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What is Nam Myoho Renge Kyo?

What is Nam Myoho Renge Kyo?

Lotus Flower

Lotus Flower

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  • Just gaze at the Gohonzon.
  • Merge yourself with it, without seeking anything, without thinking anything.
  • Thoughts flow but you don’t seek them, you don’t follow them.
  • If they come that’s fine, if they don’t that’s equally fine.
  • If you become attuned to this way of practising, thoughts will no longer disturb you and you will become completely concentrated.
  • If many thoughts come to you as you practice don’t get annoyed with them, simply the idea that you want to be free from them will start a battle.
  • Instead it is a natural process. Just as the leaves unfurl on the trees, thoughts unfurl from your mind, there’s nothing bad about this.
  • Just remain an impartial observer and they won’t disturb your concentration any longer.
  • The less your thoughts irritate you, the more you will become one with the Gohonzon and you will find yourself in the state of Buddhahood.

And what will you gain by attaining Buddhahood, nothing?

  • On the contrary, a lot of other things are lost; anxiety, ambition, hatred, violence, possessiveness.
  • Each of the ten worlds are illuminated.
  • Greed, anger and stupidity vanish and all that remains is that which was always there, the Buddha inherent in ourselves.


Daisaku Ikeda. Tokyo. 20th April 1974

Lotus Blossom in McClelland Art Gallery - contrasts to the large sculptures...

Lotus Blossom in McClelland Art Gallery – contrasts to the large sculptures…

My Thoughts

I bullet-pointed out President Ikeda’s words to make them clearer for me, to make them stand out, individually, as thoughts.  If you do it right, as Daisaku said,

All that remains is that which was always there, the Buddha inherent in ourselves.

It’s the universal truth. Just as heaven and hell are within each of us, so is the Buddha nature.


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Philadelphia has had enough Shootings

Strangely post on June 21st, 2010
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Not much to say, really, but in Cumbria recently a man went berserk with a gun and killed a dozen people.  The nation beat it’s collective chest in anguish.

The other day, I posted about Northern Ireland and the US, comparing and contrasting the loss of life.  I ended by saying,

  • Why is America like this?
  • Why do they put up with such shit?

Well now, in some  news that in all probability no-one in the U.K. will know about at all, part of Philadelphia has had enough of the shit and been declared a State of Emergency by the mayor.  It’s a part of the big city called Chester where 11 people have been shot this month alone!  (Chester is about as big as Bridgwater here in the UK to put it in context). The full story is here and here’s the news report.

Quoting directly from the article,

Chester, Pa. – June 19, 2010 (WPVI) — In response to the ongoing deadly violence, the city of Chester is declaring a State of Emergency.

At a press conference Saturday afternoon, Mayor Wendell Butler declared he had enough and it is time to take action.

“We need law enforcement to step up, to vigorously go after any violator; our number one priority is to get guns off the street then drugs and try to make our neighborhoods as safe as we possibly can,” Butler said.

The State of Emergency took effect 9:00 p.m. Saturday.

From 9:00 p.m. to 6:00 a.m. each day in the five areas of the city, no person without a legitimate reason is allowed in any public street or place, no assembling of three or more people is allowed without a permit, and all vacation and personal days by members of the Chester Police Department have been cancelled immediately.

The State of Emergency is set to last five days.

Mayor Butler says he is going to City Council to ask for an extra 30 days.

Even in this tough economic time, he says money is no object.

“I’m not worried about money, if I have to break the bank, I’ll break the bank,” Butler said, “The residents and visitors to my town are just vitally important to me, you can’t put a dollar amount on that.”

The State of Emergency is being issued following another homicide that took place overnight.

One commenter on the story says,

WHY are the 5 sections of the city declared an State of Emergency, what about the areas in buck men villages: meadow lane, keystone road, pine lane, clover lane, 900 to the 1200 blocks, and highland ave. this is a war zone for violent’s and killings. I saw a man dead on a side walk with his brains all over. Does this sound normal to live like this? No but this is how people in buck men village live. If you pull up to your home and sit in car for a few minutes to say goodbye to your friend, you have guns put to your w…

..before he hit the 500 word limit.

But you get the gist of how bad it is, and how lucky we are in the UK not to have to put up with such continuous absolute shite in our lives.

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Why is There No Juventus Gun Picture from Heysel?

Heysel and Beyond

Being justifiably upset by the events at the Heysel Stadium many years ago, the recent comments on a video I made about it … https://youtu.be/vxqjTZYV5do

… on the 25th anniversary of the awful event made me recall some TV reporting of what was reputedly  to be a Juventus “fan” brandishing a gun on the pitch.

This was well reported and many people remember this (see later link rferences).

However, I’ve trawled the internet looking for pictures of this person and after an hour’s work, have found absolutely nothing, which, given the nature of the event, the host of personal recollections and the ease with which information can be posted and retrieved from the web, is very strange indeed.

So why can’t I find a single picture of this?  Why?

If I recall correctly, the gunman was one of the Juventus owner’s family, or party.  Everyone seems to remember that after the event, the gun was found to be a starting pistol and that he was chastised by the family and grounded for a bit.  However, for anyone who has ever been threatened by a gunman, post event information is small cheer indeed!


  • Liverpool “fans” were convicted and later the town and club had a double hit of karmic retribution.
  • Football in the UK, after being banned from Europe, has cleaned up it’s act, (generally, with the odd notable exception), moved on and is moneyed up to the eyeballs.
  • Football in Italy is as partisan and violent as ever with corruption at every level of the sport that sees clubs dropped a league or two and opposing teams’ support afraid to visit the country.

So where is the Heysel gun (and man)?  Where are the pictures?  I’d like to know, if only to clarify my mind.  All I see are the fans on the pitch with iron bars and dead and dying fans under a wall.

Joe Fagan, the Liverpool manager, left the pitch, from what was planned to be his last match in charge, in tears.  I’m sure it was because he saw what had happened to his beautiful game.

Now, the xenophobes and unforgivers need to move on.  Justice was doubly served on Liverpool and a picture of the Juve “fan” with a gun would balance some memories of the time.  Juve people need to accept this or else the hate and violence that we see on the Italian terraces will never go, until they too, have their own karmic retribution.

There’s a lot that still needs to be done.


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Two Pots, Two Kettles, Both Black

Two items in the news concurrently today, and when I saw them, for each one the phrase that popped into my head was;

@Amazon@AmazonWell that’s the Pot calling the Kettle Black!

Firstly: The Pope warns of the Misuse of Religion

Here, the pope has made a speech in an Amman mosque, and yes, it’s all in the title really… he argued that religion was a force for good, but its “manipulation” caused divisions and even violence.

The trouble is that both he, his position, his catholic religion, the Christian religion of which it’s part and the religion of Islam to whom he was speaking – they’ve all got ‘form’ as Sergeant lewis would say.  (see news here.)

Secondly: Russia warns against ‘Adventures’

At the May parade commemorating the Russian victory (or more correctly, Stalin’s victory) over Nazi Germany, Russian President Dmitri Medvedev has issued a stern warning to any countries considering what he called “military adventures”.

Yay Dmitri.  Like the Pope, Lewis would say that you (both yourself, your current government and your Russian state) have both recent and historical ‘form’ in this matter of invasion. (see news article here)


As with everything, it’s the old story of power and control.  The fact that various adjectives over the ages are used to describe power and control, e.g. religion & ideology, is immaterial.  It all boils down to power and control, specifically so that those in charge of the ‘religion’ or ‘ideology’ can have a comfortable life living off the efforts of others, acquiring possessions, status and better mating potential.

And if you are going to pull me up on the last bit and the Pope, then don’t.

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The True Cost of the G20 Protest (in Daffodils)

G20 UK Protests – an Appraisal

Following on from this post about the protest(s) the other day and the obviously censored reporting, we can now look back for a little unheated analysis.


What’s clear to me during the event, was the useless reporting and photograph work, the news organisation’s focus on violence and the hazy halo-like glow that accompanied all reporting from the actual summit.  The last I can understand as a positive spin to it will eventually be to everyone’s benefit.  And it IS better to talk than fight so there’s a positive outcome to all of this.

Photos and Photographers

What is bad though is the evidence from own eyes (or rather lack of it).  Every picture and news report we saw had hundreds of cameras in evidence.  In total there must have been more cameras than protesters!

And yet there’s hardly any real gutsy photos anywhere.  Check Google images and elsewhere – it’s the same old few dozen that have appeared globally.  So what happened to the rest?  They must have been really, really boring….

During the protests, a few pictures emerged of bloodied heads.  There is one popular one of a policeman with a bandaged head.  And yet despite the plethora of cameras, I haven’t seen one single photo of any of these injuries actually occurring – to anyone!  Did everyone turn into ‘I saw nothing’ Arsene Wegner?


We are told by the police that there were ‘about 3-500 hardcore trouble-makers’!  We were also told that 122 people had been arrested.

So what percentage of these ‘hardcore’ are actually going to court?  How will I find out?  How many were or will be convicted?  Or will it be like the 1980’s miner’s strike when hundreds were locked up without trial and none were ever convicted!! ?

As a way the endure that ‘The State’ maintains it’s power and authority this is pretty effective stuff.




The rosy glow of world leaders smiling like some X-Factor contestant’s publicity shot made certain that any uncomfortable thoughts about freedom and it’s maintenance were quietly forgotten.

Instead, we’ve been treated to quite a few photos of people cleaning the streets and worrying words about ‘the cost’ of this exercise and the cost of freedom.  Plentiful sarcastic comment was made by several news organisations about the ‘anarchists’ having the freedom to protest and I even saw a picture captioned ‘anarchists queuing for the portaloo’.   We’ve seen close-up shots of ‘the damage’ to a flower bed and bits of graffiti being hosed off buildings to emphasise the cost of all this.

Damaged DaffodilsThe true cost, of course, isn’t a bag of daffodil bulbs and a bit of compost from B&Q.  It isn’t the few hundred quid extra it costs to wash away the words from walls and remove stickiness from statues.

The true cost is the tera-money that’s been wasted by the actions of a few corrupt individuals and that everyone is now paying for.  Here’s what is meant by real tera:

  • kilo – 1000 – cheap car
  • mega – 1,000,000 – big lottery win
  • giga – 1,000,000,000 – annual budget for a major government department from a first world country
  • tera – 1,000,000,000,000 – money wasted by big banks in a year

To put it in perspective;

  • we could build 10,000 brand new hospitals with that.
  • we could fly several manned missions to Mars
  • we could plant the whole of Europe with daffodils, one metre apart (** see calc below)

Instead of any of that, of course, we will all have less while the individuals responsible, almost to a man, laugh up their sleeves and go for a tan.

**Daffodil Calculation

  • Europe has an area of ~ 10,000,000 km2 which is ~ 10,000,000,000,000 m2
  • You can buy daffodils for about 3 to a pound.
  • Wholesale cheap ones will be about 10 to the pound.
  • So for a tera bailout, we could buy 10,000,000,000,000 daffodil bulbs!
  • Mysteriously, this means that for the money wasted by the banks, we could cover the whole of Europe with daffodils planted one metre apart!

That’s the true cost of banking and the true clean-up cost.


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