kindly leaves his address in one spam type as “41 Merker Dr, Edison, NJ 08837”.  This ties in with the WHOIS of the source.  However, I don’t see why I should have to follow THEIR suggestion to stop the spam coming from them.  After all, I have over 600! The suggestion is not everywhere, but only on some of the pointers.

Five domains are in nearly every spam, (from those that I checked in my deluge.)

These are;

  1. http://vd.autoxten.com
    • –  Under their earnings disclaimer, they claim “that AutoXTen is not a get rich quick scheme but is a business” and that “all customers are essentially purchasing advertising”….?
  2. http://www.centurionwealthcircle.com/?register
    •  – considering the deluge I just got, their spam policy takes some beating!  e.g. “Unsolicited commercial email (UCE), while regarded as legal in some jurisdictions, is regarded as spam by most Internet service providers (ISPs), and may not be used to promote CWC”.  Larry Harper, take note!  I am not prepared to wade through 600 email headers just to prove that your spam policy works…  You do it.  Start with the source.  YOU!
    • Pyramid Details

      CWC Pyramid Details


      Their business model is based on buying “tokens”, keeping them as a “portfolio” or something for a bit, and then cashing in 50% of the “investment” at some ill-defined “maturity” point.  Although they claim otherwise, this is classic pyramid scheme technology.  They make clear the exponential growth that potentially exists in their own blurb, and ONLY pyramid schemes promise exponential growth.

  3. http://www.makemoneyonline-free.org/
    • – here I find out that I “have been invited to join ClixSense by robbie1201”.  Oh really!  Thanks for nowt robbie.  It’s a site called “ClikSense, advertising that pays” but the domain name remains the same.  On their user agreement, point 10, Spam Policy, they helpfully remind Robbie and Willie R that “Spamming is a federal crime. Any member caught Spamming will not only have their account terminated immediately and lose any past, present and future earnings, but shall also be held liable for spamming as we shall cooperate with any authorities and investigations that may arise from the spamming incident. ClixSense may fine your account up to $5 per spam email reported from you email address.”    I don’t think they were listening!
  4. http://www.homebasedtelesalesjobs.com/

The registrant of  http://infinityleadsystem.com/ is;

5802 Bob Bullock C1 Unit 328C-195
Laredo, TX 78041-8813

However, the server is located in Quebec, Canada!

Why this should be so when so may sites (like mine here) are served from the massive data centres in the US (like Texas, say!) is beyond me.  But I find the Canadian connection strangely comforting.


It stinks.  From the initial deluge to burrowing through the various “systems”; it stinks.  Leave it well alone folks.  Any business of note should NOT  be resorting to Spam for new business.  The scale of this spam deluge emphasises the non-credibility of these charlatans much more than their cheesy website offering ever could.

The fact that most domains were hidden “for privacy” plus the fact that the websites are almost incomprehensible as they struggle to disguise their real motives and modus operandi are just bonuses!

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Virtual Box Running 32 bit Win7 inside 64 bit Win7


These shots are primarily for the benefit of my friend.

Virtual Box

Sun’s (now Oracle’s) VirtualBox application allows computer users to run a variety of Operating Systems (OS) on virtually any computer operating system.  This is the VirtualBox homepage.

For example:

  • Windows XP on Mac
  • Solaris on Windows XP
  • Windows 7 32-bit on Windows 7 64-bit

This latter example is actually the system that I use to connect to my remote work computing system.  (We use a Citrix client which will not upgrade to 64 bit, hence the necessity of running the Citrix program in a 32-bit environment)

The two shots below show Task Manger’s “performance” tab in the two systems.  I’m showing this to demonstrate that upping the memory to 12Gb has left Windows the opportunity of using as much memory as it feels, and by not using the pagefile (much, if at all) it’s very fluid in operation now.

This screenshot shows Task Manager in the host Win7-64 system with its 12Gb of memory and four processor cores.

Win64 Processes

Win64 Processes

This screenshot shows Task Manager in the virtual Win7-32 system running inside a VirtualBox image with the 4Gb of memory and four virtual processor cores that I allocated to it.

Win32 Processes

Win32 Processes

This screenshot below shows the view across all three screens that I use.

Windows 7 across 3 screens

Windows 7 across 3 screens

In the shot you’ll see that I’ve set the VirtualBox image to run full screen on the right-hand monitor.  I’ve chosen a different background to emphasise this.

A notable feature of VirtualBox is that I have set the mouse cursor to float seamlessly between the two environments.

Previously, I’ve tried installs of several Linux flavours into their own virtual image areas.  These are all removed now, but previously I had several running concurrently – I wish I’d taken a screenshot at that time.  To demonstrate the capabilities of VirtualBox, I once had running concurrently these various operating systems inside my Win7 64-bit host:

  • Windows 7-32 bit
  • Windows XP version one
  • Windows XP version two
  • Ubuntu 10.1
  • Mandriva 10
  • Suse 11
  • Fedora

To enable this all to run in only 4Gb of memory I assigned about 300Mb to each image.  They all worked “out of the box”!

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Five Fabulous Firefox Add-ons

Firefox Add-ons: What is an Add-on?

First things first.  It’s now well known among the more savvy internet users, that the Firefox web browser is a fine piece of kit; secure, innovative and with a burgeoning user base that has seen Microsoft rise from it’s slumbers and put some serious damage control development into it’s venerable Internet Explorer.

Spread Firefox Affiliate ButtonBut part of the reason for the rise of Firefox, is it’s ease of installing small lumps of code by the user – called Add-ons.  These can do many things – weather, stocks, pictures, FTP clients…..  there are thousands now.  Visit the add-ons page and they are grouped into various categories.

Add-ons are made by a host of mainly unpaid software designers.  The code is generally open source so that anyone can modify it for their own needs.  The reality for me is that I use something if it works, and ditch it if it doesn’t!  I haven’t the spare time for code work…

So What to Choose?

Now there’s the rub!  The best thing is to install some that fall into your area of interest, have a play, remove them and try some more!  You’ll soon find out which have the features you want, are fast, and don’t crash your browser!

To install, just click on the add-on link, wait a couple of seconds for the countdown timer and then install.  Usually that’s all there is to it.

For myself, I’m not that interested in the many ‘consumer’ type add-ons (like music listings and Facebook notifiers etc) , but I’m interested in things that improve my coding and browsing life, or help me produce articles like this one!

My Recommendations

British English Dictionary – link


Firefox Dictionary Check

Used when blogging or commenting to correct spelling!  That’s a screen-dump above of it working.

Words can also be added – and it’s all on the right-click!

Screengrab – link

Screengrab Menu

Screengrab Menu

The best ‘printscreen’ utility I’ve come across.  Use it to get screen captures of dodgy websites before they are closed down!

I have it set for an icon in the lower right corner of a window, then the two menus shoot out sideways.

As with the dictionary, the menus are on the right-click as well.

SearchStatus – link

SearchStatus menu

SearchStatus menu

I have the info strung out at the bottom right of my window again.  The maker’s description says most of it,(copied verbatim below),  but it doesn’t say how useful and fast some of these features are!

Display the Google PageRank, Alexa rank, Compete ranking and SEOmoz Linkscape mozRank anywhere in your browser, along with fast keyword density analyser, keyword/nofollow highlighting, backward/related links, Alexa info and more

In essence, for me, it’s a neat, quick and configurable WHOIS lookup for any domain you’re visiting plus a wodge of bells and whistles.

TinEye Reverse Image Search – link

TinEye Menu

TinEye Menu

Another right-click menu system!  The add-on looks for images that have been found in it’s web trawling that match the image you right-click selected.

7 results - TinEye

7 results – TinEye

This works even when the image has been edited, cut, cropped, renamed or resized!

This is the menu applied to a picture from the Crawling Chaos ‘The Gas Chair’ page.  After a few seconds, the TinEye website fires up in a new tab with a list of pages that include the picture.  It’s catalogue isn’t complete but it’s getting bigger all the time…

Web Developer – link


Web Developer Menu

The enormity of the menu systems and the features it includes mean that there’s no way I could do justice to it in this small piece.  As a small example, let’s see it show all the web colours on the same Crawling Chaos page  above….

Color-Information-http-crawlingchaos.co.uk etc

Color-Information-http-crawlingchaos.co.uk etc

Again, all features are available as a right-click,but also as a tool-bar menu if desired.

If I now check the ‘View Color Information’ entry, after a second or so, another tab fires up in Firefox and displays all the web-page colours defined in code using the colour code RGB hash style.

You can get all sorts of information about a web page and it’s images.

One neat thing I use all the time is the “Resize” feature which means I can set the browser to various pixel dimensions to see how web pages look at these different sizes!

But really, check out the menus for yourself.  there’s just TOO much to list!

#6 Add-on: Firebug – link

Not quite top 5 for me, but Firebug offers a wealth of coding opportunities and allows you to see the code that generates the various on-screen elements, and also allows real-time editing to see what changes would do to a page – but without opening the page up in an editor locally, or otherwise. It’s all on-the-fly.  I don’t always have it installed as sometimes their codebase doesn’t work properly when Firefox upgrades….

IE8 has similar inbuilt feature now – perhaps Microsoft are trying hard with the developer community and can see that this is a good way to regain the initiative?

Spread Firefox Affiliate Button

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Spiralling Pensions Scandal

It Goes From Bad to Worse!


In a completely passive demonstration of non-government and how toothless our government’s words are, it’s now been shown that not only does former RBS gaffer, Fred Goodwin get a massive pension of ~£33k monthly take-home, but the pot from which it’s being taken is already £2 billion under-funded!!

The staggering gauze of deceit that’s been drifted across all our eyes for the last decade is now settling like the odious juices emanating from a rotting corpse.

Not content with bringing his company down by his gambling habit, Goodwin has emptied the pension pot to boot!  Funnily enough, he omitted to mention any of this when he was recently questioned …  And No.  The bank he was boss of was not one of the world’s top five banks – it only seemed that way for a few years and was actually completely bankrupt because the continual fraudulent gambling activities at his instigation.  And he doesn’t deserve any of his pay because of these actions. (e.g. profit one year, ~£20bn; profit next year, -£27bn and a reduction in assets of £325bn.  If a chip shop was run like this it’s comparable to selling one portion and then losing the shop.  Idiot!).  He in fact deserves a big kick up the arse and chucking in the River Tyne with the tide going out.  Certainly, a minimal pension is the most he should get as none of his actions from sacking staff (Fred the Shred indeed!) to bankrupting secure businesses are worthy of any recognition apart from sanction.

Royal(!) Mail & Government

In a similar process of subterfuge, the Royal Mail workers have been told that the only way to save the company (because it’s short of cash), is by ditching their pensions, flogging their cream business to leeches and flogging the rest of themselves off, making the “service” even less relevant and thus slowly to die …

The reasons for the Royal Mail money shortage are not rooted in today’s events.  They are because of the actions, starting with the 90s Tory government, of having a “pensions holiday”.  Because Royal Mail didn’t contribute for years at this time, the pot got smaller.

  • Q.  So what happened to the “spare” money?
  • A.  It was used to stoke up the general finances of the country because we were in a … ahem … recession, housing slump, deja vu …

Check out This Google Search for the term “pensions holiday”.  There are >4600 results!  This action is used (legally, but not morally) to allow companies to excuse themselves from their financial obligations.

Suggestions for H.M. Government:

  • DON’T ask Fred Goodwin for the money back.  Take it! He has absolutely no right to it.  If the company had collapsed as it should’ve done because of his gambling fits, he’d be entitled to a pension of ~£20k
  • STRIP Fred Goodwin of his knighthood.  The honoured term does not apply to him.  Dunce’s cap, more like.
  • Put the money owed to the Royal Mail Pension Fund back and then redo the calculations to see if it’s a profitable business.
  • Demand Royal Mail competitors charge fairly for a demonstrably comparable service to Royal Mail i.e. door-to-door, last mile, a proper network of easily accessible offices country-wide all within walking distance of 90% of the UK population.  Then redo the sums as above…
  • Retrospectively apply all new charges and limitations to action for the financial institutions that have brought the country to it’s knees.  Sanctions to be applied similarly.  (e.g. Consider what the Chinese, our great business partners now, would do?)
  • Get anyone who was in charge during the recent meltdown and fraud debacle out.  Make them sweep streets if necessary but in no way let them anywhere near a bank! (see Chinese comment above)
  • And now, MOST IMPORTANTLY, get all the stolen, fraudulent, sequestered, scammed money from offshore banking and put it into general circulation where it came from in the first place!  As I’ve said previously, USE our military strength, VISIT Jersey, The Caymans, Bermuda, Lichtenstein, Luxembourg, Belize etc and GET OUR MONEY BACK!
    • If anyone complains – tough.  Try and be a government for once.  We don’t need toothless whitewashing inquiries.  We don’t need words.  We need action.  They took it all from us – so take it back!
  • Don’t make Goodwin the only scapegoat.  There are plenty more like him, all cosily keeping quiet until the storm blows over..
  • Finally, don’t expect us taxpayers, the public,  to pick up the tab without a decent amount of heads on the chopping block.  In the same way that Goodwin refuses to hand over his ill-gotten dosh, don’t expect me to pay for his pension and his failures.  You can only push the public so far.  Eventually, right will out, no matter how many weasely words and pledges for fairness are made.  The people aren’t blind and they’re not as stupid as they sometimes appear.  This week we’ve seen mutiny and deaths against unfairness and corruption in Pakistan.  In 1979 the Shah of Iran was overthrown in a popular uprising.   In 1789, the people had had enough in France.  To think that in 2009 this society is in some way sacred and immune to internal strife is ignorant in the extreme.

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