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Watch Out for cleanup-registry.net!


I got a ping this morning from a website called cleanup-registry.net   It arrived because I’d been referenced as a website in the network setup using the plugin, “Related Websites” by the Blog Traffic Exchange (actually, it may be time to knock this experiment on the head as generally, the sites are only loosely related and have poor linkage otherwise).

Whatever; the link referenced an old post of mine about Microsoft software problems here.  Notionally, the website looks okay and professional – but I smelled a rat!




This is a screenshot of the whole post (at ).  So I did a search on the user’s  error message:

‘The DOTNETFX35SETUP.EXE file is linked to missing export NTDLL.DLL:NtShutdownSystem.’ (it turns out later that I should have just done a search on the text in the first paragraph of the post…)

Yahoo!Answers page

Yahoo!Answers page

About six entries down in the Google search results, is this page from the respected ‘Yahoo! Answers’ forums website, shown at left.

The screen-shots of each WILL blow up to full-size, but to save you making direct textual comparisons, let me tell you now that the text in both, and one comment, the accepted answer in Yahoo! Answers, is EXACTLY the same!

For your interest, the accepted answer is that the OS’s are incompatible and there’s a fix described.

The real problem is the dates!  cleanup-registry.net’s is the 8th September 2009;  Yahoo! Answer’s is from 8 months ago!


What we are seeing is the same sort of tactic employed by the Google Treasure Chest scammers of a fake blog (now called a flog!) being used as part of a selling campaign.  They’ve content-scraped decent content and passed it off as their own as a means of justifying their flogging area.

Q. Their product?

A. They are trying to sell a registry cleaner type software and a computer maintenance service ($25 per month!) in Las Vegas.

All of this is done under the banner of some fairly useful video how-tos and some less worthy content scraping from other websites….

The killer bits are that all the ‘blog’ entries are dated 24/9/2009 (apart from the odd one) and all the pages and how-tos are dated 24/7/2009!!!

Furthermore, the domain owner is hidden by our old friends at Domains by Proxy..

Do you really trust this sort of stuff?  I don’t.  Whether it’s supporting malware or not, it’s selling by devious means using the same methods as used by zillions of scams worldwide.

Caveat Emptor – buyer beware!

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Microsoft Performance in the Browser and Search Engine Wars

Introduction & History

Recently, Microsoft has reworked it’s search engine (MSN Live Search) and renamed it Bing.  This was followed even more recently, with a joint venture between itself and former search king Yahoo! into a hazily explained search and advertising combination.

Microsoft is well known for wheeling out the lawyers as backup to it’s long-running scheming that batters any competition into the ground.  I’m thinking particularly about the Netscape battle here…

Netscape, of course, although winning the final battle, lost the war and is no more.  But it’s technical expertise re-surfaced as the Phoenix browser, whose modern name is Firefox.

An advertising and search war has been extant ever since Google shot to prominence because it… er… gave better search results!  Microsoft has had umpteen attempts at catch up or smash down with the Google behemoth over the past decade.  None have had any real effect.  Likewise, Google has had umpteen attempts at rolling out profitable software to compete with Microsoft’s desktop dominance or Sun’s & HP’s mainframe business.  The only success is their own system of networked mini-computers using open-source software – so this doesn’t count!

Current Statistics

Below you’ll see the statistics globally, and also, as they hit this website, http://strangelyperfect.tv  This is for comparison.


Global: (source: w3schools.com)
  • Firefox: 47.9%
  • IE (6 to 8): 39.4%
  • Chrome: 6.5%
  • Opera: 2.1%
StrangelyPerfect.TV (logs for August 2009 so far)
  • Firefox: 34.3%
  • IE (6 to 8): 49.7%
  • Chrome: 3.4%
  • Opera: 1.8%

Search Engine Usage

Global (source: hitslink.com)
  • Google: 78.45%
  • Yahoo!: 7.16%
  • Bing: 3.17%
StrangelyPerfect.TV (logs for August 2009 so far)
  • Google: 76.6%
  • Yahoo!: 4.2%
  • Bing: 15.4%


What’s clear is that the visitors to this website StrangelyPerfect.tv, have clearly different preferences to the global norm.  In fact (much to my chagrin it has to be said), there’s a clear tilt towards Microsoft products compared to global usage ratios.

  • Q.  Why?
  • A.  I don’t know!


What I do know is that the Bing results following search queries that finish at this website are on a par with the Google ones!

From my analysis of my (admittedly small) sample of website hits, I can categorically say that’s there’s now no difference between Google & Bing for general searching.  I’ve proved this to myself with a few searches to corroborate this.

In this respect, Microsoft have done very well.   How they’ve done this, I don’t know.  But the similarities suggest similar logic at work on similar datasets.  Whether industrial espionage is the reason or the more likely cause of parallel evolution, only time will tell.


Microsoft’s browser has come on leaps and bounds since development stopped at IE5/6 after they’d crushed Netscape out of existence (why develop new software when there is no competition?).  Firefox has been the catalyst.  It’s security, stability and user-friendly features have pushed it’s share right up.  This forced Microsoft to react; first with the dreadfully slow IE7 and later with the much better IE8.

The in-built hysteresis of their desktop user base ensures that IE will be hard to beat.  For myself, Firefox is still streets ahead, primarily because of it’s interface – the key features are sized and placed proportionately to their importance on the screen.

It’s just, right; that’s all.

My gut feeling is that we’ve reached a balance point now that will remain for a couple of years at least.  Because the vast bulk of computer users are only just computer literate and ignorant of any alternatives,  I can’t see any browser pushing past the Microsoft desktop domination to enable the displacement of IE from the 50-50 mark.


Weirdly, these are two battles of free against free.  Browsers are free to use – as is internet search.  It’s all about competing for advertising revenue in the end.

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I’d Forgotten Modem Skush!

Strangely post on July 31st, 2009
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I’ve just come across this little plug for Yahoo. While not being exactly accurate overall, for the Yahoo! company it’s about right.
What amazed me was the modem click-skush-sh.sh.sh.sh.sh which I’ve completely forgotten about now.  Also the time scale – it’s only a dozen years or so since I picked up a mouse and thought a one inch square – 10 second video clip was fantastic!

Hopefully, the next step will be proper streamed audio without the fizzy artefacts as accompaniment!

BTW – crap tune. It’s better with the sound off.

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ProfitCenterLearning.com Ups the Ante!

Strangely post on July 19th, 2009
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Pond Scum

Pond Scum

Only 10 days ago, I published a few screenshots taken from the hilarious scamster website called Startup Biz Kit or Quick Google Cash  – or something – the point being that we never seem to know what their true name is! The posting is here: Is This the New Google Treasure?

(Pond slime repeated for emphasis!)

Today, I Feel Truly Honoured!

Anyway, I thought I’d do a quick test to see if the link to securecartcenter.com , , is still alive – It IS!

But it now points to this web-page, which is different to the original:

SecureCart.com 9 July 2009

SecureCart.com 9 July 2009

Fast Cash 19 July 2009

Fast Cash 19 July 2009

Previously, I’d complained that I wanted to earn $944 a day as they only offered $943 (hey, we’ve all got to have targets, haven’t we?).  Obviously, the GoogleConsters have been paying attention because they’ve upped the ante to…………$978 per day, along with a new name called Fast Cash with Google!

This is truly a great honour, and I mean that most sincerely.  I didn’t know they cared.  Why has lil’ ol’ me made such an impact.


I don’t think  this change was made in haste or design.  They were extremely careful to say “*Google™ does not endorse or sponsor this site and is in no way affiliated with FastCash or Google ATM.”  As usual, CNN, Yahoo, ABC etc don’t bear a mention.  It’s just part of the ‘system’ that they have.

Just remember boys.  If you are watching me, the Feds are watching you – and they don’t always knock at the front door!   Har bloody Har.


As I said in reply to Polly here, and re-iterated by @Not Kevin, the terms and conditions are completely without merit.

This is because the websites and the various links that point to them move around and change.  In this way, there is no justification for relying on any terms and conditions, because the very foundation of the financial structure they created by these companies, shifts and changes relentlessly.

These two examples above – from the same starting point, absolutely prove this.

The charlatan dis-ingenuousness of these people has no bounds.

Everyone, be very, very careful.

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Site5 Trial

Strangely post on July 2nd, 2009
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I moved this website over to Site5 hosting last night.  Mostly, it went okay!

I’ve spent the last few days copying the various media, plugins, themes and WordPress code files, and then last night I set the Nameserver pointers and waited for the propogation to start.  As far as I can tell, it’s working in the UK, USA and Canada, which isn’t bad for a couple of hours.

The email was a bit problematical.  There’s a buried setting in Site5 multiadmin that needs changing from “unlimited” to a numerical value to get any emails going.  This was my error messsage when setting up the email account:

“Sorry, you have exceeded the maximum allowed email accounts”

Fortunately, Google pulled out this single forum posting that pointed me in the right direction.

The main thing is that everything important seems to be working.  A single plugin will need looking at and a few pictures needed transferring from the very most recent postings.  .htaccess is taken care of, sitemap & robots file too as well as google and yahoo authentication files.

More importantly, both the front and back ends of the site are a lot snappier.  Even the hosting admin pages are snappier as well!  Woo-Hoo!

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