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Small Justice Against Solicitor Jim Beresford

Jim Beresford (slime of the earth)

Jim Beresford (slime of the earth)

Solicitors James Beresford and Douglas Smith – who took millions from Miners –  lose their appeal

Finally, after yet another year of time has passed, the crooked and not very appealing (they called themselves ‘entrepreneurial’)  James Beresford and Douglas Smith, formerly of Doncaster-based Beresfords Solicitors, have had their case against being struck off the solicitors’ roll quashed.

Unbelievably, Beresford and Smith deemed themselves fit to practice after ripping off taxpayers and widows.  See this BBC story

Doubtless, all the poor widow women who got a few hundred quid compensation for watching their husbands cough themselves to death because of industrial injury while the solicitors ran off with millions of taxpayers’ and their money will be gladdened by this…


What should have happened is that all their ill-gotten gains should be taken back.  It’s not enough to stop them practising.  They deliberately set out to double-charge both victims and the taxpayer.  In many cases, these charges were wholly excessive anyway – and then they doubled them!

What actually happened  is that the grinning Beresford is now set up in another profitable business, living the life of Riley while the widows continue to suffer.   The slow drip of employee dissatisfaction shows the bloke to be as odious as before and karmic retribution is getting closer and closer for Beresford, at least.  (added on information received in later comments below)



The reality is that Beresford and Smith don’t just need their names striking off some paper roll.  They haven’t suffered in any way.

They need their balls striking off for having the balls to take money from those that could least afford it and who put their trust into their professional expertise where they promised to do the best for their clients.

As it is now, the interest on their ill-gotten gains is more than a banker’s pension.   I truly believe that Karmic Retribution will hurt these people very badly indeed.  It’s up to them to set right their wrongs or else they will suffer terribly.  I don’t have to do a thing.  I just know it.

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Crap Cycle Lanes and Other Madness

@AmazonThis is an unashamed plug for the Warrington Cycle Campaign.

Their dedicated work over the years has now brought in the first real 20mph zone in their town (see here).  Elsewhere on the website, is an article called The Effect of Cycle Lanes on Cyclists’ Road Space. (pdf file) …

Have a look.  The photos clearly show the effect of road markings on driver behaviour.

Humber Bridge Approach

Humber Bridge Approach

As an aside, now consider these road markings on this ‘safety’ photo from the Warrington Cycle Campaign’s ‘Facility of the Month‘ feature.   Just remind yourself, that highly trained road engineers were paid a dollop of cash for designing this crap. If you were a cyclist, what would you do when confronted by this idiocy?

For myself, the A38 as it hammers down in it’s notional 30mph way through Bridgwater provides even less room than the photos in the report.  I have a few dirty marks on my right elbow from vehicles that have brushed me by….

Funnily enough, if I creep along at 12mph, drivers give me about 2m room usually.  On the other hand, if I’m cycling along at 26mph they give me about 0.5m room – work that one out!!!

The cyclists in Bridgwater don’t make it easy though.  Motorists are inured to the bizarre cycling which goes some way to  validating their behaviour.

  • Q. How so?
  • A.  Well most seem to cycle with a complete arse about tit attitude to personal and other’s safety.

In my journeys to and from the office, I’ve characterised two main types of (adult) cyclist.  Children & teens don’t count.  Adults should know better.

  1. The sort who cycle on the road with rusty bikes and no lights at night.
  2. The sort who cycle along the footpath on brand new Daewoo’s from Halfords, lights showing at night!

So the people with lights cycle on the path – and vice-versa.  Complete madness!  As bad as the road marking engineers!

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Conman ‘barrister’ – but was he any good?

Ian_Clegg The Tale of Two Conmen Barristers

Conman ‘barrister’ who bought robe and wig on eBay jailed for two years

Tea-leaf Ian Clegg here, did the amazing thing here of charging people money to represent them in court.  He did this over a 6-month period and apparently made hundreds of pounds!

In one case for a client,  he wrote a threatening letter to a debtor!  Gosh.

He’s now been locked up for 2 years.

His crime wasn’t the money-making.  Far from it.  No his crime was that he broke the (new, since 2006) law of impersonating a barrister!

He also broke his previous bail conditions for credit card fraud and stuff, which is fair enough.  (Weirdly, if he’d have represented the people as himself, he would have been okay, dependant on the type of court cases he did).

But his real crime, as we know, was that he made the lawyers look stupid.

Sick miners’ lawyers struck off

I can only hope that the similar level of relative penalty is applied to Slytherin Jim Beresford.

Complete and Utter Thieving Twat lawyer Jim Beresford Jovial Jim did the amazing thing of charging people money to represent them in court. (He also charged the government).  He did this over several years and made millions of pounds!

In several cases for clients he wrote threatening letters! Gosh.

He’s now been kicked off the bar.

Apparently, so far, it looks like there’s no crime apart from the long-standing ones of failing his “Duty of Care” and that of being an honourable and decent human being.  (He thinks he’s an entre-preneur).

But his real crime, as we know, is that he’s a greedy twat.

So there we have it – Walter Mitty versus King Midas.  We know King Midas is crap, but no news on whether Walter Mitty actually won money for his clients – and so cheaply too!

People from St Hilda’s Church said they don’t know who to trust anymore.  Well the answer is neither of them, but if you go with Cleggy you don’t come off so badly…

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Red Ken Supports Big Brother Death on Streets

Jean Charles de MenezesOne of the features of a transition to a police state is that those who should defend our liberties transfer their allegiance to the executive of the state. – quoting Craig Murray here.

Following the disgraceful result in the de Menezes “inquest”, if that’s what the most recent government whitewash can be called (see Hutton inquiry etc), Ken Livingstone, a man whose transport policies are geared towards making life better for everyone, said that he hoped the policewoman Cressida Dick’s career would not be interrupted by the events!

…er… Jean Charles de Menezes’ career was severely interrupted by the policeman who held him down while two others shot him in the head!  Seven Times.

Livingstone said this at about 5:38 in today’s audio clip on the Today programme on Radio Four here: http://news.bbc.co.uk/today/hi/today/newsid_7781000/7781131.stm

The inquest result says that the coppers have carte-blanche to shoot anyone, lie about it, try to cover it up, lock anyone up on their own say-so, for ever if necessary without recourse to law, not that the law matters anyway as an “inquest” will paint everything nice and white.



It’s a terrible indictment against our country.  The sad thing is that most people don’t care as long as they can drive to work and have enough money for cheap package holidays on Ryan Air.  For ever.

Complete and Utter Thieving Twat lawyer Jim BeresfordThe fact that Menezes’ papers weren’t legal is beside the point.  He wasn’t an evil man doing something illegal.  As his life was going, it’s likely that he would have made a good and valuable contribution to our country and his own.

Unlike the grinning twat miner’s solicitor, Jim Beresford (right).

In yet another Slytherin twat lawyer story, Jim and his mate stole (sorry, overcharged) money by getting the “fees” from both the claimants and the government!  These “fees” amounted to ~£23m.  One widow who had the privilege of their services got £217 in the end for watching her husband cough himself to death.

Beresford has been struck-orf.  Hopefully he’ll be struck by someone or more likely, struck down by his copious bad karma.  There’s no word if any money will be recovered for the public or other purses yet…

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Battle of Towton and Yorkshire Pudding

Yorkshire Pudding

On a quick break north, we stopped by (again!) at the site of the Battle of Towton.  On the way to the monument on the plateau, we had a huge dinner of filled Yorkshire Pudding at “The Crooked Billet“, which was very nice and worth the stop.  The pub is filled with lots of stuff, pictures, engravings and paintings of the battle and battlefield.

Battle of Towton: Palm Sunday, 1461

Battle of Towton: 1461On Palm Sunday, 1461, two bunches of chaps got together under the instructions of their various “Lords”, on a sloping plateau in a driving blizzard.  Palm Sunday was very early that year so there wasn’t much daylight.

They then proceeded to kill each other as fast as possible.

The outcome then became known as “The Battle of Towton” and remains today the most bloody battle fought on British soil, with the possible exception of Boadicea’s defeat by the Romans in 61.  That large numbers died is not in doubt – there are grave pits all over the place and the chroniclers of the time said it was a big’un.  (However, the battle-site is unknown for the 61 battle, and as the victors reported the history, the quoted figures cannot be relied upon).

Whatever, most people at Towton were killed by the Bill Hook and the Axe, (picture the really choppy bit in Braveheart), and the dead outnumbered those in The Blitz waged on the whole of Britain from 1940-1 by the Germans.  It’s reckoned that 1% of the English population died that day.

By any reckoning, those figures would be a national disaster nowadays.


And yet the Battle of Towton is strangely forgotten and probably has been so for some time.

I think it’s a national sorrow or a truly murderous moment in English history that people have quietly wanted to forget about for fear of awakening some dark satanic soul that might wreak havoc across the land again.  A force too dreadful to re-awaken.

Maybe it’s best that we keep our dark side suppressed and fool ourselves that we are civilised and that we could never again behave that way towards each other in our own land.

The truth, of course is that the English/British continued to kill themselves in their own land for centuries afterwards, e.g.;

  • Bosworth
  • Marston Moor
  • Sedgemoor
  • Culloden

– but never ever again on that scale, and even with “improved” weaponry and tactics the corpses never scaled the same heights.


I filmed a quick clockwise pan of the starting point for the battle up by the monument.  That’s the Youtube video at the top.  The rout (where most deaths occurred), happened in a general S/SW direction down the hill scarp to the Cock Beck.  That’s about 45 degrees to the right of Drax Power Station, visible in the far distance and more or less in line of sight with the monument as I stand with the camera.

Towton Mass Grave ProjectThe area is quiet now, save for the odd mad Audi driver.  Poignantly, the wheat field nearby had a few poppies in it from July, symbolic for the British as another day of national sorrow but still remembered as the First Day of the Battle of the Somme. (It took over a month for the British Somme dead to exceed the Towton figure.  The first day’s dead were less than 8000.)

The monument of 547 years ago usually has flowers left on it.  Quite often they are fresh.

Someone still remembers.

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