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How High Can You Go?

Belle and Sebastien (Belle et Sebastien)

This is the signature tune of a French show which appeared on UK TV in the late 60s.  For some interconnected reason, I stumbled on it and realised that I still whistle it now and again when it pops in my head.  I have to whistle it as there’s no possible way until the next life that I can hit the notes.

However, I used to be able to sing along with it, and even get the high note, before my voice broke… ;-)  I sang it in tune, with the correct expression and the appropriate feeling.  Because, as Nichiren said, several times,

“It is the heart that is important”

– Nichiren Daishonin, WND1 p949: “The Drum at the Gate of Thunder

The way of attaining Buddhahood is just like this. Though we live in the impure land, our hearts reside in the pure land of Eagle Peak. Merely seeing each other’s face would in itself be insignificant. It is the heart that is important. Someday let us meet at Eagle Peak, where Shakyamuni Buddha dwells.

– Nichiren Daishonin, WND1 p1000: “The Strategy of the Lotus Sutra

Masakado was renowned as a brave general who had mastered the art of war, yet he was defeated by the armies under the emperor’s command. Even Fan K’uai and Chang Liang had their failures. It is the heart that is important. No matter how earnestly Nichiren prays for you, if you lack faith, it will be like trying to set fire to wet tinder. Spur yourself to muster the power of faith. Regard your survival as wondrous. Employ the strategy of the Lotus Sutra before any other. “All others who bear you enmity or malice will likewise be wiped out.” These golden words will never prove false. The heart of strategy and swordsmanship derives from the Mystic Law. Have profound faith. A coward cannot have any of his prayers answered.

It’s important to realise that these blue words were written in feudal Japan to a nun, and to a samurai warrior.  Nichiren wrote them directly to these people, to encourage them in words most appropriate to them.  He did not write them to me.  But the core of the meaning is just as important now in the 21st century industrialised West as it was then and I can use them just the same….

“It is the heart that is important” – it really is.

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Man With Black Hat and the Iranian Bombing

Man with Black Hat Blames Everyone Else!

Investigation into Scottish WitchcraftAhmad Khatami, a member of the Assembly of Experts in Iran who has a black hat, has said that the fingertips of the West are definitely on the ghastly bombing in the south-east Iranian city of Zahedan on Thursday.  So it’s all my fault then…?

Three Hang in Edam Zahedan

Three Hang in Edam Zahedan

Interestingly, within two days of the blast, three previously arrested blokes were publicly hanged.  They were members of (yet another) Muslim group called Jundallah, the Soldiers of God.  They were executed for the crime of being Mohareb, which means Enemies of God, I’m told.

Surely even the dimmest of intelligences cannot miss the irony in this dichotomy?

I think, within that small statement lies the problem.  Until the two phrases are removed from the language and people’s minds, the Muslim peoples will continue to blow each other up into eternity.  How many more Mosques and Zahedans will that be?

The fact that there may be fifth columnists and agent provocateurs involved as Khatami claims is irrelevant.

The evil already exists in their minds and it’s this and their attitudes which must change.  It’s been like this for 1400 years!   It’s not a new thing!   This is neatly summarised by Daisaku Ikeda when he says:

It is the function of evil to divide; to alienate people from each other and divide one country from another. The universe, this world and our own lives, are the stage for a ceaseless struggle between hatred and compassion, the destructive and constructive aspects of life. In the end, the evil over which we must triumph is the impulse toward hatred and destruction that resides in us all.

In a related quote from the 13th century, Nichiren, the great Japanese monk , says:

“There are not two lands, pure or impure in themselves. The difference lies solely in the good or evil of our minds.” – On Attaining Buddhahood in This Lifetime – WND1, page 4

Much of Islam is now exactly where Scotland was 500 years ago in politics and religion.  Women were feared and any that weren’t subservient enough or found to be “too clever” were named as witches in summary trials dressed up with God and the Devil, and killed.  Thousands of them…   Men, fearful of a loss of status and the strange power of “the womb man”, would do anything to maintain it. ( Those with most to lose will do anything to keep what they have).  English society still has many vestiges of this chauvanism.

In Iran, the three men were executed following overwhelming evidence (he said) with the same evidence pointing to Western involvement.  Ahmad Khatami said so, and yet mysteriously, none was offerred in his highly public news conference or has been offered since.  Like the Bush & Blair ‘weapons of mass destruction’ lie, no evidence exists.

Of that we can be sure.

So the story continues, more people will die and the rabble-rousing man with a black hat still has power.

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Courage: Three Obstacles and Four Devils

You should not have the slightest fear in your heart. It is lack of courage that prevents one from attaining Buddhahood, although one may have professed faith in the Lotus Sutra many times since innumerable kalpas ago.

There is definitely something extraordinary in the ebb and flow of the tide, the rising and setting of the moon, and the way in which summer, autumn, winter, and spring give way to each other. Something uncommon also occurs when an ordinary person attains Buddhahood. At such a time, the three obstacles and four devils will invariably appear, and the wise will rejoice while the foolish will retreat.- The Three Obstacles and Four Devils, WND1 page 637

Q. Why will the wise rejoice?

A. Because it’s a confirmation of the principle that bad things happen at the least expected moment!  Attaining Buddhahood is often (erroneously) seen as a good thing and that like climbing Mount Everest, there is no higher place to go.  Surely, you might think, nothing bad can happen to that Buddhist now?  But it’s precisely because of this that the Buddha is tested by circumstance.  Why?  We don’t know – but we observe that it always happens.

There’s no need to have a reason
There’s no need to wonder why
It’s a part of me that tells you
Oh, don’t you ever, don’t ever say die
Never, never, never say die again

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A Grave Offence

[…] Take these teachings to heart, and always remember that believers in the Lotus Sutra should absolutely be the last to abuse one another. All those who keep faith in the Lotus Sutra are most certainly Buddhas, and one who slanders a Buddha commits a grave offence.

When one chants the daimoku bearing in mind that there are no distinctions among those who embrace the Lotus Sutra, then the blessings one gains will be equal to those of Shakyamuni Buddha.

Nichiren Daishonin, WND1, p756, The Fourteen Slanders

Well that’s pretty clear.

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The Problem to be Pondered Night and Day

Strangely post on October 4th, 2008
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In the light of the above points, this shows, my followers, that you had better cut short your sleep by night and curtail your leisure by day, and ponder this! You must not spend your lives in vain and regret it for ten thousand years to come.

With my deep respect,

The twenty-third day of the eighth month

To Toki.   I have received one string of coins. I hope all those who are serious in their resolve will gather in one place and listen to this letter. – Nichiren Daishonin ,The Problem to be Pondered Night and Day, WND 1,p622

Okay, okay. I’m tryin’….

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