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Tony Benn in Bing Top 3 – BBC Hide Tony Benn Funeral

Bing Search Shows True Popularity of Tony Benn

Benn Funeral

Benn Funeral

I’ve seen the Bing search engine promote Tony Benn’s funeral to the top 3 searches, while the BBC coverage almost hide’s the funeral!  For god’s sake, people cheered and applauded with gratitude in the streets as the coffin went past!  There was NO jeering.

Many people on social media have commented that the Tory government is manipulating the news output through changing the hire & fire of those that run the corporation to tory supporters and lobby groups.  This is readily apparent today, when comparing the BBC output for the funeral of a revered MP, Tony Benn, to that of Thatcher, the former leader, loathed and derided my millions.  See Mike, for instance.

Benn, top 3 on Bing!

Benn, top 3 on Bing!

Many on Facebook and Twitter have pointed out this difference.  So I checked an alternate stream…. the load page of Bing (Microsoft’s search engine).  That’s it here.

You will see that the top 3 web searches are (were):

  • Ukraine IMF Bailout
  • Tony Benn Funeral
  • Obama meets Pope

BBC Hide, BBC Change?

BBC Shove It

BBC Shove It

I was hoping to get some screenshots of the search results, but since I started typing, the results are now driving the BBC up the rankings! (Initially, the BBC was not to be seen!)

I can only assume that this is due to some BBC editorial decisions following on from a myriad of postings onto the BBC FB and Twitter pages of photo memes and comments like this one.

Key Differences?

Comparing the military coldness Thatcher funeral, where the police outnumbered the spectators 3 to 1, where the BBC really struggles to show any pictures of anyone or anything that is not part of the establishment, where the thin crowds are strung out and kept back like kids at the zoo, Benn’s funeral was a large, well attended, peaceful affair, where politicos and commentators from all sides paid due respect to a man who always spoke his mind, and was for the most part, consistent.  There was a warmth and closeness at Benn’s which was noticeably lacking at Thatcher’s send off.

BBC Funeral of Thatcher

BBC Funeral of Thatcher

Here’s Benn’s summarised.  Follow the links through.  Thick crowds, not the thin cold lines at Thatchers, all guarded and marshalled by thousands of police.

You have to ask, why such a difference?  The answer is obvious, but you won’t find the BBC expanding on it.  Only latterly has this belated report come out, now snuggled down and buried under the 2 year fudge of an enquiry into energy business prices.  It says,

A large crowd holding trade union and anti-war banners lined the route of his funeral cortege.

There were tears and sustained applause as the procession arrived at St Margaret’s Church, yards from the House of Commons.

Benn's Funeral

Benn’s Funeral

So why the subterfuge?  Matt Cole in small print says,

You could tell Tony Benn’s coffin had arrived at St Margaret’s before you could see it – because loud spontaneous applause broke out.

Yeah right.  Too late Matt.  Just too damned late.  You should have less fear.  They cannot hurt you by speaking the truth out loud right from the off.  Now’s the time to take a hold of the BBC and make it what it should be – after all – we all pay for it.


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Ukraine’s Gas and Bizarre Physics

Strangely post on January 2nd, 2009
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Following on from Ukraine getting it’s gas shut off  (which I mentioned in passing as BBC and Weird Pravda Report on Gas), I thought I’d pedantically point out a small error in a statement from Ukraine.

It’s meaningless as a point, but does emphasise the tit-for-tat nature of the current impasse with Russia (GazProm).  Specifically, Russia is claiming that the Ukraine is stealing gas from the (common) pipeline to Europe.  See

Ukraine accused of stealing gas

Here’s What was said:

  • Russia says Ukraine steals gas
  • Ukraine says it’s only taking gas to “ensure the supply” to Europe…
  • The EU customers say they’ve had no reduction in supply

Here’s How it works:

  • GazProm stuffs gas in one end of a pipe in Russia with a big pump
  • GazProm know how much they’ve sent – with a big meter!
  • Europe takes out the gas at the other end
  • Europe knows how much they get – with a big meter!
  • The two meters agree!

So What’s Going On?

Naftogaz, the Ukraine’s company, says it’s “removing gas for technical purposes, in order to ensure the transit of Russian exports”…

Now here’s the physics.  All gases obey “The Gas Laws” which are an amalgamation of various people’s work over the years into one, nice, easy-to-remember, formula which is

Pee times Vee over Tee is a constant

Tee is temperature, on the absolute temperature scale.  So 20degC is not twice as hot as 10degC.  In fact, it’s only a percent or so, and this is important.

Now use the Gas Laws to check the sums…

Because if Naftogaz are removing gas (i.e. increasing the Vee, Volume on top) to “keep the pressure up” as they say, it implies that the temperature in Europe is a lot colder than in Russia (that would lower the pressure at constant V), or the pipeline in Europe is a lot fatter than the pipeline in Russia (larger volume would lower pressure at constant T).

Or look at it like this:  what happens to the tyre pressure when you let air out of a bicycle tyre – it goes down!

This is all plainly bunkum.  Someone, somewhere is telling porkie-pies.  We know that the Ukraine admit to taking gas out – they’ve actually said so!

So now we have to decide which of the other two parties, Russia or Europe, has the duff meter, or if they’re not duff, what’s going on.?

We have to look to Europe to see why they would say they are getting all the gas they expect to get, when plainly, they’re not!  This because both Russia and Ukraine say that gas is being removed from the pipe by Ukraine.

Why would Western Europe say this?

A. Because they don’t want to upset Russia, especially in the depths of winter.  Even though, we pay nearly twice the price for it as Ukraine!

Simple really.  It’s nothing to do with gas pressure and everything to do with political pressure.

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BBC and Weird Pravda Report on Gas

In the news today, although you’d hardly think so because of the Israeli / Palestinian conflict, is the story that the Ukraine can’t pay their gas bills.  I apologise for it being a bit buried amongst the profits’ statements etc, but hey!, I didn’t write it.

However, please read the links.  Within the blurb is the crushing realisation, like a deja vu, that the events in Georgia this last year, along with all the dire dependency that the West (especially Europe) has on Russian energy, still have not gone away.  I’ve banged on about this for over a year now…  It’s a sleeping, really obvious, giant, that we choose to ignore at our peril.

Today, only the four links above mention this news.  The rest of the world is asleep, mesmerised by the Israeli weaponry.  So lets look at it logically.

  • Western European gets 45% (and rising) of it’s gas from Russia.
  • My house is heated by gas and I live in Western Europe.
  • Russian gas is managed by a “company” called GazProm.
  • GazProm is very similar to US “companies” (especially now :-?) in that the political leaders (Putin, Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Paulson) control the companies.
  • Putin controls GazProm.
  • GazProm can charge what they like for their gas – it’s a free market and the country (Russia) is well capable of looking after it’s interests defensively, and offensively.
  • Ukraine can’t pay – they’ve run out of cash.
  • The Ukraine will get cut off (again!!) in 2009.
  • The gas for Western Europe goes through a pipeline – across the Ukraine.

And there we have it.  And I did tell you so.  In this post, Georgia, USA Trade & the Gas Bills, Repeating History & The Destroyer of Worlds , for instance!  At the beginning of this year,  Ukraine refused to pay thinking “The West” would back them up.  Within a fortnight, the gas was cut off, Ukraine paid up, then the gas was back on!

Now we are back to square one except GazProm is richer, Putin has more power, the US is bankrupt and a new, unique, US President, has been served a dog’s dinner of an economic and political legacy and been asked to turn it into a banquet to satisfy all tastes.

As an aside, in the research for this article, I came across Pravda again.  Each time I go there it gets more and more bizarre…. and I mean, bizarre.

It still has the constant haranguing of capitalism etc from it’s old paper output during the cold war.  Some articles are pretty good, almost as good as mine ;-) ,…

But what is odd is two things;

etc, etc, etc.

Funnily enough, just as I was copying the link for the Ukraine news from Pravda, a ticker header flashed across the top of the screen;

Ukraine mourns victims of gas explosion

You can’t make it up, can you?

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So Much for Military Might!

Strangely post on September 27th, 2008
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In an interesting twist to the news today, both the UK military, the US military, the Russian military and the Ukrainian military have shown themselves to be totally useless!

The UK have had RAF personnel files stolen from a high security base in Gloucestershire!  Personnel records stolen from MoD In the current climate, this is actually worse than leaving them on a disc in the back of a taxi!

And even worse still, if that’s possible, and given all the posturing, the combined might of the US Sixth Fleet, the Russian Meditteranean Fleet,and the Ukrainian Navy cannot protect a Ukrainian export to Kenya from being hijacked by pirates in dinghies!

Here are some comparisons:

Russian ship

American Ship

Ukrainian Ships

Somali Pirate Ship

So what exactly do they do with all the money that’s given to them to "protect" us?

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Too Little, too Late, Saakashvili. Not Yet, Maybe, You’re not The Boss of Me Now, says Ukraine.

The “news”, Phone taps ‘prove Georgia’s case’ that Georgia’s President Saakashvili has discovered phone tap evidence that “proves” he was trapped or lured into his Invasion of South Ossetia by the Russians would be more credible if it had come out at the beginning of August.  But really, I mean; even I, with no Eastern European languages at my disposal, could have cobbled together a plausible crackly tape or two in a month…

It proves nothing except his desparate position, clutching at straws to keep in the news limelight.  Once the oxygen of publicity has gone, he’s a dead man, and he knows it.

Even though he’s undoubtedly right in that the Russians were behind it, the plan was hatched over a decade and a half ago by Putin, who is nothing if not patient in these matters.  A phone call is just icing on a rather large cake of plotting.  Monday’s news that NATO “backs” him, is just a stalling procedure, that’s all.  What can they do?  Nothing.

Such is also the state of affairs in Ukraine which has seen it’s application to join the EU crushed for now, mainly because of the flaky government, but also, I think, to give the area “a breather” in Western minds; time to consolidate; to determine opinion; to watch and wait for other moves from the great gas tank that is Russia.  The diplomatic and news activity from that quarter is even more bewildering than the spaghetti of pipes transporting energy to the West.

The double trouble for Ukraine is the sliver of land mysteriously filled (again!) with Russian speaking and passport holding people, called Trans-Dniester.  This small independent republic (from Moldova, not the Ukraine!), has the whole country of Ukraine between it and Russia (>400 miles) but still “wants” to be joined to Russia.

It’s a bit like Burgundy or Bordeaux wanting to be part of England – what a thing!  That would never happen (er…actually they were one country once, remember, Agincourt and all that).

The Ukraine is a bit like Malcolm in the Middle, hence my signature music refrain in this post’s title.

After that, the Crimea (why was GB there 150 years ago? :-? ), which is physically attached to the Ukraine and virtually attached at the east to Russia with only a small channel separating.  The Crimea similarly has a large number of Russian passport wielding patriots.

Putin has been busy these last 17 years!

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