Space Shuttle to Stay Gassed Up?

I said in a post 5 days ago, that because the Space Shuttle is old and due to be retired, the USA was intending the Russians to take up the slack for 5 years of maintaining flights to the ISS (International Space Station) until the new rocket is ready.

I also said that in light of the currently worsening situation with Russia, Bush would have to do something or pass the buck.

Well it looks like I’m right.  The latest news on this front is Nasa ‘reviews shuttle shelf-life’ where a NASA chief is reconsidering his previous wish to cancel the Shuttle as planned.

None of this is at Bush’s instigation though.  (I bet he thought he could get away with it, if he thought that at all…)

Both US Presidential candidates were thinking of it and it was McCain (and other senators) who wrote a letter to Bush warning about the dangers of being trapped in the lurch by current events.

Personally I don’t give a toss about the ISS.  It’s a political gesture of unity (which is good) dressed up as scientific endeavour.  The science, ultimately, is about living in space for protracted periods with the ultimate goal of whizzing around and colonising the universe like Star Trek.

This is a complete abortion of an idea!  The plan is that if we fuck up the Earth too much – then we can always go somewhere else – and fuck that up too!  This is the logic of the mad house.  If we can’t look after one tiny world, then how are we going to manage on Mars or even more distant places?

By Strangely

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