Long Live Wikileaks!

Long Live Wikileaks!

Wikileaks at Wikileaks at

These images will take you to the current IP addresses of Wikileaks. It follows on from my earlier help to the organisation here when a bunch of Swiss bankers mysteriously managed to influence “independent” judicial decisions in America.

The fact that I even have to do this is an abomination on the face of our so-called freedoms.

Governments: Unfit for purpose.

The Wikileaks “Cablegate” revelations have ensured that the vested interests of non-elected mad Arabs (UAE, Saudis) insisting that the US should bomb an elected group of mad Arabs (Iran) are plain for all to see.

They’ve also have ensured that a whole raft of dirty tricks are now afoot. Coincidentally (not), as soon as Wikileaks released all the”Cablegate” stuff into a full download, the US Gov could then see what was coming and the dirty tricks have become even deadlier, nastier, and even less freedom-loving. It obviously proves that worse revelations are to come.

The Obamas/Clinton democrats are now joined in unison with the US republicans bellowing for instant executions without trial, Israelis, Arabs, Chinese and a host of other countries in an amazingly eclectic unholy alliance that proves that the whole diplomatic world is a very unhealthy cabal of back-scratching plebian egoists with the safety and reputation of their own peoples far below that of the maintenance of their own expanding clique of free-loading arse-lickers.

The fact that they can get the tiny oligarchy of the DNS servers to pull the website index globally on whistle-blowers says it all about internet freedom and even the Internet’s resilience to nuclear attack (yes – its first purpose was to ensure that all nukes got released and that there would be some vestige of command and control, when invented by DARPA).

The fact that normal journalism is now so economically cow-towed that they are for the most part meekishly submissive to the authoritarian demands of various states and multi-national corporations, also says it all.

The fact that sexual allegations against Wikileaks founder coincided with the start of the leak about helicopter gunships mowing down unarmed civilians in broad daylight and have since been expanded to continue with the recent shut-down of the site following an unprecedented DDoS website attack says it all.

The fact that Wikileaks has upset all sides of all governments says it all and reveals them all to be unfit for purpose.

It makes me wonder if my father should’ve bothered turning up at D-Day or Okinawa. What was he fighting for, or against?

Buddhism, Ikeda, Mandela and Education

Today (coincidentally!), Daisaku Ikeda in his Daily Encouragement address to the world, said;

Monday, December 6th, 2010


“It has been more than 20 years since I first had the privilege of meeting with Nelson Mandela, the lionlike champion of human rights. Recently, former President Mandela, who had just turned 92, sent me an inscribed copy of his latest book. …I wish to share these words…as an expression of my deepest respect: ‘To the youth of today I also have a wish to make: ‘Be the script writers of your destiny and feature yourselves as the stars that show the way towards a brighter future–for our country, our continent and the world.’ ‘Education is the most powerful weapon we can use to change the world.‘”

What we see with the attacks upon Wikileaks, is an attack on freedom as it attacks the open knowledge base with which people need to be informed and thus educated. Without knowledge we are nothing.

We are like the women of Afghanistan, shackled by their surroundings of a male hierarchy and ignorant of everything except that which they’re told – except in our case, it’s our elected representatives who choose to hide the truth from us. And in the USA, with over 850,000 people now holding “top secret” status, (which is 1.5 times the population of Washington), we see that the weight of state machinery now devoted to hiding the truth, is immense.

What must be remembered, is that in nearly every single prominent Wikileak, the government has been found out to be doing bad things in our name. It’s nothing to do with national security as they claim, and everything to do with protecting those with comfy state jobs and a falsely clean reputation, no matter what they do.

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  1. Great work.

    I am wholly behind your support.

    For three months I have been debating with myself about taking a stance on this and now I am moved to write about it.

    This is Greg, by the way, not Bill.

    1. Gotta be done Greg.
      Apart from the somewhat hypocritical or random nature of the website DDoS attacks which even though they derive from the anarchic 4Chan's efforts, mainstream media is very quickly calling them "revenge attacks by Wikileaks" or similarly sentimentalised; the bigger issue is that we, the people, are being systematically used and lied to by the international cabal of world "leaders", either political or business which naturally have very blurred boundaries and definitions anyway.

      – and they don't like it! Someone remarked that they're trying to squeeze the genie back in the bottle.

      I expect my site to be pulled pretty soon as the international (and especially US) agencies work through the list of mirror sites. Ho hum. It's all backed up and transferable.

      Maybe they're compiling IP address lists as we speak so that users are blacked out from any internet connect? If so, that'll be all the internet cafes next as that's where people will go.

      It's very interesting and scary times. Who knows what dirty tricks might be enacted? History proves that members of "the awkward squad" have had very public sticky ends, mostly at the hands of "the state". This is my rapidly compiled loose list from Facebook:

      Kennedy x2 – both shot in public
      Lee Harvey Oswald – shot in public
      Martin Luther King – shot
      …Gandhi – shot in public
      Georgi Markov – shot with poison in public
      Alexander Litvinenko – poisoned in public
      Rommel – forced to take poison
      Indira Gandhi – shot in public

      ..and going back a bit further…
      Thomas a Becket – stabbed
      Julius Caesar – stabbed
      Henry III of France – stabbed
      Socrates – forced to take poison

      The thing is that Assange is the focus of the authoritarian ire. Maybe they'll do him in somehow, or excite some nutter to do it for them. Apparently this has been foreseen and Wikileaks have publicly stated that they have a "nuclear bomb" of leaks, heavily dispersed and encrypted, so that if bad shit happens to them, the key will be released and the "bomb" dumped into the public domain.

      This may or not be a bluff, of course, by Wikileaks. But for me, since the file has been so widely dispersed and uses 256 AES encryption, it suggests that the "intelligence" folks already have a copy and have turned the big computer that does the weather or nuclear particle analysis onto the file.

      If this is so, and I expect it is, then "they" already know the contents of the "bomb".

      My guess is that they decrypted it a few weeks ago as by then, the huge wave of attacks on Wikileaks and its members (mainly Assange) started in earnest. This would be well after the release of the horrific civilian and Reuters news agents slaughter by 30mm cannon from Apache aircraft. There was some backlash, mainly against a US army bloke who's now in the clink without charge or trial, but nothing like now.

      Even when Wikileaks said that the current wodge of stuff was on the way, the authoritarian onslaught was minimal compared to now – which is why I think that either US/UK/Russia/French/Australian gov has cracked the file and knows the contents.

      So the next step for them will be to find the exact people who have "the key" – and eliminate them.

      Hopefully, Wikileaks have this covered or else they are in big poop and will all be killed, probably as a concerted effort by SWAT etc on "a multitude of international addresses" as the media would report it.

      That's how I see the behind the scenes events, reading them from the uneven actions of powerful organisations to events over the past few months. Remember, for much of this year, Assange has PUBLICLY announced his location, which included the USA at times, so he has not been hard to find!

  2. https://www.ellsberg.net/archive/public-accuracy-p
    On his website, Ellsberg says:

    EVERY attack now made on WikiLeaks and Julian Assange was made against me and the release of the Pentagon Papers at the time

    His actions in revealing the Pentagon Papers led to his smearing, arrest, acquital, exposure of witness and evidence tampering by Nixon's associates, the wire taps and finally Watergate and Nixon's downfall and disgrace.

    Compare and contrast his words and deeds with the Wikileaks saga now.

  3. https://www.itpro.co.uk/629161/paypal-suspends-wik

    I stopped using paypal ages ago. They have a ripoff payment policy when using eBay for instance.

    If everyone did the same then their ripoff payment policy and the terms "…cannot be used for any activities that encourage, promote, facilitate or instruct others to engage in illegal activity" will need reviewing as Wikileaks is plainly not illegal.

    All Wikileaks have done is reveal embarrassing info that the global plebian elite would rather the global proletarian masses didn't know!

    For once, in a first for history, all world governments, organisations and businesses are actually united!

    The Israelis, Iranians, China, Russia, Saudis, Brazilians, Americans, British and others are all pulling together to eradicate open talk and keep us all in the placid, fearful, sheepish place they'd like us, where:

    Fear Uncertainty and Doubt

    …rule the roost.

    See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fear,_uncertainty_an

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