Is There Really a SwipeAuctions to SellOffAuctions Link?


I’ve been reading this post on Penny Auction Watch:

..and can agree with Amanda that many of the search results are “very interesting“, as she says.

The claims from “anonymous” and others really should be chucked out for believability because they are unsubstantiated.  But there still lie many interesting things.  Things like the Google screen-shots which demonstrate links over long periods of time between a clutch of business entities, most of which include substantial volumes of complaints and dissatisfaction summarised by the word “scam”.

This linkage is there in the internet record, no matter how much business entities chop and change their identity, on-line or off-line.

Blog Posting

Of particular interest is Amanda’s mention of a SellOffAuctions blog.  I remember this when it started, but it’s no longer extant although this huge web comment stream gives a description of its genesis.  However, a quick Google search on the first line of the text pulls out the two blogs in Amanda’s narrative.

Blog Similarity Search


TerraMarketing’s output is in this shot below, but the SellOffAuctions blog is now unavailable:

Spam The Wrong Way To Market Your Business
Spam The Wrong Way To Market Your Business

Yet the SellOffAuctions basic blog contents at start-up show up clearly in the Google cache of the web-page:

SellOffAuctions Blog
SellOffAuctions Blog – webcache

…and the original “Why Free Isn’t Better?” post from the old blog  is here on yet another Willms blog:


What Does this Mean?

Well the thread at PAW makes plain that a high degree of website copying has been going on.  A guy claiming to be from SellOffAuctions makes this point as an excuse to speed up the site set-up.  Others have pointed out that if this is the case and there has been no collusion with SwipeAuctions, then the brief happy Willms’ outfit would have a very good case for copyright infringement.

Bid Auction Software
Bid Auction Software – a Google Search

One extra spanner in the works that may block any suing is that on-line templates exist for the express purpose of setting up “Bid Auction” type websites!  So of course they’d be similar! (That is a screendump of a Google search for Bid Auction software on the right!)  This does not explain the similarity in the blog postings mentioned below, though.

Another extra spanner that might possibly confuse people over intra-website or intra-business linkages is the addition of the domain (n.b. no trailing s).  This was pointed out here.

It Is Very Interesting

It’s also very interesting that two blog posts from the Willms’ website stable found their way into the Google cache of a direct competitors blog, is it not?  We now know that the blog was pulled, but in its entirety?  Maybe after all, there was copying and the blog was simply pulled as being past its purpose.  This happens all the time, not least with Willms’ myriad of blogs such as described here.

The WHOIS records for all websites above follow the usual patterns with the notable introduction of “Internet Holdings” into the mix (what happened to TerraMarketting?) and also the movement of some Willms domains to the Ashton Manning registrant noted a while back:

One Last Twist!


There is of course potentially, a plethora of SellOffAuction domains.  the dot net one, is one and a full screenshot is on the left complete with a the biggest footer of exclusion clauses that I’ve ever seen!.  Here’s what the top of the page looks like:

You’ll see that it contains a video, the very same video used by on their website and affiliate promotions.  Also, it’s on too!

Even more interestingly, all the links supposedly go to if you look carefully – except they don’t!!  They actually point to:

…which then redirects to:

This is a site to flogging big knob stuff, a whois puts them as follows below with 45 similar big knob sites listed here.


Leading Edge Marketing Inc.

c/o DM Contact Management Ltd.

Suite 100 – 645 Tyee Road

Victoria, British Columbia V9A 6X5




Leading Edge Marketing’s T&C contain the USA phone number  1-866-621-6886 which throw up a few complaints mainly from folks who don’t like porn.  Personally, I can take it or leave it.  I just don’t like thieving scammy bastards.

In this case, it’s an affiliate fuck up either by design or accident.


That’s about it.  I can’t find direct linkages for now.  There’s too much supposition and too little actual proof.  Sechrists pop up and go.  Blogs pop up and go.  Websites pop up and go.  So for now, that’s it.  Inconclusive is my take on any connection.

By Strangely

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  1. No whois – looks like there is some from 2009 but you need a premium account to view:

    The domain is also up for sale!

    Perhaps one of the fake news sites featured 2 penny auction sites (like they did with some of the Google Kit crap and the acai/colon crap) and the guy either got confused or he was autoforwarded to Speedybuys or something?

    As you say there is no philanthropy bollocks on the Speedybuys site and although they have the same $149 charge as Swipeauctions there are no conclusive connections. Lots of similar complaints though:….

    A comment here (Mike L) mentions several pay to bid auction sites as being very similar and speculates that they may or may not be linked/related (SpeedyBuys Bidhustle TravelBidz JumboCloseouts ZaxDeals SwipeBids Swipeauctions):

    1. Well we know that the dark lord is master of all ranking skews so the bit from the final link explains it all pretty well. I read another similar piece by an internet "guru" saying much the same thing about how Darth has used search and those stupid blogs to change public perception about himself. I wish I'd make a note of the URL…. It came through on Google alerts about a month ago but man-flu has floored me somewhat recently!.

      As for the links between sites and business entities, I don't know? The thing is that the same template AND modus operandi is being used by nearly all the "Bid Auction" stuff, so by definition they're going to look and appear alike. In just the same way as the Triads, the mafia and Albanian crooks are very similar.

      To paraphrase Christine Keeler, "they would do, wouldn't they?"

      Paul's pdf and spreadsheet creations of the linkages between the various JTM entities and the other that details the Kevins Money Tree rubbish seem key to getting and retaining hard evidence in an easy visual form. I wonder if the law folks have used a tool like that? It's a kind of mind mapping thing similar to the tools that I use to visualise program code links between modules and classes with my programming work. Brilliant!


  2. Here we have a complaint from a SwipeAuctions customer:

    "He said it was almost as if SwipeAuctions was expecting him to complain."

    It's clear the company has issues with refunds, as a good portion of its website is dedicated to the refund process.


    Sums it up pretty well. Is Speedybuys the new Swipeauctions or the new SelloffAuctions? Who knows? What a tangled web is weaved.

    1. That's a pretty weird happening. The guy (Paul Reitmeir of Bethlehem) said that he signed up for swipeauctions and THEN got redirected to sign up for speedybuys? It doesn't sound right, but on the other hand, it has all the hallmarks that we've come to expect, and right now, the swipeauctions website does not load at all….!!

      Maybe this is the end of SwipeAuctions and all the refunds?
      Maybe this ties in with the claimed 60-day limit on refunds that SwipeAuctions offered?

      For now, SpeedyBuys is hidden and has no charitable or philantropic references like all the other "Bid Auction" websites seem to. Do you have any early WHOIS info on it?

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