Forty Years Since Sex (Machine)

May 30, 2020

30th May 1980 Sex Machine

Sex Machine: The Crawling Chaos's first music release

The Crawling Chaos’s first music release

With much glee on our parts Sex Machine came into public view. It had been dragging on for ages with personnel changing in that period.

All the (flattened) pressings sold immediately and no extra were made. We had no money. Factory had no money (as Wilson said to me in a phone call). Ho hum.

This is what it should have sounded like………..

Even so, it still feels like yesterday.

 This is a duplicate of this post on The Crawling Chaos’ website.  It’s notable, for me at least!  I’m very proud of what we accomplished, and still sad we didn’t go further in the end.  But that actually is life, isn’t it?

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    Super Sensitive Facebook

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