1. Well, get this.

    The stats for the Wikileaks mirror show 419 unique visitors and >7k hits. Despite this measly total, this morning I got a message from my host, Site5 which stated,


    We have received the following complaint from our top level Datacenter and have disabled the webaccess to wikileaks.foetusproducts.com to prevent the server to get nullrouted.


    SoftLayer Security has identified the following TOS/AUP VIOLATION in reference to an IP hosted on your server. A description of the violation is listed below or attached to this ticket for your review. Please disable or remove this activity immediately as it is direct abuse of the network services and a violation of your TOS and AUP. Failure to resolve this issue in an expeditious manner could lead to service interruption for this server. Please update this ticket with resolution to this issue. We thank you in advance for your quick action and cooperation.

    We require a resolution to this matter within 4 hours.



    SoftLayer Security Team

    Well that was all. There was no description apart from that which you can read above…!!! Sure enough though, the Wikileaks mirror was down.

    However, in a side issue, another different Site5 server HAS been under attack and has fended off "360 mbps of malicious traffic".

    As far as I'm aware, my server and this server don't share IP addresses. Weird eh?

    I think the time has come to move onto a non-censored webhosting company. Free speech and the implied transference of guilt to "the messenger" aren't something I'm prepared to tolerate.

    I've removed the sub-domain pointer and after a while, the directories were unlocked.

    My measly 419 unique users do not constitute "a web attack and an abuse of the TOS & AUP" IMHO and they have failed to live up to the "(sub) domain forwarding" malarkey which is even in their own bleeding handbook…. The two simple pointers to the Wikileaks IP addresses were also blocked!!! They are now working, we one is!

    I certainly shall not be renewing.

    I'm also downloading all website files and data for transference to a different host. To be fair, Site5 has been very reliable so far and strangelyperfect.tv has only been off once or twice a quarter.

    But it does look like they've been "got at"…. The rule, as far as I can see it in this internet hosted world, is that when someone chucks stones at a house you may be renting and living in, then it's your fault for that the people are throwing stones…… This is really weird, but is exactly the reason that Wikileaks were booted from their DNS – essentially, the Wikileaks domain was bombarded with shite (a DDoS) and it was deemed to be their fault.

    Now we know who is most likely to bombard Wikileaks – someone who wants them closed.

    And we know who has the technical resource to bombard like that – someone who wants Wikileaks closed.

    Meanwhile, the real crooks of the world set up hidden domains to rip money off people all round, sending their ill-gotten gains to Nevis & Cyprus, as detailed in these pages.

    The crooked politicians and business folk issue and take back-handers of unprecedented amounts, which basically, is all that Wikileaks is pointing out.

  2. 60 unique hits by midday! >5Meg of data downloaded!

    That's 60 more people who've been able to read the truth than who would otherwise have been denied it.

    Top hits by downloaded volume are France and China so far!

    Top hits by country are UK then USA.

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